Hue Jackson gets Raiders head coaching job

For once, Raiders owner Al Davis did exactly what everyone expected.

Hue Jackson signed a contract Monday night to be the next Raiders head coach.   ESPN’s Michael Smith was the first to have the news, and FOX’s Jay Glazer and ESPN’s Adam Schefter were soon to follow.  (Someone knows how to mass text!)

Ever since Jackson took over the offensive playcalling in Oakland last offseason, there has been speculation he could replace Tom Cable.  There was a report that tension was brewing in December between Cable and Jackson.  At the time, that report was quickly shouted down by Cable and Jackson as an example of the nefarious media making up stories.

It has since been revealed Cable filed a grievance claim against Davis during the season for withholding money from his paycheck.   (Please remember: No drama here.)

Jackson did a nice job improving the Raiders offense in 2010 into an-often dominant rushing attack with an improved-if-erratic passing attack.  Schefter reports Al Saunders is likely to be Jackson’s offensive coordinator.

The Raiders have changed systems so often the last eight years that promoting Jackson is a welcome change of near-continuity.

UPDATE: The Raiders officially confirmed the news.  There will be a press conference Tuesday.

64 responses to “Hue Jackson gets Raiders head coaching job

  1. Dead man walking. Guy is a very good coach, but nobody gets a fair shake in Oakland. Davis thinks that he has a 16-0 team every year…and regardless of how much they improve, he is furious when they don’t run the table and win the super bowl. Guys is completely off his rocker.

  2. Good choise.Hue will do a great job.The offense will continue to grow and with a few more key players added,Oakland will be one of the teams to look out for next season.

    Saunders has been a good coordinator in the past and should do a good job here.

    Looking forward to next season(if there is one).

  3. First of all Raiders413 reported this news this morning.
    And yes you guys did make up stories about hue jackson and tom cable. There was no issue there at all…
    My question is Is there going to be a press confrence?
    Nothing better than A Raiders press confrence.
    If there is one it should be on prime time tv.
    I would Air it on every network. Something always great happens.
    Maybe john Herra will beat up another nerdy reporter who trys to start sh*t.

  4. He was Cable and Jackson themselves who “shouted down the report”. But hey don’t let the facts get in your way doofus.

  5. Raiders coach Tom Cable has laughed off a Yahoo! report of a feud between he and offensive coordinator Hue Jackson.

    “The only truth is that we were just laughing about it upstairs,” Cable said. “There’s absolutely no issue here between Hue and I. We have a prior relationship. He’s doing a marvelous job. That’s stupidity on whoever wrote it. We had a lot of fun with it upstairs.” Cable obviously wouldn’t confirm the rift if it was true, but it sure sounds like they had a lot of fun with it upstairs.

  6. “At the time, that report was quickly shouted down by the Raiders and their fans as an example of the nefarious media making up stories.”


    To be fair, every single season you lot make up a story about the entire Raiders roster being available for trade, and that has never been true.

    Anyone who follows the Raiders knows Al Davis doesn’t like parting with his hand-picked players.

    Unfortunately, the media refuse to pay attention to most of the things that are common knowledge among Raider beat writers and Raider fans alike, so when ESPN leaks a Raider-related story it’s difficult to consider it credible.

  7. A good hire and a good move,Hue Jackson is a great coach I was hoping the Raiders would mess up and let him go so the Bengals could hire him as their OC…They messed up not firing brat a few years back when Hue was available…

    Good Luck Hue hopefully you can overcome AL Davis crappyness…May have start supporting the Raiders atleast they have hope! ^_^

  8. let the crazy raider fans who say that they are the “true afc west champions” even though they didnt win the division or go to the playoffs start the crazy talk

  9. He got the HC job but he won’t get paid all the money due in his contract. 2 years and Al will fire him for cause!

  10. as long as Al Davis is in charge of personnel moves….. Raiders aren’t going anywhere no matter who coaches that squad

  11. I might call in sick from work tomorrow just so I can watch Al bust out the overhead projector.

  12. Tell Al that I will offer to come in and run a Power Point presentation so he can get rid of the overhead projector for the press conference.

    Of course that projector does feel like the old AFL days, doesn’t it?

  13. No suprise here… its not like they were interviewing there long list of candidates. Good move with sticking with someone who was there… even better move… sign those free agents…

  14. Was the only move AL could make .
    You don’t start over after your 1st +7 win in 8 years .
    Keeping some continuity should be a good thing for the Raiders .

  15. ahh the next sacrifice at the alter. Davis will continue to eat coaches alive, shaft them out of money owed, complain and denigrate and then fire the poor fool.

    Sad but true

    Expect 1.5 years and an ignoble end.

    The raiders will not be good again until Al Davis sells the team or dies.

  16. Jason Campbell’s two lowest quarterback ratings were in Al Saunders’ offense. To be fair, they were his first two years as a starter, but that 700 page playbook seemed to be about 600 pages too many.

  17. No one wants the job as long as “The Living Dead” Keeps his claws on the organization. Whether Jackson is good or not is irrelevant. Jon Gruden in the early ot’s and Art Shell in the ’80’s and early ’90’s were Davis’ best chances. They asserted themselves as the team leaders and separated Davis from the day-to-day. The string of weak coaches, beginning with Callahan, all had no personality or ability to lead, regardless of talent. Davis was forced back in to the role of being the team voice again… and now it seems it will remain there.

    Surprise wins, sneaky squeak outs, whatever mid to low grade defense they bested this year, they won’t produce until Davis steps aside. No one outside the organization even wants their job, and promoting from within the same cesspool of mediocrity only begets the same results.

  18. Who’s replacing Al Davis? Nobody. Oh ok, another losing season in the folds got the Raider banana republic!

  19. In other words the crazy old fool hired the cheapest guy that he can fire in two years.

  20. Say what you will about Uncle Al, but the dude has been complying with the Rooney Rule since the 60’s. And if it wasn’t for the Cancer Patient Witch Hunt, somebody might have noticed that Davis decided to make his announcement today, instead of next Monday, or some other day this week. Maybe he didn’t do what everyone expected after all.

  21. I hope Hue does hire Saunders for OC….he could end up as the next HC 🙂 As for DC, I’d like to see Pagano….he’s been in Oakland before, did a GREAT job, knows Hue and comes from the Ravens where they have a “pretty good” defense.
    I wish the season would start tomorrow cuz were gonna be even better than in 2010!

  22. should have stopped with “say what you want about Uncle Al”

    everyone will, until the franchise becomes relevant again. as of right now, they cant even sell out their games.

  23. Good luck, Mr. Jackson. The Al Davis defamation campaign will have started by the middle of the 2011 season, and Jackson will be fired by the end of the year. Hue seems like a capable guy, so maybe he can use this as a springboard to a better job.

  24. wow! 40 comments and mainly haters….LMAO!
    i love it how they take their time out of their daily lifes to comment about the raiders.
    RAIDER NATION…….. the team you love to hate!

    Playoffs next year!
    Get ready haters, theres gonna be much to hate real soon!
    We love our haters!

  26. Cable filed a grievance against Al Davis?!? Seriously? Well, good grief, that explains everything! When Al starts hiding your paychecks, it’s all over … especially if you file a grievance.

  27. @southtexasraider: It doesn’t take much time to poke fun at a mistake. Look how quickly I’m doing it with you.

  28. If this comes across as a hater comment, I’m really sorry Raiders fans. How the h3!! do you fire a coach who turned the laughing stock of the NFL into a near playoff team that ran the entire division and then steal $120000 out of his pocket with no explanation.

    Even better question: what coach in their right mind would take the job and become the 7th coach in 10 years under those circumstances? Hue Jackson is a talented and deserving coach, but I though he was smarter than that!

    Al Davis is one of the greatest personalities in the history of the league. He has forgotten more about football than I will ever know. But he HAS forgotten it, and the game has passed him by. Until he sells the team or genuinely gives up decision-making for the team, it will continue to dishonor the proud history of the team. Any Raiders fan who tells you differently is a homer with no real concept of what it takes to be great.

  29. lol there are more hater comments than favorable ones on almost every story. dont get too excited, the Raiders are irrelevant. even to their own fan base.

    your team sells out half their home games a year. got that? half.

  30. the idiots that gave a thumbs down to joyjoy69’s comment are obviously Raider homers. and idiots. probably the same people that think its still unsafe for opposing fans to attend Raider games. now oppsing fans take their small children regularly. fail.

  31. First of All and foremost I will make it clear that I was a Tom Cable Fan and hoped he was retained, AMEN to footballfansteve in his comments in regard to the Raiders and the fact that if you are not a Raider Fan that is OK, but keep your sorry asse’s off our web site, and occupy the one you prefer. There are 32 teams in the NFL and I hate 31 of them. We don’t mind people hating us, because in all honestry we hate you right back. Yeah Al,s crazy, OPP’s maybe we should give back them “3” throphies how many do you have?

  32. Haha, let the haters hate. Wouldn’t be the same w/out you guys.

    Hue WILL improve on the 8-8 record. And go 6-0 in the AFC West…again.

  33. They should have stayed with Cable. Even the players wanted him as shown by the punter standing up for him. At least he had the ass to do so. Now they have a quarterback and a coach to match. If they don’t bring in a real quarterback next year i don’t expect much from them.

  34. AKA Slow Joe (Bucs fan) says Jan 17, 2011 10:58 PM@southtexasraider: It doesn’t take much time to poke fun at a mistake. Look how quickly I’m doing it with you.
    says the slow buc fan, lol,

  35. Saunders and Campbell together again. Remind me of how well that worked in Washington, please. Note to Al Saunders; Congrats on having a playbook that Tolstoy would be envious of. However, it’s not how many plays you run, it’s how many you can run to perfection.

  36. marcsasharc:

    If the Raiders really are “irrelevant”, then how come you, and so many others, are so quick to post in Raider threads?

    You’re obviously not very bright.

    The Raiders have never been irrelevant and never will be, Raider Nation is truly global.

    Unlike a team like the Chiefs, who really ARE irrelevant.

  37. I feel like Al Davis is the crazy guy from The Warriors. I can see him with three coke bottles on his fingers. “Tom, come out to play. Hue, come out to plaaayaay.” Tink, tink, tink.

  38. People do not realize the Coach of the Raiders has to agree to a legal contract prior to beginning work that includes that following clause:

    “you work “subject to the direction and supervision of the General Partner’’ and that the General Partner has the “exclusive right to do all things, which in its sole discretion are necessary to maintain and improve the Club, the football organization and their activities.’’

    Coaches know what they are getting into when they come to work for the Raiders it is all spelled out in a Legal Contract. If the coach does not comply with those terms and violate the rules, they will be fined. It doesn’t matter whether you agree with this or not, it is simple Contract Law.

    The Raiders have Lawyers on retainer lead by former attorney, now CEO Amy Trask.

    People always want to rush and say Al is always in the wrong, because some story gets published. However, the court of law says otherwise, name one coach or former player that has won a grievance against Al Davis? Name one.

  39. I read last night that what made Hue choose coming to the Raiders over the Bears was that he WANTED to work for AL DAVIS. WOAH

  40. Not sure Cable is a great coach, but firing him/not bringing him back is the wrong move. The Raiders were improving. He should have had at least another year.

    Spoken as a non-Raiders fan, btw.

  41. Glad we’re keeping some consistancy… Not sure about Saunders though…

    Now, lets have Al work some draft day magic like last year and shut the mouths of all the haters next season, assuming we’ll have one…

    Win, lose or tie…. RAIDERS til I die!!

  42. No one, and I mean NO ONE else would take that job.

    A first time head coach has a chance at success when theres a competent front office in place to guide the ship while he’s learning his craft.

    Thats simply not the case in Oakland.

    In regards to Al Saunders, he hasn’t known success since he had Priest Holmes, and the greatest O-line in NFL history to work with.

    This will all turn out as expected, and thats not a good thing for faider fans.

  43. I don’t understand why Raiders fans as so surprised by this. Cable was hanging by a thread last year and he didn’t learn his lesson, which is: whatever Al wants, Al gets. Al didn’t pay millions to a rookie QB that his coach supplanted with a veteran, who was incapable of running “Al’s” offense and he certainly wasn’t going to pay a VETERAN QB millions to run that offense and bring in a new OC, who would be loyal to Al, just so that Cable could run “Cable’s” offense with “Cable’s” QB and everyone and his mother knows that the very first game that Campbell stumble, Cable will pull out his Gradkowski blankee and Al would have to start counting the cash that Cable wasting on his bench.

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