Tony Gonzalez limps off, still with no career playoff wins

The career receiving numbers of tight end Tony Gonzalez will get him into the Hall of Fame.  But that eventual bust in Canton will never give him what he has yet to achieve on the field of play — a postseason win.

Gonzalez and the top-seeded Falcons are being shredded late after three quarters at home by the sixth-seeded Packers, 42-14.  To make matters worse, Gonzalez has limped off the field with a right leg injury.

The 14-year veteran, who forced a trade out of Kansas City two years ago, hasn’t been specific about his career plans.  And we’d be shocked if he calls it quits after a 13-3 season ended with a one-and-done playoff run.  But it will take a while to recover from an inevitable loss that has to be making Gonzalez and the Falcons questioning whether they are properly equipped to continue to fend off the Saints and the Bucs — and even if they can to then win the games that matter most.