Bart Scott says Wes Welker’s “days in a uniform” are numbered

Apparently, Jets linebacker Bart Scott didn’t get the NFL’s memo about cleaning up the trash talking.

“I’ll tell you what,” Bart Scott said via Newsday when asked about Wes Welker’s foot routine Thursday.  “Be very careful what you say about our coach. His [Welker’s] days in a uniform will be numbered. Put it like that.”

Well, we’ve now officially entered the physical threat portion of the week.   Scott hasn’t made a lot of big plays this year (although he had a key tackle last week) and he’s just guaranteed he’ll be watched a little closer by officials Sunday.

While Scott is direct in his trash talk, Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie says Welker’s words were typical of a Patriots franchise that likes to send out hidden messages.

“If you read in between the lines, a lot of what they say is directed toward us, but they try to clean it up,” Cromartie said. “It’s different, but they are doing the same thing. At the end of the day, it’s trash talking no matter how you try to put it, how you try to clean it up.”

We are thankful the talking is just about done, and the games are ready to begin.

UPDATE: NFL spokesman Greg Aiello on Twitter:  “To confirm what’s being reported: Ray Anderson contacted multiple clubs this week so they could remind players comments of a physically threatening nature are always taken into account in evaluating discipline for illegal physical contact on field.”

147 responses to “Bart Scott says Wes Welker’s “days in a uniform” are numbered

  1. So their trash talk has lead to threats of violence. How predictable. NYers could have built a team that more perfectly reflects who they are at heart if they tried.

  2. Easy Bart–you’ll be getting a letter from the Comish wanting some of your money. Goodell’s good at that–and that’s about all he’s good at.

  3. oh good Lord….bart scott please SHUT THE **** UP!!!! one MORE reason to root for the jets to get obliterated tommorrow.

  4. First, constant we are better than you comments by the coach, next he trashes opponents players, followed by Cromartie distinguished use of the English language [sic] and now a physical threat of intentional injury to an opponent.

    A class organization top to bottom.

  5. Poor Cromartie…stupid is as stupid does. Note to Antonio, you are a free agent in waiting, keep up this dumber than a stump display, and your nine kids will be wantin from a Papa who ain’t gettin no job next year

  6. Bart scott is a sub par player that is at the end of a horrible career. he needs to learn to kep his mouth shut then he will getthat job at mcdonalds when his career is over

  7. So, because they’re smarter in the way they trash talk, it automatically means you have to resort to physical threats? Ever hear of sticks and strones?

    And a message to Cro: It’s directed at you because you guys act like a-holes. If you had a little humility and dis your trash talk on the field rather than in the press, most of it would go away.

    Just sayin.

    Oh, and use a condom next time.

  8. Even those who aren’t Pats fans can’t wait to see these morons in green get dispatched tomorrow.

    But what else would you expect from someone who started with Ryan in the Raven’s org…

    At least Mangold’s twitter was witty…

  9. @ Rosenthal who said: “Apparently, Jets linebacker Bart Scott didn’t get the NFL’s memo about cleaning up the trash talking.”

    Gregg, I thought the NFL’s memo was (thankfully) only limited to keeping the trash talk OUTSIDE OF THE WHITE LINES.

    In other words, trash talk off the field isn’t what the League seeks to keep in check — but rather what goes down on the actual playing field.

    Scott’s commentary certainly wasn’t inside the white lines.

  10. Trash talk is part of competition. Will always be around.Words are are just words. Still have to perform to be a winner.What’s the big deal?

  11. If I was Bart Scott I’d be more worried about BenJarvis Green-Ellis running over me AGAIN on his way to the end zone.

    The New Jersey Jets: If You’re A Scumbag, We’ve Got A Job Opening For You!

  12. Rex Ryan need to watch what he says about his wife on the internets.

    Wes didn’t do anything Ryan didn’t already set himself up for him.

    He likes humiliation, so I think he has been hoping for this expose for years. I don’t even want to know what he has been saying to his wife since this came out.

  13. Welker will be out of the league soon if he keeps getting concussed, Which may very well happen in the game the way guys will be hitting each other.

  14. There is no place for Bart Scott in the NFL. His stated goal has always been to intentionally injure opponents even at the expense of earning a win for his own team. Back in the day he bragged about ‘putting a little hot sauce’ on Reggie Bush’s ankle, which he injured via a classic grab and roll move when he could have made a cleaner tackle if his aim was not to cause an injury. I think the NFL should suspend Scott for this game to make the statement that threats to target a specific player for intentional injury will not be tolerated.

  15. welker’s “trash” talk was funny, the jets were just typical I have not anything myself so let’s trash what the pats have done. your coach was the one who made this personal so if anybody is offended then blame him. I am a bears fan not a pats fan but I hope to god they give you classles jerks on even bigger beatdown than last time!

  16. Anyway I think Scott needs to get down off his feet and beg the NFL not to take any steps that would prevent the Jets from being able to put their best foot forward in tomorrow nights game. He has to realize that he really stuck his foot in his mouth this time and he needs to apologize and tip-toe out of the room before he does it again on camera.

  17. So the Yets have progressed from f-bombs to threats of physical violence? Need we Patriots fans remind you all that this is coming from a cheap-shot team whose strength coach deliberately tried to injure an opposing player DURING THE COURSE OF THE GAME???

    When is the league going to get these moronic thugs under control, when is Woody Johnson finally going to be embarrassed enough to actually reign these clowns in?

    All this from an organization which has actually accomplished next to NOTHING?

    And this from Bart Scottt??? BART “DO NOTHING” SCOTT?????

    Maybe Scott ought to actually be ON the field to back up his threats and give the Patriots a shot at HIM???? If this is what the Yets are reduced to, clearly they have no confidence in their ability to actually, you know, WIN THE FREAKING GAME?????

  18. Well what else can we say about the class of the NY Jets? I don’t even blame Scott. He’s just a dumb juvenile acting the way all immature punks act when they don’t have a leader to guide their behaviour.

    The fine he’ll get for this cowardly threat should be paid by Rex Ryan. He is the goon that brought this classless attitude to the Jets organization. Kids need guidance, not a coach even more childish than they are.

    I’m a Dolphins fan and I love the rivalries in the East, but one thing I’ve always been able to say is that you could always respect the NE, NY, and Buffalo organizations. Intense and competitive, yes, but also respectful and ethical. Then Ryan came to town. Now they’re like a gang of teenage boys sharing a parentless house for the summer.

    Threatening to end someone’s career? GTFO of the NFL Scott you coward.

  19. and as for scare-Cromartie…this guy is the biggest waste of the skin organ I have ever seen…..9 kids from 8 different ladies(all of whom have a compiled iq of 120) he is afraid to tackle…..millions of shots of this on tape….and the team that takes him is the team he gave up a winning td to in the SD-NYJ playoff game last year….real smart! …the best news is one of these 2 teams will LOSE this weekend an that stokes me……….

  20. Wow. Just wow. Threatening a player now? Way to go Bart Scott.

    And Cromartie, Welker may be trash-talking, but at least he doesn’t need to be so abusive in his language.

  21. bartman is known for big talk. he compensates for his lack of production on the field…this guy would like to have a street fight to settle the play off game. another guy a la A.D. who played with Ray Lewis and got big money for it but can’t show the same game when the attention is on him rather than Ray Lewis. You’ll soon follow A.D. to the unemployment line punk.

  22. I have yet to see a single comment, other than from a Jets fan, who is supporting this dreadful organization tomorrow. Even the pats haters are desperate to see the blowhard and his team of thugs get eliminated.

    If the NFL is serious about about cleaning up the image of the league then how can this thug be allowed to talk this way about a fellow professional without repercussions?

  23. Who’s Bart Scott? I didn’t see or hear anyone mention the name “Bart Scott” on the night of Monday, 12/6. Is he an actual player on the Jets, or is he just a marketing gimmick created out of desperation to make the NY Jets appear ominous and scary to opposing teams?

  24. As long as his uniform meets with the NFL dress code I am sure that he will be in it longer than Mr. Scott. Nice way to viel your threat to someone that outclasses you %100

  25. I don’t know why I’m always surprised when a Jets Fan or player says something that’s stupid or classless. I doubt they even understood Welkers foot puns the other day. DEE DEE DEE! Get some talent to back up your dumbf*ck remarks and do it by Sunday at 4:30…

  26. This THREAT could have legal consequences……”On a legal note, any New England Patriot employee who has a reasonable expectation of being in the same general area as Bart Scott can file a restraining order keeping him away from the workplace. Employees are employees, everywhere in the U.S. If an employee of one organization makes a statement that is clearly interpreted as a threat by a reasonable person, against any other person in that workplace, then any employee in that workplace can legitimately demand to be protected from the threatening employee’s presence. It doesn’t matter who the threat was targeting. It creates a hostile work environment.”……….Patriots Legal Council Aaron Levine

  27. deanvernonwormer says:
    Jan 15, 2011 11:21 AM
    Excellent. Someone needs to knock out that little twerp.


    Like Ryan Clark did? They won’t let me post the link, but it’s worth googling to watch it again. So satisfying.

  28. theoriginalcaptainmarvel says: Jan 15, 2011 11:25 AM

    Oh come on Bart! You gotta admit, your coach brought this on himself. I’ve never seen such a weird, creepy, and stupid video in my life lol.

    Hmmm… I noticed you watched it though, so what does that say about you?

  29. Wow, Welkers must REALLY have gotten under the skin of the Jets with that one. Notice how we haven’t heard from Ryan since?

  30. I’ve stated all along that this game has little meaning compared to next week’s. It doesn’t matter who wins this game, if they lose next week.

    So, I really haven’t been too excited about it, because it’s not a hat and t-shirt game. Maybe I’m spoiled, but Patriots fans have been here before. Some us just relax and watch the events unfold. It is, afterall, just a football game. And win or lose, most of our lives won’t be dramatically easier or heavier for it.

    Well Bart, you’ve probably given me a reason to cheer, pump my fist and yell expletives at you and virtually everyone dressed in green during tomorrow’s telecast. Thinly veiled threats of physical violence? Dude, you’re crossing that line…

    Game on!

  31. Dear Mr. Goodell

    Threatening to end a players career should not be tolerated and should result in a suspension for the upcoming game.

    This would curtail this kind of rhetoric in a hurry.

    The thug mentality that has permeated the league
    can be controled by Goodell by immediately suspending the player(game check forfeture) but it will also hurt the teams that foment this crap …..NY Jets HC.

  32. All this trash talk and the game isn’t even going to be close. None of this is relevant because the Jets aren’t even going to show up. It’s crazy that so far the best game of the postseason was Saints vs Seahawks.

    Da Bears

  33. Bart Scott is another extremely frustrated meathead like Tyrell Suggs that’s really tired of the Patriots being considered best team and pretty boy Tom Brady being a superstar. THEY want to be the best team and THEY want the spotlight. They’re just jealous and envious lowlifes that can’t hide their anger and frustration about being second best.

  34. My god do I just hate both of these teams. I think maybe it stems from their east coast arrogance but both of these teams are filled with players whose egos suddenly flourish when they go to these teams. I at least give the Jets credit because they don’t really try to hide it but the Patriots are as bad or worse because they pull the whole “aw shucks, we’re just here to do our jobs and play the game the way it was meant to be played” BS much like Favre has made an art of. More hot air and dishonesty come from these two teams than any others.

  35. He should be suspended, at least for this game. The league needs to take this kind of thing very seriously and send a strong message that it’s not acceptable.

  36. Just another “slappy” who earned a big payday for having played next to Ray Ray! If he didn’t run his mouth, no one would even know he was still playing…

  37. I just LOVE how everyone excuses every little thing the pats do, including Belicheat. BRADY started this nonsense by saying how much he hates the Jets and always will. NO ONE mentions that though. And I gotta tell ya, bigolddog, you are one of the bigger jerks I’ve seen on here. I am a lifelong Jets fan and I have never though for one second that the people of Boston are as arrogant, self consumed, full of themselves, sneaky, conniving or cheat as much as the Pats. It is simply not fair to brand an entire city because they have colossal megalomaniacs on their football team. My guess is you’ve never been to NY and you simply couldn’t make it here. Stay on the farm, dude.

  38. Bart Scott made similar “promises” to Hines Ward some years back when Scott was a Raven — after Ward lit Scott up downfield.

    Scott flat out vowed to KILL Ward, and insisted it over a period of days — so he wasn’t going to cool off on it.

    So what happened on game day? Not only did Scott not kill ANYbody — his head was on a swivel trying to protect himself from Ward. It was priceless.

  39. This is a football game not real life these low lifes should have to work for a living. Threatening each other like school children just shows their mental deficiency.

  40. The league should start handing out suspensions. They tell teams to can the talk, and as typical the Jets figure they can just ignore it. Now they are making physical threats that they intend to end someone’s career?

    I always thought the jets might come out to injure people this game, because they have little chance of winning otherwise. Refs better keep a close eye on these guys and start tossing people early from the game.

  41. “He should be suspended, at least for this game. The league needs to take this kind of thing very seriously and send a strong message that it’s not acceptable.”

    Really? Do you want to know what these guys say to each other on the field? I don’t! This threat is tame in comparison to jawing out there when guys can speak their minds. How would suspending him help anything?

    On a side note, I wonder how many of the fellas here that are acting so outraged and concerned that a guy would use a threatening tone about playing in a game that is already violent, feel like the threatening tones of right-wing pundits and politicians over the last several years is no big deal? People, your words and actions have consequences. Consequences that you should be willing to take responsibility for. Pointing out that fact isn’t libel, it isn’t suppressing anyone’s rights, and it certainly isn’t unwarranted. Our freedoms are precious and it’s our duty to exercise them responsibly.

  42. Just think fans, This Monday starts all the talk from the green team in new jerk about how they are gonna win it all next year. How they have all the pieces in place to be the best in the league. All talk, no action.
    Please shut up and go away.

  43. I love how the Jets talk so much trash as an attempt to get inside of the Pats heads, yet Welker makes a couple of indirect comments about “putting your best FOOT forward” it hits home with the Jets. It just so funny to me how unprepared the Jets are for this game. To me it seems like they are doing more Trash Talking then practicing look for the Jets to Cover, but they lose this game.

  44. I wonder who explained Wes’ remarks to Bart? You know he couldn’t have possibly picked up on the puns on his own. Somebody must have explained it to him.

  45. Tom Brady’s name & accomplishments will be remembered in the annals of American Sports history, Cromartie’s name & accomplishments will be remembered in the annals of Deadbeat Americans who fail to pay Child Support to all of his baby mamas history…

    …the END.

  46. whose bart scott? Is he the same guy who played for the ravens and had one good year? He’s still in the league? LOL!!!

    Rex Ryan is no Marvin Lewis either. I live in NY and its amazing how many jet fans think Rex Ryan was the defensive COORDINATOR of the 2000 ravens……ryan and the jets are over rated clap clap clapclapclap

    once again. who is bart scott? HAHAHHAHHHAHAHH SUCK IT JETS!!!!

  47. Oh good the league already warned specifically against this sort of thing this week. Sounds like a fine for Scott before he’s even walked on the field.

    When the Pats are up by 30+ points I hope the refs are ready to start ejecting the Jets players when they make their cheap shots.

  48. Also, the Jets have already shown their willingness to cheat and illegally try and injure players this year with the Wall Of Shame, Ryaliar and Cheathoff.

    The league needs to watch these scumbags very closely.

  49. Iteresting fact…before the Cowboys/Saints Thanksgiving day game at Cowboys stadium, where the Superbowl will be played, they showed the Patriots/Lions game on the big screens above the field. People already saw Brady celebrating in there and they will see it again!!!!

  50. If the league wants to protect its image then they should suspend Scott from the rest of the playoffs. The Jets would lose nothing and the league could say it took the steps necessary to reign in an out of control organization that has disgraced the NFL. The coach is directly responsible for the players in this case as he encouraged them to continue mouthing off. This is a team that tried to injure a player from a division rival. The coach, who was standing right next to the assault, looking right at the contact as the play went by, denied knowing anything. Well New York, you have your thugs, who you are proud of. Nice going NFL for protecting these home town team maggots.

  51. We all know people like the Jets players.

    There is always some jerk face out there who never misses an opportunity to dish it out but as soon as a little of it comes back their way they cry and whine.

    Let me get this straight: the Jets haven’t shut their mouths since the day Rex Ryan was hired. They never stop talking crap about their opponents even after they get their butt kicked. Never! But the classless jerk is Tom Brady because he may have pointed at the Jets bench after scoring a TD.

    In other words, in Jets-land the classy thing to do is to talk crap non-stop when you haven’t won a thing and the classless thing to do is talk crap after executing and performing and winning on the field.

    The Patriots are going to humiliate the Jets tomorrow. The beat down isn’t going to because the Jets are giving the Patriots bulletin board material, it’s going to be because the Jets are an average team at best with an inaccurate QB and players that quit at the first sign of adversity.

    But the good news for Jets fans is the off season is about to start, so you guys can get to work defending your off season championship and look to 3-peat.

    J-E-T-S — Just End The Season!

  52. bleedsgreenwhite says: Jan 15, 2011 12:30 PM

    The Boston Patsies: If You’re a Pretty Boy Lying Cheating Poser, We Want You! Call 1-800-CHEATER
    You got the number wrong.. 1-800-ORIGINA…leave off the last L for lame ass.

    I don’t like Scott’s type of comments…we don’t need comments that elude to Jack Tatum type hits, ending a guy’s career. I don’t think those are ever called for. God forbid something really happens, even if 100% accidental, the player making those comments is going to catch the blame and have to live with the consequences. It does no good to anyone involved…plus he’s drawn a bulls-eye to himself and his team.

  53. Good, Bart. W2’s playful comments deserves physical threats. Welker continue on his path, and he’s at least in the conversation for HoF. Your only achievement is to give yourself a thug nickname and then to live down to it.

  54. Between Harrison, Suggs and now this clown Scott, it seems like an astounding amount of ignorance is required in order to be an overrated, scumbag linebacker. And it seems like something about the Patriots really bothers ignorant, overrated, scumbag linebackers .

    I’m not too worried about Scott though. (1) The guy is not smart enough to just play football, and will repeatedly get himself out of position trying to be in the area of Welker so he can get a shot on him, and (2) he just isn’t that good anymore. He won’t be able to get a clean shot on Welker, and he is more likely to get penalized for a late hit, or even get tossed from the game, than he is to do any real physical damage to Welker.

  55. So Bart Scott the guy who was BULLIED BY THE LIONS OLINE to the point he cried to th refs after every play wants me to believe he’s a enfocer now? sigh why did I pick up two shifts on sunday I really would’ve enjoyed watching this 69-3 beating the Pats are going to give the Jets. Sanchez and Revis are the only legit players on that team who handle pressure well. Hate to bash a native Detroiter but Scott and the Jets were exposed at ford field only if glassford wouldn’t have went down we would’ve hung 34 on the ruthless Jets D. Maybe Rex Ryan can offer us 4 first round pick for one of our Dlineman lord knows Vernon Ghloston will never get a pass rush going

  56. Hey Bart,,,,Rex Ryan is a fat blob who pimps his wife……I’ll be at the Stadium tomorrow….section 128 row 14 seat 2 Look me up….. God knows you won’t be doing anything on the field….

  57. Don’t think Scott’s comments phase NE one bit….First off the guy is 2nd tier player who had a season/production of a very average LB.

    Secondly, do not think for 1 second that the officials are not waiting for after whistle BS..this game will be called tight.

    Seems lie all the jets are insecure in their on field abilities….Earlier this week, I felt this game would be closer..but now leaning towards big NE blowout….jets just not focused on execution of ANYTHING except running their mouths.

  58. The Jets had one of the easiest schedules in the NFL this season.

    We’ll find out Sunday if they’re all talk and no action.

  59. As a Ravens fan, I will take this moment to help explain who Bart Scott is.

    He is yet another player that made many millions by playing with greatest middle linebacker of our generation (Can you say Bart Scott, AD Thomas, Ed Hartwell?). Heck, how many coaches have ridden Lewis’ jock to a payday?

    Let the murder/stabbing jokes begin from the peanut gallery.

  60. .

    football is TACKLE not 2 hand touch or flag.

    if those are what u want it to be then just say so. enough of the girly crying

  61. Well its safe to say the Pats officially have the jets frustrated and unfocused. I don’t recall Wes saying anything about Rex, but when you get run over by Logan Mankins maybe it will beome a little more clear in your mind there Bart.

    Randy Moss

    PS – I wish I was playing this week.

  62. I can’t wait for the interview 5 years from now when Welker is still catching over 50 balls and Bart Scott is retired and Wes drops like 10 Bart Scott references into an interview…


    classless organization has everyone and anyone talk crap after they have earned nothing and were humiliated the last tim they played

    classy organization ignores moronic comments from the team hasnt done anything since the 60″s

    classless organization has player then shoot off his mouth with profanity for all the you ng nfl fans to hear

    playter on classy organization makes a very subtle, witty conference referencing classless organizations coach who not only has real creepy fetish, but he films this fetish and puts it oin the internet with his gross old wife in her underwear

    offensive lineman of classless organization spends 24 hours online, talks with all his teamates on how to get back in a witty way, after the team shares there entire intellect on what to do , offensive lineman tweets to the player the same exact technique that witty player used about something that happened several years ago and that the player wasnt even on the team when it happened

    classy organization doesnt respond

    some no name defensive player that thinks he is great (maybe he is cousins wiith freddie mitchel) threatens physical harm to the player.

    thats the recap everyone, and if your wondering why this is going on let me explain to you what happened. rex ryan tells his team, we aren t as good, we cant beat them and are qb sucks, so heres the game plan: tell everyone that will listen we are the best, bash the other team as much as possible in the press, and if all goes well we wont have to answer a single question in the media about us guaranteeing a super bowl for the second year in a row, about our over rated defence, about are crappy qb, about our qb’s 1 touchdown and 7 picks in his two games in new england. so if it all goes well we will be able to crawl into the shadows and disappear until next year when we proclaim ourselves to be the super bowl champs for the third time. and rex tells team everyone gets a ring this year because in the jets world u dont got to win on the field

  64. Bart Scott – another average at best player, made to look better than he ever was by playing next to Ray Lewis. What has this bum done since going to the Jests? Nothing besides cash a paycheck. Another thief taking the Jests to the cleaners… all talk Bart.

  65. bleedsgreenwhite – 1st game of the 2007 season Pats v. jets. I was listening on the radio and the jests qb got hurt. Reaction of the jets fans? They cheered. They cheered so loud that I could hear it on the radio and the announcer had to remark on it.


    were you there?

  66. Bart Scott is looking to get himself killed making comments like that. It’s not as if the Patriots don’t have Welker’s back. The Patriots can hit just as hard as the smack talking teams.

  67. I have never seen a bunch of trash talking (starting with their coach) chest thumping thugs ever in my life!! Bills fan here and obviously I don’t like either team because they are in our division, but I hope the Pats beat them 65-0, then after the game, Tom Brady takes a big fat dump in Rex Ryan’s fat mouth!!! Oh, yeah…Wes Welker is a class act all the way!!! Would take that dude on my team anyday of the week. Go Pats!!

  68. Barty, first of all, Wes is going to blow right by you. Your fat as$ wont have enough time to adjust to his super quick slant routes. Even if you get the remote chance to lay a shot on him, you are going to get fined $500,000 for the hit… since you have now brought all the attention to you, and not to mention suspended. Since you dont have much going on for you after this season, i suggest you chnage divert from this vigalante type mentality. You may need that $500,000 later since Burger King dont like to hire vigilante types. Football is a contact game yes, but not a death match!

  69. 1historian-

    No, actually I don’t care for KO and have almost never seen his show. That being said, he is certainly partisan but he doesn’t try to come up with crazy conspiracy theories to foster paranoia that the gov is coming to take your guns, or enslave you or kill your grandmother. That sort of behavior is just irresponsible. If we value our freedoms, we need to do more than just fight for them, we should respect them.

  70. iamthefootballjerk says:
    Jan 15, 2011 1:53 PM
    As a Ravens fan, I will take this moment to help explain who Bart Scott is.

    He is yet another player that made many millions by playing with greatest middle linebacker of our generation (Can you say Bart Scott, AD Thomas, Ed Hartwell?). Heck, how many coaches have ridden Lewis’ jock to a payday?

    Let the murder/stabbing jokes begin from the peanut gallery.

    43 i
    *** I’m not anywhere near a Ravens fan…BUT, you can tell when someone is commenting that ISN’T a jet fan…They have an IQ…Lewis is an icon right now..and plays his position as well as anyone ever has…Just wish he’d cut the crap w/the antics..But, even the most psychotic jet fan will admit that Scott is a huge waste of money…Wait til the offseason when jets start @ + $30 million over cap.

  71. nathanielflor says: Bart Scott threatens to hurt Welker, the 9 year old Browns fan gets assaulted by a drunken NY fan…..starting to see a trend maybe?

    you got one of your 2 facts backwards- it was an 8 year old jets fan who was supposedly attacked by an adult browns fan. so, i think no on your trend theory.

  72. bleedsgreenwhite says:
    Jan 15, 2011 12:26 PM
    I just LOVE how everyone excuses every little thing the pats do, including Belicheat. BRADY started this nonsense by saying how much he hates the Jets and always will. NO ONE mentions that though. And I gotta tell ya, bigolddog, you are one of the bigger jerks I’ve seen on here. I am a lifelong Jets fan and I have never though for one second that the people of Boston are as arrogant, self consumed, full of themselves, sneaky, conniving or cheat as much as the Pats. It is simply not fair to brand an entire city because they have colossal megalomaniacs on their football team. My guess is you’ve never been to NY and you simply couldn’t make it here. Stay on the farm, dude.

    That’s nice and everything, but how do you feel about what Bart Scott said? That’s what this post is about.

  73. How cute. Bart Scott sticking up for his coach who brought his sorry ass to the Jets. Im sure Ravens fans werent sorry to see him go. The fact is the New York Jets are a laughing stock of the nfl along with the Cowboys and Redskins. This team will go nowhere this Sunday as their team is not built to even compete in the playoffs. Just another team who won the offseason championship (see Washington Redskins) with buying overpriced and usually washed up free agents. The New York Jets will yet again be beaten by a team who seems to get it and builds a team for lasting success through the draft and smart free agent decisions.

  74. Ryan and now Scott are doing everything they can to keep the pressure off Sanchez and the team in general. So far, they are doing a pretty good job of it. But, it will not mean very much at kickoff.

  75. I agree Bart Welker could get hurt giving you and Harris piggie backs as he runs for the first down just like that last game. Bart you head needs to be on a swivel, Logan Mankins was tossing you around like a rag doll last game and I am sure he is going to be looking for you.

  76. I don’t blame the Jets a bit. I for one see Brady for who he is – an overrated SYSTEM QB, plain and simple. Matt frickin’ Cassell ran this offense as well as Bray-Douche three or four years ago, for God’s sake. The credit rests solely with Bellichick and Pioli for building an organization bigger than star players egos. Brady is just as much an attention starved media whore (whose crutch is obviously a penchant for hit and runs, and being a general “know-it-all”, smarmy dickrag – as opposed to Cromartie’s “kids”). The guy couldn’t even keep Drew Henson from stealing playing time at Michigan and was an “afterthought” draftee in the sixth that could’ve been picked up as a free agent.

    The Jets have egos. Egos dominate that team, but Ryan can work with that. Belichick proved at Cleveland in the 90’s that he couldn’t, and that drove him to create a utopia with no player allowed to question or speak out in the media. It’s utterly hypocritical of Brady to speak out against them for who they are when he does the same thing, so long as he kisses Belichick and Kraft’s butts.

    Brady won championships with peak performances out of his offensive lines and average receiving corps built for their system, but not by himself. I hope there is another New York team tomorrow that shuts his overrated mouth. THE SYSTEM OFFENSE favors the Pats versus the big and physical defense that Ryan has built, but the Patriots defense is atrocious. It’s just good luck that the Jets have a self-destructive QB running their offense, along with a former lights-out RB that is back to his playoff schizophrenia.

    Here’s hoping Ryan plans a man defense with multiple point pressures up front, and that LT finds his legs before they need to rely on Sanchez. I really want this idiot Brady out of the playoffs on a one-and-done.

  77. shadowgm1

    Your football IQ is ZERO. Cassell managed the game, he never audibled at the line or called his own plays. Football is a team sport there is no room for ego’s. Why has TO, one of the best receivers in the game for the past 15 yrs, bounced around. Lastly, when has Brady spoke out against the Jets. I am guessing you are a Steeler fan who knows the Pats own the Steelers in the playoffs.

  78. Scott should be fined! The Jets are beginning to use the same violent language and threats as the GOP does!

  79. Best winning % of any active QB, 2x Supe Bowl MVP, soon to be 2x league MVP, 28 straight wins at home, 3 Super Bowl rings, palyed in a 4th….. and Brady is an idiot..

  80. It’s pretty sad when our star athletes start insulting each other like our low life politicians. You’d think they would know better than to lower themselves to that level.

  81. shadowgm1

    Hit and run? When did Brady do that?

    All I got from your post was that you hate Brady because you think he’s a system QB. So?

  82. The Jets DO have a chance in this game.

    I think it is funny that the Patriot fans are talking trash about the Jets talking trash.

    It will be interesting to see what is said if the Jets back up their talk and win.

    Remember, It’s all entertainment. Keep watching. Keep talking. Keep the Jets on the back page. Feel free to comment.

    I think this game will do a huge rating. Especially if it stays close.

  83. I hate seeing injuries but if Scott or Cromartie go down tomorrow, I will donate $100 to a local charity…

  84. @deanvernonwormer says:
    Jan 15, 2011 11:21 AM
    Excellent. Someone needs to knock out that little twerp.
    Are you interviewing for a job in the Jet’s organization? Perhaps Strength and Conditioning coach?

  85. Bart Scott? Oh yeah I remember now. Wasn’t he in a cage before BowloutI??? Did he do anything in that last game??? No..
    Now he’s enraged becaused Wes took some liberties by using the words foot, feet and toes…
    Oh, the language!
    Bart why doesn’t your Coach keep his sexual proclivities in the closet, where they belong???
    Now, you want to end Wes career? Sad, just like your over-hyped team and choking QB. You want respect for your Coach. Maybe. your Coach should act like a human being? Stop all the smack! Concentrate on coaching. He likes smelling, sucking toes, feet. Good for him but, I don’t need to see it on the internet!
    Dish it out, but can’t take it? Girlfriend?

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