Bears whipping Seahawks at halftime

A week too late for the Saints, the Seattle Seahawks are living down to their reputation as the worst playoff team in NFL history.

It’s all Bears on this snowy Sunday in Chicago, with the home team up 21-0 at the half.

Bears quarterback Jay Cutler got things started with a 58-yard touchdown pass to tight end Greg Olsen on his first throw of the game. Later in the first quarter Chester Taylor added a one-yard touchdown run, and Cutler ran one in from six yards out in the second quarter.

The Seahawks have had seven possessions, and they’ve punted seven times. About the best thing you can say for Seattle’s punt-fest is that they’ve mostly managed to keep the ball away from Devin Hester, who has managed to return just one of those punts, picking up 26 yards.

Seattle showed last week that anything is possible, but a Seahawks comeback looks awfully unlikely. The Bears look like they’re ready to host the NFC Championship Game.

42 responses to “Bears whipping Seahawks at halftime

  1. The Seahawks are bad but the Bears aren’t great either. Some bad decisions and inaccurate throws by Cutler, dropped passes by Seahawks receivers and an easy INT that Seattle muffed on their own goal line. The Martz 7-step drop leaves Cutler vulnerable against even a mediocre pass rush. Green Bay should kill either of these teams.

  2. THIS SEATTLE TEAM IS ABSOLUTE GARBAGE! SO how did they ever beat new orleans? because sean payton was in the tank. you saw cutler and 4th and half a yard snuck for the first down. well saints when in the game on 4th and one single inch they had brees on 4th down handoff the ball to the tailback 6 yards behind the line of scrimmage STOPPED FOR 2 YARD LOSS. then later when down by 7 and 9 minutes left 4th and a yard and a half outside the seattle 3 yardline, payton goes for the meaningless fg that still leaves the saints needing a touchdown AND letting seattle out of the hole.

    playoff tank job.

    then players realized it and you all saw how they let lynch bounce off 9 of them on the way to his touchdown.

  3. Worst team ever to make the playoffs. They had their magical game… and now it’s all mice and pumpkins.

  4. Hahahaha Jay Cutler’s run was awesome! Bounced it outside, lowered his shoulder and powered it in….priceless!

    Oh, and yeah elite defense + elite special teams + an offense that is capable of being elite = superbowl

  5. I would say they whipped them in the first half. I think the Seahawks are holding their own during halftime.

  6. The Bares are who we think they are. They were handed two games vs the Lions this year and thus “won” the division. Now they’re beating a sub .500 team at home. As always they believe their own press clippings.
    Reality will set in one week from today.

  7. Seahawks fans deserve this, its been a week long Azz-kiss fest up here on the radio. Give Marshawn a new contract, sign hassleback and his bald diaper wearing azz to an extension. Playing the “no respect underdg ” theme wears thin when reality is there NOT THAT GOOD! At least they have the Seattle Storm and the WNBA! ” Hot women/men? and layups……Sweet

  8. The Falcons should be first in line to try to get this playoff seeding formula fixed. Want to give home field to the division winners in the wildcard round? Fine, but the NFL needs to take a page from the NHL and re-seed based on regular-season records for the divisional round and conference championship games. The Falcons worked too hard to earn the #1 seed, only to have to play a team that finished 3 games ahead of Seattle in the final standings.

  9. What’s wrong with people from the west coast? Seriously Oregon and the Seahawks have the grossest uniforms.

    I mean, does everything have to be so colorful and flashy?

    I guess there’s a reason you all like drinking lattes and stuff.

    All the men there = sissies

  10. Seattle is awful. The Bears need to have an asterisk next to this W. As in “*against a 7-9 team”

  11. Seahawks are getting exposed for what they truely are. A 7-9 team that was lucky to make the playoffs. Not taking last wk away from them but N.O clearly wasn’t the same team this yr.

  12. “bears0492 says:
    Jan 16, 2011 2:46 PM
    Hahahaha Jay Cutler’s run was awesome! Bounced it outside, lowered his shoulder and powered it in….priceless!


    It was great! — He was doing the Aaron Rodgers!

    Bear down Bears!

  13. Pete will find a way to put a positve spin on this pathetic beatdown. Mediocrity is like gold up here in the NW

  14. shibbyleigh says: Jan 16, 2011 3:04 PM

    Seattle is awful. The Bears need to have an asterisk next to this W. As in “*against a 7-9 team”

    Well in that case how do we penalize the Saints? Not letting them in the playoffs regardless of their record next year?

  15. Seahawks earned their win last week, and are earning the loss this week. Dropped passes, poor tackling, poor coverage, the Bears D-line and O-line are dominating.

  16. Moonman says: Jan 16, 2011 3:19 PM

    Well in that case how do we penalize the Saints? Not letting them in the playoffs regardless of their record next year?


    I think losing to a 7-9 team serves as enough embarrassment that an asterisk or further punishment isn’t necessary.

  17. So the Bears beat the Rebuilding Seahawks, and they won what? A chance to be dismantled by the Packers next week?
    Seattle is only going to get better…Can’t say the same about an ageing Bears team.
    This was probably the high point for this current Bears team, and now they get to face the buzzsaw that is the Packers.
    Enjoy the win Bears fans!

  18. There was absolutely no domination by the Bears today!!! That kind of performance against the Packers next week won’t get it done!! I love cry baby Bears fans!

  19. Congrats to the Bears. They did what they were supposed to do. The Seahawks came out flat and defeated from the get-go. Hass looked like the only one who wanted to play today. GB will pose a much bigger challenge than this punchless Seahawks team today.

  20. You know the sad part about this Seattle/ bears game is that Seattle could have won! Carlson got hurt early and it changed everything game calling wise but I think bates seattle oc has to learn how to adjust if it’s not there for RB lynch or wr William you adjust stockly was open all day and Ben obomanu also and he should have went to those guys! Seattle was not opportunistic today they had alot of chance for take aways and they failed! They seem to be sleeping all day to bad because they had there chance it’s like they were cold and not comfortable all day! Hats of to Matt he had a great game what a warrior I respect you so much regardless of the kind of year you had with all the injuries go have a great off season fixing the team and come back stronger next year. Beyonderhawk!

  21. Now, the Seahawks can finally go away. They are annoying. They’ve been annoying ever since the Steelers whipped them in the Super Bowl 5 years ago and they are still complaining about how the refs hosed them.

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