Mora close to joining John Fox in Denver

If the Eagles plan to make a play for Jim Mora as the franchise’s next defensive coordinator, they’d be wise to do so very soon.

Like now.

Lindsay Jones of the Denver Post reports that Mora is close to becoming the next defensive coordinator of the Broncos.

Mora served as head coach of the Seahawks in 2009, after two seasons as an assistant under Mike Holmgren.  Before that, Mora spent three years as head coach of the Falcons.

Per the Post,  Mora nearly became defensive coordinator of the Panthers under new Broncos coach John Fox in 2003, after Jack Del Rio was hired out of the position to become head coach of the Jaguars.

It would be Mora’s first stint in the AFC since he spent seven seasons with the Chargers, from 1985 through 1991.

27 responses to “Mora close to joining John Fox in Denver

  1. I think Mora’s a very good D-coordinator, but man, his Falcons teams crashed spectacularly a couple times. The highlight was his first season, and each of the 2 seasons after that was worse than the prior one. And as for his stint as Seattle HC…yuck.

    It would be odd to see Mora and Fox, previously competing head coaches in the NFC South, working together on an AFC team. Just odd.

  2. Finally starting to feel a little hope in the mile high. I know we have a ways to go, but at least we have some sanity.

  3. I’m not sure if Jim Mora has ever coached a 3-4 scheme. I would have to think that after spending the past 2 yrs assembling pieces for that type of Scheme, Brian Xanders (gm) would want to keep the continuity? I guess if you have possibly the worst defense, then there’s only one way to go?! Nice Staff coming together regardless..

  4. An excellent choice as coordinator. Personally, I think Mora has gotten two raw deals as a head coach: Atlanta, where he had to babysit Michael Vick 1.0, and Seattle, where he got only one season.

    I’m more excited about the two coordinators than the head coach, but Broncoland looks a good deal more sane than it did a few weeks ago.

    Hopefully the Broncos can find a sucker (most likely, whatever team McDaniels goes to) to trade for Tebow.

  5. As a Bronco fan, this does kind of suck. Jim Mora Jr is an entitled little creep who did nothing to deserve either head coaching job he was given, His only tenure as a defensive coordinator (San Francisco 1999 to 2003) was unimpressive. In 1998, the year before he took over as DC, the 49ers finished 13th in points allowed and 23rd in yardage allowed. in 1999, his first season as DC, they were 30th in points and 28th in yardage allowed. The next season was no better as they were 28th in points and 29th in yardage allowed. The next three seasons they finished middle of the pack in defensive rankings. Actually, Mora’s defenses held back some pretty strong Garcia/Owens/Hearst offenses during those seasons.

    For this stunning accomplishment, he was awarded the head coaching job in Atlanta. He showed what an entitled creep he was by saying he would accept the head job at the University of Washington (which was not vacant) “even if the Falcons were in a playoff run.” This bought him a ticket out of town and he was immediately groomed to be Mike Holmgren’s successor in Seattle, which was so successful he was canned after one year for Pete Carroll.

    I don’t want to bring another arrogant, egotistical personality to town, especially after we just rid ourselves of McDaniels. We don’t need Mora undermining the professional atmosphere Fox will introduce with his rude and dismissive attitude toward the media, either.

  6. As long as he stays away from a mic, he might be a good low profile coordinator. He will probably not get enough sound bites to star in any beer commercials.

  7. Agreed. It would be a solid move.
    Mora and Fox together = Strong D.
    Something not seen around Denver for quite a bit.
    Now, for the upcoming draft.
    God it sucks to be a team whose high point of the year is the draft! Lol

  8. i wouldnt call it a good move by Denver, or another good move by denver just yet….i wouldnt be too happy with John Fox as my head coach and Mora is a decent coordinator…

  9. The Broncos will be great next season. With talents like Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall, all they have to worry about is the defense now. Lol. Thanks Joshy

  10. This Browns fan was hoping Mora would be the Browns defensive coordinator, considerating his connection to Holmgren at Seattle. Plus, Shurmur is more of an offensive guy and now Ryan has moved on to Denver, so the conditions would seem plausible. Good move for Broncos, if it comes to fruition as reported above.

  11. Where was this guy a good defensive coordinator?
    He sucked in Seattle as D.C. and H.C. & wasn’t any good as a H.C. in Atlanta.

  12. The Denver coaching offices must all have a big recycle stickers on their doors. Reused mediocre usually makes an even lesser product.

    Not that I mind the impending stink eminating from process, being that it’s from the Broncos.

  13. bucks12965… you watch football?
    hope we get him, finally….the emphasis being applied to the defensive side of the ball. KEEP CHAMP
    despite the denver post saying bowlen is on a budget….he will spend the money to win!!!!

  14. He took over the Hawks defensive backfield and immediately drove head first into the ground, the he got the HC position and did the same thin got whole team. Good luck to anyone who hires this guy. And don’t be a player who makes a mistake, because 715 Bus from Mora Land is on its way to run your butt over.

  15. Worked under Holmren?

    Hey… look here in Cleveland ..hello !

    we have a new Head coach ! and we have a new Offense Coord… oh wait… the Head Coach will call the plays…
    we have a new Defense Coord.. oh wait.. we haven’t hired one yet… anybody else left out there want to coach the Browns… (I didn’t think so)

    well, there’s always ‘next year’… I’m getting a jersey with that saying on it.

    Hey New Orleans fans… sent up those old used Paper grocery bags you wore on your heads for years

  16. broncx…how bout actually answering my question instead of asking if I watch football?

    Once again….when and where was this guy a good d-coodinator?

  17. As a an Eagles fan, you can have him. He’s mediocore at best. Just leave us with Dick Juron. Juron will be an immediate improvement over McDermott. Well actually, how could you do any worse?

  18. broncx- answer the question. or are you another delusional Bronco fan?

    i want to know, as a Bronco fan, why would 1 be excited about hiring John Fox and Jim Mora to turn around the team? id be pissed.

  19. did people forget how good the Broncos D was like 2 years ago? they had a top ranked D with Nolan as their DC. Nolan is 5 times the DC Mora is. how the heck is nobody addressing this or commenting that the Broncos havent had a good D in years….wtf?

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