Marshawn Lynch hopes epic run kickstarts career

One week later, reverberations from Marshawn Lynch’s classic run against the Saints are still being felt in Seattle.

This was a play we deserved to learn more about and we have throughout the week.  Danny O’Neil wrote a terrific piece on “Seventeen Power” in the Seattle Times that breaks down all the components of the 67-yard touchdown.

The signature moment of Lynch’s career was made even more special because he brought his former mentor and Bills teammate Fred Jackson to the game to watch.

“It was my first playoff game, and he said it was like his first playoff game, too,” Lynch told Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports this week.  “And he said that when I scored on that run, it almost felt like he was down on the sideline running alongside me. That was big for me.”

After an up-and-mostly down season in an up-and-down career, Lynch hopes to keep this playoff roll going in Chicago Sunday.   Lynch’s agent tells Silver that Lynch would love to stick in Seattle long-term.

“I think that run was just the tip of it,” Lynch said.   “There are still some things that need to be done.”

22 responses to “Marshawn Lynch hopes epic run kickstarts career

  1. If being drafted in the first round of the NFL draft, a pro bowl appearance, then later being kicked out of Buffalo didn’t motivate him, I doubt a FLUKE run will.

    That run was a testament to how poor the Saints defense was on that given Sunday. It was in no way a barometer for the skill set of Marshawn Lynch.

    He went from Beast Mode to Bench Mode to boarderline Bust Mode.

  2. Normally I would roll my eyes at such a suggestion but he’s not way off here. A coach this off-season is going to look at the tape of that run and give him a job, perhaps even a chance to earn a starting nod. All as long as he keeps himself motivated and in shape.

    It should take a lot more than one epic rush. Like hard work, production over an extended time period, consistency, and so on. But I guess not.

  3. Yes Seahawks should keep him here for long maybe after the OL is better then we’ll see more of the Beast Mode.

  4. Don’t you mean “re”kickstart? He was pretty good for a while then sucked for the last 2-3 years.

    Maybe it just takes 10 games or so for the Buffalo to wear off?

  5. So, you’re just realizing consistent productivity is a key factor to being a successful running back, Marshawn? You’ve been in Nap Mode for most of your career.

    Based on what I’ve seen, crappy O-line or not, that run was quite fluky. Good running backs create, average ones disappear.

  6. The best run he’s had since he was in Buffalo and ran over that Canadian women on the Chippewa strip!!! That’s why his nickname up here was “Hit and Run”!!!

  7. Unfortunately, there’s only one running back in history who could make something with a crappy offensive line, Barry Sanders. Pete Carroll really needs to improve the line for any of his running backs to become effective.

  8. I really liked Marshawn a lot coming out of college. Physical back, with good feet, and good hands, and he had solid speed for a guy his size. He caused a lot of his own problems in Buffalo, though. He probably wasn’t as physical as he could be at times, and there were definitely those off-field issues.

    I think someone will give him a chance, as the NFL gives talented guys extra looks. Seattle makes sense, with his former collegiate teammate (Forsett) there as a good complement in skillset, along with a players coach in Carroll.

  9. You guys are a bunch of haters! That was a great run and I hope he more of those against the Bears. Talk about haters…I hate Da Bears!

  10. Anybody who thinks Lynch lost “it” is obviously not paying attention to the the nfl. Buffalo is a wasteland with a team who probably has the least amount of talent in the nfl. I honestly feel sorry for the fans. But Lynch is still young with low mileage and when placed on a decent team he can run the ball. Im not sure what his contract looks like but I could see him contributing on many teams in this league. H estill has a lot on the tank.

  11. @riggo4prez says……………Sorry, I hate you’re post…..Fred Jackson is way better than Lynch….watch Lynch….he runs more east to west than straight ahead…..Buffalo’s offensive line is about the same as the Hawks, nothing special. Lynch did nothing for you guys until that run. Would still take Jackson anyday over Lynch. Lynch was a jackass when he was here in Buffalo, went to bars and tried to bring in his own liquor, was kicked out of every bar in Buffalo. I have a friend who lived next door to him, he is a thug…..just a matter of time before he makes headlines in the Seattle newspaper. On your Buffalo is a wasteland comment, with no talent…..Buffalo had the 2nd toughest schedule in the NFL……if they played in the NFC West, they would have won that division, would have walked all over all of the teams in that division…..try playing New England twice, Jets twice, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Chicago, Kansas City, should I name others…look it up, they took Pitts, Baltimore, Kansas City to OT. Lost to New England the first time by 8, lost to Chicago by 3. NFC West is crap!!!

  12. When i last looked lynch was playing in the NFL and a playoff game at that. I will admit to the saints defense being suspect but there is no way anyone can take the effort of that incredible run away from lynch. It was as though he willed himself to the end zone. I agree with other opinions here in that on a team that had a good offensive line and with hopes of getting to the playoffs he might be an above avg rb. The bears game would be tough on any rb but I hope he has a decent game.

  13. It is incredible how so many ignorant fools continue to make comments against Marshawn Lynch. After Lynch started his career with two years of over 1,000 yards rushing, his total declined when he was suspended for three games and saw his carries drop to less than half what they had been. Then the Bills wasted the #9 overall draft pick on C.J. Spiller, so they end up almost giving Lynch to Seattle and by splitting the year between two teams his production was less than it could have been. Lynch is still fully capable of rushing for 1,200 or more each year and adding another 500 or more in receiving yards. However, Lynch needs to build some momentum to be most effective and far too often with Buffalo and with Seattle he was hit almost the moment he got the ball. As Seattle’s O-line improves, Lynch will show that he is one of the top RBs in the league and he will no doubt return to the Pro Bowl.

  14. @bobinpuertorico…………to bad you forgot to say that Lynch doesn’t catch the ball out of the backfield all that great…..Jackson does. Lynch runs east to west………..Jackson runs straight ahead….Jackson is better than Lynch.

  15. @cjspiller12……………… I dont even root for the Hawks. And to say Fred Jackson is a better back than Lynch is insane. Im not saying Lynch is a class act but the guy is a capable back. Jackson is not a primary back, just a back up. Possibly a thunder to Spillers lightning. Look I understand you love your team but lets face it. Hard division or not the Bills have been one of the worst franchises in the nfl. No qb, mediocre o-line and a lost defense with the addition of Merriman. With the strenght of that division I dont see how you can get out. I hope you dont have to see your team relocate to Toronto.

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