Contract extension for John Harbaugh on the way in Baltimore

Offensive coordinator Cam Cameron will be back in Baltimore next year.

Head coach John Harbaugh should be around much longer than that.  Ravens Team President Dick Cass said Monday morning that a contract extension for Harbaugh is imminent.

“We are working on an extension of John’s contract and expect to have it done soon,” Cass said.

The Ravens have a press conference with Harbaugh and ownership scheduled for Thursday that would be a logical time to announce the move.  Harbaugh had a few other nuggets worth mentioning in his presser Monday.

1. Harbaugh expects Ed Reed back next season and said Reed will have a healthier offseason than he has in a long time.   Wide receiver Derrick Mason and center Matt Birk are also not expected to retire.

2. Getting a new contract extension for defensive tackle Haloti Ngata is “Priority No. 1” but the lack of a labor agreement could make a deal difficult.

3. Harbaugh isn’t giving up on linebacker Sergio Kindle and tackle Jared Gaither returning to the team next year.

4. The Ravens expect to re-sign kicker Billy Cundiff.

10 responses to “Contract extension for John Harbaugh on the way in Baltimore

  1. Harbaugh has been a solid head coach in Baltimore. And despite the offensive failings, Cameron is a good coordinator who is adept at making in-game adjustments. I do think despite the additions at WR and the rise of Ray Rice, the team is still lacking serious speed. They have no vertical threat. And Flacco’s cannon arm goes to waste.

    You do have to wonder whether hiring Rex Ryan when the time came was a prudent move. He has been to two AFC title games now in 2 years on the job. But who knows.

  2. Like harbs, but don’t like Cameron. Knew he wouldn’t get rid of him. loyalty is too big a deal with harbs. cameron choked playcalling in the 3rd qtr throughout the second half of the season. He needs to go.

  3. So much for those who were writing off Reed in the preseason. Ha-ha … told ya. Love watching Ed play (everyone but us 🙂 ).

    So much for those hoping to get rid of Cameron. Like Arians, he makes mistakes but probably takes more abuse than he should because fans of the Ravens and Steelers will always love their defenses first and best.

    And so much for the one or two people who posted Saturday they thought Harbaugh might be on the hot seat if the Ravens don’t go further in the playoffs next year. Think he’ll be safe a while yet.

    But the big question: What about Lewis? I think he still has something left, but that me be because I can’t imagine the Ravens without him. How about it Ravens fans? What do you think?

  4. I like that Harbaugh getting an extension, he’s been a successful coach and I think he’ll take us to a Super Bowl. I wish he didn’t have such blind loyalty to his coordinators, because I think there are position coaches who would be better coordinators on this team. That being said, Ngata, Koch, both McClains, Carr, Zbi, Nakamura, Yanda, and Cundiff are the guys to keep. We need to draft a physical DB, a pass rusher, WRs and a OT

    What about Lewis? Well to answer that quickly, the greatest defensive leader of all time is coming back and will play at a Pro Bowl level, just like every other year

  5. Any coach who is on the hot seat after not only making the playoffs but also having won in the playoffs would have an idiot as G.M. and owner. Being a Steeler fan it’s plain to see Harbs is a good coach and has the respect of all of his players. A new O coordinator? Maybe the current one with the blessing of his coach to use a little imagination. Ravens make our team stronger and I don’t want the rivalry going away. KEEP THE COACH!!

  6. Harbs is not on the hot seat and never was. The only name on the hot seat in Bmore has been the OC and perhaps the DC although the defense again played well this year.

    Cam Cameron needs to be replaced. You don’t fire your 3rd budding star QB because the OC and he can’t get along. When you add the pieces we did and watch your offense get worse the fault lies with the guy pulling the strings.

    And btw – since I haven’t been on any of the blogs until today, congrats to the Steelers on the win. You tried to give it to us in the first half and we tried even harder to give it back in the second half. For all the complaints about Flacco from the idiot fans who know nothing, if Q catches an easy ball in the endzone or TJ (who spent all year complaining about how he was being under utilized) catches a perfectly thrown pass on 4th and 18, who knows what would have happened.

    Unfortunately for my Ravens, I suspect that this loss is going to have some significant repercussions over the off season. I don’t see them bouncing back like they did after last years second round loss.

    Harbs is a very good coach. But his blind loyalty is problematic. It may be what ultimately brings him down when that time comes.

    In any case – good season Steelers fans and may the rivalry continue.

  7. What about Lewis? Well to answer that quickly, the greatest defensive leader of all time is coming back and will play at a Pro Bowl level, just like every other year”
    all talk…. he should consider jumping into a river

    how did the steelers score 24 points in the second half? some defense

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