Al Davis withheld $120,000 from Tom Cable’s paychecks

Though Raiders coach Tom Cable has no apparent cause to file a grievance against the Raiders for not picking up the option on the final two years of his contract, a claim filed during the season by Cable may have greased the skids for Cable’s exit.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Cable filed a grievance against the Raiders after owner Al Davis began withholding $20,000 per paycheck for team imposed fines.  The total amount Davis retained?  $120,000.

The specific reason for the fines isn’t known.  (Yet.)

Under every NFL head-coaching contract, disputes are resolved by the league office.   As a practical matter, that procedure tends to tilt the playing field in favor of the teams, since the teams ultimately hire the man who runs the league office.  Indeed, the Raiders successfully beat back former head coach Lane Kiffin’s attempt to receive the money due on the balance of his contract after Davis fired Kiffin during the 2008 season, only his second on the job.

Actually, the fact that Cable filed the grievance to recover his withheld pay could serve as the basis for an attack against the Raiders’ decision not to pick up his option.  Though, again, the decision ultimately would be made by a forum that’s favorable to the franchises who pay the salaries of the Commissioner and the folks within the league office who would potentially be asked to resolve the dispute by him, most American jurisdictions protect employees against retaliation for pursuing in good faith their legal rights and remedies.  With the Raiders on the rise at 8-8 and players like punter Shane Lechler willing to stand up publicly for the head coach, a persuasive argument could be made that the decision by Cable to pursue his rights was a motivating factor in the decision not to bring him back.

Such a claim has not been filed.  (Yet.)

82 responses to “Al Davis withheld $120,000 from Tom Cable’s paychecks

  1. Meanwhile, DHB was paid 21.4 million for the 2010 season.(26 catches, 1TD) And crazy Al goes Montgomery Burns on the Head Coach… Yeah, he has all his faculties….

  2. So Cable somehow deserved a $20K fine every single week??????? Why would youkeep himthrough the entire season if that were the case? Al Davis has got to be a moron, punishing his HC every single week.

    And the NFL’s biggest skinflint.

  3. I’ll wait to hear why this happened before forming an opinion. That being said, wouldn’t surprise me to find that Al was once again letting emotion control his actions. He has got to be one of the most petty owners in all of sports.

  4. One other fact about Al Davis, he hates to pay people. Example:Art Shell-just got paid off this year, Jon Gruden-still owed money, Mike Shannahan-still owed money, Bill Callahan-still owed money, etc. etc, etc, etc

  5. Pretty sure going 2-8 outside the division got him fired, not this lame excuse. Losing to teams like az, sf, hou, jax will piss al off more than any dollar amount.

  6. This is disgusting.

    I understand that Davis withheld money from other coaches “for cause,” and whether his arguments had strength or not is inconsequential. This is a far different case.

    Here you have an employer docking his employee throughout the course of his contract by significant amounts for undocumented fines? This is flat out ridiculous. He has the audacity to do this because the owners “pick the guy that remedies these disagreements?” Give me a break. That’s unfair. I’m getting upset over here because I can’t use the word ridiculous any more than I have for fear of overuse.

    I’m well aware that Cable is no saint. If Davis had fined him $120k for his locker room altercations and simply docked it over several pay checks, then there is no conflict. This seems like he was doing it “because he felt like it.”

    My apologies, Raiders fans. Al Davis now makes Cablevision’s Jim Dolan look like a conscientious team owner.

  7. Al Davis, should be out of football! Its very unfortunate that he is in control of one of the most recognized franchises in all of sports. The single BIGGEST reason the Raiders are languishing in the basement of the NFL year after year is because of Al Davis and his inexplicable drafting and signing of mediocre players. I feel bad for the team and even worse for the fans of that terrible football team. Until Davis is gone the team will continue suffer through losing seasons.

  8. Thanks Al,

    Another fine (pun intended) mess you’ve gotten us into…

    I guess you want us to return to 2-14 so you’ll be happy.

  9. CableGuy got off easy. For all the damage he did to a once proud 5-11 team, he should have been fired and docked half his pay!
    He unnecessarily filled the heads of those young players with dreams of mediocrity, knowing full well those dreams would be dashed by the exiting free agents. Al is playing chess while the rest of the league is playing football.
    Just Win In Court, Baby!

  10. This is totally NOT surprising. Why anyone with half a brain would want to work for this senile old coot is beyond me. Yea, I know it’s one of just 32 teams and HC positions, but if I wanted to be a head coach in the NFL, I’d just look at it as there being 31 open positions and not even consider these losers. Ever since he carpet bagged his team from Oakland to LA and back again all Davis has ever been about is trying to weasel every penny he can from every one – employees, fans, cities – the list goes on and on.

  11. Cable had it comin – he was warned on multiple occasions to monitor the temperature of the Cream of Wheat.

    I’m close to having some pity for this mess known as the Raiders – but not yet.

    Stuff like this will make hiring a new coach a breeze.

  12. gypjet says: Jan 16, 2011 11:51 AM

    One other fact about Al Davis, he hates to pay people. Example:Art Shell-just got paid off this year, Jon Gruden-still owed money, Mike Shannahan-still owed money, Bill Callahan-still owed money, etc. etc, etc, etc
    Wow, that’s allot of misinformation for one post.

  13. Anybody know about this Raiders413 I’ve been hearing about? Something about being banned him
    for breaking news before PFT did it?

  14. Everybody on the committee that rules on this needs to ask 1 question….

    How would you feel if you worked for a boss who could take $20,000 away from each of your paychecks without telling you why and get away with it?

    The only thing worse than the committee allowing Al Davis to get away with this would be for the NFL to allow Al Davis to continue being the boss of anything.

  15. Nah, Ralph Wilson is by far worst than Al. Wade Phillips sued RW over his compensation.

    Wilson get concessions, parking and even stadium maintenance get pick up tax payers of Erie County. Can Al beat that?

  16. The most blatantly corrupt organization in pro sports. Time and again Al Davis engineers an untenable situation for his coaches, and then accuses them of being uncooperative and fires them when they try to defend themselves. You’d have to be insane or desperate to take a job with this team.

  17. Wow Davis must be going for a high school or Pop Warner coach. Everything he’s done the last few years will ensure that any even vaguely qualified candidate will refuse to interview with the Raiders.

  18. Anyone who isn’t a raider fan.. doesn’t watch the team, and has no respect for Al to begin with needs to just keep their opinions to themselves. Personally, I would have been happy either way.. if they had kept Cable or if they let him go. That said, who says the reasons for the fines were undocumented? Just because Schefter can’t find out why? I’m fairly sure Al and Tom probably had one or two conversations about why he was losing money. That said, I believe it probably started when Tom decided to bench Campbell too early in the season. Those that think Al is a skinflint are ridiculous too. He’s only a skinflint for coaches… the players that play for him, he will more than overpay. As for the idiot that keeps pointing out DHB’s stats… remember… they would have paid anyone they took at that position that kind of contract… Craptree hasn’t exactly lit the world on fire, and he whines more than anything. Was he more polished coming out of college? Yes, but he wasn’t what the Raiders felt they needed. They truly thought they had their #1 in Schilenz, but he can’t stay healthy. Not to mention, the kid has been in the league for 2 years… and he has shown an incredible work ethic, he blocks incredibly, and they knew he was a project coming out of Maryland. Give the kid time, and a consistent QB.. he lost a year last year being over thrown and thrown behind thanks to Jawalrus. And he also has had nagging injuries. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of Cables fines came from the way he handled injuries. As for Lechler, just collect your 4 Mil a year for your 5 plays a game, and shut up.

  19. Al Davis better hope there is a lockout next year. Otherwise, the Raiders may have to go through the season without a head coach. I don’t think even the co-ordinators want that job.

    On the other hand, Davis may have to settle for Kevin Gilbride (oh please oh please oh please….)

  20. AL Davis is a scum bag. Good luck Raider fans with him. Let your coach go, Asomugha is gone, your pro bowl Punter doesn’t like what’s going and is saying others will leave now…..Shannahan still owed money?? He’s been gone for like 20 years?

  21. Good for Al…These guys are way overpaid anyways. I would have happily coached the Oakland Raiders for just the $120,000 Tom was fined and tripled my salary in the process. And done a better job too! Obviously Tom didn’t do what the boss asked him to but we’ll have to wait and see what the fines are for. I don’t feel sorry for someone who feels they are still owed money when they probably made a couple million dollars in 2 years time. I will be lucky to match that working the next 50 years living paycheck to paycheck. To me Tom is just another ignorant ass who can’t follow instructions and do the job required of him. End of story

  22. joetoronto says: Jan 16, 2011 12:44 PM

    gypjet says: Jan 16, 2011 11:51 AM

    One other fact about Al Davis, he hates to pay people. Example:Art Shell-just got paid off this year, Jon Gruden-still owed money, Mike Shannahan-still owed money, Bill Callahan-still owed money, etc. etc, etc, etc
    Wow, that’s allot of misinformation for one post.

    Well, you are the spokesman for reason & sanity when it comes to the Raiders.

    I’ll admit gypjet just brain vomited disinformation. But Al Davis does have a history of refusing to pay his coaches, even if he cites that it’s “for cause.” It’s a classless way to conduct business.

  23. 21.4 million, but he blocks well..LMAO…Of course he does, he was a late 2nd round draft pick taken as the 7th pick in the draft…21.4 million for 26 catches, you can sugarcoat it anyway you want skippy..21.4 million, he’s a wasted draft pick as was Jamarcus, you take a project with the 7th pick in the draft?…..Really?

  24. Hopefully Al will bring out his overhead and bullet point the reasons for the fines.

    Poor Hue Jackson. If he doesn’t take the job he gets fired. If he takes the job he gets fired.

  25. I didn’t read this article and I don’t need to read it to know that Al Davis is the absolute worst owner in the NFL. If that’s not bad enough he is also the worst GM in football. I can’t even believe people buy tickets to watch the Raiders anymore. If I were you, I’d boycott the team until they at least hire an actual GM with actual football credentials. At this point the only purpose of your franchise is to provide comic relief fro the rest of the league. Perhaps the only hope you have is that Al Davis is 168 years old and could go at any time.

  26. tryytheveal ….DHB caught 40% of the passes throw his way this year. Crabtree caught 54% which is not that much better for what was expected out of him coming out of college… but he is a whiny arrogant ass as well! DHB blocks well? You find that funny huh? We rushed for 155.9 yards per game this year. Good for 2nd in the league. And yes, blocking is a responsibility of a wide receiver believe it or not.. And all draft picks are projects.

  27. I very rarely comment on these things… but reading a few of these comments… I felt obligated…

    One of the things people have said a lot over the last 8 years is … “The Raiders will not win while Al Davis is alive”…. That’s a cute little phrase where you think you’re so clever (despite that you’ve heard it from 200,000 other people) but everyone said that before 1999 too… then the Raiders were one of the top 3 teams in the NFL for four years… They went to a superbowl and ran (as luck would have it) against their former coach or they would have won a superbowl… but regardless that was only 8 years ago under this same owner that ‘they will never win with’… This current Raiders team is VERY talented, and if Hue Jackson keeps the offense going in the direction it did this year, look out. They’ll be back soon so hurry and get your shots in NOW.

    Another set of comments I’ve read is ‘Davis fined his coach without even telling him why’… incorrect… He HAS to tell him why, by law, the reason YOU haven’t heard why yet is because it hasn’t come out yet, likely will, but hasn’t yet…

    Also ESPN and these people on here are making this some UNBELIVABLE thing that he fined his coach, unprescendented by an owner… incorrect again… owners often fine their coaches when they do certain things, I’m sure one of the things that the 120,000 came from was when Cable had the team doing too much in offseason workouts that cost the team two days in training camp… That’s a finable offense, and Al likely fined him for that, amongst other things… When Cable attempts to win this money, Al Davis will win (as he always does because despite those of you who don’t think so, he knows his stuff especially the rules amongst owners/coaches/players etc)… And when Al Davis wins the case the people around here will be saying ‘oh…hmm’ but they won’t comment on here because they were dead wrong. Al likely fined him for things that are easily finable offenses…

    Asomugha gone? Not so fast, he just said there’s a “really good chance” he comes back to the Raiders… The punter will get over it, he wanted the same guy back, understandable, but Hue is a MUCH better football mind, and was considered a candidate for other head coaching jobs this year, how many head coaching jobs will/was Cable a candidate for? Obviously Al is right, Hue is sought after because he’s knowledgable and a football guy, Cable was a great motivator but not a true football guy like Hue. Hence, again, why Hue is getting calls from other teams and Cable (as a head coach) definitely was not.

    Another comment was Cable was fined 20,000 every single week? There are 17 weeks in an NFL season… 20,000 per week would be a total of $340,000… But he was fined $120,000…

    Another says ‘not even the coordinators want the job’ LOL… wow… talk about not having a CLUE… Hue Jackson WANTS the job, and you remember I said in the next 3 DAYS (yes 3 days) Hue Jackson will be named the next head coach of the Oakland Raiders… which, hopefully, will make you feel as ridiculous as that comment was.

    And finally, about Bey… Everyone loves to say he was a second round pick, late second round pick, second day pick, etc…. The guy was likely to go around 22 which is where most Mock Drafts had him between 22 and 27… not second round, not second day, none of that… YES Al Davis DEFINITELY reached on that one… SO DOES EVERY SINGLE TEAM IN THE NFL ON SOME PLAYERS… Look around, the last 5 years EVERY team has made a bad pick in the NFL Draft, that’s why it’s not a science and nice and easy, the draft is VERY hard to select.

    AND BY THE WAY to those who laugh about Al Davis terrible drafts… Al Davis had THE best (not one of… THE BEST) NFL Draft of any team in the NFL this last draft… Rolando McClain, Lamarr Houston, Jared Veldeer, Jacoby Ford, all guys who start for the Raiders and would start for a lot of teams in the NFL… Laugh about Bey all you want, but don’t forget the best draft in the NFL this last year, was Al Davis and the Oakland Raiders.

    Finally I’ll leave you with this… get your laughs in at the 8-8 Raiders, (who’s team is likely MUCH better than most of the fans commenting here) but make sure you get your laughs in quick… this team is going in the right direction whether you like it or not… McFadden (who most of you would have called a bust last year and laughed about) is one of the best RBs in the NFL this year, and will only get better… And the Raiders will be a playoff team in the next two years… so like I said, get your laughs in, but do it quick, because the Raiders will be one of the better teams in the NFL in the next few years…

  28. And if I had to guess, I would say the Raiders met with Crabtree before the draft, Mr. Davis thought he was a prick, and drafted DHB just so he could see the stupid look on Crabtrees face on draft day. Now he has a player in DHB that he knows will do everything asked of him and that’s what he has done so far.

  29. What’s funniest about these posts is that Raiders fans don’t realize that when they defend Al Davis they come off as just as crazy as he is. Maybe you idiots deserve the loser tag you wear so proudly.

  30. “Anyone who isn’t a raider fan.. doesn’t watch the team, and has no respect for Al to begin with needs to just keep their opinions to themselves. ”


    Actually we don’t. Davis may have once been a great owner and helped to build the league, but he has degenerated in the last few years into someone who is totally incompetent to run an NFL team.

    Much as I loathe the Raiders it does not do the league any good to have certain teams remain unsuccessful year after year after year. The Bills and Ralph Wilson are another fine example of an owner that has to go.

    As long as they own those teams, they will remain bottom feeders and never see the playoffs. Respect for what you did 30 years ago will only get you so far.

  31. lol that’s funny Robert… Except the Raiders went 2-0 against all of those teams mentioned… so Raiders fans are laughing just as hard at you lol… Especially Broncos… Yeah the Broncos want things to stay the way they are with the Raiders… who beat them IN DENVER 59-14 lol.

    Freakish… that’s funny if Al Davis is the worst owner in the NFL, and worst GM and all that… how were the Raiders 8-8? Tom Cable? lol! That’s pretty weird that the worst owner in the NFL has an 8-8 team while others are much worse teams… Jed York is definitely worse… Lions owner has been attrocious… how about the Bills owner Ralph Wilson Jr? He’s doing a great job in Buffalo right? Browns owner doing a better job right? I hate these blanket, ignorant statements… He’s the worst… except his team is 8-8 and there’s like 15 teams with worse records… I swear some people have NO knowledge of the NFL and act like they know everything… it’s honestly hilarious.

  32. “he has degenerated in the last few years into someone who is totally incompetent to run an NFL team.”

    You could have said that 5 years ago… but you look ridiculous saying it after the Raiders were 8-8 and have FAR more talent than a lot of other NFL teams. The last few years he’s actually proved to be COMPETENT… but nice try.

  33. @footballfansteve:

    You don’t often comment on these things? Ya don’t say. Well now we know why.

    The biopic you penned above has too many points for anyone to address in a comment competently. But you do realize you’re in the bag for the Raiders right? That has to be one of the more radical apologist rants from a Raiders fan I’ve ever seen. After reading it, one would think the Raiders are perennial contenders.

    I mean, you even defended criticism of Al Davis in here by citing his performance fielding a winning product…prior to 1999. I mean, really? You had the audacity to write that? Come on Peter Pan. Count Chocula. Put that transformer toy down and join is in adult land.

    Like I said, I really wish I could tackle the rest of what you wrote because it would be fun to do, but eh, just too much to write. I feel bad for you man. The delusion you’re experiencing from the Raiders kool aid…I hope you recover.

  34. like I said…defending AL Davis makes you sound crazy… i might also add desperate. If my team were 8-8 and that’s the best they’ve done in a decade I would hope they fire the GM. Actually I would have hoped they fired the GM five years ago. I guess when you’re consistently terrible .500 is an achievement. Good for you Raiders, way to finally make it back to mediocrity.

  35. The only one that needs to be fined and removed is our Clueless GM/head of scouting/head of player personell/part time DC Al “Coach” Davis and his quarter century of failure…..

    Under the Davis “Commitment To Excrement”. The Raiders have 7 winning seasons and made the playoffs 6 times the last 25 years….

    If Davis was on the outside looking in on the work of Al Davis. He would have fired himself a long time ago……

    Al dont go away mad. Go away mad I dont care. Just Go Away……

  36. freakish213…8-8 is not the best they’ve done in a decade…They were robbed of a trip to the AFC championship 2 straight years before going to the Super Bowl in 2002. But I guess you’ve never heard of Rich Gannon, Tim Brown, and Jerry Rice? That was this decade fool

  37. @raiderrob21 says:
    Jan 16, 2011 11:55 AM
    Al Davis NEVER loses in court!
    Just win baby!
    That’s a brilliant comment. Put down the bong and think exactly what’s at play here. Al is petty and he’s childish. You think that the fraternity of coaches and assistant coaches in this league don’t take note of this? This is what hurts franchises from getting the best coaching (and player) talent to get their team to championship level. What these actions say to a potential coach is “this owner will screw me the first chance he gets.”

  38. I ran out words to describe this despicable evil old man and I’m a Raider fan. I just read that he fired his DC and now he won’t pay Cable his due. What an A@#$%*&LE!!!

  39. tombradyfumbled says: Jan 16, 2011 2:15 PM

    tryytheveal ….DHB caught 40% of the passes throw his way this year. Crabtree caught 54% which is not that much better for what was expected out of him coming out of college… but he is a whiny arrogant ass as well! DHB blocks well? You find that funny huh? We rushed for 155.9 yards per game this year. Good for 2nd in the league. And yes, blocking is a responsibility of a wide receiver believe it or not.. And all draft picks are projects.

    – – – – – – – – – – –

    Want some stats? Crabtree, 55 catches, 741 yards, 6 touchdowns. DHB, 26 catches, 366 yards, 1 touchdown.

  40. citynative…Want some stats? Crabtree, 55 catches, 741 yards, 6 touchdowns. DHB, 26 catches, 366 yards, 1 touchdown.

    Targets: Crabtree 101…DHB 65…and we run the ball in the redzone or throw to Miller. We use DHB to block. We don’t throw to the guy who bitches most

  41. wait…..I forgot…….the RaiDuh’s have had the cream of the crop NFL draft wise for what…….last 6-7 years…..And they got t0 8-8…….well done, and oh yes……DHB, get the hall of fame BUST ready

  42. i swear to god, who rejects all statistics and places value of a WR over another because “he blocks better?” first off, that is an opinion, not a fact and the burden of proof is on TOMBRADYFUMBLED to prove that. even if his claim is true, shall we regret all impact a WR makes in the passing game for what he contributes in the run game? lol this guy must think Hines Ward is the greatest WR of all time too.

  43. We got rid of all the players that like to bitch if you haven’t noticed… Nobody’s bitched this year accept for our punter when his drinking buddy was cut loose. We have a good football team put together and all you haters are just worried we’re fixing to rise to the top again. It’s coming!

  44. dhBUST. Enough said……

    The hands of stone wouldnt see the field if it wasnt for Al. Al will never live down his “Jamarcus is a great playaaa. Get ovah it” comment. So now he will do everything possible to not be proven wrong once again with his lobster handed track guy….

    Last game of the season against KC is all anyone needs to know about dhBUST. He gets to start ovah another fast WR who can actually catch Jacoby Ford. Then goes out and has 2 drops, 1 fumble and zero catches…..

    The Greatness Of The Raiders Is In Its Future. It is as soon as there is a Regime chancge and Al is gone……

  45. trytheveal…

    Did you think that maybe the reason they only got to 8-8 is because of Cable? You know the coach that everyone wants to put in the hall of fame now that Al Davis was foolish enough to let him go. Let’s see.. when Al let him go there were what, 6 other coaching vacancies? How many of those teams were lining up Cable for even an interview? I just don’t understand why everyone is all over Cable’s jock, just because he was let go by Al. As for Dbust or whatever anyone wants to call him… give the kid a chance.. Nnamdi was supposed to be a bust.. as well as McFadden… as well as Gallery… As I said.. with Jawalrus throwing the ball.. Crabtree.. Rice… it wouldn’t have made a difference…. The biggest problem with Cable is he wouldn’t just settle on one guy to be QB….

  46. Harrisonhits…

    You know you are right.. which is why it took 30 years for the Steel Curtain to get their 5th… That said, regardless of how you guys finish this year, there was nothing sweeter than watching the fans faces last year as I sat there and saw Gradkowski of all people hit Louis Murphy in the endzone and knock you guys out of the playoffs essentially… So as great as Mr. Rooney is.. and believe me.. I do respect the Rooneys.. that little 30 year gap between titles must have made them bad owners at that time.

  47. Robert says: Jan 16, 2011 2:01 PM

    AL Davis is a genius -and I hope he will always remain the Owner of the Raiders.
    Bronco Fan
    Chiefs Fan
    Chargers Fan

    No surprise that the 0-6 club would speak up. How did it feel to get swept by a guy wearing a diaper and a drool cup?

  48. I used to hate the raiders because it was so much fun to hate them but even when you hated them you had to respect them because they won football games and al davis was easy to make fun of, etc.

    But they WON football games and they won I think 3 SBs. (“Remember “just win!!! baby!!?)

    Now he is nothing more than a pathetic old man (see that picture a few weeks ago?) and it is kind of sad to see this happen.

  49. tombradyfumbled says: Jan 16, 2011 3:56 PM

    citynative…Want some stats? Crabtree, 55 catches, 741 yards, 6 touchdowns. DHB, 26 catches, 366 yards, 1 touchdown.

    Targets: Crabtree 101…DHB 65…and we run the ball in the redzone or throw to Miller. We use DHB to block. We don’t throw to the guy who bitches most

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Absolutely hilarious. I thought I heard it all, but I had not. “We use DHB to block.” Wow. Your exactly right …Al Davis drafted and gave huge signing bonus money to Heyward-Bey to block. I think your fellow Raider fans would be embarrassed by the comments.

    More stats for you: Crabtree in 27 career games, 103 Catches, 1366 yards and 8 TD’s. DHB in 26 career games, 35 catches, 490 yards, and 2 TD’s.
    Keep blocking!

  50. Why did Al feel the need to withhold the money from the coach during the season? I think Al Davis is going into the Howard Hughes phase of his life. The decisions will become more bizarre and out of touch.

  51. citynative…nice 2 year stats for Crabtree and DHB…But DHB had the worst quarterback in the history of football throwing to him one of those years. But I guess that doesn’t count huh? You will see soon enough what DHB is capable of. As for Crabtree, you will always have a whining ass of a person. You cannot get rid of that and to me personally, I’ll take the high character employee who is willing to work and improve over the one who feels like the millions that were handed to them was not enough.

  52. tom… I can’t believe we were arguing with each other yesterday… The people that have their “opinions” on Al and the state of the Raiders are the ones that don’t actually watch them play. One thing that Cable did was take a team with 12-4 talent and lead them to 8-8. Oh well.. I guess blocking downfield for the #2 rushing attack really doesn’t count in today’s NFL. That said.. too bad about Marshall.. at least Dallas is going to make the mistake of picking up the lesser Ryan. I heard Saunders is going to be Hue’s OC… but then again.. the source is Schefter.. so I take it with a grain of salt. Anyway.. here’s to the only team that has played in their Conference Championship in EVERY decade… including the last… although people seem to forget that fact…. Cable being let go, Nnamdi’s “clause” to get him out of that ridiculous 16.8 mil year… Yes… I guess old Al has completely lost it… We’ll see them all in the playoffs next year…

  53. And you know.. Jawalrus was the worst QB in history.. but Alex Smith isn’t too far behind.. and at least the Raiders had the sense to give up on their mistake after 3 years…

  54. And finally.. guess how many TD’s Jerry Rice had at the end of his 2nd year.. yes.. 2… that’s right… 2…. Not that DHB is going to carry Jerry’s jock.. but once again.. gotta give a kid a chance to grow.. and you know what ultimately set Rice apart from everyone? His work ethic.. not his willingness to whine because he should have been the first receiver taken.. or his willingness to whine because he doesn’t get the ball enough.. it was his work ethic… and his desire to be a better football player.

  55. sorry.. my bad.. Rice had 2 rushing… I am wrong for those that are going to flame me.. it’s late.. and I’m tired of worrying about this…. I’ll give myself a thumbs down…

  56. Bwisnasky…Yeah, i really wish we would have kept Marshall. I thought he was a pretty good coach but obviously Al thinks he can do better. I think mostly I just liked how he would throw in a few safety blitzes here and there and give Huff and Branch a chance to pressure the QB and make a big play. But if you look at the stats closely, the hire that really had the biggest impact was bringing back Mike Waufel to coach the defensive line. We had 27 sacks from defensive lineman not counting Trevor Scott who I think we still use some at linebacker. And those 27 sacks were spread out amongst our entire defensive line with guys like Bryant and Houston getting 5 apiece. And even Shaughnessy ended up with 7. Mike Waufel was with the Giants when they won the Super Bowl and also was our defensive line coach when we went to the Super Bowl in 2002. I think Waufel has mastered his job and at the same time is happy to be in Oakland…As far as DHB, I think it’s funny as hell that these morons cannot understand the significance of having a WR that can block. We had 27 rushes of 20 plus yards this year! Best in the NFL. There is no doubt in my mind DHB was instrumental in each one of those. I was running back in high school and averaged about 10 yards per carry. I promise you, there is no better feeling for a running back than to break through the defense and see one of your WRs hustling out in front of you to try and make a block on the safety. Because that is the last line of defense. The safety. So all of these idiots that can’t see the importance of blocking the last line of defense in a football game don’t know what they are talking about. They can laugh about DHB and his blocking all they want but in the end we are the ones that benefit from his effort. They act as if the WRs only responsibility is to catch the football. What’s wrong with having a WR that is fast enough and strong enough to get to the safety and make a block on a running play? Don’t we run the ball around 50% of the time? We got our playmaker this year in Jacoby Ford. Trust me, I live about 30 minutes from Clemson and have watched him tear up the ACC since he was a freshman in college. Al finally found him a track star that is also a football player. Ford, DHB, and Murphy are all high character guys that are willing to work and improve and all of them can catch. Zack Miller is solid. Schilens is an injury waiting to happen but there is a reason he has stuck around. McFadden and Bush were roommates in training camp. I’m sure their friendship they have will be enough to keep Bush from leaving and I expect that Al will give Bush a little more money to stick around. Marcel Reece is one hell of a weapon. Jason Campbell is a damn good QB too. He may not be Manning or Rodgers, but he puts 110% into everything that he does. And after suffering through Russell’s inability to learn and adapt and take care of the football, trading for Campbell is the best thing Al has done for this team in 8 years. This will be his first year of his career where he gets to come in and run the same offense too and I’m excited for him. We sign all our key free agents and we will be fine. This is how I think we should draft….
    2nd round-Center-Stephan Wisniewski
    3rd round-Fastest guy in the draft
    4th round-Right Tackle
    5th round-Cornerback
    6th round-WR
    7th round-Blocking TE

  57. Al wastes money more than anyone. Anyone else remember Deangelo Hall? What’s he trying to take 120 k from his coach for?

  58. Also, DHB is not a complete bust yet. Its his 3rd year now and he either is McFadden or he is Jahamburglar. Theres another waste of money in Russell.

  59. tombradyfumbled-biggest raider homer/moron on this site.

    he still thinks WRs that can block are more important than WRs who actually make plays in the passing game. HE BELIEVES DHB IS BETTER THAN CRABTREE AT THIS POINT IN THEIR CAREERS, BECAUSE HE CLAIMS DHB BLOCKS BETTER. what kind of Mike Singletary philosophy is that?!

    all of his posts are so wishful. comments like “once a raider always a raider” and “so and so were roommates in training camp so, so and so will remain a raider” and “our team is loaded with good players,” etc…

    and now i see that he doesnt live anywhere near the Bay Area. no wonder he doesnt know what hes talking about! hes such a Raider homer that he has incorporated Al Davis’ draft mentality as he wants Oakland to draft the fastest player in the draft this next draft. lol. havent you learned that 40 times dont mean crap?! guess not…

  60. marcsasharc…What difference does it make if I live in the Bay Area or not? What the hell difference does that make? You seem to be such an expert when it comes to Crabtree and DHB. But let me throw you some facts to consider. The Oakland Raiders did not draft DHB to throw him the ball 15 times a game. He is not the focal point of our offense. And guess what, with the horrible DHB out there almost every snap, the Raiders managed to end up with the 10th best offense in the NFL this year… On the other hand, San Francisco managed to end up with a offense that was 9th from last! And that’s with All World Michael Crabtree out there complaining about not getting the ball thrown his way instead of blocking for Frank Gore. Passing yards per game: San Francisco 209.8…Oakland 198.8…a whopping 11 yards more per game with All World Michael Crabtree out there lighting it up. How can that be?

  61. do you really think the reason why SF’s offense sucked was because of Crabtree?

    do you really believe Crabtree bitches about not getting the ball?

    you hate him, its obvious. if the Raiders had drafted Crabtree you would love him. thats how you are, a huge homer. the funny thing is, your argument only makes him look better.

    if his offense has been worse, yet hes outperformed DHB by that much, dont you understand that it reflects poorly on DHB? you really arent that intelligent, let alone football intelligent. i also want to see your proof of him bitching about not getting the ball. also, where do you get off saying he doenst block? your entire argument is based on blocking yet you have no evidence of either ones ability. clip? article? something?! and since you live out of the area, im gonna guess you dont catch every raider game. hmm sounds like a lot talking crap with nothing to back it up.

  62. 1 Thing MOST of you seem to forget is that the Raiders have won 3 super bowls and ALL were when Al Davis has been there .. Now thats more than most NFL teams have done , there are teams that have 0 super bowl wins , in fact there are teams that have NEVER even been to a super bowl .. So I think Al does know what he’s doing as far as running HIS team , and no one is perfect so there just may have been a good reason why Cable wasn’t paid that $120,000 and maybe not , but before you judge someone you should take a look at yourself and ask am I perfect ? The answer is obvious NO your not ..And like 1 of you mentioned if your not a Raider fan keep your opinions to yourself !!

  63. wow nice comment silvrnblak. lol @ you.

    he was once a great owner, now he is a bottom 5 owner and has been that way since circa 2001. hes old and senile. typical Raider fan response, defensive. what does anybody else being perfect have to do with how Davis runs his business? do you not have a negative opinion on anything? you mustn’t if you carry that mentality around.


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