Assistant coaches will discuss unionizing

The NFL Players’ Association isn’t the only union owners could soon find themselves dealing with.

On The NFL Today, Charley Casserly reported that all of the coaches from around the league will meet at the scouting combine in Indianapolis to take a straw poll to gauge interest in forming a coaches’ union.

The idea for coaches to unionize has been discussed before. A source told PFT in 2009 that the NFL was running the risk of motivating the coaches to form a union by allowing teams to pull out of the league-run pension plan. Casserly said that the unionizing discussion at the combine would focus only on assistant coaches. Head coaches wouldn’t be part of the proposed union and coordinators might not be either.

One reason coaches have resisted forming a union in the past is that a coach who’s seen as a union ringleader might have a tough time getting a job. Casserly said there’s another risk to coaches if they consider unionizing: The owners may respond by proposing a salary cap for coaching staffs.

16 responses to “Assistant coaches will discuss unionizing

  1. Great. More Unions. How about the guy that sold me a beer for $7.75 at the last NFL game I went to. Does he get an union too?

  2. The Commissioner’s response was “O cappum tibia vitum inperio Septumem alvestia”, indicating that while he wasn’t pleased with his subjects behavior, he forgave them their sins and would send them back into the world cleansed.

  3. Yeah but how much would a salary cap affect assistant coaches? They don’t make anything near what HCs do, and they could certainly use some stability in their employment and benefits. If there’s no new cba in the works when this one runs out, the assistant coaches are going to get screwed over pretty good. The ones that still have jobs will find their pay dramatically cut (up to 60% I believe) and their benefits gone.

  4. I think they need a union for the guys who sell those foam fingers. Those poor bastards work their butts off for a pittance.

  5. Shawn McDermit should be their first customer. Thats the only way he could keep his job. 80% success against his defense in the red zone. By any reason that stinks. The talent wasn’t that bad. The schemes were. Jimmy Johhnson’s defense was half that. Know what////we’d be on TV this week end with Dick Juron

  6. Seriously? Just what the world needs…another completely unneeded workers union. NFL coaches are the last people on earth who need to unionize. I say less non-essential unions, not more.

  7. tdk24, maybe freedom and liberty around the world will end too, if the assistant coaches unionize. When will this country wake up?!

  8. Unions were necessary at one point in time. But that was years ago. NFL owners(as a group) and the NFLPA are pathetic. And now assistant coaches want to unionize? Of course, its all about money. NFL players do not need tens of millions of dollars per year. Neither do the owners as individuals and certainly not coaches or assistant coaches. Players association and owners should pull their head out their backsides and lower the players salaries, coaches salaries as well as owners salaries so that overall operating costs will be lower. I stated that I don’t like unions, they have over-served their purpose. However, maybe season ticket owners should form a union…give them a say. They are after-all paying part of the salaries of the players, coaches, owners and team staff. Don’t stop there…we as fans did not start the NFL. But we have provided financial as well as moral support all the years. so…give every NFL fan in the country a say in it. Now that would be a union! It couldn”t be any worse than it has become.

  9. What Drama! Picture this. Just imagine the coaches’ union-protected trash talk vs. the NPLA union-protected trash talk vs. the owners’ trash talk. It all gets into the media. Its Twittered, Tweeted, photographed, recorded and flashed everywhere. The lawyers will have a field day suing and defending everybody and sucking out everybody’s $$$. Ticket prices will explode. Fans will complain. The Feds will install the anti-monopoly regs. The NFL will become bankrupt and the Feds will take over the NFL. The new name will be GRUF, or Government RUn Football.


    Unions are the only way for the many little men to stand up to the few rich big guys. I LOVE hearing about groups and sects forming unions because that means less power in the hands of the corporation.

    This story is truly uplifting, and I thank PFT for the report. And a big bon chance to the NFLPA in their righteous endeavors this off season, as well as to the courageous few men who are apparently advocating a coaches union. So awesome! Eat a big one, Goodell and NFL owners!

  11. Oh, and as for the 13 idiots who posted anti-union sentiment before me, I urge you all to remember that those people are either very rich, or very stupid.

    Unions never become obsolete, you idiots. Proper working conditions mean that unions are WORKING, not that they should be abandoned! Get rid of unions today and you will find us right back where we started, with excessive labor, abuse, dirty environs, insufficient pay, child labor, etc…

    Anew the necessity of unions is not limited to poor people. Everytime I see a player hit on the head or neck and fall to the ground motionless, it should be a gigantic reminder why there should be a group advocating for the players beyond those who write their pay checks.

    If you’re rich, you should hate unions… But for the rest of you, please to to school and stop listening to Glenn Beck, ’cause God are you stupid.

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