Maurice Jones-Drew: NFL wants players to be robots

Whenever the NFL makes a statement about protecting players from illegal hits, it’s quickly followed by NFL players coming forward to say they don’t need to be protected. So it should be no surprise that after the NFL said it was going to protect players from trash talk, players quickly came forward to say they can take the talk just fine.

One such player is Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew, who wrote on Twitter this morning that he doesn’t like the league’s crackdown on players yapping on the field.

Responding to a tweet from Adam Schefter about the issue, Jones-Drew wrote, “so in other words they want us to be robots… Have no emotion or passion and we are talking about playoffs ( jim mora voice).”

Jones-Drew also said he thinks the NFL profits from trash talk, noting that the talk this week between the Jets and the Patriots will probably translate to increased TV ratings. And he said he thinks the NFL is changing what makes football great.

I grew up in the Bay Area in the Jack Tatum era,” Jones-Drew wrote. “So a lil talk is just fine when the players start acting on it then that’s when you fine them… Why do you think fans love this game it violent and everyone loves that.”

I’m always a little queasy when people cite Jack Tatum in these types of conversations, since Tatum’s most famous hit left Darryl Stingley in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. And I’ll note that Tatum retired five years before Jones-Drew was born.

But I do think Jones-Drew is basically right, as was Jets center Nick Mangold, who said on PFT Live on Friday that trash talk is all in good fun. The NFL’s emphasis on curbing the trash talk might just draw more attention to something that would just as easily be ignored.

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  1. Yes, the NFL did probably react too strongly to the Jets-Pats trash talking where they actually issued a warning. I’ll give Jones-Drew that much.

    But there will be times where the league has to step in, even at the risk of being accused of over-regulation or over-protection, because if the talk leads to a purposeful violent collision that causes serious injury, it’s blood on their hands.

  2. I agree. The NFL stepping in for this is reDONKulous. I think people are starting to see the writing on the wall, that Godell is not the right man for the job and that he needs to go.

  3. He is absolutely 100% correct. A bunch of old, white billionaires who, for the most part, know NOTHING about this great game are gonna destroy it. Just wait til they lock the players out.

  4. Who cares if YOU are queasy? There was absolutely no reason to cram your irrelevant opinion in there

  5. “nfl is changing”

    can someone spread some light on this? players have never talked trash before and suddenly the league is going through some special phase that will increase the ratings with as high as they are?

  6. I agree. No celebration, no trash talk, no big hits. When you hear a player speak, they say the same things as any other player. Don’t say anything negative and always respect your opponent.
    I think football is becoming tennis!

  7. Also, I would like to note that I would prefer the NFL to use robots going forward. Since robots have no souls, we can stop this nonsensical fining policy for head to head collisions. Football can go back to being the violent, menacing fun it’s always been. Thanks to MJD for the idea.

  8. The League is turning the game into all business and no fun. I like the trash talking, on and off the field. I think it shows they’re focused and ready to do some damage to the other team. I want tuff and rugged players out there with emotion. Not robots.

  9. I Hate this new (wussy ass) NFL —- I Hate Roger Goodell — I Hate all the Stupid crackdowns — I Hate Roger Goodell — I hate all the Dumb-Ass fines — I Hate Roger Goodell — And not only that — I also really do Hate Roger Goodell — Hate him!!!!

  10. MJD is right goodell is a joke always has been since the pacman days…..if only ppl realised it then and weren’t always saying that “Goodell is cleaning up the league blah blah blah….” well i hope you all are happy with what you wished for cuz now he’s cleaning up the league….completely cleaning every aspect of what makes football good and throwing it away

  11. We must adhere to the rules if we want to suckle from the power teat!

    The NFL under Goodell is getting ridiculous. He is so far left that his head can’t turn right.

  12. No, MJD, the NFL doesn’t want you to be emotionless robots. What they want you to do is appear to have an element of class away from the field. Publicly calling a guy an “-Effing A-Hole” to reporters and threatening physical harm isn’t exactly what the league has in mind when it comes to representing the brand well.

  13. Goodell is the worst pretender of a comissioner that the NFL has ever had. It’s all about image, with no substance. Goodell needs to go.

  14. “And I’ll note that Tatum retired five years before Jones-Drew was born.”
    Haha!!! But somehow you grew up during the tatum era. MJD, we don’t want you to act like robots. Just adults. You know, like the rest of the world.

  15. Bart Scott, in a public verbal threat against a member of another team, would be libel to criminal charges if this was done on the street. What allows these thugs to get away with this behavior? Fans, that’s who. Fans in the media, the league office or just about anywhere. This anti-social behavior comes at a time when players are looking to involve the Congress in settling the NFLPA Collective Bargaining Agreement. Watch out as this will give a forum to their more liberal brothers and sisters in the room who just might want to prosecute for acts on the field after public threats. Bart Scott could end up in jail, where many Jet fans can welcome him.

  16. Really? MOST exciting two days of football EVER? No. But exciting yes. But I do agree with MJD to a point, trash talk is ok but I think the language of the talk is what the NFL is trying to cut down on. Think Ocho Cinco, how entertaining it is when he trash talks, he’s not acting like he’s going to kill someone. At the end of the day, it’s A GAME. You win some, you lose some. Play fair, hard, leave it all on the field and that’s it. There’s no place for F bombs regarding other players, teams etc. In the adult world we are use to it, but remember children and young teenage high school or college players watch and tune into these same headlines and the message shouldn’t be it’s okay to act this way. So the NFL is right to address it.

  17. There’s a line between trash talk and simply running your mouth when you really have nothing to run your mouth over.

    The team the Jets played earlier in the year, is not the team they were dominated by in the latter. For people who railed against how Brady learned the game, they seem to be wasting a whole lot of time in front of a microphone, instead of watching the plethora of film of where they went wrong last time.

    The field is where things are decided, trash talk outside is meaningless and unnecessary hype to a game that’s already pretty important for both franchises.

  18. Wait….So he says he grew up in the Bay area in the Jack Tatum era, but Tatum retired 5 years before he was born? You, seriously can’t make this stuff up…Too funny

  19. its time to look at the big picture as it relates to this article…over in the NBA, commissioner David Stern (member of the neo-nazi globalist US policy making CFR (who are in far more control than any president) is making refs dole out technicals if the players say even one word to them…this, like the NFL’s attempt to turn players into robots, is part of a much larger agenda…they are trying to turn our entire society into unquestioning, unthinking robots who serve the fascist surveillance state like good robots…any questioning of authority will not be tolerated, even when that authority is a bunch of nazis who have taken over your country in order to destroy it and merge it with the global labor pool as the one world fascist government run by international bankers comes into existence…get ready for your national id cards, be ready to show your papers on every street corner and transportation station…get ready for TSA fondling you to enter a grocery store, and i hope you dont mind this barcode on your wrist, because otherwise you cant eat…how bout we try and WAKE UP…our athletes and celebrities are the ones who should using their fame to speak out against the nazification of this country, and soon after, the world…

  20. As odd as it sounds the NFL is ruining the NFL. These new rules are over top. I know they are attempting to protect the players but it is still smash mouth football!

  21. You can tell MJD grew up a Raiders fan: he has trouble with the Raiders timeline. Raiders fan think the Raiders won a SB a whole lot more recently than 27 years ago (before MJD was born). It’s not surprising a Raider fan born in 1985 thinks he was around for a guy who retired in 1980.

  22. That’s a riot! Grew up in the Tatum era, yet he wasn’t even born when Tatum retired.

    Personally, I grew up in Boston during the Cy Young era.

  23. That’s right trash talk is just that talk …..u can’t expect these millionaire friends on each team to really hate each other it would hurt there profit margins!!in tatums day opposing players really hated each other and that made for passionate football!

  24. What does trash talking have to do with football…other than sometimes making the league and those associated with it look bad? It doesn’t. Games are won and lost on the field. Actual game preparation helps but trash talking doesn’t really add anything to the game. A little good-natured trash talking doesn’t hurt and that is not what the league is targeting. They are targeting the ridiculous threats to injure and the crass vulgarity (Cromartie, and others) that tarnishes the brand. If all you have is trash talk then you don’t have anything at all. The Welker/Mangold stuff was fine. The Cromartie comments and the Sharper/Shiancoe garbage was not. There are issues that a player would have a legitimate right to complain about but this is not one of them.

  25. I agree 100% Goodell is ruining the NFL more and more on a daily basis. Why is he trying to get everyone to be softies like the Colts. Remember in 2002 or 2003 the MNF against the Ravens and Steelers. I believe ESPN and everyone else hyped up all the trash taking before that game. If I remember correctly there was a 10-15 minute clip of all the quotes and threats that led up to that game. Goodell please resign before you ruin the game beyond repair.

  26. The NFL under Goodell is getting ridiculous. He is so far left that his head can’t turn right.

    HAHAHA Did you know his wife is a Fox News Channel Exec?? Or was?

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