John Harbaugh: Cam Cameron will stay

Ravens coach John Harbaugh confirmed Monday that offensive coordinator Cam Cameron will stay in Baltimore.

“Cam Cameron is our offensive coordinator. That’s how we’re going forward,” Harbaugh said at his season-ending press conference.

Harbaugh’s words confirmed speculation in the Baltimore Sun that Harbaugh would not change his coordinators.   It sounds like he won’t make many changes on his coaching staff, if any.

“I really like our coaching staff, top to bottom,” There’s not a guy I’m disappointed in.”

Andy Reid has proven that coaches can’t always be trusted when talking about the job security of their coaches, but there’s no reason to doubt Harbaugh based on everything in Baltimore.

The Ravens offense was sluggish towards the end of the season, largely of their slow wide receivers and an average year from their tackles.  Cameron will get another chance to improve things next year.

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  1. Flacco is not a great QB that can carry his team and he also comes up small in big games .How can anybody blame that on the offensive coordinator?

  2. Ravens writer Mike Preston put it perfectly. Until he hears it from the owner, I’m not buying this.

    105.7 in Baltimore also said on the air that Cameron began looking at other openings, and the Ravens are looking at other options as well.

    This is long from over.

  3. Good move, players play & coaches coach. The O has gotten better every year & they were a dumpster fire when the new staff was hired. Oz & the personnel dept needs to step up. We need speed on offense, Boldin-Mason-Housh are essentially the same player.

  4. I dont like this decision. Everyone is remembering the game from last weekend but every Ravens loss this year was in the 2nd half because the offense couldn’t move the ball and take time off the clock. It starts with terrible play calling.

    Doesn’t help with a 2 TD lead they decide to throw on first downs making it 2nd and long on huge possessions against the Steelers. Just terrible terrible play calling there.

  5. All you Ravens fans need to quite crying. You could be a Buffalo or Carolina fan! Look at their records. Oh, don’t have travel too far to find a totally dysfunctional organization in the Washington Redskins.

    Be happy where we are!

    The most important thing about Joe Flacco is that he is a winner. In his first three years, Flacco is 36-16, a better mark than John Elway, Peyton Manning and Terry Bradshaw; more importantly, Flacco has led his team to the playoffs in each of his first three seasons.

  6. Cameron was what held this offense back. He refuses to let Joe take command. He plays Martyball with a 3 point lead once he gets to the third qtr. He does just enough for us to lose. Cameron needs to go.

  7. Would love for Brad Childress or Josh McDaniels to become offensive coordinator of this team.. More like McDaniels because he wont be afraid to stop scoring unlike Cam!

  8. Please, please, please for the love of god DO NOT KEEP CAM CAMERON.

    He is easiest coordinator to guess what plays will be called next. Teams knew all year what was coming and he never mixed it up. The best series he called all year was the playoff game vs the steelers, 7 passes, then 1 run for ray rice for the first touchdown.

    THERE YOU GO CAM, MIX IT UP BUT WHY COULDNT YOU DO THAT ALL YEAR? Cause you’re a dumbass and you’re awful at what you do. I have a friend who works with Biscotti and he was livid after the Texans and Steelers games in the regular season. I can only imagine how pissed he is after this last one…..

  9. So it’s Cam Cameron’s fault that Boldin and Housh can’t catch?

    Play calls were fine, players failed, period.

  10. Fire John Harbaugh! What we (Ravens Fans) have gone through with Cameron as OC is as bad as what Raiders fans have gone through with Al Davis!!!!!

  11. Good that Harbaugh is siding with Cameron on this one the last i checked Cameron was not the one that fumbled, threw an interception or had the ball snapped to his inner tigh Thanks

  12. The whole team imploded at one point or another. Even after Pittsburgh was back in the game, the Ravens did everything they could do to lose that game.

    3 and 19? 50+ yard completion.

    Punt return for TD? Holding.

    2nd and goal? Run play.

    3rd and goal? Dropped TD

    Goal line stance? Holding penalty.

    4th & 18; season on the line? Dropped pass.

    And considering that every game the team lost was one in which it gave up a lead in the second half, I chose to not be surprised by said implosion.

    I could see Cameron coming back, but he needs to revise his strategy. And Flacco needs to learn how to throw the right type of pass at the right time. He needs to work on touch, as well.

  13. yeah… keep him, keep Housch…. lol (from a steeler fan)

    just ask if you had the right plays at the right time…. if you’re happy with that then waaa laaa

  14. What a mistake. We’ll suffer Harbaugh’s loyalty for how many years? I don’t think either Cameorn or Mattison would get a job elsewhere in the NFL if we cut them loose. What a shame.

    …and say goodbye to Leron McClain…he won’t re-sign here to just block.

  15. Nevis says:
    Jan 17, 2011 1:42 PM
    So it’s Cam Cameron’s fault that Boldin and Housh can’t catch?

    Play calls were fine, players failed, period.
    I don’t think he should be fired for the one game, he should be fired for being a garbage coordinator. The entire season the playcalling was vanilla and predictable, and this season the front office gave Cameron the tools, and he turned out a 22nd ranked offense with no identity…Cam has to go

  16. The NFL is a very serious game. The bottom line for Harbaugh, Newsome and Bisciotti should be that the Baltimore fans DESERVE a championship season. The team has done what it takes to be consistently excellent and make the playoffs and win playoff games in each of the last 3 seasons. Not many (if any?) franchises can say that. A large part of the reason for that has been Harbaugh, Newsome and Bisciotti. At some point Joe Flacco will have to decide that the ONLY way he ever gets credit as an “elite” QB is when he hoists a Lombardi. Ray Rice will have to come to the realization that a close game is no consolation if it’s a “L” and not a “W”. Ray Lewis should be using his considerable motivational talents to coach his team on how to handle their VICTORY not how to deal with a LOSS. Vince Lombardi said (to the effect): “show me someone who is a good loser (gracious in defeat) and I’ll show you a loser!”. This loss does and should STING. Ravens players and Ravens fans deserve better.

    The Ravens aspire to greatness and eye multiple Championships. You can’t stack up championships until you’ve notched the first one. Whatever that takes, that must be the committment made by the Ravens organization. No coach (e.g. Cameron or Mattison) or player (e.g. Mason, Flacco or Lewis) should be bigger than the most important things in football: “The Team, The Team and The Team”

    I’m not advocating getting rid of anyone, I am advocating taking a good hard look at everyone. Look them straight in the eyes and say to them that “mediocre” is not an we do here. “Average” is not our aspiration. If you produce “mediocre” and “average”, you will be replaced.

  17. Aside from the dropped passes all BAL had to do was keep the ball in the 2nd 1/2 or at least just eat some clock and play field position. Runs and short passes jus like NE did it.

    Still up a TD, Cam w 3rd and 5 in their own end called a 30 yd pass to Heap. Flacco’s throw was into double coverage more to the S then Heap and picked. Either throw it away or where only your player can catch it. & why not just throw a low risk pass to the RB or TE for 5 yds instead?

    Flacco doesn’t seem to be all there yet, how can you then fumble a snap under center the next series, that was what preseason is for.

    Some of this falls on the DBs as there is no way in hell you should allow a 50 yd pass on 3rd and 19 to a rookie. The WR got deeper than the safety. They should have brought the house and forced Ben to throw underneath. Unbelievable.

  18. This is a terrible call. As bad a call as calling a pass play, in a single back set, on 2nd & 5, with 3:00 min left in the game, on a pass rush formation, when you just ran the ball for 5 yards, against your arch rival. If you say “well Flacco should have audibled, or changed the protection scheme,” then what is the point of having a play caller if they don’t understand what is going on the field?

    The sad part is that Cam Cameron did not learn his lesson. Next week against the Texans he does the same thing. 3rd and 6, with 3 min left he calls another pass play. It is incomplete with 2:50-something left to play. Texans score a TD with 13 seconds left. That IS poor play calling. The team won despite Cam Cameron’s best efforts. It came down to two non offensive TDs that saved the team that time . He just doesn’t get it.

    Sadly enough the week after that he does it again against the Saints. There was a 3rd and 7, with around 3 min left. Ok, 3rd and 7, not going to get it with a run. Who cares?! You’re going to give the opposing team more time to operate to score and bring the game into overtime? He just doesn’t understand that he putting his team in very comprising situations. He is being greedy and selfish and wants to win it all, but makes the team fall flat on its face.

    He got it right against the Tampa Bucaneers. Just continued to pound the ball around the 3 min mark. But he failed miserably against the Buffalo Bills. The Bills had the worst rush defense in the league, and their pass defense is in the top 5. And was in the top 5 last year too. So of course he calls 31 pass plays (33 technically because Flacco was flushed out on 2 of them) as opposed to 27 run plays. If a team is that lop sided on run defense you should have equally lop side play calls.

    The Bottom line is that Cam Cameron Does Not Get It. Camerson says it’s not about stats it’s about wins. That is 100% correct, and most of the 2010 Baltimore Ravens wins came despite (not because of) their Offensive Coordinator Cam Cameron.

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