Wide receivers still killing Ravens after all these years


The Ravens have thrown draft picks at the problem with little success.  They’ve tried throwing money at the problem, and that didn’t work.

After all these years, the wide receiver position is still killing the Baltimore franchise.

It wasn’t just the dropped passes from Anquan Boldin and T.J. Houshmandzadeh Saturday, although those were killers.  The Ravens simply have no big playmakers or useful speed at the position.

Joe Flacco completed two passes for more than 10 yards Saturday in Pittsburgh.  There were plenty of times he dropped back to pass, got great protection, and no one was open.

The Ravens receivers didn’t get separation in the previous Steelers games and many others this year.  Baltimore’s wideouts are old and slow.  (Anquan Boldin is a lot of things, but he’s not a consistent vertical threat.)

I can’t recall ever dropping a ball when the team needed a play,” Houshmandzadeh told the Baltimore Sun.  “I’ve always made that play, I’ve always wanted that play, and wow, it’s almost like it’s not real. I can’t believe it.”

Pittsburgh’s youngsters Mike Wallace, Emmanuel Sanders and Antonio Brown ultimately were more dangerous than Boldin, Houshmandzadeh, and Derrick Mason.

Ravens G.M. Ozzie Newsome needs to go back to the drawing board at wide receiver. Again.

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  1. Boldin, Housmandzadeh and Mason make about $25 million between them. Wallace, Sanders and Brown might top $2 million.

    Who has the better player personnel and scouting departments, again? Everyone keeps telling me it’s Baltimore.

  2. POOR POOR RAVENS FANS !!!!!!!!! i feel a little bad for them today as a STeelers fan . They had so much hope at halftime with the big lead . Then to lose the way they did . WOW . But it also was the greatest Steelers V Ravens game in a long time . But in the end as ive always said before . DEFENSE win championships and the Steelers defense wanted the win more than the Ravens offense .

  3. Housh dropped that final pass, but Flacco played mediocre all game. QB playing was, is and will continue to be the problem in this Ravens/Steelers games.

    Maybe next year, Ravens’ fans.

  4. It is not the receivers! Sure each of those 2 dropped a pass, the Boldin one near the ground. Flacco cracks under pressure (and don’t tell me Ravens playoff record). He also missed wide open receivers many more times than those 2 drops. And if he is sacked which he was many times or hit or hurried throwing the ball his next 2 or 3 passes until he gets back to the bencg he hurries and is then off target. Flacco fumbled the ball away. Just like last game in KC he fumbled the snap on the KC one yard line leading to Ravens having to settle for a FG.

    I know he declared himself one of the better QBs in the NFL just last week – fact is he is NOT!.

  5. As I remember, the Bears used to have the same problem. They couldn’t get a WR in the draft no matter what and free agency was no help either. Now, at least, they have speed with Hester and Knox plus a tight end who can control the middle of the field. I think it took a new GM for this to happen, though.

  6. Just goes to show how much the so called experts know. Remind me again of those that counted the Steelers out before the season? How does that crow taste?

  7. It not been a good playoffs for any birds. Ravens, eagles, and falcons.

    SeaChickens are about to be served up in chicago to a hungry bear team. It won’t be pretty.

  8. For the first part of the season, Anquan Boldin was pretty sensational, and I thought to myself, “Why would Arizona trade him?” After Sunday’s Divisional round against Pittsburgh, I now know why. There is a reason Seattle traded T.J. Houshmandzadeh…. and here is a prediction for all you Ravens fans out there…. Derrick Mason will be traded or released this offseason and will not be back with Baltimore next season.

  9. Betcha they make a run a Mr Moss

    The jets are going to feel worse than the ravens do after today… at least the ravens kept it close.

    The jets are going to be made fool of.

    Lookin at you #31

  10. Hey TJ, guess you can’t say “never” again when it comes to your statement about making big plays. You and Jerramy Stevens. Two peas in a pod. Big talkers, small walkers. Enjoy the rep that comes with it. It looks good on you.

    And what, no mention of Stallworth? Wasn’t he too going to be a game changer?

    Let’s see if I can recount the typical Ratturd’s previous rantings about their offense. Didn’t it go something like this:

    We have so-o-o-o-o-o many weapons. Rice is a beast. Flat out best all round back in the game. Second coming of Roger Craig. McClain will flatten people. McGahee would be a first great option, never mind a team’s second option. How can you cover Heap? He’s big and has great hands. Mason? Toughest guy in the league. Boldin. Put him down for a 100 catches. Stallworth will extend the field. And now TJ? Are you kidding me? Four best receivers in the league. Our biggest
    problem will be finding room for all of them. And with Joe Cool back there? That kid is coming on. He is big, can escape the pocket pressure, accurate, good arm, nothing fazes him and he’s no serial molester like Rapistberger. We are going to crush the AFC North.

    Is that how it went? Or did I dream that?

  11. @commoncents

    No doubt about it. I work in Baltimore and I can’t wait to see all the Ravens fans in their offices, upset, come Tuesday.

  12. Yes, but these 2 teams are very evenly matched. Most of the games played against each other have been exciting, “slobber knocker” games. These type of games is why I became a fan of NFL football. Appreciate the rivalry….

  13. I doubt as well as Boldin played then he comes to Baltimore and is no good. Lay some of that blame your throwing around at the QB. Call it like it is. Those Baltimorons think they have the next Brady when all they have is Dilfer pt. 2

  14. Blah all teams talk trash, why be embarrased.. you’re just a troll

    If I were a Ravens fan I would be more concerned.. Flacco took a step back, the WRs need to be replaced and the defense is old

  15. Hey, Randy Moss is probably theirs for the plucking! Just make sure they get the right catering company if they go after him. Seriously, I would argue that, while the receivers they have are not top-shelf, it is the coaches who should get more out of the talent they do have. I don’t feel they are utilizing the skills of the players properly. They had bad games at the same time this week, but these players are far from useless.

    Don’t forget who they were playing. I think the Ravens receivers became intimidated over the course of the game. All that aside, they need to improve the roster at WR a little, and there are several avenues for that. Lots of good ones in this draft too.

  16. I don’t know about back to the drawing board, but they do need to add some speed. The steelers were in press man to man coverage most of the game and the ravens receivers couldn’t get separation. Having said all that, speed kills (insert ray lewis comment here) but so does dropping the ball!!

  17. It’s called proper scouting. Don’t take the sexy pick, or pick with “team needs” in mind. Look at the way the Steelers have always drafted and got free agents. They pick the best guy that their scouting department and coaching staff sees to fit the scheme. They never take the sexy pick, it drives us Steeler fans INSANE, but 9 times out of 10, they are right.

    I am trying to remember the last “Sexy” pick or free agent the Steelers took…. Ohhh yeah, Troy Edwards in 1999 ugh…. As for free agents, I cannot remember any, none at all in my 20+ years as a Steeler fan.

  18. Watching the Ravens receivers.. a lot of wanting fouls called and talking without plays. They have to be thankful they have outstanding tightend in Heap. For the Steelers where did Brown come from? Three young fast receivers.

  19. As a fan of the Ravens, I could never be embarrassed by the Ravens. They have made the playoffs 3 straight years. Top to bottom the team is extremely well run & managed.
    Yesterday was a tough loss. But I remain proud of this team.

  20. hey Suggs –

    i thought you had your bags packed for Foxboro … ohhhhhhhh 2 bad …the Steelers knocked you out again ?.. way to go Ravens you laid down again..Suggsy every time you made a play you looked up to the sky and beat your chest like a monkey…jeez..thats getting old too… maybe you can think of something new for next year with all your time off. oh yeah and please try to save it until you actually win something you “wild card” wonders

  21. Why is it embarassing to be a raven. I’m not even a fan but they lost a tough close game against a tough division rival. That’s so much to be embarrased about lol. U know how many teams would kill to get where Baltimore did. Cmon man!!

  22. “Pittsburgh’s youngsters Mike Wallace, Emmanuel Sanders and Antonio Brown ultimately were more dangerous than Boldin, Houshmandzadeh, and Derrick Mason.”

    Spot on, and I smelled this one coming (good call, Gregg, by the way — you’ve been banging on that drum all week).

    Wallace, Sanders and Brown are all speed. Wallace didn’t have a huge game, but we saw what Sanders and eventually Brown did to them all game… this could be the most exciting core of young receievers in the league right behind the Eagles. They’re not quite there yet, but those rookies have really blossomed over the second half of the year.

    It all boils down to really great strategy by Tomlin, Colbert and co. All that speed can really negate the brute strength the Ravens bring to the table and I have a feeling that’s been the thinking all along. Meanwhile, the Ravens went the opposite route and signed big names and slow feet. It just goes to show the differences in the organizations and why the Steelers tend to always come out on top of the division and the Ravens play second fiddle, year after year. The Steelers front office has a huge upperhand on the Ravens.

  23. This is what happens when your team collects a bunch of aging possession receivers. There’s not one guy on that team that can stretch the field.

    In contrast, the Steelers top two receivers for the game were both rookies that can flat out fly (Sanders and Brown). That doesn’t even include Mike Wallace, possibly the fastest player in the league.

  24. Maybe they could could stop dumping money on Ray Ray the pile jumper and invest in some offensive help.

  25. “I can’t recall ever dropping a ball when the team needed a play,”

    Nice to know if we need any Housh stats we can go directly to the source.

    Just watch, she will come back next year more beautiful than ever!

  26. the same jibber jashing talk from the jets just might bite them today too. cant stand ryan, the team will choke just as it did 45-3, i dont think today will be a blow ouit such as that but dont gice bill and brady bulletin board material everyday all day and dont expect them to burn you. remember that kid from pittsburgh a few years back ..how’d that game go? where is he at now? yeah just sayin’…

  27. The Ravens WR arent all that bad and Falco aint all that good…..its a combination of them both…….and what other big game was Housh in that he made a big catch???????

  28. As a Ravens fan I think Flacco certainly did NOT have a good game last night but he did just enough to get them the lead late in the 4th. That drop by Boldin for the TD is inexcusable. He catches that and the Ravens are up by 4 and they can rely on their defense to hold Big Ben. If Ben and the Steelers “O” march down the field and win I really can’t complain because Big Ben comes up big in games against the Ravens and many other teams.

    The Ravens “D” did OK when they weren’t forced to defend a short field. Suggs played off the chain last night and other than rushing 3 when they had the Steelers at 3rd and 19, they had played a solid game.

    Its a shame this Ravens offense can’t make the plays when needed, whether its against the Steelers, Colts, Pats, whoever. They just don’t have the “IT” to win the big games. Wide receiver drops, fumbles by RB’s, failed snaps to Flacco…the list goes on. Play like that won’t win Super Bowls much less Playoff games. They need to tighten things up and work harder if they want to go anywhere…

  29. Yes, very embarrassing. You don’t get gifted 14 points by the Steelers and then give them right back. As much as it pains me…Congrats Steelers! Fought back an handed to us.

    In hindsight the signing of Houzmadouchie killed us. He was the #3 when Stalworth should have been. We signed him to be the downfield threat and used him on awful reverses only! Doesn’t make sense. And note to him an Anquan, when you cry for the ball…catch it when it comes to you.

  30. eh…it was a great game between two really good teams. im sure the ravens are upset but there’s no reason for embarrassment.

  31. Please. Joe Flacco has no excuses. Mason, Boldin, Housh, Heap, Rice. All of those guys can get open. The first half, Flacco had all day to throw the ball, but he chose to dump it off to Rice. I can’t blame him for that too much, as Rice is easily the most talented running back in the league.

    Check his numbers in the playoffs and against good teams in general. He’s got one of the most solid WR cores and a above average O-line. Flacco just isn’t very good.

  32. I’m sorry what talking is that? wearing a funny shirt and calling 3 questionable Super Bowls questionable? thats SOOOO much talking man we need to calm down. lol and I’ve been rooting for the Ravens when they were going 4-12 and 5-11 with Kyle Boller. I’ll never be embarrassed to be a Ravens fan. It was a good game like it always is. We lost to a great team, no shame in that. But yeah WR is a problem. keep the TE’s, Boldin, and bring back Mace if he doesn’t retire but not as a number 2. use that first round pick on a WR. and then pick up Asomugha, and all our problems should be fixed.

  33. oh and i know im gonna get crap for saying this, but there were a lot of bad calls last night. not an excuse but still there were a lot of bad calls, on both teams

  34. Ozzie gets a lot of hype for being a draft wizard but if you look at the Steeler drafts they arely miss on a pick and always go for speed and quickness. Except for Limas Sweed they raely miss on their top picks.

    Of course Matt Ryan didn’t set the world on fire yesterday and he gets rave reviews. I put him and Flacco is the same pot….just good…not elite.

    Elite quarterbacks take their teams to Superbowls…eg Brees, Manning, Brady, Roethlisberger

  35. Did you even watch that game? Yes Doushmandzadeh’s drop was terrible, but Joe Flacco was the only reason they lost that game. I’ve never seen a QB looks so lost in a playoff game.

  36. oh and finding a new OC might be a good idea as well. i think that might be the main problem. Cameron has good games and bad. we need a consistent OC.

  37. Re-sign Stallworth (he wants to come back), change offensive coordinators (Cam did a great job the last two years, but with all the players they had this year, its inexcusable that they would be statistically WORSE than last year), if Mason comes back, keep him and let Housh go, if not, keep Housh, and finally, draft an offensive tackle, allowing Marshall Yanda to go back to guard and the Ravens would actually create some holes and give Flacco some protection. They do this and they’re a top 5-10 offense to go along with a great defense.

    Having said this, ANYONE who watches the Ravens consistently would say that they’d give up their ENTIRE 2011 draft if the NFL were to come out and say that they’re not going to rig Ravens games/ the AFC North…It happens EVERY year. How come about 9 of the last 10 times the Steelers “beat” the Ravens there has been controversy about the officiating? Doesn’t that strike anyone as odd? To steelers fans: Name ONE time the Ravens beat the Steelers where there was controversy…It has NEVER happened. In addition, how come we always hear about officiating controversy whenever the Ravens lose to the Bengals? Hmm… Another question to Steelers fans: When’s the last time the Steelers lost a game (to anyone) when there was controversy about the officiating? It’s NEVER happened. On the other hand, when’s the last year they didnt WIN a game at the end as a result of officiating controversy? You had the Dolphins and now the Ravens this year, and this year was very mild compared to past years.

  38. Ravens fan here…These receivers didn’t become washed up overnight. Just like mark Clayton didn’t become a star by going to St. Louis. Flacco is just too damned slow to find receivers when they’re open, or thread them in tighter coverage. He also cannot audible to get a more advantageous play and matchhup, so you get a season of check downs, dump offs, and underperformance. He takes way too many sacks, runs out of bounds, and dumps the ball off – all of which leads to a higher QB rating because it keeps the completion percentage high, and interceptions low – but red zone performance sucks, downfield yardage sucks, and he disappears in EVERY game, even moreso against big-time teams. He and the OC are the biggest problems – not the supporting cast.

  39. Does anyone remember in the offseason that the Steelers were CRAZY to trade Santonio Holmes to the Jets for a 5th pick that come called a turkey sandwich ???? Well that turkey sandwich is called Antonio Brown . A 5th round pick from Central Michigan . Nice call by the Steelers ….

  40. @commoncents

    No doubt about it. I work in Baltimore and I can’t wait to see all the Ravens fans in their offices, upset, come Tuesday.

  41. The one thing Ravens are missing and have been missing since their inception is…


    They tend to collect talented individuals who want the best for themselves instead of the team.

    What we saw yesterday from the Steelers was a team playing together with…


  42. ccoolahan14 … What bad calls in this game are you talking about ? Last time i checked the Ravens had 6 -74 penalties against them .While the Steelers had 9-93 against them . Where is the great cheap job by the Refs to cause the Ravens to lose ? Was it the ticky tack PI call against Anthony Madison ? Or the holding call on the PR for a td called back ? Both teams had a bad call against them . Remember back in 05 when the Steelers played the Colts ? That was bad officiating that the Steelers overcame to win . Bad calls happen against EVERYONE . Good teams overcome bad calls . Ravens just cry about them . Did the refs let a team complete a 58 yard pass with 8 defenders on 3rd and 19 ? NOOOOO Refs didnt cause your qb to fumble and throw picks at the right time . What you need to worry about is how your big bad offense only gained 126 yrds of offense and only 28 yards in the 2nd half . If Pitt didnt have those 2 turnovers the Ravens get blown out . If both teams didnt commit any turnovers the Steelers win . Do you get it now ?

  43. No vertical game whatsoever. Could be blamed on the receivers, could be blamed on the quarterback, could be blamed on the coaching staff. In the end, the Steelers are a great team and adapted better throughout the game from their own mistakes.

  44. Once again we see why the league is trending away from diva WRs. Better to have a couple of quietly efficient no-names than “stars” who never shut up but disappear when you most need them.

  45. First of all, why would we Ravens fans be embarassed? Because we have a 15 yr old team that has been one of the 5 best teams in the NFL for 10 of those 15 years??? …and because we are one of the 5 best teams in the NFL this year & lost on the road to another of the 5 best this year??? Hey, it sucks…but it’s far from embarassing to be a Ravens fan. There’s a LOT of NFL fans out there who would love to be in our shoes. Just ironic that that moronic comment came from a Steeler fan, as there’s a lot of Steeler fans on here crying about trash talking!!! Then again, they’re not proving themselves to be very self aware, are they???

    Second, the WRs are far from our biggest problem. Those who follow the Ravens every play every year know that a) Cameron’s schemes are so vanilla it’s amazing anyone is EVER open b) when guys get open, Flacco routinely fails to find them c) the one guy they have to stretch the field (Stallworth) was almost never allowed on the field. Yes, our receivers are old & slow, but good coaching & QB play would easily overcome that…especially when you have Heap & Rice that require a defense’s attention.

    Mason’s going to retire. Boldin will be back. Don’t know what they do with rest of receiving corps…but more important than anything, get a freakin coaching staff that will utilize all the weapons and design a scheme that works. I’m sure Chargers fans can feel our Cam Cemron induced pain…and solidify the o-line around Oher, Grubbs & Yanda. Birk is done. Gaither will be great if he can return.

  46. “I can’t recall ever dropping a ball when the team needed a play,”

    Wow, this guy has some serious memory issues. Does anybody wonder now why the Seahawks and Bengals want nothing to do with this guy?

  47. “I’ve never seen a QB looks so lost in a playoff game.”

    Favre against the Giants comes to mind.

  48. Hard to believe that bad karma you got 5 years ago after wiping your feet off with a terrible towel is still coming back to haunt you. You complained that Seattle didnt keep you and that you think you are a number one receiver. You’re not even a decent receiver. You are a loud mouth who cant play. Have fun watching the games from your couch you POS.

  49. Very true. I wish they would have drafted Arrelious Benn Rnd 1 instead of trading back for Mr Lush Sergio Kindle…thats on you Ozzie. Now what ???

  50. @ccoolahan14: You give your fanbase a bad name.

    Rigged? Really?

    So, if this game was rigged, I guess the answer to your question is that the only time there won’t be “controversy” after one of these games is the game where the Ravens are called for exactly zero penalties.

    Because that’s the only way you won’t find some excuse as to why your team lost.

  51. ravens arent 15 years old. they are 64 years old, they used to be the browns.

    the ravens wideouts didnt get open. even stonehanded so-called speed merchant stallworth. just how many pix did u idiots expect flaco joe to toss?

    it would be easier to get better faster wideouts than to win with old and slow mason, housh.

  52. PFT” .. “Ravens G.M. Ozzie Newsome needs to go back to the drawing board at wide receiver. Again.”


    (Ozzie can’t pick WR because he was a TE and from the Browns)

    Has Suggs put his t shirt in the laundry for next year?

    Steelers ‘gave’ them two easy TDs, our defense stopped Ravens…

    We made up for those two TDs and our defense shutdown Flacco…

    Refs sucked on both sides… go back and watch the game and objectively rate the calls and no call.

    I seem to recall a very good coach of the Houston Oilers… Bum Philips.. the road to the Super Bowl goes through Pittsburgh… and instead of knocking on it, next year we’ll break it down…”

    Much more classy way of press conferences…

    But without Dennis Green and Mora we would not have the MOST memorable ones !

    Lets go see what the Ravens have to say…
    Oh…. Lewis complains his defense couldn’t help his offense giving up two TDs? ha… Steeler defense did when Big Ben fumbles and everyone stands around.. and Mendenhall fumbles… Ravens got TWO easy TD handled to them. Ravens 21-7 at the half.

    Ravens gets KO, quote the ESPN headline…

  53. Wow, Gregg. Boldin was targeted four times, caught the only easily catchable ball and dropped the one that was low WHERE HE WAS TRYING TO MAKE SURE HE WAS STAYING IN THE END ZONE. It was 3rd down and heck knows Cam Cameron wasn’t going to go for it on 4th and goal. HE SHOULD HAVE CAUGHT IT. However, IT SHOULD HAVE NEVER COME DOWN TO THAT and HE WAS NEVER GIVEN A CHANCE TO REDEEM HIMSELF.

    All you Steelers fans should be grateful that Cam Cameron isn’t creative. Boldin entered 2010 #1 all time in YPG, and wanted a lesser role if that meant a Championship. He didn’t request to be targeted just 4 times and used less creatively than those idiots Haley and Whisenhunt did.

    Sorry, Rosenthal, but people who understand the position aren’t going to come to the conclusion that Boldin isn’t cutting it. 4 targets is not enough data. Period.

    Funny, Boldin was the only big name receiver that showed up in Wild Card round. I guess that means Dwayne Bowe, Greg Jennings, Marques Colston, Reggie Wayne, Jeremy Maclin and Desean Jackson are all failures.

  54. True your wideouts didnt do you any favors…but please stop acting like joe flacco is a franchise qb…hes not!Anyone see the pass he threw heap over the niddle in 4th on a third down 5 yards over his wide open head?

  55. why is someone al;wasy making an excuse for ravens?if it was any other team the would have won but

    …introducing the New Owner of the Baltimore Ravens, the Pittsburgh Steelers!!

    they just cant win when they play the steelers

  56. I have been banging this drum all year. Besides Stallworth (who is really past prime, and never was all that great) all of their receivers are the same kind of receiver. Not only are they all possession receivers, but they are all aging. Time to get some speedy youth in there.

    Besides that, why aren’t they running the ball more. They have a very good (though no longer dominate) defense, supplement that with a strong running game and you have what made this team good in the first place.

  57. Can Rush start a stink over why the liberal media wants to see Flacco succeed because he’s white?

    Because this dud is easily the most over-hyped QB in the NFL right now.

    All season he’s taken bad sacks and not come through in the clutch. Yet every commentator will tell you he’s a hot QB who is on the cusp of greatness. He’s good, sometimes very good. But he’s also protected in the system. And when called on to make a superior play or go above and beyond, he takes a bad sack / overthrows the WR / runs out of bounds on 3rd down short of the sticks.

    He may get there, but right now he’s not worthy of all the hype.

  58. You especially saw this in the Kansas City game too, despite Flacco throwing for almost 300 yards, how many of those were those screens to Ray Rice, for whom KC has no answer at all?

    Not once did Rice get loose on one of those screens last night. The only time he did get loose was the TD after the fumble by Mendenhall.

    Boldin had success because of …Larry Fitzgerald. Take that away and he’s just a big, slow possession receiver. He was completely invisible last night. Derrick Mason is 35 and held without a catch. Housh talks a big game, but it seems like he’s more worried about his Madden NFL ratings then his performance. Who else is left? Stallworth? If he was valuable to Baltimore’s game plan, he would have been out there.

    And that’s it. Demetrius Williams was let go. Mark Clayton went to the Rams. They don’t even have someone developed behind Todd Heap, as evidenced by their offensive struggles when he was injured.

    If the Ravens defense doesn’t score or give Baltimore a short field, their offense simply is not equipped to compete with the best teams in the AFC and NFC in the postseason.

    Ozzie Newsome is still one of the best GM’s in the NFL. But yes, I agree with Gregg 100%…they have got to find an answer at the WR position.

    The Steelers, who looked like they were going to have major problems with the loss of Santonio Holmes and Hines Ward getting another year older suddenly have a huge advantage at this position over anyone else in the AFC North. Wallace, Brown and Sanders are only going to get even better.

    Couple that with the always great Steeler defense, and the Steelers might be embarking on a several year run at the top of the AFC North with Cleveland in disarray and Cincinnati not much farther behind.

  59. yyyass says:
    Ravens fan here…Flacco is just too damned slow to find receivers when they’re open, or thread them in tighter coverage. He also cannot audible to get a more advantageous play and matchhup, so you get a season of check downs, dump offs, and underperformance. He takes way too many sacks, runs out of bounds, and dumps the ball off – all of which leads to a higher QB rating because it keeps the completion percentage high, and interceptions low – but red zone performance sucks, downfield yardage sucks, and he disappears in EVERY game, even moreso against big-time teams. He and the OC are the biggest problems – not the supporting cast.
    First, let me say upfront that I think Flacco is a mediocre, vanilla-flavored, very average quarterback.

    That said, as bad as he is, he delivered three clean potential game-winning throws when the Birds absolutely HAD to have them.

    And your super-talented mega-star receivers DROPPED all three of them.

    Flacco is pedestrian, but they didn’t lose last night because of him, their defense, or the officiating.

  60. ccoolahan14
    you are absolutely right on the officials giving games to the Steelers. I have super-duper slow motion on my DVR, and you can see:
    –The official reach in really quick and knock the fumble away from Rice
    –The the linesman, after spotting the ball, tickled Birk’s bum causing the bad snap
    –then when Flacco lofted that high arcing pass another official did an Inspector Gadget and grew twenty feet and batted it down to Ryan Clark.
    –Then there was the oficial that secretly super glued the ball to the receivers helmet on the long pass from Roethlisberger on 3rd and 19
    –Then another official knocked the passes from TJ and Boldin…and on and on…
    What a screw-job!

    It’s a conspiracy, I tell you

  61. The Ravens need to get some dependable WR in freeagency or in the draft. Boldin and Housch were disappointing, especially on Sat. when you would look for vets like them to step up.

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