Brian Daboll to coordinate Dolphins offense

Brian Daboll certainly wasn’t the biggest name that the Miami Dolphins interviewed for their open offensive coordinator job, but he’s the one who will get the gig.

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports that Daboll — the former Browns offensive coordinator under Eric Mangini — should be formally named to the job later Monday or Tuesday.

Former Vikings head coach Brad Childress met the Dolphins about the job, as did Cowboys tight end coach John Garrett.  Chargers tight end coach Rob Chudzinski was believed to be the favorite for the job.

Daboll was well regarded from his time in New England and then under Eric Mangini with the Jets and Browns.  Still, his Cleveland teams were among the league’s worst in yards and points in both of his seasons there.

There is more talent in Miami to work with than Cleveland, but this isn’t a hire that makes us think the Dolphins’ offensive philosophy will change that much.

38 responses to “Brian Daboll to coordinate Dolphins offense

  1. Daboll is appreciative of all the learned under Mangini, but won’t miss having to carry the fat man’s dirty socks and sweats out to his car every day.

  2. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Championship!! Childress will be a huge addition to this staff…oh….wait a minute

  3. Continuing the Miami tradition lately of the ‘out of left field thinking’. Thats why we have a franchise left tackle than a franchise QB.

    Here we go again.

  4. Great cant wait till the season starts!!!! This guys was a guru at Cleveland they were offensive juggernauts!..Gimme a Friggin Break!!

    One Pissed off Phins Fan!

  5. Are you freakin’ kidding me???? This has to be an early April Fool’s joke.

    How can this management team justify hiring an offensive coordinator THAT GUIDED AN OFFENSE THAT GAINED FEWER YARDS AND SCORED LESS POINTS THAN THE DOLPHINS’ ALREADY INEPT OFFENSE?!?!?

    It’s more obvious than ever … new owner Stephen Ross simply doesn’t know what he’s doing.

    I can already see the long ticket lines … of people WANTING THEIR MONEY BACK!!!

    Unbelievable …

  6. It just keeps getting better and better. First we keep our crappy, unliked GM, pass up on Cowher, then we keep our crappy coach, pass up on ANYONE else! I would have even hired Rob Ryan… Then Im hearing rumblings that Henne will start “again” next year. Our owner is Horid! I’ve loved the Dolphins my whole life, but I’ve never felt this way before. We just are an embarassment! Oh what a feeling! Now we hire this no name, who ran the ever impressive Browns! Its simple. Sparano wants to control this offense, if you can call it that, so that he can kick FG’s again next year! Good lord! Help us!

  7. Did Miami get screwed or what?

    At the end of the day this just about evens it up between Miami and Cleveland!

    The get LeBron, a huge win and Daboll, an even bigger loss!

    Go Figure! They could have done better by raiding the Tiny Football League!

  8. I am very happy to hear this as a Dolphins fan, as it means we are one step closer to seeing the last of this regime following the ’11 season.

  9. it doesnt matter who is calling the plays in miami as long as chad henne is under centre. stop wasting second round pics on busts and either trade up to get a top prospect QB or sign one in free agency.

  10. Prediction: Bill Cowher or Gruden will be the coach of the team in 2012, and will have Andrew Luck as the quarterback.

  11. I just dont know if I can handle another year of this BS. Watching the Jets/Pats game it sickens me to see how far we are from the two teams I hate so much. Heck we might be getting are asses kicked next year by Buffalo as well. It just bums me out.

  12. The entire North Coast is laughing at you, Miami.

    But you got LeQuit, so I suppose that makes us even… LOL.

  13. This is what’s going on in Miami:

    1. Sparano doesn’t care anymore and is sticking it to Ross because of how he was treated the past month.
    2. Sparano thinks he can “pick DaBoll’s mind” regarding NE’s and the NYJ’s hand signals, etc (since he had been with those teams before)
    3. Sparano picked the worse so Miami can be the worse and draft Luck next year…


  14. This is really embarrassing.
    As a life long Dolphins fan this is getting a little crazy. First the embarrassment by the owner on who exactly the coach is going to be, now they come out and proclaim that the offense is going to be more explosive (84 dolphins stlye) and now they hire this guy as OC.
    I mean i obviously did not sit in on the interview but it pretty clear that either these guys have NO CLUE what they are doing (like drafing Pat White and signing Mr Wilson-the safety to a multimillion dollar contract) or Brain what’s his name–the new OC is the best sales guy you have even heard. I mean–Cleveland’s offence was worst than Miami’s this year–and then they say they want a more explosive team this year and this GUY is leading the offence PLEASE!!
    HC Tony is happy with a 10-7 victory and having the game hang in the balance each week in the 4th quarter. Steven Ross appears to want a high scoring attack (atleast that is what he said) althought I am doubting he even knows what that means or even if he telling the truth.
    Tony was given full authority to hire his own coaches and his first hire is Brian Daboll. Nice Tony–way to impress the owner, fan base, etc. Eric Mangini and Tony Sparano are roughtly the same kind of coaches and the clevland/Miami team is basically the same (ok we have Brandon Marshall) so what else is he-Daboll going to do with us that he didn’t do with the Browns?
    I render this explaination—prehaps just prehaps this is the only guy who would take the job at this stage. The other dudes see the writing on the wall and they are not going to come here for 1 year with the wacked up suitation that exists here and go 4-12 next season and he fired again. Chud is going to get a long term commitment from Carolina and John G can just stay in Dallas and ride the coat tails of this brother. As for Big Bad Brad–Tony probably told him “this is the way i want to run it–ok and this is what we are going to do from a philosphy stand point” so if you can work under this we will consider you (I am pretty much hear him say actually that). So, he bowed out. He is making 3 + million this year and don;t need to take direction from someone who knows less about offense than he does.
    Don’t get me wrong I like Tony Sparano. He’s just over his head. He is a good line coach and a good running game coordinator if he has the right lineman, running back etc. But trying to force that philosphy onto a team that does not possess those weapons. WOW!! This is what we get. So, with all that said–Brain what’s his name is probably the best we can get considering what we have here and is probably the only person who would accept the job.
    As a dolphin fan I just need to accept that they are going to go at the best 4-12 next season and I predict they will have black outs on TV next season for the first time in a long time.
    Steven Ross will have to feel this in his pocket in terms of ticket sales before he gets it. He should have dinner with Ole Wayne H and have him share some advice on this stuff. He’s got to learn.
    He should have cleaned house starting with “back-stabbing”Jeff Ireland.
    I need to go to a counseling session after all this pent up frustration…..LOL

  15. I didn’t think it was possible for the Dolphins to sink any lower. I was so wrong.

    So Ross says he wants a flashier and higher-scoring offense, and towards that goal they hire the BROWNS OC???

    The blind leading the blind…..

  16. With the first pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, the Miami Dolphins select…..

    QB Andrew Luck, Stanford

  17. As a Browns fan who had to put up with Daboll I have to feel bad for REAL Dolphins fans. This guy is awful and will make any bad situation worse. Good luck.

  18. And with the first pick in 2012 NFL draft, the Miami Dolphins select…”

    hey, thats the Cleveland Browns line !!!

    (their head coach will be the OC…

    haven’t even picked a DC…

    i think there is a ‘lock out’ coming and 2011 season will be a joke for these teams…except the ones who ‘kept’ everybody the same…
    Steelers, Jets, Patriots, Ravens…. etc etc

  19. You can tell that this hire was Sparano’s way of giving owner Stephen Ross the big middle finger for offering Harbaugh his job.

    Sparano knows he has one foot in the grave so he might as well stick it to his boss.

  20. Wow…please stop the stupidity!! Hire a guy that knows offense because this hire is offensive to fans.

    beastofeden says:
    Jan 17, 2011 2:49 PM
    Bring in Donovan Mc5

    Utilize Brandon Marshall

    Getting a QB that bounces passes off the dirt does nothing to utilize Marshall’s height/jumping ability. Hopefully there will be a good QB when we pick; if not, open up the offense and let Henne throw downfield. I would feel better about the picks if they were on potential big plays instead of tossing picks on check-downs.

  21. Browns fan here. Be afraid Dolphins fans, be very afraid. We just suffered through two years of this turd. Brian Daboll is borderline retarded. Brian’s offenses would generally go right down the field on the first drive of the game, because Brian studied so hard during the week and scripted his first drive. Yaaaay Brian!! But dammit, these NFL defenses are tricky! They made adjustments to stop Brian’s attack! Don’t expect Brian to make an in-game adjustment though. I hope you like kicking field goals Dolphins fans!

    I actually feel sorry for the Dolphins. In what universe can you literally be THE WORST at your profession, and continue to get hired?

  22. Once again, Browns display their stupidity.

    You bozos are the worst fan base in football. One of you morons points your finger and yells “He sucks!” and the rest of you chime in with the same thing.

    Daboll isn’t great, but he isn’t the reason your team sucks. You’re the reason for that. You change coaching staffs every two, three years and have to constantly rebuild.

    But yeah, everything’s Daboll’s fault. And Chud’s. And Arians…and…..

    You people are classless.

  23. Wow! If you are a jets/bills/patriots fan you have to like this hire. The duo of Mangini/Daboll started out 1-11 with cleveland in 2009. They 10-22 overall together. Daboll is one of the least effective offensive coordinators I have ever seen.

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