Nick Fairley will play anywhere, except in the cold

In the pre-draft poking and prodding, the things an incoming rookie says can have as much impact on his eventual placement — and payday — as the things he does.

In declaring his intention to forgo his final year of eligibility at Auburn and head to the NFL, Fairley made an observation about his first NFL destination that some teams could view as a red flag.

Asked where he wants to play at the next level, Fairley said (via Chris Brown of, “It doesn’t matter as long as it’s not cold.”

Um.  Yeah.

Maybe he really didn’t mean it.  Then again, maybe he did.  Either way, the remark will surely be used by any interested team in assessing whether Fairley “gets it” and/or whether he’ll bring a sense of entitlement to the NFL.

31 responses to “Nick Fairley will play anywhere, except in the cold

  1. ROFL … great defender if you can overlook the way he shoves tackled opponents’ faces into the ground after the whistle. But no matter what team drafts him, he’ll have to play some cold-weather games. I’ll assume it was a joke, but since any little misstep can move you down a couple of places, it was better left unsaid.

    Of course, maybe he’s sending a signal to Carolina. Then again, given his penchant for dirty tricks, he’d be a better fit for Tennessee if he can stick around to #8.

  2. There you go… if you are a cold weather team, do not sign this guy. He is entitled to play where he chooses. Right…

  3. I wonder if this is a subtle remark meant as a joke to show that he wants to be the first pick in the draft. After Carolina picks first, the next three spots are Denver, Buffalo and Cincinnati. He almost certainly won’t fall past #4. So maybe it was a joke.

    If it wasn’t a joke, I certainly hope the Bills think twice before taking him at #3 if he’s available.

  4. Perhaps he could fall to 15, lots of sun and chicks, just saying, Danny boy fell to about 27, it can happen. Bill

  5. So, does that mean he won’t play in games where its cold as well?

    This could start an entirely new contract system. “The player shall not play in games where ambient air temperature 2 hours before game time is at or below 40F.”

  6. Fairley will change his tune when his agent sets him straight, and explains that regardless if it’s home or away he’ll need to play games outdoors in cold weather. Get picked higher and play in a cold climate for more money? Or lower and player in a warm climate for less money? Hmmm, for a greedy, immature, soon-to-be rookie it sounds like a no-brainer to me.

  7. So apparently he doesn’t want to compete for the Super Bowl. The four remaining teams this year – GB, Chi, Pit, and NYJ – would all be considered cold climates. Plus, 7 of the last 10 have been won by cold weather teams.

  8. Why does anyone ask these geniuses where they want to go? Doesn’t seem like it’s up to them.
    Asking them just stirs a pot that does not need
    stiring……..So why bother?

  9. I understand that this is going to be a ‘blemish’ on his draft stock. I get it. But he’s only saying what everyone is thinking. I doubt he meant every cold weather city.

    But seriously, who wants to go to Buffalo? Sorry Bills fans, but it’s just not somewhere anyone is interested in playing or coaching. Not even college players with no choice on where they can go.

  10. thats fine, i hope he drops in the draft because of this and is still available at 12 when the vikes pick. kid is a BEAST!

  11. What’s the big deal?

    “Where do you want to play?”

    “Doesn’t matter as long as it’s not cold.”

    Not, “Where are you willing to play?”

    Where do you WANT to play? Not many people would want to play in the cold weather if they had a choice.

    That’s why all these different SEC schools win national titles and all these different Big Ten schools… don’t.

    He is a dirty player, though.

  12. Sports are interesting….

    in ‘real’ life, for a job… I can choose to interview any company (opening) anywhere…

    I interviewed for Westinghouse in SC who wanted to send me to France… I stopped the interview right after that and said… no…

    I interviewed for a company in Massachusetts… who wanted to send me to China… I said no…

    I settled for a company 25 miles from my house, sleep in my own bed at night and see my family everyday.

    THE POINT… its HIS choice… and living in Ohio.. I wouldn’t want to go to any Ohio team though Cinc isn’t that cold. Cleveland sucks… Buffalo is getting better but terrible cold and SNOW !

    Some people like the beach some people like the ‘slopes’…
    Nice about America…. your choice

  13. Whether he was joking or not, Fairley is one huge red flag. He is a dirty player. That has been proven multiple times this past season. Wait for him to try that crap in the NFL and some backup center will take him out at the knees. Next year will be a wake up call for this clown.

  14. the quote is most likely out of context but if he doesn’t want to play in the cold then he probably doesn’t plan to participate in the playoffs during his career..

  15. carson9 says:

    Translation = Any where but Buffalo or Cleveland.


    Add your Bengals to that list.

  16. I’m tired of some of you clowns on here picking on Buffalo……everyone with a smart comment “anywhere but Buffalo”……Buffalo has had some great players over the years (yeah, I know it’s been awhile). Buffalo gets a bad rap, it’s not the coldest, Cleveland and Pittsburgh had more snow last year. It’s cold in Green Bay, New England, New Jersey. Some of you on here have no clue about anything on Buffalo. Let me know when you’re team wins 4 straight AFC East titles and 4 straight Super Bowls!!(ok pile on, we lost), but it won’t ever be done again, by any team. The Bills teams were great. The Bills are an up and coming team. They played the 2nd toughest schedule in the NFL last year. They took Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and Kansas City to OT. They played New England twice, the Jets twice, played Green Bay, played Chicago (lost by 3). Play that schedule!! If the Bills had played in the NFC West, they would have beaten every team twice in that division and won it running away. Buffalo is not a bad place to live!!

  17. Talk about taking something out of context! This is just irresponsible on PFT’s part!

    The kid says this while joking around and laughing and PFT reports it in a way that implies that when he said it, he was dead serious.

    Give me a break. This is cheap.

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