Ravens would consider signing Plaxico Burress

Receiver Plaxico Burress is a free agent.  Until June, however, he’s not free.

When his prison term ends, one team that has been trying to upgrade the receiver position could be interested.

The Ravens.

“I don’t know Plaxico Burress at all, I’ve never met him, but we’d consider him,” coach John Harbaugh said Monday, per NFL.com.  “We’d consider anybody.  It just depends on where he’s at.  I’d like to find out what kind of person he is, to see where he’s really at in his life.”

Burress went to jail in 2009 after pleading guilty to charges arising from carrying a loaded weapon into a Manhattan nightclub.  The gun went off, shooting Burress through the leg.

Last year, the Ravens traded for Anquan Boldin in the offseason, and they landed T.J. Houshmandzadeh after he was dumped by the Seahawks in the final preseason roster cuts.  But Boldin was invisible for long stretches of Saturday night’s game, and Houshmandzadeh dropped a pass that would have extended a potential game-tying drive.

Though Burress, if he still can play after two years away from the field, would be an upgrade, the Ravens still need a consistent deep threat that can stretch the field and draw double coverage.  Burress would be great along the sidelines or in the back of the end zone, but to truly upgrade, the Ravens may need to make a run at Terrell Owens or Randy Moss.

Though no longer truly dominant, they provide more of a down-the-field presence than anyone currently on the Ravens’ roster.

51 responses to “Ravens would consider signing Plaxico Burress

  1. If he comes back from prison and plays well, with how good Mike Vick played, all the players will start going to prison so they can step their game up!!!!

  2. I don’t think Owens or Moss are more of an upgrade than Burress. Despite his idiotic legal issues, it did not seem like Burress was the locker room cancer either of those other two appeared to be and he is a little younger as well.

  3. if the giants would have him, and plax has any integrity at all, the giants are the team that plax should be playing with next year.

    plax let his teammates and fans down bigtime…one can easily argue that he cost the team a real legit shot at repeating in 2008.

    like i said, if he has any integrity at all, the first person he should be calling is jerry reese to see if the giants would be interestd in his services.

  4. They aren’t going to sign Moss or Owens. In fact, its one of the worst suggestions I’ve heard in a long time. A much better and simpler solution would be to just re-sign Stallworth and actually try make him part of the offense…he caught two passes all year.

  5. Awesome, I didn’t know ccoohlahan14 could complete a post without some conspiracy about how the AFC North was continually rigged. You learn something new everyday.

  6. Interesting how Owens and Moss are still being thrown around as dominant receivers in this league. Moss was fired by two teams this season and did nothing when he got to his third. The 4-win Bengals don’t want Owens back and they were the only team that showed interest in him this season.

  7. ” it did not seem like Burress was the locker room cancer either of those other two appeared to be ”

    Sure about that?
    When he was suspended Steve Smith said, “”Plax is Plax. He does what he wants. We don’t see him a lot.”
    Toomer said: “I’ll be interested to see [if he continues hsi ways] because I think that it’s still a distraction. It affects our team.”

    Tim Hasselbeck ripped him here:

    And don’t forget that the Steelers didn’t even try to re-sign him

  8. “Burress would be great along the sidelines or in the back of the end zone, but to truly upgrade, the Ravens may need to make a run at Terrell Owens or Randy Moss.”

    yeah, right, cause moss has only been out of the game 1 year.

  9. You can’t read much into Harbaugh’s comment; he’s simply saying he wouldn’t veto Burress outright. But I don’t know that this would be a wise move for the Ravens. Baltimore already has an aging receiving corps and Burress will be 34 when the season starts. That’s retirement time for most wideouts.

    Having said that, I really hope Harbaugh isn’t the only coach willing to give Burress a chance and pray he can have a few productive years years in the league and rebuild his life. I’m not a gun advocate by any means, but the length of this prison sentence was an excruciating miscarriage of justice second only to imprisoning some kid because he smoked a joint.

  10. “Though Burress, if he still can play after two years away from the field, would be an upgrade, the Ravens still need a consistent deep threat that can stretch the field and draw double coverage. Burress would be great along the sidelines or in the back of the end zone, but to truly upgrade, the Ravens may need to make a run at Terrell Owens or Randy Moss.”


    What a sad statement about one of the best franchises in football – that they have to choose between Owens, Burress and Moss in order to “upgrade”.

  11. Plax is what the ravens need another slow possesion wr, at least it would be hard for falco to overthrow him. And yes I said falco not flacco im referring to the scrub qb from the replacements

  12. Plax isn’t a locker room cancer, but he’s had motivation issues his whole career, takes plays off, and has never felt compelled to follow rules, even before the gun thing.

    And as great as Vick was this year, he even said he wasn’t really in football shape his first year back. I think the getting in shape thing would be even harder for a receiver. Given that, I don’t think he’s going to have a huge, every down impact his first year back.

    So, if I were a Ravens fan, I’d want them to look elsewhere.

  13. With their top 4 WR’s currently having an average age of 32.5 years old, common sense would tell you to not bring in another guy who will be 34 before the season…and the fact he hasn’t played in 2 years doesn’t help.

    No doubt WR is still a sore point, but I don’t think he’ll be a big help for the Ravens.

  14. Right because T.O. And Randy Moss have been so much “help” to their teams stretching the field that they have combined for 29 seasons played between 9 different teams and won 0 super bowls.

    Btw, if you look up T.O. on wikipedia it says that he resigned with the cowboys for a 2-year $10 million dollar contract. Ah, Wikipedia and the stupid crap people come up with.

  15. Moss doubt it.. Owens ??? What happened to batman and robin this season??? T.O. Is too concerned with being a movie star.. He’d rather have his own movie than a superbowl ring

  16. Burress will not resign with the Giants. Steve Smith will come back from hisinjury, Hakeem Nicks is a star and Mario Manningham could start on most teams.

  17. I have to laugh. I see the Pats may be considering Ochocinco as well. The Jets(in true Yankee style) have tried to buy a title by bringing in Holmes, Edwards, Tomlinson, Cromartie, Scott, and Taylor. The Pats have brought in gems like Corey Dillon and Randy Moss. The Ravens? They go get Boldin, Housh, and Stallworth. The Bengals? T.O., Tank and an assortment of other guns for hire. Eagles? Well they’ve had their daliance with T.O. and now the dog torturer. Well there’s one team who never goes after divas or criminals. In fact they ship them out Super Bowl MVP or not(Holmes, Plaxico). And yet, with basically all drafted players except for some role player free agents here and there, The Pittsburgh Steelers will be the only one of those teams left after Sunday’s game. Proud to be a Steeler fan. Best franchise in pro sports.

    And before someone brings up Ben’s character-he’s never even been CHARGED with a crime. And I’m pretty sure had he even been charged he would’ve been gone.

    Enjoy your ass whippin New York. Guess you’ll have to sign two or three more big name free agents in the offseason. lol

  18. ridiculous punishment for idiocracy… hope he can squeeze the remainder few years he has left of his career and make it into something positive

  19. oh god. just what baltimore needs… another aging, possession receiver who will be a question mark. The ravens need a proven speed guy (not owens and definitely not moss). If they cant sign anyone (barring CBA nonsense), they gonna have to realize that they need to draft a 1st round receiver sooner rather than later

  20. Plaxico is definitely your man when you want to take a shot downfield.

    Is that a Glock in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?

  21. I love all of you fools who constantly try and give Flacco a hard time. You obviously do not know football nor do you know what he has accomplished in his first 3 years. It is hard to throw a QB under the bus when he has just completed his 3rd year and say he has played bad ( which he has not ) I am not saying he could not have played better, or that he has not made some bad decisions throwing the ball. But i did not expect the Ravens to draft a player who would step on the field and instantly become Manning or Brady. I love how people think QB’s now days are hit or miss in the first season they play. On average it takes a player 5 years to hit his prime. So if that is true then Flacco will not be in his prime for 2 more years, I hope so because if that is true he will be in the discussion of Elite qb’s. As for Baltimore “fans” who bash him, you are really steelers fans at heart or something. We could still have boller ; )

  22. hobartbaker says:
    Jan 17, 2011 10:50 PM
    One thing we know for sure. Ain’t no one takin’ away Plax’ bone after 2 years in the house.


    He was in Ad Seg the whole time so he wouldn’t be getting a lot of bone…

    I think he can still play football and that the Cowgirls should sign him right after they cut Roy “Short Bus” Williams…

  23. ninjapleazee says:
    Jan 17, 2011 11:14 PM
    ridiculous punishment for idiocracy…


    Oh, you mean that NYC’s gun laws are bad? ha ha ha

    Constitutional chllenges notwithstanding, Plax should have known the law – and complied with it – before going strapped in da club…

  24. That’d be cool. They could resolve disputes by playing rock, paper, scissors, knife, gun.

  25. A deep threat is technically a guy that can get open deep and catch the ball. Burress was that guy for the Giants. Moss is no longer that guy, and Owens might no longer be that guy.

    One thing that 2 years in prison can’t take away would be Burress’s 6’5 frame which enabled him to beat one-on-one coverage and force safeties to stay over top of him. Moss proved that he wasn’t that guy this year as he was shipped out of New England, fired from Minnesota, and benched in Tennessee. I seriously doubt yet another year of age is going to help Moss rediscover that kid from Marshall that was hurdling DBs (Army) or creating a new word against NB Floyd Young of the Buccaneers (he got “Mossed”).

    Moss’s days as an elite WR are over, and in the very near future, his days as a player are over. Owens isn’t too far behind him.

  26. Too many people commenting on T.O. being a bad pick-up. All he did was 983 yds and 9 tds in 14 games. Easy to see a 1000yd season out of him and 8tds at least for a better team.

  27. bartpkelly,
    I respectfully disagree with you 100%; I’m not saying TO does not have ability; but players like TO will get the stats at his teams expense. And they whine when they don’t get the attention.

    TO was very happy this season. Why? The Bengals were 4-12 (after being division champs the year before he arrived) but TO got his stats. That’s all that matters to him; there is no TEAM in TO.

    In fantasy football, TO is an asset as ONLY STATS COUNT; but he has had a history of being the cancer; Cincinnati is only the latest victim. So, show as many stats as you like; I’d rather have a player that makes to team rise, not fall.

  28. The Bengals are camping out at the prison door waiting for him…

    or is it the Ravens… can’t keep those (convict) rosters str8.

    either way… Browns will kill both teams ‘next year’.

    we have a new coach ! and we have a new Offense Coord… oh wait… the Head Coach will call the plays…
    we have a new Defense Coord.. oh wait.. we haven’t hired one yet… anybody else left out there want to coach the Browns… (I didn’t think so)

  29. Or the great Ozzie can draft one. Why dump T.J and Boldin and sign Plaxico and T.O? Build from the draft. If Ozzie is so great he should be able to do this.

  30. danwhitmer says: I love how people think QB’s now days are hit or miss in the first season they play. On average it takes a player 5 years to hit his prime. So if that is true then Flacco will not be in his prime for 2 more years.

    Most teams don’t really have 5 years to wait around for their QB to mature enough to win. And with Flacco, that’s a bad excuse. The guy has taken his team to the playoffs his first three years, so in all honesty, he was a hit in his first season. He’s not elite yet because he hasn’t won the big game. Quit asking to play Pittsburgh in the post season and maybe that will happen 🙂

    As for receivers, the Ravens should stop getting older veterans. Signing Buress would be a mistake because look at what happen with Boldin and Houshmandzadeh–neither came through when the team needed them. You have a young QB. Start maturning/drafting some young receivers.

  31. Plex when he wanted to be was an outstanding player
    But he took plays off broke the rules and had no respect for the team

    He got a huge contract and showed up late for the next team meeting he has zero respect for rules hence why he is in jail.

    He is another example of a spoiled rich punk kid with more money then brains

    The Giants do not need a head case they need healthy WR that CATCH THE BALL

  32. It’s bad enough we’re keeping Cam Cameron. Please don’t make me endure Plexiglass, TO, Moss, or Ocho too…

    I agree about re-signing Stallworth & actually involving him in the offense.

    Look, this is the AFC North. Fix the o-line, play smash mouth, and find receivers/schemes who can get open. For all the talk about the Steelers line, ours played like crap this year. Yanda was the only consistently good lineman, and he was out of position most of the year. Oher is not a premier left tackle & I think Grubbs suffered for that as well. Can he become one? I dunno. Birk is either done, or he too suffered from the play of the guys around him. To think this is simply a matter of finding a fast guy who can get downfield is a joke. Our run game fell off the table because of poor blocking, and we all know how better running can open up the passing game. And Flacco simply needs to improve. Can he? I dunno. How many 3rd & 2+ yds did we miss because Flacco made the wrong read/pass, or a poor pass? Fix the line & a whole lot more good things will happen.

  33. Spagnuolo and the Rams need this guy to shore up their WR corps and help get their 2011 first round WR up to speed.

  34. Hey, Kaz …

    Was just thinking about Ozzie–yes, he is that great and has done a terrific job. That’s why the Ravens have remained competitive. But like the Steelers, they’re victims of their own success. Teams have a limited number of draft picks, and when they win consistently, they’re not picking high. And all teams have to set their priorities.

    In fairness, I thought Boldin was a fantastic get … until Saturday. No excuse for receivers of his caliber or T.J.’s dropping those passes. I’m sure they’ll go for young receivers in this draft, but no matter how good your personnel people, it’s always a crap shoot.

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