Darryl Talley wants Vince Young to show some respect

Add former NFL linebacker Darryl Talley to the list of people who think Vince Young has some growing up to do.

Talley, who played 14 years in the NFL and was a two-time Pro Bowler with the Bills, went on Twitter Saturday night to say that he had just learned first-hand that Young lacks a healthy respect for the history of the game.

“Just ran into Vince Young. Had no idea who I am. Not ok,” Talley tweeted. “Hey young fellas. Know ur football history. It’s called respect. Also will make u a better ball player.”

Some of Talley’s Twitter followers then pushed back against Talley and said that Young was just a kid when Talley was playing and shouldn’t be expected to know who he is. Talley wasn’t buying it.

“Y’all aren’t getting my point,” Talley tweeted. “Be respectful of those who came before you & demanded changes so u could colect the check ur getting.”

At that point, Young himself tweeted to Talley, saying, “knew exactly who u were my grandmother love u.”

But Talley was apparently offended that Young would suggest he was the age of Young’s grandmother, replying, “@VinceYoung10 proving my point son.”

And, of course, as our friend Larry Brown pointed out, if Young did know who Talley was, and acted in a way that made Talley think Young didn’t know who he was, that’s even worse.

However, it’s hard not to get the feeling that Talley is overreacting in all this. Talley was a rookie in 1983; Young was born in 1983. There are no doubt plenty of former players who were rookies in 1960, the year Talley was born, whom Talley wouldn’t recognize. Maybe Young isn’t the only one who needs to grow up.

54 responses to “Darryl Talley wants Vince Young to show some respect

  1. Hell…..At least he wasn’t like MJD who said he grew up in the Bay area during the Jack Tatum years, even though Tatum retired 5 years before MJD was born….

  2. I may think that Vince Young is a spoiled, selfish, immature jacka$$, but be serious……. he’s wrong for not knowing who Darryl Talley was, er is …….?

    Darryl Talley??????

    Maybe Darryl Talley should have been somebody worth remembering, first?

  3. Wasn’t Talley the one who would put up a picture of Rodney Dangerfield above his locker because he was always crying about not getting any respect? Get over yourself Darryl.

  4. Two time Pro-Bowler? Gasp.

    List of (at least) two time Pro-Bowlers (from the past fifteen or so) off the top of my head:

    Larry Izzo
    Flozell Adams
    Mark Brunell
    James Hasty (!!)
    Mitch Berger\

    Mitch Berger lives in Vancouver, where I live. I’ve met him twice. I did not recognize him the first time. Why? Because he’s Mitch Berger.

    I hesitate to cite Wikipedia articles, but Talley’s entry states that “he left Atlanta on a less than stellar note when it was discovered that he played his last game in Atlanta with a loaded U-Haul truck in the parking lot.” I don’t know if this is true, but if it is, it’s much more disrespectful than not being “recognized” by a guy who got one of the lowest scores in history on the Wonderlic test.

    I’m not a Vince Young fan, but I’ll give him a pass on this one.

  5. Um..as amusing as it is to note how immature and disappointing Vince Young has been as a pro…I think Darryl Talley needs to cool it.

    Unless they ran into one another and Vince Young both didn’t know who he was and THEN was completely dismissive of Talley once introduced, I really don’t see the story here. But if this is just because Young didn’t know his football history? Eh. Chill out Talley. You’re singling out Young here unfairly.

  6. Hahahahahahahaha… Daryl Talley calling out Vince Young for not knowing who he was??!! Is he kidding??!! Who the hell is Daryl Talley and what did he ever accomplish??!! Haha… Oh yeah, he was a decent LB for the 4 time Super Bowl loser Buffalo Bills… Yeah, you’re someone everybody should know. Amazing how self absorbed these guys are. Waht a joke!!! I am sure you knew all about guys like Sam Huff, Ray Nitchke, and Mike Curtis when you played… UB!!!

  7. Sorry guys, I side with Talley on this one. Young not knowing who Talley is is one thing, but the fact that he took the time to rebut Talley’s tweet with his incredibly disrespectful comment about his grandmother shows Young’s off-the-chart level of immaturity. He obviously has not learned anything from his mistakes in Nashville.

    Young is a 2-year old in a man’s body, and as a diehard Dolphins’ fan whose team has been in need of a decent QB for the last 15 years, I sincerely hope the Fins DON’T take a chance on this whining piece of crap that seems in desperate need of a diaper change.

    To Young: Listen to sound advice from a former NFL player who respected the game and the people that gave him a chance to earn a decent living playing a game. YOU NEED TO GROW UP YOU IDIOT. Just because you’ve got a big bank account don’t mean sh*t. The players that came before you set the stage for idiots like you to claim the ridiculous paychecks you’re now getting. It’s bad enough there are plenty of folks out there that think you don’t do squat to earn it, but you don’t have to rub their faces in it.

    Geez … can’t wait to see this Young soap opera fizzle out next season just like all the other whinning babies of the NFL. Good riddance …

  8. I wouldn’t recognize Talley, only a few years older than Young and know the name. Imagine he introduced himself and Young blew him off. Talley was no where near the drama queens today’s players are, can’t imagine him being one now. Yet, the story fits into Youngs profile well.

  9. So Tally played from the time Vince Young was born until he was 14 and Young doesn’t know who he is? I think that would be more of a case of Young not “loving” football and just happens to be talented. Lacking the “love of the game” and dedication is also considered a lack of maturity.

  10. I am almost 50, a fan for 40 years, and while I recognize the name a little, with helmets and not being a Bills fan, I would not recognize him if my life depended on it. It is not like he was Joe Montana.

  11. I can’t remember the last time I read something good about VY. What team is going to want him at this point? He’s getting fat, can’t throw, and incredibly immature. At this point I’d rather go with Jimmy Clausen…

  12. gatorgabe:

    Very well said.

    It’s one thing for a young fan not to know who Darryl Talley is, but it’s a totally different thing for an NFL “QB” not to know who he is.

    This just proves to me that Young isn’t dedicated to his craft.

    Hey Vince, here’s an idea, instead of watching MTV on your spare time, there a great channel you should tune in to, it’s called the NFL Network.

  13. There’s a difference between Darryl Talley and Vince Young entered the NFL:

    We didn’t have an internet in 1983 where you could instantly look up the players of previous eras whereas today of course we have that and much more where Young could look up Talley (or any other player of past eras) and instantly see what he’s about, much like many of us can see things like the old Monday Night Football themes for example. I totally understand where Mr. Talley is coming from on this.

  14. What? Because he’s an NFL player he should recognize every single other former NFL player? Come on. It would be one thing if he didn’t recognize Dan Marino or Jerry Rice or Lawrence Taylor or even Thurman Thomas or Jim Kelly but, Darryl Talley? Who gives a rats ass about Darryl Talley?

  15. There’s only so much room upstairs in the VY attic for remembering such trivial pursuits.

    Every ex-player he has to remember, he forgets a dozen plays in a current playbook… )

  16. Talley really pulled out the, do you know who I am line? Talk about delusional.

    Yea I remember Talley, a member of the Bills four time Super Bowl losers with an awful haircut. Get a clue dude.

  17. Raiders fans willl remember who he was. 51-3 blowout and scoring a TD with Allen trying to tackling him.

  18. nesuperfan says:
    Jan 16, 2011 12:24 PM
    I am almost 50, a fan for 40 years, and while I recognize the name a little, with helmets and not being a Bills fan, I would not recognize him if my life depended on it. It is not like he was Joe Montana.

    Guy if you are 50, a pats fan, and you only recognize his name a little then you just don’t like football besides rooting for the pats for the past ten years. He played in the same division as your favorite team for 12 years and was very good. Im a 30 year old Bears fan and know exactly who he is.

  19. Being 33 years old [A father, not quite a grand parent however] I remember talley’s playing days. I see some comments on here about “Who?” and “Nobody cares about Bills players today or then” etc. For 4 years the Buffalo Bills were the best team in the AFC, so they didn’t win the game, for 4, consecutive years they represented their conference against the NFC during a time period of NFC dominance. People look at merely the losses and crack up, but the Bills should’ve beaten the Giants and they should’ve beaten the 2nd Dallas game, their 4th appearance.

    Talley was a very good player and perhaps the only reason some people may “vaguely” remember him was because of the talent around him. Jim kelly, Andre Reed, Thurman Thomas, Bruce Smith and it goes on and on.

    The fact VY doesn’t know who he is despite the fact he was a kid when he played only demonstrates [I wont say prove, but it does add to the case against him] further that Young doesn’t love the game as one must at his level for continued success. He hates the time it takes to play his position at his level of competition so much that he publicly spoke of retiring after his ROOKIE SEASON!!!

    The difference between Darryl talley and Vince Young IMO is when Young rtires and his playing days too have passed I was see Talley in a positive light on NFL Films [AS i HAVE many times] all while we all think about and hear about what Young could’ve been if he had given a cr*ap while our grand kids ask us “Pappy, who is Vince Young?”.

  20. I remember Talley whining year after year for being snubbed by Pro Bowl voters. He obviously thought (and still thinks) hes a big deal. He played on great defenses, amongst Pro Bowl players. Get over yourself Darryl!

  21. Everyone should be able to recite every member of the Boy I Love Losing Superbowls teams. It is the only respect they will ever get…

    On a serious note, over those four years the Bills were easily the best team in football, but they will be remembered for not being champions.

    Talley etched out a good career, but lets get real, he should not be surprised if people do not recognize him.

  22. I was born in ’83, I remember Talley playing. But I don’t think I’d recognize his face.

    And if I was a current pro now and was introduced, I wouldn’t feel any obligation to react to meeting him any differently than I react when I meet any normal person.

    “Hey how ya doing? You’re not a hot girl, what do you want from me?”

  23. necrondi says:
    Jan 16, 2011 1:02 PM

    Guy if you are 50, a pats fan, and you only recognize his name a little then you just don’t like football besides rooting for the pats for the past ten years. He played in the same division as your favorite team for 12 years and was very good. Im a 30 year old Bears fan and know exactly who he is

    Actually I just have a bad memory for non-important things. I can watch a movie, and within a year, not remember a thing about it.

  24. @darthitman –
    “People look at merely the losses and crack up, but the Bills should’ve beaten the Giants and they should’ve beaten the 2nd Dallas game, their 4th appearance.”

    how do you figure, the bills didn’t win either game, so why should they have beaten the giants and cowboys?

    …and who cares about darryl talley…besides darryl talley?

  25. Didn’t Vince Young score like a 7 on the NFL’s Wonderlic Test? Well then, how can you expect him to remember who Darryl Talley is when he most likely don’t even know the names of his own teammates!!!

  26. A few observations about the comments and kids today.

    First off, he never said “he didnt recognize me”
    He said, “he didnt know who i was”


    A number of stupid commenters missed that.

    NEXT – its not cool to be proud of your ignorance, and thats what im seeing from Vince Young and the commenters from his generation.

    Name any guy from a team that played in 4 Superbowls and I will have heard of him.

    To admit otherwise just tells me that you dont follow the NFL closely……LIKE Vince YOUNG.

    And thats cool, but why are you posting comments on this website if you dont know anything about the game??

    Is it cool to be stupid?

  27. Super Bowl XXVII; Where Talley Goes, Close Calls Follow
    Published: January 28, 1993

    LOS ANGELES, Jan. 27 — First, the Bills say, linebacker Darryl Talley lost a one-round decision to a steam pipe and a headboard in the basement of his Orchard Park, N.Y., home last Thursday.

    Then, he reportedly suffered a TKO last Sunday when Magic Johnson’s bodyguard punched Talley in the nose at a nightclub called Roxbury on Sunset Boulevard. And the main event, Super Bowl XXVII, isn’t until this Sunday at Pasadena, Calif.

    This is not what the Buffalo players, in general, and Talley, in particular, had in mind as they get ready to face the Dallas Cowboys. Although it was not immediately clear what provoked the nightclub incident, it was certainly an uncomfortable reminder of the kind of distractions that plagued the Bills before they lost their second straight Super Bowl last year. Johnson on Radio

    In an interview on a Los Angeles radio station this afternoon, Johnson confirmed that an incident between Talley and Johnson’s bodyguard, whom Johnson identified only as Anthony, had taken place. But Johnson denied that the altercation was serious.

  28. I’m 26. From California. I remember Darryl Talley. I was just a young kid when he played as well. Would I blast VY for not knowing who he was, no. But he should. Talley was a pretty good football player for the Bills and league. He wasn’t a superstar. But a very solid player. I’m sure there’s more to it. If I was VY and I didn’t recognize him but then told me who he was then of course I would know who he was. So Talley is right and wrong. End of the day Talley seemed like he’s overreacting. But to VY if you know any NFL history during 90’s you should know who he is.

  29. @nnagi-

    “how do you figure, the bills didn’t win either game, so why should they have beaten the giants and cowboys?”

    They should have beaten the Giants based on a few things #1 being the fact that to slow down the Bills’ offensive passing threat they allowed Thurman Thomas to run at will for all points and purposes. 2ndly, a 20-19 finish on a missed field goal that you’d struggle to fit a strand of hair between the ball the post and the ball. The Dallas game, with a 13-6 lead at the half there is NO excuse for being outscored 24-0 in the 2nd half.

    “…and who cares about darryl talley…besides darryl talley?”

    Answer: Football Fans

  30. Great point at the end of the post. I’m sure Talley never looked in the mirror before making those comments. I’m a huge NFL fan, and although the name rings a bell, I’m not old enough to remember anything about the guy. Having said that, I’m not excusing VY’s attitude nor lack of dedication to the game. Some people were born with extreme physical skills, but weren’t born with and never acquired, the mental edge that turns good players into great ones.

  31. I was born in 1982 and I know who Darryl Talley is. If I, I guy who only played high school football, can know football history and is damn near the same age as Vince then why can’t Vince (who does this for a living) know football history too? Its not rocket science

  32. I think that Talley is the BIG loser in this incident. What on earth possessed such a “famous” player as him to go to Twitter to whine about someone who was born the year Talley was a rookie?

    Talley, pick your battles. You sound like someone with an inflated ego and whines when you think you’re ignored.

    So what if VY said his grandmother liked Talley. If VY was born in 1983 that would make it feasible that his grandmother did know who Talley is……….

    Too much whining for me.

  33. @darthhitman

    my point is the giants and cowboys beat the bills fair and square, there is no “should have’s”…it’s not like the bills were robbed of victories, they squandered opportunities and the giants and cowboys took advantage, like good teams do…

  34. I’m usually more than happy to pile on a good Vince Young story, but sheesh. I give him a pass on this one.

    I’m sure lots of current players aren’t aware of all the players from when they were young. I think the fact that Darryl Talley is the most famous NFL player in the Talley household is skewing his perspective.

    Although on the other hand, how could you not recognize that mug? He gives Willie McGee a run for ugliest pro athlete of the last 30 years.

  35. I was born in 1983. That doesn’t mean I don’t know who Johnny Unitas is. Didn’t Vince Young collect sports cards? Or was who too busy having tea parties with his dolls?

  36. You are proving Talley’s point. Young has already made more money than Talley made in his career and Young isn’t 1/1,000th of the player Talley was and never will be.

  37. Call me a Homer and rip on me for fanning a team the lost 4 in a row ( although no one will ever make 4 in a row again) but Talley is kind of correct. Everyone who says he isnt worth knowing is most likely younger and knows the history of their team alone. he was a great player on a great D. Talleys point is, it was his generation of football that has made VY able to be over paid and under accomplished. You should respect the game and at least know who these guys are that have given you the oppurtunity to be a bust. Not asking to rattle of stats and Biographies, just know who they are and what they did for you.

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