Aaron Rodgers has a lot to learn about where his money comes from

We realize that only two days ago we defended largely unlikable Bears quarterback Jay Cutler from a mailed-in attack by ESPN’s Rick Reilly.  But since Reilly has yet to attack Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, we feel no need to defend him.  (Yet.)

In fact, we’re going to attack him a little.  (Maybe Reilly will come to his defense.)

Rodgers makes a lot of money because people are willing to pay to watch him do what he does, and because they’re willing to sit and watch him do it on television, while being bombarded with advertisements and networks promos.

Without fans, football would be lacrosse.  Or indoor soccer.  Or postseason baseball.

So football players need to be willing to pause and sign an autograph or two from time to time.  Especially when the person seeking the autograph is female, is wearing copious amounts of NFL-licensed pink apparel, and has very short gray hair.

There’s a pretty good chance that any person fitting that description is a cancer patient.  And if the NFL is going to allow the official uniform to be infiltrated by pink patches and gloves and cleats and stripes every October, high-profile NFL players need to be willing to stop and sign an autograph for someone who fits the profile of a person who is in the fight of her life.

WBAY-TV has the video evidence.  Watch Rodgers breeze by Jan Cavanaugh, refusing even to acknowledge her existence.  (The good news is that linebacker Clay Matthews treated her with warmth and respect.)

Hey, it’s a free country.  Rodgers has an inalienable right to choose to behave like an ass.  And the rest of us have an inalienable right to tell anyone who’ll listen that he’s behaving like an ass.

Rodgers needs to realize that without people like Jan Cavanaugh, whose passion for pro football prompted her to go to the airport after a radiation treatment in the hopes of getting Rodgers to sign the pink hat with the Packers logo that she always wears, make his entire lifestyle possible.  Otherwise, he’d be no different than a guy who’s really good at throwing darts or horseshoes or cornhole bags.  He’d derive personal satisfaction from the use of his God-given skills, but not much if any money.

We hope this strikes a chord with all pro athletes.  The fans are the reason you get paid the big bucks.  And it would be wise to show some gratitude, especially when it’s obvious that one of those fans isn’t blessed with good health.

We also hope that Rodgers and/or the Packers track down Jan Cavanaugh and make it up to her.  The fact that Rodgers would crap on a rare moment of happiness for someone whose entire life in consumed by fighting the disease and contending with the physical, mental, and emotional effects of it should make the stomach churn of anyone who has cancer, or who has seen a loved one stricken by it.

In other words, everyone.

UPDATE:  The folks at WBAY, who probably should have realized that the station’s relationship with the only team in town may have been undermined with the publication of the video of Rodgers treating a cancer patient like a panhandler with leprosy, apparently have taken down the clip.  The key moment has been uploaded to YouTube.  Check it out before it disappears, too.

FINAL UPDATE:  After time to reflect on the matter and to digest the opinions of others, I decided that I reacted too quickly and too harshly.  We’ve apologized to all involved, but we also opted not to simply erase the original item, in fairness to those who want to understand where we started on this one, and where we finished.

316 responses to “Aaron Rodgers has a lot to learn about where his money comes from

  1. Yep, he’s an ass. So are many pro athletes that have the nerve to charge a fan for an autograph.

  2. Figures. Maybe Urlacher should give him a concussion next week to knock some sense into him… or just to do it for the benefit of the doubt

  3. being compared to brett favre is not to far, aaron rodgers true colors are coming out. What a bitch move to just walk pass the lady, not even a hi or stop to sign it. Brett Favre second coming

  4. He has his headphones on, he probably didn’t even hear her. You could say he wears them on purpose so he isn’t bothered by fans which I guess still makes him an ass. Basically what I got out of this story is that Clay Matthews gives a sh*t and is pretty awesome.

  5. Not fair! After the game, rip away at him, but before the game, dude is focused, in a trance. His mind is on a field in Atlanta. You got to cut him some slack.

  6. Wow. I’m not a Packers fan so I never heard anything about Rodgers’ personality but I just assumed he was a pretty cool guy. At least Matthews showed some class.

  7. Hopefullt this will come back to bite him on the ass. Come on Karma, do your thing. And yeah, kudos to Clay Matthews!!

  8. Hmmm even as a Viking fan I would say this is less of a negative about Aaron Rodgers (as I am sure people ask for his autograph more often than not) and more of a positive about Clay Matthews character. I am sure this story will get her free tickets to next week game or something.

  9. Brett Favre once played a prank on Aaron Rodgers before a practice session, asking him to autograph a helmet for a Favre 4ward Foundation charity recipient who specifically requested that Rodgers’ signature dominate the headgear.

    Rodgers complied, but when he went to his locker to dress for practice his own helmet was missing. You guessed it–Rodgers’ helmet was the one that Favre had him sign, and he had no choice but to grab it and hurry out to the practice field to avoid being fined. (There was no “charity recipient.”)

    Rodgers, of course, looked like a real prima donna as the only player at the public practice with his own gigantic autograph adorning his helmet. And Favre, for some reason, had a Cheshire grin on his face all afternoon.

  10. I am so sick of this attitude of entitlement that… oops, not athletes, but regular people have. You *deserve* to be acknowledged by another human being? You are owed an autograph because … because … oh, that’s right because you say you deserve it. Aaron Rodges owes me anything I say he owes me. Bull.

    Too bad you got cancer, lots of people get it, and lots of people don’t get autographs. If that one thing is what your whole life depends on you need to re-evaluate your life.

  11. Oh, wait a second, you accidentally forgot to link to the endless stories about him hosting cancer patients and staying late to sign autographs. The guy is genuine and selfless as far as pro athletes go. That’s cool though, it’s hardly news that media gets to make stories in stead of covering them. In the adrenaline and emotion of a huge game might make me oblivious to anything afterward. I guess PFT is starting to forget where it’s $ comes from. . .

  12. I’m a Bears fan, and Urlacher has generally been known for similar things (though Cutler has not). As some joe schmo who absolutely loves all things football, it sucks that someone you love watching every sunday is pretty much a dick.

  13. I was skeptical that perhaps this was an overreaction, or that thinking anyone with short gray hair has cancer. They could simply be Mrs. Kurt Warner.

    But I just checked out the video. And that’s just disgusting. Shame on him. You can’t tell me he didn’t see her. He should be embarrassed by this. But maybe he’s too arrogant to even feel embarrassment.

  14. Seriously?

    What a waste of our time reading this garbage.

    If any elite pro athlete signed 100% of autgraph requests they would not make it out of the grocery store before their produce spoiled.

  15. Too bad none of the 824,297 examples of Tony Gonzalez doing this to people aren’t on tape, so people can quit feeling sorry for him about never winning a playoff game.

  16. gbfanforever says: Jan 16, 2011 3:50 PM

    Oh, wait a second, you accidentally forgot to link to the endless stories about him hosting cancer patients and staying late to sign autographs. The guy is genuine and selfless as far as pro athletes go.

    Attending team sanctioned charity events or auction winner related events isn’t the same as seeing someone who is there to see you…because they adore you…and nothing will stop them from spending 5 seconds with you for an autograph – not even a deadly illness.

    It’s the spur of the moment, unplanned generosity. The moment that calls for you to act. That’s special. So this defense you plopped down is weak sauce.

  17. Clay Matthews says that the stewardess specifically mentioned Jan. Presumably she also told Aaron Rodgers to seek Jan out. I’m not buying the excuses from the apologists here.

  18. All i will say is, its too bad he handled the situation like that. He’s not obligated to sign or even acknowledge anyone, but i believe that was a bad decision by him.

  19. Not sure why my previous comment didn’t go through, but Rogers spends a ton of time doing autographs for fans…in the last regular season game he took an entire lap around the stadium shaking fans hands.

    You grab one moment where he has headphones on and is prepping for the game and missed someone and now he’s an ass? This sort of thing should be beneath you guys.

    That said, Clay Mathews is just awesome, and it showed.

  20. What a typical prima donna douche – unbelievable. Rodgers, you should be ashamed of yourself – you must have forgotten the fans pay your salary.

  21. It may get tiresome for athletes to be bothered by fans, but it’s not as tiring as radiation and chemotherapy treatments. Since she’s lost her hair, Jan must have had both. Maybe Rodgers saves his charm for the media, but it’s nice to see Matthews extends his to the fans. Hope Clay’s graciousness made up for her negative encounter with Rodgers.

  22. Rodgers saw her the way he sees all fans these days. He just knows they were one of the people watching the 2005 NFL draft on T.V.

  23. he does work with kids (and kinda ensures that his name doesn’t come out that often), cut the guy some slack…. sometimes you are involved in a conversation and can miss out on the other person

  24. Instead of automatically calling him an ass, maybe you should wait and see if that woman came back to the airport Sunday morning when the Packers flew back and got Rodgers’ autograph then. You never know.

  25. Too bad you got cancer, lots of people get it, and lots of people don’t get autographs. If that one thing is what your whole life depends on you need to re-evaluate your life.

    Ain’t you just a ray of sunshine…..Lol

  26. “I was skeptical that perhaps this was an overreaction, or that thinking anyone with short gray hair has cancer. They could simply be Mrs. Kurt Warner.”


  27. I cant beleive he did that. I would be burning my Rodgers Jersey. This is a shame. Im not a Packers fan, but they are one of the most historic teams in the NFL. Just another big head that needs to be deflated. It a true same Mr. Rodgers. You are not that important. Wake up bro.

  28. This post is retarded. If you watch the video. It was a heart warming video. If Rodgers knew of the womans situation ahead of time I garauntee he or any one else on this planet would of stopped and made her dream come true. Clay Mathews was informed ahead of time by what he says in the video. Hes a great guy, and stopped, most athletes are great guys. You cant run Rodgers name in the mud if you only give this one example that was far stretched from the truth. Thanks for wasting my time with this poor journalism.

  29. That’s just gross. The worst part of this is Clay talked about airport staff notifying him about the fan. Not only did Rodgers stiff her, he likely was told about her before he did it.

  30. sealless99 says:
    I am so sick of this attitude of entitlement that… oops, not athletes, but regular people have. You *deserve* to be acknowledged by another human being? You are owed an autograph because … because … oh, that’s right because you say you deserve it. Aaron Rodges owes me anything I say he owes me. Bull.

    Too bad you got cancer, lots of people get it, and lots of people don’t get autographs. If that one thing is what your whole life depends on you need to re-evaluate your life.
    What a sad, bitter human being you are. I hope you never have to suffer through a battle with cancer to learn that it’s life’s little pleasures that can help you face a very scary and uncertain future.

    That said, I watched this video. From what little is shown, it appears that this woman didn’t even approach Rodgers for an autograph, so it’s hard to condemn him for that. However, in the next frame a very human Clay Matthews mentions that he heard about her from the stewardess on the airplane and that she had been waiting quite a while for the autographs, which makes me wonder; if Clay Matthews heard about it on the plane, shouldn’t Aaron Rodgers have as well?

    By the way, while Clay Matthews is a breath of fresh air to watch on a football field, someone obviously did a super job of raising this young man, as witnessed by the way he spoke to this poor woman.

  31. That does suck and I’d like to hear what Rodgers has to say. I’m glad Clay Matthews took the time as well. But for Packers fans lets not forget the many, many, many times Favre blew off fans like after the ’95 NFC championship game loss to Dallas and most of Green Bay came out to welcome the team back. The team stayed and signed autographs and took pictures with the fans but Favre dove into a limousine and sped off. That doesn’t excuse Rodgers, but does he have a history of doing this? I rememeber FOX showing the video where he and Al Harris had the little girl with cancer to practice for the day. Long story short, one instance doesn’t make him a Vikings fan.

  32. LOL. Clay Matthews is later seen in the video talking to this woman saying the STEWARDESSES were talking about her. Huh?

    You have no idea what the history is there…she may be stalking Rodgers for an autograph, and they might be the kind of people who are out to get an autograph to sell it and make a quick buck.

    Rodgers is wearing earphones and never makes eye contact.

    He can see everything on the field so I’m sure he did see her, but we just don’t know their history. He’s stated he’s very private and doesn’t like to be bothered.

  33. sealless99 says:
    Jan 16, 2011 3:50 PM
    I am so sick of this attitude of entitlement that… oops, not athletes, but regular people have. You *deserve* to be acknowledged by another human being? You are owed an autograph because … because … oh, that’s right because you say you deserve it. Aaron Rodges owes me anything I say he owes me. Bull.

    Too bad you got cancer, lots of people get it, and lots of people don’t get autographs. If that one thing is what your whole life depends on you need to re-evaluate your life.


    Wow…! What a turd. Maybe your life wont be so perfect one day, & you are forced to re-evaluate…… Im betting you’d have a different attitude if that was your mother, or grandmother….

  34. Well that’s a first for Rodgers. He has always been known as hanging around to sign autographs til the bitter end. He’s done work with Make a Wish and similar organizations. He goes to schools in Green bay to meet the kiddies. He is known as one of the most generous with his time with the fans.

    I certainly have no idea what this was, and maybe he was an ass, dunno … but it would be a first for sure and utterly out of character if intentional

  35. dragones99 is correct, he definitely seems to be following in Lord Favre’s footsteps, packer fans quit making excuses for your jackoff QB

  36. @sealless99 …

    That cancer patient simply went to the airport just like any other Green Bay fan, tried to get Rodgers’ autograph, and was brushed aside. There was not ONE quote from her saying anything negative about Rodgers, nor was there any quote from her suggesting that she deserves an autograph because she has cancer. You’re just throwing a tantrum because your QB came off looking like a jerk.

    Yeah, lots of people get cancer. I’ve been there three times, fought my battles, and don’t wear pink. No, it doesn’t make me special or entitled to special treatment. But that treatment is hard, and you can look at that woman and see she is going through cancer treatment. And most decent people would simply show a little kindness to someone they could see was having a hard time. Too bad you don’t understand that. But be careful about the hate you spew at suffering people. What goes around, comes around.

  37. I’m sure he was not intentionally being a douche. I bet he gets wind of this story and brings her a truckload of stuff. And I really don’t think it would it would be for the sole purpose of not looking like an ass.

  38. Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee J/S’s reaction:

    3:00 [Comment From SBaker – STL, MO: ]

    Tom, check out profootballtalk.com. This reflects poorly on Rodgers. Thoughts?

    Sunday January 16, 2011 3:00 SBaker – STL, MO
    3:00 Tom Silverstein: That does not look good at all.

  39. This is a pretty unfair assessment and editorial on the character of Aaron Rodgers after one incident that just happened to be on tape Mike. He walked by her yes. Just like every other athlete walks by thousands of fans without signing.

    People don’t get their way all the time. It happens. Do you know Rodgers personally? I’m guessing you don’t.

    Props to the woman for ambling into the mall is search of celebrities after receiving cancer treatment but that’s her battle. Not Rodgers’.

    To be honest, I think there’s something odd about 60-something ladies seeking autographs. But that’s just me…

  40. I think too much is being made of this. It looked like Rodgers was preoccupied, not just being a dick to a fan. Obviously what Matthews did was outstanding though. I am sure if Rodgers hears about this restitution will be made.

  41. Not long ago people were criticizing Matthews for presumed steroid use. Suddenly he’s a saint, eh?

    None of these guys are perfect, stop pretending like they should be.

  42. This isn’t fair. If he has a history of behaving like this sure, but it’s pretty brutal to take one video clip, on one day and paint his entire picture.

    Should he have signed it? Sure. You don’t know what kind of a day he was having. Sure it’s possible he’s just an ass, but it’s also possible he just got done fighting with his girlfriend, or found out a family member passed away. Until you have evidence that this is a regular move for him, you’ve gotta let this one slide.

    Drives me nuts when people endless comment about this site’s lack of journalistic ideals, but this is a pretty classless move.

  43. Quite a contrast to Favre actually. The backwards ‘4’ Favre wore on his last Monday night game was because a cancer patient he visited had a condition where he saw things backwards. Sure Rogers might attend high-profile ‘charity’ events…but geez he practically plowed this woman over!

  44. I suppose the video, taken only in the short context that it shows, makes Rodgers out to be in a hurry. But the attempt by PFT to make him out an Ass makes the left wing’s smear campaign on the Tuscon murders look like objective journalism.

    By all accounts, Rodgers does his fair share of community work in the Green Bay area. He is generally regarded as a humble person and not a diva which is sharp contrast to the previous QB. But in this day of TMZ and 24 hour video, who amongst us would want our life’s judged on someone else’s self chosen 5 seconds of our lives?

  45. My god, it was a one second clip. Sometimes people like to build you up just so they can knock you down.

    How about you do something crazy like ask him about it before you write an article with such an incriminating headline?

    You’re using the video to create the argument that ‘Aaron Rodgers refuses to sign cancer patient’s hat that she wears because she’s going through chemo-‘. But look at the context. Rodgers is about to get on a plane. With his headphones on. To a playoff game in Atlanta. And has grown used to fans asking for autographs. And, critically, he doesn’t know who that woman is.

    It’s such a convenient argument to make.

  46. Wow! — What a total piece of Crap —- I may never be able to root for the guy (I mean pathetic ass-wipe Jerk) again —– That’s just really messed up and disturbing behavior —- Anything he says about it now is totally after the fact meaningless image control crap —– Now I’ll be rooting for the Bears next week, I was going to root for Green Bay

  47. Get real! Worry about your own morality!

    He was rushing to get to the plane or bus and she was not standing way out there in his way like she was AND hat in hand as Matthews came by. Rodgers and another player walked by at that moment and probably never even saw her.

  48. sealless99 says: Jan 16, 2011 3:50 PM

    “Too bad you got cancer, lots of people get it, and lots of people don’t get autographs. If that one thing is what your whole life depends on you need to re-evaluate your life.”


    I wish for you some understanding and compassion in your life. Most of all, I wish for you never have to experience life from the eyes of a survivor.

  49. Unfortunately, this “I’m more important than you” attitude is held by a good portion of pro athletes. Thankfully, some of them are great with fans, like Clay Matthews.

    BTW, it should be noted that the NFL is joking themselves if they think they can come out of a Millionaires vs. Billionaires lockout unscathed. They’ll probably suffer worse than the MLB did in . In a bad economy, people have a low tolerance level of elitist B.S.

  50. Clay Mathews said they talked about her on the plane. No way Rodgers didn’t know who she was. Dick move all the way. Blowing off Joe Schmoe isn’t a big deal, but when you see a CANCER PATIENT standing there waiting for YOU, you’re an ass if you walk by. Exponentially so if you knew in advance that there was a cancer patient waiting for you.

    Even the biggest douche bag in the NFL will sign a ****ing jersey for a cancer patient standing ALONE waiting for you. There are no excuses for this. Period.

  51. You know, pro darts players can actually make a pretty decent living. Obviously they don’t make NFL money, but there’s a good number of guys who make $100k+ a year in prize money

  52. Aaron Rodgers is kinda a jackass? I would never have guessed that from him holding grudges against teams that passed over him in the draft (which he honestly should be thankful for… imagine if he had just spent the last five years getting the crap beaten out of him behind what the 49ers laughingly call an Offensive Line) or his tirades against sports analysts he doesn’t like.

    I looked up all his cancer work and all I could find was that he attended an MACC event once… an event that was sponsored by Wells Fargo and arranged through his business partner,. No word on how much he was paid for appearing at that event, but like others have said, his actions here are much more of an indication of who he is rather then a carefully thought out press event. Considering others on the plane knew she was there, there wasn’t a crowd, and he clearly saw her since she almost had to move to avoid a collision, it appears that Aaron Rodgers is, infact, a jackass.

    But hey, Matthews is a stud and deserves recognition. And there were a lot of other Packers players signing autographs and being friendly, and that shouldn’t be lost beneath the fact that Aaron Rodgers is a douche bag.

  53. No one can deny that Rodgers walked straight past her. Very pathetic to see that happen.

    What will be even MORE pathetic is if Rodgers doesn’t go out of his way to now make amends, when he hears about this story. But hey, there is hope that he will be humbled by this and will make amends.

    Lastly, this video just goes to show you that fans should NOT make a false idol out of any professional player or coach. Given the whole time with Brett Favre, the typical Packer’s fan is most guilty of doing this. Let’s not make the same mistake with Rodgers. He’s a sinner like the rest of humanity, whether they are a pro sports athlete or noot. Rodgers doesn’t walk on water anymore than Brett did, though lets be honest: we fooled ourselves into thinking Brett did for quite some time while he was a Packer. Rodgers is just as prone to the “God complex” as Favre was, or any other player who gets some success. Just hope Rodgers, and the whole team, is humbled and stays humble. I hope after Clay Matthews wins DPOY, he doesn’t ever cease to sign an autograph, at least one right in front of his face which was easy to do, as the case with that lady was.

    Stay humble, Packers! After all, as the saying goes, “Pride comes before the fall.”

  54. I have tried twice today to put up a post about Aaron Rodgers today and twice it has not been published by PTF. I now think I know why. What my post was about is about the time I met Aaron Rodgers during the taping of a NFL Future Stars special in the Spring of 2005 in Miami. What impressed me most about Rodgers was how down to earth he was. We even tossed around the football. He also took time out to pose for photos with me and sign a football. He was by far the nicest of the players that were participating at the event which included Cadillac Williams, Mark Clayton, Braylon Edwards and Kyle Orton among others. I guess if you dig deep enough you can find something negative to say against anyone. Before you throw stones look in the mirror.

  55. Bull crap. What about when he did the make a wish for the girl with the heart transplant? Sure it probably wasn’t the best move, but you catch him on camera one time not signing an autograph and suddenly he’s the scum of the earth? He had earphones in and if she had waved or something instead of just standing motionless I bet he would have stopped. And I sound like a tool for saying this stuff when it’s a sweet old lady with cancer but to crap on him like he’s some awful fiend is just dumb.

  56. Just when I was starting to like him too. He’s got some damage control to do. This is probably the most effed up thing I’ve ever seen a player do, considering the people involved. What an arrogant prick, I hope Peppers rips his head off next week.

  57. I love Rodgers, but that’s a pretty dick move. Would love to hear his side of things though…

  58. @dumlionsfan

    Will you defend Suh? I live in the detroit area and that guy already has a lousy rap as far as fan friendliness go.

  59. Make sure you find out what he did this year for the boys and girls club in Green Bay…sorry this lady didn’t get an autograph but to rip on one thing like this is a frickin joke..like I say, get the facts on what he did that nobody knew a lot about and then say he is a jerk.

  60. There are many stories in the Green Bay area about what a great guy Aaron Rodgers really is. He does a lot behind the scenes, without cameras focusing on him. Don’t take this one isolated incident to bash Rodgers.

  61. Ummm… Didn’t a congress woman just get shot meeting the people a week ago?

    First, as much as folks think Pack fans have gotten behind Rodgers, the area is home to some gun toting crazies and the economy isn’t doing very well.

    Second, when Rodgers took over this team it was to the sounds of crazy fans booing him during practice and a small child who told Rodgers he “F’ing sucked”.

    Third, Favre’s career is done and there are some extremely unstable Favre fans out there that think getting to Rodgers is listed under their second amendment right. These Favre “fans” have earned the moniker Favretards and are extremely unstable right now as they have no where to vent their anger.

    I don’t blame Rodgers one bit for wanting to control his surroundings. It’d be a shame if his life ended like John Lennon.

  62. Who cares? Cancer doesn’t entitle anyone to jack$hit. Tough but that is the way it is. I wouldn’t give any autographs to anyone if I was Rodgers. But in my case I hate old people and kids equally.

  63. OK, look, I hate the Packers w/ a passion being a Vikings fan, but this is just a hit piece. Rodgers walked by her and as far as I can tell, she never even gestured to him that she was wanting an autograph. I just don’t see a pro athlete knowingly dissing a cancer victim, if only for PR reasons, much less it being the decent thing to do. Maybe I missed it, but I never saw her reach out to him and he was wearing earbuds and listening to something.

  64. I wrote a letter c/0 Packers to Clay Matthews telling him that, as a cancer patient, we appreciate what he did for Jan at the airport. Also a copy of the letter to Mr. Rodgers. We don’t seek sympathy but we do expect respect. Neither will probably ever read the letters as they get baskets full weekly but it made me feel good. Another copy went to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure, 5005 LBJ Freeway, Suite 250, Dallas, TX 75244. I do not hate nor will I trash a fine you quarterback like Aaron. He has a lot on his mind right now but so does Clay. And Mike, I love postseason baseball. Ten of Millions do also. That was a cheap shot also.

  65. Come on Mike your one sided bias was bad enough during the season but now this ?
    I agree with many posters above there dozens of stories with Aaron and make a wish patients as well as
    other ones that completely wipe your argument as with out merit.
    Awful piece of work…your better then this.

  66. Everyone that says that he didn’t notice her, Matthews said that he heard all about her from the flight attendants I’m sure they said something to Rodgers that makes it even worse

  67. blitzman67 — Glad you’re around to kiss ARodg’s ass. He’s a self-absorbed tool and that’s why he didn’t stop.

  68. Rodgers needs to realize that without people like Jan Cavanaugh, whose passion for pro football prompted her to go to the airport after a radiation treatment in the hopes of getting Rodgers to sign the pink hat with the Packers logo that she always wears, make his entire lifestyle possible. Otherwise, he’d be no different than a guy who’s really good at throwing darts or horseshoes or cornhole bags. He’d derive personal satisfaction from the use of his God-given skills, but not much if any money.

    Regardless of what kind of dick you may or may not think Rodgers is for not stopping for Ms. Cavanaugh, it should be noted that the concept of the “fans” paying Rodgers salary by purchasing pink hats and such is not completely accurate. While sales of team-based swag, tickets, beer, brats and such generate a lot of revenue for the team’s coffers, the sale of broadcast rights and the subsequent millions generated by television advertising is what has made the NFL into a multi-billion dollar industry. Additionally, it is typically corporations that buy the most expensive executive boxes in any given stadium (which is why Ralph Wilson has the Bills play in Toronto twice a season).

    As for Rodgers’ behaviour, it looked like he was snubbing Ms. Cavanaugh in the video. However, it would make a lot of difference to me if he was mentally preparing FOR the game when he walked by, or if he was just leaving the victory (no audio on this computer, so I can’t tell what is being said).

    As for Clay Matthews, he seems like a class act all around. Good to see he took a moment to make a fan’s experience something extra special. The guy is quickly becoming my favourite member of the organization.

    *cue the silly steroid comments form the jealous among us who desperately wish he played for their team*

  69. Thanks for sharing the link, benihanagt. The reasonable commenters who actually look to converse intelligently (probably less than 10%) will find it informative.

  70. I have the utmost repect for the Packers as organization but this story has me thinking that Rodgers is nothing more than a first class jackass. Hope he or any of his family members ever have to suffer from cancer or any deadly condition.

  71. No way you can judge him by this one moment. I think her pink outfit might have just looked flamboyant(and not related to breast cancer) and he thought she was over the top. All kinds of things that we know nothing about would have influenced what happened. For people who know as little about what went on here to jump to conclusions is not fair at all. I’m a Giant fan(check my screen name). I don’t like the Pack at all. But I do have one favorite player from many years ago who said “Do not judge lest ye be judged”. Funny how it’s still so pertinent after 2,010 years or so.
    BTW, I think Clay Mathews has amazing charisma. He just has “IT”. As a player, he reminds me a lot of Lawrence Taylor in that, when he sees the opening, he pounces so fast that there’s no escape. Reminds me of a leopard’s last steps in catching an antelope.

  72. Sad commentary on the effect sports personalities have on their respective fan bases lives……..if he was a plumber, no one would care, if he was the cable guy, people would yawn. but since he is the QB of the team that makes their lives have meaning, everyone has an opinion, same deal with Roethlisburger……..Like i Said sad……Now matter how wrong it may seem, and how evident it is, people who root for the team he plays for will find justification…

  73. Why dont you guys at PFT call up ESPN and post the “My Wish” segment that Rodgers did for the Make-A-Wish kids? Or call up the MACC Fund and ask how the charity event he hosted over the spring went?

  74. The great thing about this?

    Had Brett Favre done exactly the same thing for exactly the same reasons, no matter what the “reason” or “excuse” would have been, it just wouldn’t be good enough to satisfy all of the Packer fans that are taking up for Rodgers’ inexcusable actions in the video clip above.

    Because Packer fans are hypocrites.

    Favre has a foundation that has donated over $3 million dollars to various organizations. Aaron Rodgers has done squat. Because he’s a punk.

  75. what’s funny is I have met both of them and Clay was the one who came off as an asswipe. Not talking to little kids at an autograph signing — what a joke. On the other hand I saw Rodgers at the airport, went up and talked to him and had a good 10 minute convo with him. Things can change though and people can become asses once they’re in the spotlight.

  76. A colleague of mine lives in GB. She was Christmas shopping when this unkempt, tall guy in front of her in the checkout line started chatting to her about how her Christmas shopping was going. After some more polite conversation, he wished her a Merry Christmas before leaving..She later reflected on it to realize it was Aaron Rodgers

  77. “and has very short gray hair.”

    She was wearing a hat jackass. I mean its a free country and you have the right to make up whatever lie you want to try to see some hits to your site.
    Everything else are facts Rodgers would be oblivious to. Rodgers wouldn’t know where she was coming from or what she was going through.
    Its also interesting that the only signature she got was from Matthews, while holding a Matthews jersey, after Matthews had been told about her. I did not see any other signatures on her jersey or hat. Which mean other players passed by her, she never held out her hat for Rodgers to sign (unlike the kid right after her), yet only Rodgers is attacked. So what do you have against Rodgers? I mean you’ve contorted over backwards to defend Favre and the women he has harassed.

  78. When AR first started for the Pack he seemed to be a very grounded person but then it seems like he started to read his own press clippings and as his stats grew so did his ego. You can bet AR will read a “team prepared statement” for damage control but I don’t think too many people will believe it. Rodgers sees that Brady, Manning, Favre and Brees are long in the tooth and he has a chance to be the QB everyone talks about in a few years…..unfortuanately it’s all going to his head before he actually accomplishes much of anything. Overall record is barely above .500, no division titles, no SB’s and to think he took over a BF team 4 years ago that went 13-3 and to the NFC Championsip game…..AR says, “it’s all about me”

  79. Settle down people. It is not as if Tom Brady nor Peyton Manning never did anything like this before or any other QB for that matter. Nothing to see here..move along…

  80. I always get a little annoyed when athletes complain about their hometown fans booing them. If they don’t show up for a game and go out and play like crap, the fans have a right to boo. Here’s why: it costs a lot of money to go to an NFL game. Tickets, gas, tolls, food, beer, etc…..really add up, especially for someone who doesn’t make a lot of money. Sitting in traffic for hours after a game usually isn’t fun either. A lot of the time, people take days off of work to go to games. Fans sacrifice a lot to come out to games and we pay NFL players’ salaries. They should nut up and stop whining when they get booed after stinking it up on the field…..and they shouldn’t ignore cancer patients who want autographs either.

  81. As a Packers fan and brother of a childhood cancer survivor, that woman should not have been bothering Rodgers while he was focused on winning (actually dominating) the biggest game of his career.

    This is yet another effort by PFT to tear down whatever player is the flavor of the day. When my brother had cancer, he didn’t feel like he was entitled to autographs because he had cancer. He simply appreciated the autographs he did receive.

    Like someone said earlier, if Rodgers signed an autograph for everyone in public who wanted one, the man would have no life. This is much ado about nothing and another media attempt to find something to criticize Aaron Rodgers about.

  82. Rodgers doesn’t own anybody anything. Waaah, fans pay the bills, etc, etc. Who cares? Rodgers is making a lot of people rich in Vegas right now. Suck on it.

  83. Had Brett Favre done exactly the same thing for exactly the same reasons, no matter what the “reason” or “excuse” would have been, it just wouldn’t be good enough to satisfy all of the Packer fans that are taking up for Rodgers’ inexcusable actions in the video clip above.

    Because Packer fans are hypocrites.

    Favre has a foundation that has donated over $3 million dollars to various organizations. Aaron Rodgers has done squat. Because he’s a punk.

    Dailynorseman, you won the award for the most ignorant comment on this thread. Bringing favre into this was your first mistake. Us packer fans know brett quite a bit better than you do. Favre has made many charitable acts (so has AR) but he also acted like a jerk to fans in Wisconsin quite often. His sense of privilege took over early in his career. Ask Deanna Favre about how charitable favre has been to women throughout the country over the course of their relationship. And Oh yeah SHE HAD BREAST CANCER!

  84. Yep, “Direland” is right – the link has been removed from the web site so I can’t form an opinion. If he truly is a “Richard”, that will come out in the future if it hasn’t already.

    For now though, I’d sure like to see more evidence before slamming him as hard as the column does. You can be focused on something, and just not see everyone or thing around you. I’ve been accused of that myself and while it may look that way to an outsider, it was never intentional. More importantly, well done to Clay Mathews, makes me want to grow my hair long again!

  85. For all of you that don’t know, this is of the Packers arriving at GB’s airport, Austin Straubel Airport. It’s very small. Also, it’s of them arriving to travel to Atlanta. (It’s daylight outside.)

    Also, what’s up with the selective acceptance for comments around here? It’s like Communist Russia all of a sudden.

  86. zaggs says:

    Its also interesting that the only signature she got was from Matthews, while holding a Matthews jersey, after Matthews had been told about her.

    Good point. It did seem that Matthews is her favourite player and he was right behind Rogers.

    Seriously though… Why all the animosity towards the guy? It’s not like Rodgers got caught red-handed lying to the Commissioner about torturing a few pit bulls to death and betting on the outcome.

  87. It’s, like, the playoffs. And you guys should probably write about, like, you know, football.

    My guess is he was kind of in the zone after the best playoff performance of the century. PFT is ridiculous.

  88. UPDATE: The folks at WBAY, who probably should have realized that the station’s relationship with the only team in town may have been undermined with the publication of the video of Rodgers treating a cancer patient like a panhandler with leprosy, apparently have taken down the clip. The key moment has been uploaded to YouTube. Check it out before it disappears, too.

    OK, now you’re just being a dick. After thinking about it, there’s a lot of this story we don’t know.

    First, Clay says his stewardess told him about her waiting for him at the Airport. I assume he meant a stewardess on a bus and not an airplane, since it looks like they’re leaving. Otherwise, wouldn’t all of the players have lined up to sign for her?

    Second, I assume the team takes more than one bus, and that the offense takes one while the defense takes another. That being the case, Rodgers and Clay would have been on different buses, which we would leads me to believe Rodgers probably had no idea who she was or what her circumstances are. Seriously, it would take a real a-hole to knowingly snub someone like her, and Rodgers generally doesn’t seem like that kind of guy.

    Finally, I have no idea what he was listening to, but I’m sure he was doing whatever pre-game ritual he normally does as he prepares to face an opponent on the road, and that probably doesn’t include stopping for autographs on the way to the airplane.

    Plus, as was pointed out, we don’t know if Rodgers gave her his autograph when they returned. You’re passing a lot of judgements without knowing much of anything, really.

    That said, if Rodgers knew who she was and knew of her circumstances and still snubbed her, I agree it’s a dick move. But the fact is we don’t know enough, which makes this much ado about nothing.

  89. Rodgers when he first came here to Green Bay called Wisconsin women “snow cows”. Him passing by a cancer patient doesn’t surprise me. Now that I think of it maybe he was buckling his “championship” belt and didn’t see her.

  90. aasupreme23 says:
    Jan 16, 2011 5:12 PM
    This just in!
    “Rodgers spotted punting puppies off local bridge; he doesn’t know when to stop!”

    Umm. You read the clipping wrong. It was:

    “Rodgers spotted PUNCHING puppies on a local bridge”, before it then would go on to say that he was punting them off the bridge.”

    Just wanted to keep things accurate in all fairness to Rodgers. 😉

    Seriously, what Rodgers did (or rather, did not do) was walk by an autograph seeker. He did not walk OVER her (!). As a public figure myself in my job, I know how it goes—when you’re a public figure in the public eye, EVERYthing you do is magnified. It doesn’t matter if it is unfair–that is still just the way it is and there’s nothing you can do to change it–if you don’t want that, then don’t be a pro sports athlete. Every job has its hassles to go with its benefits, whether it’s one in the public eye or not.

    Best thing Rodgers can do is simply apologize and make amends. Should he HAVE to do so? No, he shouldn’t have to. But is it best that he do so, both for the Packers and for himself? Yes, it is. That’s just part of what being a public figure in the public eye is all about—often having to apologize for things you don’t even realize you did. They may not be big deals, but as I said, since you’re a public figure, everything you do is a big deal. If he can’t handle it, then retire from football and move to Monaco. But I think he can and will handle this rightly. Question is: Will we ever get a headline on here if/when he does???

  91. Have we really run out of things to talk about? If its true then it’s a sad day for Aaron Rodgers but there is always two sides to every story. Thank god this poor woman got an autograph from Matthews.

    Now the real way to handle this is to have Mike and Profootballtalk.com request an interview this week with Rodgers prior to the NFCCG.

    Think of all the hype this could squeeze out of a relatively slow week. Ask, Aaron what really happened, kind of like E! Entertainments “True Hollywood Story’s”. We’d call it something else though, like “Behind the Mask” or “Trouble in the Helmet”. I’m sure that everyone tune’s into E! Entertainment for their unbiassed perspective journalism.

    Again, have we really run out of things to talk about?

  92. Gbfanforever, as a WI native and someone with relatives in the organization, let me tell you, Favre did a lot more for the community that ARod has. That’s a fact. I think it’s mainly because Rodgers is still young. It’ll come with age.

  93. If u have never met the guy, don’t sit there and call the guy a Jerk unless u know for urself. Should he have signed for the lady, yes, but that doesn’t mean he is a bad guy.

  94. What a lame story. What’s next, Wide Receivers are divas? Football players don’t respect women? Rex Ryan is a loudmouth? Al Davis is crazy? NFL Cheerleaders are hot?

    Gimme a break…………

  95. @shibbyleigh …

    What if Roethlisberger did rape someone? Would that excuse Rodgers’ behavior? No.

    In fact, Ben’s Georgia accuser’s medical exam proved she fabricated her story–as the DA explained months ago. His Nevada accuser texted friends she wanted to see him again–hardly the lament of a rape victim. But his troubles began with an out-of-control ego … and like Rodgers he was also doing a lot of charity work and signed plenty of autographs when it suited him.

    No matter how sure you are that your QB is an angel while the Roethlisbergers and Favres are demons, the fact is that you don’t have a clue what he is. And his behavior in this instance was not halo-worthy.

  96. Clay Matthews said he heard about her from the flight attendants, yet in the clip Aaron Rodgers is walking through the airport from the team bus.

    Do they have flight attendants on team buses?

  97. pkrlvr says: Jan 16, 2011 5:36 PM
    Gbfanforever, as a WI native and someone with relatives in the organization, let me tell you, Favre did a lot more for the community that ARod has. That’s a fact. I think it’s mainly because Rodgers is still young. It’ll come with age.

    Favre’s charities STILL does a lot of work in Wisconsin. I was surprised, and impressed, to hear that.

  98. Think of something you have done to someone else that you regret. Now, with that image in your mind would you like the world to label you by your actions? None of us know Rogers well enough to judge or label him based on what is shown in the video.

    The lesson is that we all have done things that we regret, and wish that we would have handled in a different manner. Rogers is just like the rest of us.

  99. Better to be videoed by third party snubbing an autograph-seeker than to take a picture of your snub and send it to a sideline reporter

  100. For the record- I wish Rodgers had stopped and given the women a few seconds of his time. So I am not condoning what he did.

    But I hate this whole “the fans pay your salary” argument.

    Yes, they do. And in exchange for that, a player is expected to give everything they have ON THE FIELD. The obligation to those who “pay their salary” really ends there.

    No wage earner is beholden the people who pay their salary 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    Do any of you out there feel that whoever pays your salary controls your free time?

  101. anyone expecting any but the slimmest minority of NFLers to give a crap about anyone other than themselves is dreaming….

  102. Give me a break … that clip was about two seconds long. Rodgers had ear buds in and it didnt even look like she tried that hard to get his attention. He probably didnt even see her. People are so wanting to hate…. its just stupid.

  103. It didn’t appear to me that 1) she went right up to him, or 2) he deliberately walked by her intentionally snubbing her. He did have iPod headphones on- maybe he didn’t hear her?

  104. nowareyou says:
    Jan 16, 2011 5:39 PM
    Clay Matthews said he heard about her from the flight attendants, yet in the clip Aaron Rodgers is walking through the airport from the team bus.

    Do they have flight attendants on team buses?
    No he didn’t. I just re-watched the clip and he clearly says “Stewardess.” He says, “I was talking about you with the stewardess.” Nowhere in that dialog does the word “Flight attendant” come up, which means they could have been on a bus on the way over for all we know. It also means they could have been on separate buses. We simply don’t have enough facts to make anything other than knee-jerk assumptions.

  105. It is crap that everyone is now crapping on Rodgers character. He was obviously caught up in a conversation, was prepping for the game, and must not have seen her. He is one of the most giving pro athletes I have ever heard of. And it’s bull to think that he doesn’t care about the fans. He did a victory lap and lambeau when they beat the bears. He aknowledges fans all the time and obviously did not notice her. How about you focus on how happy Clay Matthews made that woman. Im sure if you asked her, she wouldn’t be happy about everyone judging Rodgers’ character. How about you write an article about all of the egotistical, selfish palyers there are in the league. Which is a lot of them. Aaron Rodgers is not. He s is a very good guy.

  106. Let’s just hope he didn’t see or hear her. Still, walking through an area of fans after a game should warrant respect to those that look up to him. Take off the headphones, be congnizant of your surroundings and show respect to people that respect you.

  107. You learn a lot about people during those kind of moments in life. Too bad. I actually thought he was one of the good guys.

    I mean, we really don’t know these guys. Who would have thought Marvin Harrison wasn’t the saint he appeared to be on TV.

  108. Seriously Mike? You took the time to update the link info for the video but couldn’t find the time to do even some basic fact-checking on Aaron’s behavior with fans and charities?!!

    Look, anyone who follows Aaron’s actions in the local community has seen him treat the fans with utmost respect, and if you use your favorite search engine and look up AR’s name with “charity” you’ll several good stories, including posts from people who went to kids benefits where the media was barred because he didn’t want it to detract attention from the kids themselves.

    Yet you make an entire post out of describing him as a jerk based on a single out of context video and can’t even be bothered to check into other sources as to his usual behavior?

    If I held you to the same standard I’d stop reading your blog over this one ridiculous post, but luckily I’ve seen many of your other posts, and realize that this isn’t typical of your writing. It would be nice if you’d treat the people you write about, not to mention the intelligence of you write for, with a similar level of respect.

  109. Of course Rodgers didn’t acknowledge because he’s of the “me” generation. It certainly shouldn’t be surprising.

    I’m surprised that anybody would be surprised by his behavior, quite frankly.

    Again, this is why people love Brett Favre more – he’s way more charming and approachable.

  110. Seems as though many are ready to point a finger at Rodgers and am wondering how many of you have dontated (even a few dollars) to a Susan Komen foundation walker or lended some time to help at an American Cancer Society Relay for Life… because I have (and I am a cancer survivor) and have seen many a person snub me and do otherwise to later come forward and help. Well known athletes and celebrites are human… Rodger has also done a lot for others that he wants NO publicity or recognition for therefore we might not know all that he does.

    There are many Pros that behave much worse and have egos much larger, one incident does not a bad guy make.

    This is just another example of how news is segmented to make the desired point of an individual; if this was a trial I would say there definitely is not enough evidence to convict.

  111. Guy wins a couple of playoff games and thinks he is the second coming of Favre.What a jerk.

  112. “So football players need to be willing to pause and sign an autograph or two from time to time.”

    From “time to time”, not all the time!

    I’m going to defend Rodgers here, which is a rare moment for me, a Vikings fan.

    These star NFL athletes are bombarded with people doing whatever they can to get autographs. Even sending sob stories there way and little kids. I don’t blame Rodgers for wanting some space. Sorry, but, it isn’t there job to make everyones dreams come true, that’s the owners of that dreams responsibility. She’ll just have to suck it up and try again…

  113. Same people who are upset & outraged by this story are the same bunch who also get upset that these athletes had failed their kids as a role model figure. In reality…they as parents should have been their kid’s role model to begin with.

    Hey, get your heads out of the cloud and worry about the way you live and treat others, instead of worrying about someone who you only know through the tv/pc screen.

  114. GB fans are the biggest hypocrites. Talk about being able to dish-it-out but not take it! For 2 years, all we’ve heard is what a horrible person Favre is. He was called every name in the book. And mostly for no good reason. Now Rogers gets caught, ON VIDEO…..and all we hear from GB fans is excuses. Just admit the truth. Favre is on the Vikings, but he’s a nice guy underneath all the hype. Rogers, on the other hand, is a douchbag.

  115. profootballtruth says:
    Jan 16, 2011 4:15 PM
    She doesn’t know it yet but she just got herself tickets to the superbowl.
    Why would the Bears give her tickets to the SB? 🙂

  116. The good thing is we will kick the Bears butt…I have been to training camp for the last 20 years , 15 with my son,and some people get lucky and some don’t with players I have had my share of both and I don’t have cancer and appreciate every day I have on earth but aren’t we getting a little out of hand..what do you people do every day that makes you special? You don’t have to be an NFL QB to help or make people feel good…think about it..live your life on film and see if you do everything exactly like America would like…doubt it

  117. pervyharvin says:

    Guy wins a couple of playoff games and thinks he is the second coming of Favre.What a jerk.

    Good thing he’s nothing at all like Favre then.. If he was, I’d agree with you, total jerk…

  118. I hate the Packers with a passion but I actually like Clay Matthews.
    Great player and it looks like he is a great person as well.

  119. I am disappointed that Aaron Rodgers doesn’t stop for the cancer patient (even after apparently being told about the waiting fan by the stewardess/flight attendant), but I try not to expect much from athletes. What I find most disappointing is that wbay took down the video. I would think that wbay would be about providing the news. Wbay’s duty (in my mind) is to ask Aaron Rodgers for a statement and then compare that statement to the evidence at hand. Unless of course wbay is now just a PR unit for the NFL/Packers/Aaron Rodgers. I am from Wisconsin and I am a lifelong Packer fan but the video and pulling of the video is embarrassing and extremely disappointing.

  120. There are two sides to every story.
    It’s foolish to go ahead and post this without getting A-Rod’s side first.

  121. I can’t believe that my last post got deleted. I simply suggested that this type of a story should be subjected to some real reporting, especially considering the emotional investment people have on issues related to cancer. But perhaps it was better business not to let the facts get in the way a good story, I mean nothing is more likely to up the hit count on this blog then vilifying the “hero of the hour” that the blog sphere is all abuzz about.

    I will say it again, I want to hear Rodgers response to this, and an apology. It is entirely possible that he didn’t “run her over” but was talking to the guy on his right and didn’t see her, or was distracted, or used bad judgement, but when these stakes are on the line you would think he would be given a chance to respond. Then again, it is better for NBC Sports business if they just make a hero of the minute into a Pro-Cancer misogynist.

  122. Oh, and it’s easy to be nice to a little girl when it’s a special for halftime during a football game… if you can’t do the same when you don’t think cameras are looking, you’re garbage.

  123. Context is important here — this comes off like a cheap shot.

    Seems out of character for Rodgers.

  124. what do you expect. its nt the first time hes acted this way. just the first its come back to bite him in teh rear. but watch it’ll happen more often now that he thinks hes something special

  125. The Lady was waiting for Clay Matthews..she had a MATTHEWS jersey on…and yeah..if it’s true than he is the next coming of Favre..like HE didn’t do anything when the cameras were on him. Please..give the kid a break..the way all those favre nuthuggers treated him over there.

  126. Ok, I get it. If I were to say “Rodgers is a jerk”, my comment would appear.

    If I say “This article is incredibly short-sighted and fails to address the numerous instances of Rodgers going above and beyond for cancer patients”, my comments are almost instantly deleted.

    What’s the deal here? Is this communist Russia?

  127. To all the Packer apoligists who point out Rodgers charity events in Green Bay. Passing up a random act of kindness says a whole lot more about a person than does showing up at a Green Bay PR schedued/run/handled charity event. Please.

  128. Honestly…isn’t it time for a mea culpa yet? This sorry excuse for journalism has been shown to be crap just from the links people have posted. How many click-throughs do you need to get before you man up to the fact that you wrote a total hit-job on a decent person based on a couple seconds of out-of-context video?

    It’s not that I don’t sympathize with the poor woman; I hope amends are made post haste, but Aaron has a clear and easily accessible track record of doing good for the fans, and in particular helping children and patients of various diseases (including cancer).

    Had this been a piece on how unfortunate it was that the poor lady was overlooked everyone could get behind it. It’s truly heart-wrenching to see her get disappointed. But that doesn’t excuse taking the hatchet to the guy’s entire character, especially when it’s contradicted by the rest of his public record (and the bits of private record that people have leaked).

    To be sure, the morally correct thing (as well as the best PR thing) for AR would be to make amends for having missed that lady, and I can’t imagine that he won’t. But Mike you have some “morally correct” issues to address as well after writing this.

  129. I viewed the clip and it appears Rodgers walked by a woman who was not approaching him. He showed no rudeness.

    So maybe you should take up journalism 101 Dick.

  130. It just struck me that if Aaron Rodgers actually saw the lady in pink, then it would also follow he saw the CAMERA person, too.

    Rodgers is a very bright guy. I don’t think he would’ve blown by her had he seen the camera, or the lady.

    Clay Matthews saw BOTH.

  131. This is much bigger and tells one much more then Rogers was acting like an ass. This tells one all they need to know about what and who he really is, a Cold Hearted Jerk that talent or not I would not want around. Any person without compassion is nothing but a Hunk of &^%$ and is worthless to others. It will be nice to see the Punk go down in Chicago this coming week, a Punk is as a Punk does, and with youth like this coming up they wonder why America has lost her edge.

  132. darkphoenix5…unless you know he did something that I haven’t heard of another player doing for kids and not many people knew…do a little research about the boys and girls clubs up in Green Bay and then shut it

  133. darkphoenix5 says: Jan 16, 2011 8:30 PM

    To all the Packer apoligists who point out Rodgers charity events in Green Bay. Passing up a random act of kindness says a whole lot more about a person than does showing up at a Green Bay PR schedued/run/handled charity event. Please.


    Yeah, like the bowling/pizza party he setup for the Boys/Girls club that he kept out of the press. Do a google search for “Aaron Rodgers charity”.

    Really need to put your dumb in check.

  134. The only one coming off like an ass here is the writer of this article. Aaron simply walked by her. Big deal. Look at the whole body of work before judging him.

  135. Apparently if you use the author’s name your comment won’t post. Anyways, he’s a Vikings fan. Think he may be a bit jaded that his team passed on Rodgers in the 2005 draft – TWICE?

    If he fancies himself as a journalist, it’s mea culpa time.

  136. Hey Mike, keep deleting those post that destroy your story and openly questions your journalistic integrity. So Mike, are you going to try and contact the Packers or Rodgers? I can only imagine that you would print a follow up if they do respond to your hit piece. Isn’t that right Mike.

  137. Just a few thoughts.
    I’m a man whose life has been significantly touched by cancer many years ago.
    As such, I have been very involved in various cancer charities almost all of my life.
    I have also lived a life following the Green Bay Packers for over 40 years and I believe I can see both sides of this issue fairly.

    This “reporting piece”, in my opinion, is nothing more than a half ass hatchet job. And a perfect oportunity for the haters to pile on. Have at it.
    Would it have been nice for Rodgers to stop and sign this woman’s hat? Absolutely! Did he see her, hear her story? Who knows.
    But like others have pointed out, a few seconds of video, out of context, really doesn’t justify your dubious headline.

    I don’t share some peoples views on football. I love the team and I don’t waste my time on all of the hero worshiping adulation.
    I realize that these players are really just people, plain human beings that are not always “on”. Most of us are extremely lucky that we don’t have to live our lives in such public ways.

    That doesn’t mean I want Packer players murdering dogs or making it rain in strip clubs to the degree that someone gets shot. But I digress.

    I’m sure I’ll be painted as a Packer/Rodgers apologist. So be it. there are worse things in this world. Just look around and sincerely compare.

  138. Considering that she was holding a Matthews #52 jersey and not a Rodgers #12 jersey, might it not be reasonable that she was there to see Clay Matthews III? Quite probably, she would have been happy to get autographs from as many Packers as she could, but are we only mad at Rodgers because we caught him not-noticing her on camera while we didn’t catch, say, Eric Walden not-noticing her?

  139. “To Cheri the angel. Save me a spot. – Aaron Rodgers”

    I’m sure there will be a spot for Rodgers. Cant say the same for the writer of this spin article.

  140. I saw a woman standing there in the airport who didn’t even say anything to Aaron. She stood there with her hat in her hand. Like a lot of other people do when indoors (you know, manners)

    I could see if she actually asked him for the autograph and he denied her but he was walking thru an airport with ear buds in and some random woman was standing there. He’s supposed to KNOW exactly what she wants?

    I’ve met Aaron several times (I live in GB) and he’s a danged selfless guy.

    While I am not faulting Clay at all – I’m wondering how he talked to a stewardess on a plane he hasn’t been on yet? I mean that’s why they were there – to get on the plane to Atl.

  141. I am a personal friend of Aaron and I know EVERY year he comes to Donal Driver’s golf tournament and I have NEVER seen him turn down a fan’s autograph request. Any time I have ever asked for an autograph,he willingly gives me one with a smile. He has reached out to many youth with terminal illnesses and had a close friend growing up that died of cancer. I asked him last year what charity/foundation he wanted to form ( like the Donald Driver foundation) and he told me that he wanted to form one for cancer patients and about his friend. Please do not form opinions based on this one incident where he looked to not be paying attention. I’m sure Aaron was just in the zone after their big win and didn’t see her. He has people throw themselves at him all the time. I know Aaron and he is an amazing down to earth guy. Go to Donald’s event next year if you need reassurance and he will not let you down!

  142. For all you conspiracy guys out there…

    Look at the logo on the hat she’s wearing when she speaks of wanting to get Rodgers autograph. You will see a Packers “G” on it.

    Look at the hat she offers Rodgers to sign…unless it’s the fact my laptop isn’t 1080p, the logo on the hat she reaches out with has no “G” on it. It’s right at the 13 seconds in mark.

    Fancy editing? Something is odd.

  143. Guys, it’s not like Rodgers walked up and shoved her against the wall. He had his headphones in and was looking down, so he might have not even noticed her. This shouldn’t be a negative on Rodgers, but it should be a positive on Clay.

  144. who’s the moron that says the vikings passed on aaron rodgers twice????

    the vikings banked on Culpepper the year Rodgers was drafted. he was named their franchise QB. that’s like criticizing the packers for not drafting Tom Brady.

  145. Seems a little research goes a long way- Rodgers signed stuff for her the week before when she was in Philly.

  146. Packers fans saturated Steelers threads with vulgarities about Roethlisberger–who does as much charity work as Rodgers–with their rapist crap even though the evidence showed and authorities confirmed the accusations were false. They slaughtered Favre over his personal failings. But let their QB rush through an area where teammates were taking the time to sign autographs to fans seeing them off and brush past a bald woman in pink (kind of a dead giveaway for a cancer patient) and they …

    1. ridicule cancer patients
    2. ridicule Favre (always a good scapegoat for Pack fans)
    3. declare Roethlisberger raped someone (because of course that would excuse their QB’s rudeness).

    A single bad moment doesn’t make Rodgers an ogre, but he was being rude. Like someone else said, you can dish it out, but you whining hypocrites wet your pants when it comes back to you. 🙄

  147. When did this site become TMZ’s sports department? Had Rodgers not completely demolished the local team this wouldn’t be a story. Stop being a sore loser. Stick to actual football news.

  148. 1. Packer fans should be used to a selfish diva QB and
    2. If I were her, I wouldn’t want anything to do with Rodgers, even if the team does arrange a special meeting

  149. Ok Mike, how about this:

    Just the same as Rodgers, your readers are the ones who make you who you are. There’s been plenty of times I’ve sent you a tip or an email and you didn’t even take the minute or 10 seconds to respond.

    It’s all the same man. Cool it.

  150. I have Seen Rodgers on his day off go a and meet a little girl with cancer I have seen him do so many things for people and fans and you think you have the right to say that this crap. Your sickning. just cause of that. There might of been a reason but you don’t care all you care about is trying to destroy his name I think you are the pathetic one not Rodgers.

  151. I have Seen Rodgers on his day off go a and meet a little girl with cancer I have seen him do so many things for people and fans and you think you have the right to say that this crap. Your sickning. just cause of that. There might of been a reason but you don’t care all you care about is trying to destroy his name I think you are the pathetic one not Rodgers…

  152. I have Seen Rodgers on his day off go a and meet a little girl with cancer I have seen him do so many things for people and fans and you think you have the right to say that this crap. Your sickning. just cause of that. There might of been a reason but you don’t care all you care about is trying to destroy his name I think you are the pathetic one not Rodgers……….

  153. Ok I admit that the right thing to do in this situation would be to sign this womens autograph but you have to put yourselves into Rodgers shoes. After close examination of the video I realized that the guy walking next to Rodgers put his hand out to the crowd as to say no autographs. Rodgers must of been really tired after a long flight home and he probably had been instructed to not sign any autographs becuase once you stop and sign one everybody else is going to want one too. I’m sure that Rodgers would of signed her autograph if the guy next to him hadnt been there and told everyone no autographs. What we should be talking about instead is how classy it was of Clay Matthews to take the time to talk to this woman and sign her autograph. She looked very happy at the end after she got clay matthews autograph and isnt that all that really matters. The only thing that should be condemed from this article was the horrible job the author did when writing this article. He jumps to conclusions way too quickly and has no idea what really happened so he has no right to jump to conclusions as he did in this article. Hopefully Rodgers will reach out to the woman and make sure to sign some of her stuff and the author of this article will apologize for the way he completely judged aaron.

  154. @gopackgo15 …

    They’re not coming home from Atlanta. The video said they crowd came to see them off to Atlanta. Yeah, Rodgers’s bodyguard was brushing the fans away–no autographs peons. And it doesn’t matter if he reaches out later because of the bad publicity.

    FACE IT … your angelic QB is just as capable of acting like an ASS as anyone else’s. And you idiots can give me all the thumb’s down you want, but it won’t change the fact that you can’t wait to go on other teams’ threads and mouth off about their players but when yours is being a prick, OH MY GOODNESS, it just can’t be!!

    Oh, and steamrod? Did you complain when PFT was playing TMZ with Favre and Roethlisberger?? Ben didn’t rape anyone according to the medical tests that were detailed by the prosecutor months ago but a Packer moron like shibbyleigh will still post that he did here and all the lil Packer fans will rush to thumb’s up because that means Aaron isn’t so bad.

    You people are pathetic. ROFL

  155. Wow Pecker fans come on here in droves defending Rogers. The same ones ripping Favre mercilessly non-stop for 2 straight years. There must have been a million comments about what a horrible guy Favre is. And all without real merit. Now Rogers is CAUGHT LIVE ON VIDEO, as well as witnesses saying he was told about this lady. And yet they defend him. Talk about hypocritical! Just admit it – Rogers acted like a total @ss.

  156. Nice job WBAY! Why would you post a video clip like that??? Obviously the lady was there for Clay Matthews and Aaron Rodgers just happened to walk just before Clay…He did not snub anyone…

  157. All of these Packer fans that think they personally know Aaron Rodgers because they “met” him at an outing are making me sick. I bet if you went up to him he wouldnt know who you were at all. Because you read about him in the paper and worship him doesn’t mean you know Aaron Rodgers and you know what kind of person he really is. Its really easy to put on a face for the media, even if it wasnt “publicized” he still made a statement about it. That isnt really “secretive” PR if you ask me, he just said I dont want any media coverage but his name was still all over it.

    A couple points I saw from the video that people are trying to defend:

    1. He didnt see her my @$$ she was right in front of him holding a hat and a sharpie out in front of her.

    2. “if he signed one autograph he would have to sign all of them” How many other people do you see in the airport while they were walking through?!

    Get over yourselves packer fans, if this were Cutler you would be all over him about it, but the golden boy can do no wrong….

  158. PFT has already been informed that Rodgers met with this woman before the Philly playoff game and received an autograph then. But why let the truth or facts stand in the way of massive site traffic? This site has (impressively) reached a new low…

  159. Oh give me a break.. you really had nothing better to write about? What did your boss force you to write a negative article about Rodgers or something? Being a star professional athlete, Rodgers is going to get requests for autographs non stop. Unfortunately for fans it is inevitable that most of us will get snubbed. Athletes are humans just like the rest of us, they don’t have unlimited time and patience to please every fan, regardless of what they have been through.

  160. If this is the worst you can up with against Rodgers, then I think he’s a fine young man. Did he push her down – no. Get caught drunk driving – no. Get caught with drugs – no. Impregnate the coach’s daughter – no. Torture dogs – no. You’re really reaching with this article.

  161. Deb says: Jan 16, 2011 11:51 PM

    They’re not coming home from Atlanta. The video said they crowd came to see them off to Atlanta. Yeah, Rodgers’s bodyguard was brushing the fans away–no autographs peons. And it doesn’t matter if he reaches out later because of the bad publicity.


    Going to Atlanta?

    Yes TSA always lets people with no tickets in the boarding area.

    Mathews said he talked to the stewardess about her while he was on the plane. That means they were getting OFF the plane. Not getting on.

    And it’s the NFL… they don’t have layovers. Direct flights.

    It does matter if he reaches out if he didn’t notice her because he was in a conversation with someone else.

    Deb, stick to knitting.

  162. If he’s such an ass, wouldn’t he jump at the chance to sign a poor cancer patient’s autograph? And let’s not forget there was a GIANT video camera facing her and at least one other member of the news crew behind the camera while he walked past. If he puts on such a show and pretends to like his fans then why wouldn’t he have signed this autograph if he really did see her?

    But of course if he would have signed the autograph we would probably just hear from all of you that he was only doing it because he’s such an ass that he only signs cancer patient’s hats on TV just to look good.

    They start winning and you start bringin’ out the big guns. Nice.

  163. It’s a shame an electronic rag like this can slander someone without even knowing the facts. I’ve personally seen Rodgers in local grocery stores and other venues just doing his daily grocery shopping and such, signing autographs for people approaching him in the store. To blast a guy off of a video without even checking out the facts and interviewing people is ridiculous. Hope you got all your hits on your website you were looking for and I am done with your unprofessional rag and will spread the word not to waste time reading this crap. Go to Nationalfootballpost.com for a professionally done website, this one is a joke!

  164. ronranger says: Jan 17, 2011 9:15 AM
    It’s a shame an electronic rag like this can slander someone without even knowing the facts

    You mean like he has done to Favre countless times? I’m sure you weren’t up in arms all those times it happened. ohh how the tables turn. lol

  165. Matt-NC says:
    Jan 17, 2011 8:03 AM

    Mathews said he talked to the stewardess about her while he was on the plane. That means they were getting OFF the plane. Not getting on.
    You need to get your facts straight. There is NO mention of them being ON a plane when Clay talks to the stewardess. His quote is “I was talking to the stewardess about you.” Nowhere in that text does the word plane surface.

    You can think the worst about the guy based on a 3 second clip all you want, but anyone with half a brain would reserve judgement until the actual facts are known. Word is also leaking that Rodgers signed for that lady the week before, which proves no one here, including the author of this POS article, knows what happened.

  166. Remember when Pro Football Talk reported that Terry Bradshaw died in a car accident?

    Or when they made up the quote that said Keyshawn called Flacco a bum…and then later retracted it?

    These guys have a history of making stuff up to get more web hits.

    Anyone can take a 3 second you tube clip, forget about any context, and spin it into whatever story they want

    I’m sure there’s more to this story that we’ll find out.

  167. I’m just embarrassed for the author… it must make him feel good to have every Wisconsin sports and talk show host calling him a hack for such a blatantly biased, unresearched piece of hack poop.

    A+ effort.

  168. I think Deb needs to find a boyfreind or something..geez girl, you say your’re an objective fan,but the only time I see you is when your pissing vitrol at Green Bay. You are not a football fan? Are you really FOF?

  169. Honestly, I thought they weren’t very good. Just look at 3 of their miracle wins, all were flukey as hell. I figured they were the 4th or 5th best team in the NFC – behind the Packers, Eagles, Saints and even the Bears.

    The 3 flukes – Hartley missing a fg in overtime that’s made 95% of the time, in a dome no less. 49ers guy fumbling with a minute left when just going down wins the game, after that I’d say an NFL team loses that game well over 95% of the time. Beating Ravens thanks to 2 awful, just awful, calls by the refs on the final drive. They were more like a 9 or 10 win team. To win 1 of those games is a fluke, to win all of them? That’s not even counting the 2 games against Tampa and Green Bay.

    Would you disagree they were the biggest joke #1 seed in NFC history? If so, who has been worse? I looked, I couldn’t find anyone. That’s why I was really confident the Packers would beat that team rather easily and they were the weakest team of the 3 they would have to play to get to the SB.

  170. Bad reporting, not digging deap enough. Rodgers spent time with her last week and signed. Do your work before you put a story out there. Mike thought this site was better than that, guess not. Will you respond to any of this report???

  171. This lady is at the airport for just about every Packers game. Before the Philly playoff game at the airport, Rodgers signed 2 autographs for her.

    Mike needs to get the entire story before ripping on Rodgers.

  172. Well, hello to the PFT censors. Hope you’re having a rotten day! What a sad little job you have: undermining free speech that contains no obscenities or vulgarities … and on an NBC-owned Web site! Tsk tsk.

    Matt-NC …

    The people being interviewed said they came to see the team off. No one said they were in the boarding area. Interesting that you assume any female fan whose opinion you don’t like should be knitting. Wonder what you’re doing with your hands when they’re not on the keyboard.

  173. @leroy36

    Watch the video.

    I played Lacrosse for 6 years and I can barely watch a few minutes of it at a time. 5 is my limit. Although last time I was watching there was a game winning goal with a few seconds left, so that was cool.

    Instead of focusing on how Rodgers acted, I’m going to start being a fan of Clay Mathews. You can often tell the athletes who are just paying fake tribute to the fans when the cameras are on, and the ones who are genuinely nice people. Mathews seems like one of the real nice ones.

  174. Don’t expect Mike to be a man and report the autographs Rodgers gave her the week before. He is a hack. He should also note that the the major outlets, ESPN and SI, have ignored this.

  175. Here we go, cast Rodgers in a bad light……..

    What people don’t realize is that this particular woman follows the team and Aaron has signed many items for her already. As a matter of fact, he stopped to talk with her and sign stuff for her after the Philly game last week.

  176. It wouldn’t surprise me if Aaron Rodgers was really a jerk (he’s a pro athlete!) but you’re reading too much into this scene. Public figures (even the nicest ones) sometimes skip out on autographs, b/c it’s time consuming, and once you sign one, they just keep coming.

    Rodgers was just focused on walking down the aisle….he was ignoring everyone b/c he was tired. How can you blame him for not knowing the woman was a cancer patient? He’s not even paying attention.

  177. @cobaltdriver …

    Actually I’ve always liked Green Bay, and the only place I’ve pissed vitriol at you is on this thread. And I’ve never said I’m objective on this subject. I’m not.

    You guys shredded Favre and Roethlisberger–and anyone who defended them (that would include me). They’re football players, not saints. They do just as much or more charity work than Rodgers. Favre runs around and I don’t condone it, but it’s none of my business and his wife has written she knew what she was getting before she married him. His lifestyle didn’t bother you people when he played for your team. Roethlisberger has been a jackass, but the evidence showed conclusively he didn’t rape anyone and the authorities made that clear months ago. That didn’t stop you people from tormenting his fans.

    I don’t think Rodgers is evil incarnate because for one moment of his life he acted like a jerk. But I think it’s great fun watching you all get a taste of your own medicine. Sorry–I’m human.

    Oh and I have a very full life … this is just a lil entertainment.

  178. Have to agree with the people smart enough to reserve judgement until the facts are known….

    According to a report by Jason Wilde on Green and Gold today, this woman is at the airport every week (verified by multiple players) and had, in fact, signed something for this particular woman the week before and had a short conversation with her. Aaron Rodgers, also according to Wilde, does a ton of stuff with the MAC fund, both in public and behind the scenes.
    The video fails to tell the whole story and indeed does make Rodgers look bad, but way too many people are jumping on the “Aaron Rodgers is a jerk” bandwagon without knowing the facts.

  179. This is nothing more than a hack job on a very classy pro athlete. SOP for MSNBC hacks that are really nothing more than a joke of a sports station.

  180. OMG you guys are taking this a bit too far…he’s a pro athlete that has people asking for random things all the time! So he didn’t sign ONE autograph…we forget that these are real people too. I bet you’d all get pretty annoyed with people asking you for autographs 24/7, especially when your head in is in playoff mode and you’re on your way to the game.

  181. Do they have flight attendants on team buses?

    Yes..for security reasons, the flight crew and players are all bused from their hotels were they are all pre screened.

  182. 245.
    lennydpocketqb says: Jan 17, 2011 12:55 PM

    Here’s the thing… Be a decent human being… SIGN THE HAT!
    Aaron already signed for her the week before. But Mike isn’t man enough to report that. Mike’s silence on that fact shows he enjoys being the laughingstock he is being made to be right now.

    Still waiting for you to man up and admit you made a bad judgement, Mike.

  183. And here come the lame excuses. As was said yesterday, they were all expected. The Thompson PR machine (i.e. the Wisconsin media) was up all night coming up with them.

  184. Matt-NC says: Jan 17, 2011 10:40 AM
    Read the entire page including what’s below the embedded videos.

    First of all 620 and Gene Mueller have already established themselves as anti-Favre pro Ted Thompson and AR, slanting stories and propaganda accordingly. So everybody needs to take that in mind when reading the article. Secondly, it says NOTHING about Rodgers stiffing a cancer patient. Just that he has done all these wonderful charity events (although team sponsored and attended to by many Packer players) events. Finally, just because a player does charitable things when the camera is on says nothing about their character when the camera is off or they think they are not being filmed (as in this case). Hence, the true c@ky Diva Rodgers came out.

  185. What’s the next big late breaking “hold the presses” news story going to be on Rodgers here on PFT?
    That he didn’t floss his teeth last night?
    OMG you guys are way way better with higher quality reporting than the New York Times and the Washington Post combined!
    I sense a Pulitzer in your future!
    Keep up the really good fact checking reporting.
    :Rolls eyes:

  186. Wisconsin – so…the one “negative” reported in the media trumps the many positives not reported?

    Such level-headedness…

  187. Low life,classless act. Someone needs to teach him a few lessons,preferably in compassion, and let some air out of his huge ego. I hope the Bears will do this for him on Sunday.

  188. @edigger666 …

    You mean like people here jumped on the “Roethlisberger is a rapist” bandwagon before the investigation was completed? That investigation showed the accuser never had sex with anyone that night. Instead a group of sorority sisters set him up because he tossed one from the party for ragging on him about the Nevada lawsuit … the kind of nuisance suit that happens to players all over the league? Didn’t keep you guys from bashing before the facts were in.

  189. You guys shredded Favre and Roethlisberger–and anyone who defended them (that would include me..WRONG..I ve only been on this blog a week and I have NEVER shredded Rothlisberger. Wrong! I am a Bears fan, went to college in GB and found it is a very pleasant place to be, which is why I defend them..some people don’t get out much and post some pretty nasty things about a town theyve never been to. And you say you “actually like Green Bay” Deb? God forbid what vomit spews out of you should you hate Green Bay. And to the PFT Cossacks, what up? You’ll let people like Pervy post crap, but no one else can defend themselves? What Up? Czarist Russia thing going on?

  190. I think it is completely ignorant to criticize Rodgers (or any athlete for that matter) for an isolated incident that happened to get caught on camera. I will share this about Rodgers: my brother-in-law’s girlfriend has family that live in GB. Aaron Rodgers is their neighbor. At Christmas they told us a story about how they have constantly badgered their kids not to approach Rodgers and to basically just let him be. A few weeks ago they came home to find the kids playing football in the yard with none other that Aaron Rodgers. They were upset with the kids for bothering him but Rodgers insisted that he was the one who approached the kids about playing. Doesn’t sound like a bad guy to me. There just weren’t any cameras around to catch that moment. I’m not saying Roger’s was in the right regarding Ms. Cavanaugh. But I’m not saying he was in the wrong either. Football players aren’t machines. They do not have to always go out of their way for every fan. Its impossible to please everyone. It is unfortunate that Ms. Cavanaugh has cancer and that people feel she was snubbed by Rodgers. But the fact that she got her CM3 jersey signed by what appears to be her favorite player should and probably does mean a lot more to her. The fact that Rodgers walked passed her is unfortunate, but hardly an indication that he is a horrible person. If that was the case, I think you could put every single athlete in that light as well. Since I doubt every single fan out there has all their favorite players autographs.

  191. I think I struck a nerve with communist PFT. They don’t like me attacking their poor journalism or lack there of, so they’re deleting my posts.


  192. @cobaltdriver

    Thanks for the fair, informed perspective. Welcome to PFT. Don’t mind the hater comments, they only serve for mindless trash talk 80% of the time. Everyone here agrees this site is terrible but for some reason keep coming back.

  193. Maybe Rogers is like Stephen Colbert and smart enough to realize “komen for the cure” is a load of crap. Their CEO and board of directors have 1/2 million dollar plus salaries. They have also used donor money to sue any charity using the phrase “for the cure” (even if they are for something other than breast cancer). Komen for the Cure is a business, masquerading a charity. I’d probably snub any events thrown by them just on principle. There are better charities out there, as Aaron rodgers has shown in his support (he’s signed helmets for children with cancer)>

    To say Aaron Rodgers doesn’t care though is completely false. He’s done multiple “make a wish” events where young packer fans have taken the practice field with him and actually thrown/caught a few balls, which takes a hell of a lot more time than signing a simple autograph. He also does a lot of stuff for other kids.

    I’ve never asked for an athlete to sign anything “just for free.” I’ve always reserved that privilege for children. Rather, as an adult, I’m fine with donating to the athlete’s cause to get their signature. In fact I’d be a bit embarrassed to do it any other way, and would never use my health issues as leverage.

    Usually the prices for such are pretty reasonable I believe Bart Starr requests just wants $35 + postage to go to rawhide to sign anything (we donated quite a bit more to have him sign our packers helmet, just on principle). I’m sure Rodgers will sign whatever as well if you gave money to the MACC (a children’s cancer charity).

  194. Google Aaron Nagler and find his article regarding this unbiased story. I would put the link but nothing seems to make it on here without being deleted.

  195. cobaltdriver …

    I haven’t posted anything about the town of Green Bay–in fact, I’ve been defending the Green Bay fan at the airport. Doesn’t she count in your defense of the community? She never said one negative word about Aaron Rodgers and has been ripped up by Pack fans posting here simply because she went to the airport to support their team. As a three-time cancer survivor myself, I can tell you it’s not unusual for cancer patients to get interested in things like football to keep their minds off the rigors of treatment. So I’m not surprised she frequently goes to the airport.

    And grow up. When I said I liked Green Bay, most people would understand I meant the football team. Nor was I speaking of you personally but using the plural “you” in talking about the people who shredded Roethlisberger and me with him. You commented on an objectivity I never claimed, and I simply explained to you why I’m not objective when I see these people whining. I don’t have anything against the city of Green Bay, the Packers, or Aaron Rodgers. But when it comes to the longtime Packers fans posting on this site, turnabout is fairplay.

  196. This thread proves what we all knew long ago. Packer fans are some of the most hypocritical douche bags on planet earth. Slam Favre. Slam Ben. But when THEIR QB does something that truly sickens decent people…..they turn away as if it never happened and blindly defend the creep. What’s the old saying? Stay classy Green Bay.Sic him Peppers..woof,woof

  197. @greenbayforever …

    Oh, yes, cobaltdriver, don’t mind the haters … you just keep rising above with posts saying women need to get a boyfriend when they post something you don’t like.

    Ooooh … I see you guys are up another level on the hypocrisy meter 😆

  198. Ok People who want to trash talk what a bad guy Aaron Rodgers. A story broke earlier that Mr. Rodgers had already met the female fan and gave her an autograph. Also Mr. Rodgers is not a bad guy check out ESPN.com for the piece he did with 10 or 12 year old girl who was a transplant patient for the make a wish foundation. It was played on ESPN week 1 of the regular season, almost brought tears to my eyes. Funny thing how fast people forget the good things we do, yet are even faster to recognize the bad things we all do. Go Packers Go

  199. There’s a retraction coming……………trust me.

    “Hey, it’s a free country. Rodgers has an inalienable right to choose to behave like an ass. And the rest of us have an inalienable right to tell anyone who’ll listen that he’s behaving like an ass.”

    That’s true, if that was the case. Why editorialize so much when you didn’y have all the facts?

  200. So what if he previously signed autographs for her. That doesn’t mean he could have at least acknowledged her presence even if he didn’t want to sign anything. She’s on her death bed for petes sake.

    She is sitting there in all pink, hat in hand, with no hair. AR couldn’t even be bothered for a head nod much less an autograph. Just blew her right off and actually had to walk around her to avoid hitting her.

    Stay classy AROD!!

  201. Uh…where does it say that “she’s on her death bed”?

    All I see written about her is she’s “a breast cancer survivor”.

    Stay classy, Wisconsin77!

  202. mvp43 …

    Mike doesn’t need to retract anything. Rodgers went head-down as fast as he could through an area where fans had gathered to see off the team. He blew off every fan there. It doesn’t matter if he’s normally Mother Teresa. At that moment he was being a jerk … whether you guys like it or not.

    This doesn’t have anything to do with Rodgers. It’s about people who sling it at everyone else but will shred one of their own fans–a cancer patient loyal enough to go to the airport after a radiation treatment–rather than simply concede their QB isn’t perfect.

  203. …and now they’ve just interviewed this woman again, and she says she’s shocked by the criticism of Rodgers over this, given that he’s signed stuff for her before. Check out Wbay website for the article (since if I post the link here it will be deleted.)

  204. Checked it out dadouche…..What a crock of crap! LOL Poor lady feels bad because she don’t want to be in the middle of it. The video above she states CLEARLY she wanted Aaron to sign her hat! He didn’t. Case closed…

  205. WOW! Have you all got it wrong. She is a cancer survivor! Which means she is not on her death bed. And if you do your research and not just judge someone by the first article you see, you will learn that she has gotten many things signed by him. He has spoken with her in the past and MAYBE just this once he didn’t. You can see the womans follow up story here from the Green Bay Station http://www.wbay.com/Global/story.asp?S=13857012

    Please some bashing him. He has done ALOT of good and he has seen her before!!!

  206. Ok…maybe my FOURTH try will get posted. Apparently you can’t name the author. No problem, but ALL writers should get all the facts before they make accusations!
    Many thanks to Jan for coming to Aaron’s defense.
    Can’t wait to read the retraction…like that is going to happen. Too bad some writers can’t take their bias out of their work…if you can call this work.

  207. Deb, or person posting under this name, please read this.

    You just compared a man who refused to give an autograph with a man who has been accused of sexual assault not once, but twice. You say that evidence cleared Roethlisberger. Ummm…..I’m not sure what evidence you could be referring to short of an admission from the accusers that they were lying. I know that a police officer who was supposed to be investigating the second incident was caught getting his picture taken with the accused assailant. Perhaps giving autographs is something people can employ to get themselves out of felony charges. To date, nobody’s had to worry about Rodgers having to do that, Big Ben on the other hand, was accused twice of sexual assault. No comparison, and going to that level is disgraceful.

    If I as a famous athlete assumed that every short haired woman wearing pink athletic clothing was suffering from cancer, I would offend quite a few people.

    Locking women in bathrooms and hotel rooms in an effort to force them into sexual intercourse and refusing to give an autograph aren’t in the same ball park, courtroom or football field.

    You are out to lunch. Oh, and I highly doubt that the majority of people criticizing Roethlisberger to you identified themselves as Packer fans. Your generalization of the people who found his alleged actions to be disgusting and criminal is a weak attempt at validating your opinion of Rodgers.

    For example, if I wanted to defend Aaron Rodgers’ or Brett Favre’s actions in a weak rationalization, I wouldn’t need to start bad mouthing Roethlisberger to do it. That’s a desperate attempt at some kind of backward validation of your argument.

  208. @tomnickle …

    Gosh, I hate newbies. Hi there. No, I’m not backward. Guess what I did? I actually spent months researching the Roethlisberger case–being a journalist who covers legal and medical issues, it wasn’t that difficult. And it helps that my brother is a criminal defense attorney and I have a close friend who actually worked the Roethlisberger investigation. It also didn’t hurt that I’m a rape survivor and take these things seriously, rather than just reading TMZ headlines and deciding guilt or innocence on that kind of superficial basis. Gee … thought you Packers were all about fact-finding (there goes that pesky hypocrisy meter again :roll:).

    But you know what, Tom–or whoever is posting under that name? Here’s your first clue … no arrest was made. But we’ll skip that for now.

    You see a hotel worker in Nevada had a one-niter with an NFL star several years her junior. The next day she texted several people how great he was and that she couldn’t wait to see him again. Most people would take that for consent. She obsessed over him to coworkers for a year … obsessed over him so much that when he was scheduled to return to the hotel, her bosses asked her to take paid leave. She didn’t take that well. She sued for $3 million claiming that night she couldn’t wait to repeat was actually a rape. She sued her coworkers, too. But funny thing, she never called a cop. The cops have said they have no reason to believe a crime was ever committed.

    Fast forward two years to the NFL star celebrating his 28th birthday in Georgia. According to the now-released police files, the accuser pursued him all evening, buying her own drinks on her fake ID. She propositioned him and repeatedly tried to get him back to her place. When he declined, telling his buddies it was an invitation to a lawsuit, her sorority sister began ragging him about the Nevada suit. He threw her out of the party. Later he and the accuser headed for the bathroom and were alone less than 10 minutes.

    The sorority sister who was thrown out of the party and a friend then dragged the woman to the cops and claimed she was raped. She said she didn’t even have sex. The cop shouted at the women to shut up and let her talk. He then commented that she was bleeping drunk. This cost him his job. Yes, he took a photo with Roethlisberger in the street hours earlier before he could possibly have known this would happen. He sent the woman to the hospital, filed an incident report, and dispatched a detective. That ended his involvement in the case.

    She did not claim rape until later. But the medical exam showed conclusively that the woman did not have sex with anyone that evening. The only people at the nightclub to tell the ridiculous tale about a bodyguard blocking the bathroom were those two sorority sisters. Other witnesses, including the club owner, refuted the tale. And it didn’t even match the accuser’s own statement.

    In explaining to the public why he did not arrest Roethlisberger, the DA said it was because he could not prove that penetration occurred nor that anything occurred against her will. He said Ben needed to grow up (true) and that he hoped the woman and her sorority sisters had learned their lesson … which isn’t something seasoned prosecutors say about rapists who are getting away for lack of evidence.

    Of course, there’s a lot more to both cases, but those are the salient points. Thanks for playing.

  209. I can’t believe the way the original story was written and the follow up, even worse.

    If Jan doesn’t feel slighted, has said Aaron has signed other items for her, where’s the beef?

    He has a long list of things he has done, given of his time, money for little or no publicity. He walks through the airport on a mission, focused on the task at hand, past fans and oh, my gosh, he is terrible. I’m sorry but I don’t think the way it has been blown out of proportion is right at all.

  210. Oh, and Tom … I never said the majority of Ben’s critics were Pack fans, although they were well-represented. But Pack fans certainly made up the majority shredding Favre … the same guy whose infidelities were okay when he wore the Green and Gold. As I said, the issue is the hypocrisy, which seems to run deep in Wisconsin. Just read Mike’s article about what’s been thrown at him today simply for criticizing your QB. Please.

  211. @Deb

    Gosh, you must get dizzy way up high on your soap box. Thanks ever so much for deigning to speak to us poor ignorant wee folk.

  212. @Deb…..Thanks for playing?

    I wasn’t aware we were competing. And you’ll have to forgive me for going by reports that I read in lieu of the version of an anonymous pft patron who happens to make comments indicative of a strong bias in favor of the accused felon and more notably his football team.

    My personal opinion means nothing in this matter, Roethlisberger was accused of sexual assault twice. People were and remain frustrated that no justice was sought, just like they are that Marvin Harrison is still walking the streets. If law enforcement in the United States of America have shown people anything it’s that star treatment can absolve you of anything. Unless you’re Steve Foley of course. Anyway, back to my point. You decided that every fan who has a problem with Ben Roethlisberger’s alleged actions were Packer fans, or rather made that inference. Either way, a sexual assault in no way compares to a refusal to sign an autograph, which we’ve come to find out is bogus. The woman to whom the story was dedicated and her husband are what some people call autograph chasers. The woman is not a victim of Aaron Rodgers even if he did act like a jerk in that moment. He didn’t however act like a felon, and you were comparing him with a man who’d been accused of being a felon for reprehensible crimes. You also generalized every Packer fan into a group of Roethlisberger haters.

    This isn’t a game to me, this isn’t a competition, but I have no problem saying that you were wrong(in my opinion) with your comparison between athletes and your generalization of fans.

    Funny, I didn’t think journalists were in the business of pissing off masses of people.

    Then again, your obvious legal and media connections must lend some sort of credibility to everything you say so I must be wrong.

  213. Deb……in response to your denial on a generalization of Packer fans I think you should take another look at one of your posts, but I digress. I can tell you that as a Packer fan I wanted Favre gone the day he first announced his retirement, I wanted to be certain that Mark Chmura would not be welcome at Lambeau following his disgraceful actions and the same with Johnny Jolly, and I take pride in players like LeRoy Butler and Donald Driver. I’m not from Wisconsin though, hell, I’m not even from the United States.

    On a personal note, I had a big problem with Ben Roethlisberger’s suspension being four games, I don’t think he should have been suspended for a single game, but don’t ask me my opinion of the treatment of athletes by law enforcement worldwide because I feel it’s a disgrace and I do believe that where there’s smoke there’s fire.

    If you’re comfortable turning a blind eye to what he more than likely did that’s fine, you’re entitled. If you want to infer that every person who disagrees with your reluctance to be pessimistic is an idiot, you’re also entitled to do that.

    The point here is that they’re two separate issues and athletes and that all fans are different, the only thing they unanimously share is a desire to be on the field and regret that they don’t or didn’t have the talent to do it. As for the athletes, one is like by his teammates, and until recently, one wasn’t. I suspect that behavior off the field has a lot to do with that, but that’s just my suspicion.

  214. Thank you, packmanfan. You just proved my point. When it’s someone else’s team, you couldn’t care less about ooooh facts and research and truth and what really happened and whether the guy contributes to charity and has foundations and has been unfairly accused and is getting crap because he just won a big game. No, none of that matters when the high and mighty Pack fans are ripping everyone else. But when it’s your QB, you squeal like babies stepping into antbeds at a picnic. LOL

    You just validated everything I’ve said. My work here is done 🙂

  215. Packer fans defending their star QB when he makes a complete ass of himself?

    why i never!

    oh that’s right, green bay covered up all of favres off field behavior until after he was gone from GB. classy. put the blame on another team. you think he started sexting just when he got to NY?

  216. Deb says:
    Jan 17, 2011 9:11 PM
    My work here is done
    Yeah, that’s right.
    Run away instead of defending your earlier points which were ripped to shreds.

    And BTW, Steelers fans were sticking up for Ben just like how we are sticking up for A-Rod.
    It’s called “team loyalty.” Something you know nothing about since your leaving.

    Good riddance.
    Now we can get back to the topic at hand.

  217. @tomnickle …

    Oops, guess my work isn’t done.

    People remain frustrated that no justice has been sought? Perhaps if you’d watched Milledgeville prosecutor Fred Bright’s full 71-minute press conference explaining the details of why Roethlisberger wasn’t arrested instead of reading TMZ accounts you wouldn’t be. No one is asking you to take the word of an anonymous PFT poster. The case files have been public record for months. The Nevada case is a civil suit, still pending. But her texts about how she couldn’t wait to see Ben again are on file with the courts. That’s pretty straightforward for thinking people, Tom. So were the results of Georgia’s medical exam, which the prosecutor explained.

    Roethlisberger was falsely accused of rape–not an uncommon occurrence. It’s happened to Mark Sanchez and Charlie Batch, too, a while back. That’s three QBs who’ll be playing in the AFC Championship. And it happened last year to 7 Packers, including Clay Matthews.

    Call the Georgia Bureau of Investigation or Fred Bright’s office. You won’t find anyone who worked that investigation who believes a rape occurred in Georgia. You can make the same call to cops in Nevada. As I said, I’m a rape survivor and have spent time with dozens of other rape victims. I take this stuff seriously. Roethlisberger is no angel, and I supported his suspension because he needed a kick in the pants. But he didn’t rape anyone.

    If you want to know the absolute truth, I think Rodgers was being a prima donna and should have smiled and waved at fans as he went through that area and maybe signed an autograph or two. But I don’t think he purposely disrespected that woman. Yeah, it probably gets old having to be “on” in public, but it’s the tradeoff for making millions to play football. The first comment I made way back at the top of this thread would have been all I said on the subject … if people hadn’t started slamming cancer patients, poor Jan, and posting “Duh, well, Roethlisberger rapes people.” I thought … “Are you kidding?” Rather than just admit their guy was being a jerk for five minutes, they’ll crucify cancer patients and start back in on us?

    So … I’ve been on a mini-crusade. Like you keep saying about Rodgers … I’m human.

  218. Oh, packfanman …

    You are soooo out of your league. Best leave this to Tom and the other big kids. LOL

  219. Tom, “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” is an adage, not an absolute. In Roethlisberger’s case, the smoke was created by an athlete engaging in indiscriminate sex with strangers in risky situations. In his mind, I’m sure the Nevada lawsuit was an anomaly that couldn’t happen again in a million years. In reality, it painted a target on him. It made his actions suspect, removed his benefit of the doubt. Since he persisted in getting rip-roaring drunk and behaving like a lout, it was only a matter of time before someone else dropped the hammer–either for money, because she was also blotto and regretted it later … whatever.

    I believe Goodell had no right to suspend him based on league precedent and only did it to appease the public–which as you pointed out, was feeding off headlines and believed he’d gotten off unfairly. It infuriates me because Goodell didn’t care about the personal conduct policy when it came to Vince Young or Brandon Underwood. But for Ben’s sake, I supported it. He was careening out of control and that was the only hope of getting his attention. It may have saved a talented young QB from his own ego run amok.

  220. Well Roethlisberger being a face of the league has a lot to do with it. Couple that with Goodell’s idiotic desire to expand overseas and you’ve got a suspension waiting to happen. With all of that said, refusing to acknowledge a fan who is by her own admission an autograph chaser is not nearly as big of a deal as it’s been made to be by the person who has the biggest say when it comes to the direction of this site. I respect that person quite a bit but his assumption that not everybody has had someone in their life battle cancer is naive and self centered. Fact is, Rodgers very likely didn’t acknowledge her because he’s probably sick of seeing her and her husband send the team off on their road trips. That’s just my opinion and by no means an absolute but I’ve dealt with my share of puck bunnies, common term, not a personally applied label, and they can grow to be very annoying. As for Big Ben, I recall the Midgeville District Attorney citing conflicting accounts of the events as the primary reason that charges weren’t processed. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt when it comes to interpreting that. My interpretation is that everyone was drunk and no two people told the same story, ergo, no reliable witnesses. Absolving Roethlisberger of the alleged crime is one thing, but chalking up justified suspicion to be coincidence, bad luck or him being the victim of malicious targeting by the women of America is something else. Let’s just say I’d rather be accused of being a jerk for not signing an autograph than be the guy who was accused of sexual assault, and if I were the guy who refused the autograph I would be disgusted that I was even discussed in the same conversation as a man who was accused of such horrible acts. On the field, I’m sure Rodgers would love to be in his company in terms of post-season success.

  221. Deb says:
    Jan 17, 2011 10:16 PM
    Oh, packfanman …

    You are soooo out of your league. Best leave this to Tom and the other big kids. LOL
    Your still here?
    I thought you left.
    Just can’t let it go, can ya.
    Gotta drill your self righteous high horse “What Aaron did is worse then Ben” stuff into our heads, don’tchya.
    Along with “Packers fans suck for attacking Ben but any other football fans aren’t for attacking Aaron.”

  222. And again, I’ll ask but in a different way:
    What do the actions of one QB who is accused of breaking the law have to do with another who is accused of something that did not break the law in any way?
    If you want to defend Rapesburger, do it all you want.
    But this is not the time or place.
    Stick to the topic please.

  223. @tom …

    Basically, the medical exam found nothing. It’s not humanly possible to have intercourse and leave nothing behind–not a pindrop of semen, not a single pubic hair, not any chemical from a condom. Besides, she said it was unprotected sex and even if a condom had been used, they still would have found at least a pindrop of semen (yes, I’m serious) and pubic hair.

    All they found was two samples of DNA so small and so degraded they couldn’t be identified even using PCR testing, which is the most advanced method for amplifying minute samples. That would mean it was left behind from a previous encounter. Asked by the press if she’d had sex with anyone earlier in the day, the prosecutor said he couldn’t violate her privacy by commenting. Asked why he couldn’t proceed, he said, “The crime of rape has three elements: sexual intercourse, which requires penetration, forcibly, and against her will. All three elements, I’ve got a problem proving all three of those.” So … he couldn’t prove penetration because of the medical exam, nor could he prove force because witnesses at, I believe, three establishments had her pinching his buttocks, following him, and engaging him in graphic sexual conversation all evening. Beyond that, multiple witnesses put them out of sight together less than 10 minutes and both of them were falling-down drunk. Have no doubt they intended some hanky-panky. Doubt they could complete it. Or they did complete it and she chose to accuse him of something they didn’t do. She actually complained in one written statement that he just dumped her in the bathroom and left. I think that’s closer to the truth than anything else she said. Ben may be a dog, but if I could see her jailed, I would. Nothing excuses what those women did that night.

    Yes, it’s a seedy business, but consensual. And many players get up to the same kind of seediness every week. If you haven’t read North Dallas Forty, you should. Nothing’s changed but the salaries. Think that’s what annoys me most. I know Ben and Favre’s seedy antics aren’t unique. Remember Brandon Underwood? And how many pals accompanied him to the strip club that night? Like I said, it’s the hypocrisy that makes me nuts.

    As for Rodgers … I don’t think he deliberately ignored her. Think he was going head-down through the crowd trying to avoid everyone. Don’t know if he bumped into her or what, but I’m not sure from the film that it even registered with him that she was a cancer patient. It should have because she looked the part. But he looked startled and just hurried on.

    We agree on Goodell’s overseas idiocy.

  224. I posted a link here last night to a video from a non-NBC local station. It was a video interview with the actual “victim” who was “snubbed.” Apparently this whole snubbing exists only in the minds of yellow journalists.

    My post was deleted. Interesting.

  225. tomwi53092 says:
    Jan 18, 2011 9:02 AM
    I posted a link here last night to a video from a non-NBC local station. It was a video interview with the actual “victim” who was “snubbed.” Apparently this whole snubbing exists only in the minds of yellow journalists.

    My post was deleted. Interesting.


    I posted about a change meeting I had with the author in New York last year. Interesting that it also got deleted.

  226. for a site thats supposed to be on top of things, it sure is taking a long time to write that retraction…

    Definition of RETRACTION
    1: an act of recanting; specifically : a statement made by one retracting
    2: an act of retracting : the state of being retracted
    3: the ability to retract
    See retraction defined for English-language learners »
    Examples of RETRACTION
    His charges were false, and he was forced to make a retraction.

  227. theoriginalcaptainmarvel –

    The video doesn’t lie. Go ahead and watch the second one. Oh, and feel free to go away as soon as possible. There’s only room on Mike’s ass for pervys’ lips.

  228. Deb –

    Just stop. Your credibility was shot the first time you compared Rodgers to Big Ben. Guess what? Not signing an autograph and be accused TWICE of sexual assault are not the same thing. It doesn’t matter how many paragraphs you write, you’re still an idiot.

  229. slatetundra07 & kennyrogerschicken…….One of my greatest pleasures on Earth is watching Pecker fans like you guys squirm. kenny, I thought you kissed my ass this morning? Lose the love already???LOL

  230. @kennyrogerschicken …

    I stopped hours before you posted that … and apologized and wished the Packers luck on Sunday. You need to read the other Rodgers thread, which is more recent than this one.

    But for future reference, you should also know that when someone says your QB has done something–whether it’s being rude or whatever–it doesn’t fix the situation when you compare him to Vick and Roethlisberger. If I kill two people, it doesn’t make me a better person because someone else killed four. Nothing Vick and Roethlisberger have done or been accused of doing has anything to do with Rodgers.

    As I said on the other thread, I made one minor comment on this thread and never would have said anything else if some jerk hadn’t started ripping all cancer patients and someone else hadn’t started in on Roethlisberger. As a cancer and rape survivor, I take those issues very seriously and neither of them should have been brought into this conversation–especially not in such an evil way. That’s what set me off. I shouldn’t have gotten into it or gotten so carried away. Even I can’t thumbs up some of my own posts. But I’m not the only one who has behaved badly here … even if I’m the only one willing to admit it.

  231. BTW, kennyrogerschicken, what you were reading was an adult conversation between myself and tomnickle last night about legal issues in the Roethlisberger case … it didn’t have anything to do with any of this. The personal attacks posted at me by that cobaltdriver Bears kid have been nastier than anything I’ve said and he whined like a child the first time I talked back to him. If he were typical of Bears players, your guys could phone it in Sunday. But their players are a lil tougher than guys who take cheap shots at women from the safety of their keyboards. Interesting that the one to go for the sexist cheap shot was the Bears fan 😉

  232. Hey Goodjet, who cares who you’ll root for. You’re just as short-sighted as the rest of these morons and the world’s tallest midget that wrote this article.

  233. OMG he does walk right by her. UNREAL.

    Hey Mike where’s that article about the 300% increase in domestic violence after a PAckers loss?

  234. I posted a link here last night to a video from a non-NBC local station too. I wanted to show an non-opinionated article showing that Rodgers was far from innocent…. Of course who else but NBC would control the media and delete anyones comments that are “too Far” from their point of view… just go to CBSsports and see that Rodgers is the last guy anyone should hate. Thanks again NBC.

  235. i dont know how you can consider yourselves professionals when you write this! Did you even follow up to see if he had contact with the lady, because he actually spent the next day signing anything and everything she had and personally hung out with her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  236. packmanfan says:

    Which one is evil?
    Killing dogs.
    Walking by a fan wanting an autograph.

    The answer to that depends on whether you live in Filthydelphia or not.

  237. Nice to notice that you guys know little about Aaron Rogers. He does charity work for cancer patients and is as upstanding a person as there is in the NFL.

    One incident taken ouut of context doesn’t change all the good he has done. You should take this article down now that you realize you reacted too harshly. You lost credibility with me knowing all the charity work Aaron has done.

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