An apology to Aaron Rodgers, Packers fans, and Jan Cavanaugh

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Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers appeared today on The Dan Patrick Show.  During the interview, Rodgers addressed the video that appeared over the weekend on WBAY-TV in Green Bay, with Rodgers walking past Packers fan and cancer survivor Jan Cavanaugh as she sought an autograph.

“I’ve met Jan on previous occasions,” Rodgers said.  “As the video shows, I didn’t see her.  I didn’t sign for her.  It turned into something I didn’t really expect.”

Thee now-yanked story shows a terminal at Austin Straubel Airport containing a group of Packers fans, seeing the Packers off to Atlanta on Friday of last week.  In the video, Cavanaugh explains that she has a pink hat that she hopes Rodgers will sign it.  And the very next image shows Rodgers strolling by with buds in his ears and the “force field” demeanor that we often see from celebrities who are being pursued by paparazzi.

When I saw the video for the first time, I cringed.  Many of you did the same.  But then I did what we bloggers (or whatever we are) all too often do — I fired off a rebuke of Rodgers without considering anything else about the other things he has done, both publicly and privately, over the years.

Gregg Doyel of CBS has provided an excellent look at Rodgers’ good deeds, including his work for Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer.  You should read Gregg’s article.  It’s an eye opener.  And I commend Rodgers for his efforts.  In many respects, he has shown his appreciation of and concern for the citizens of Green Bay and Wisconsin.  If Packers fans hadn’t previously embraced him like they’d embraced Brett Favre, their reaction to the criticism of Rodgers from me and others shows that they now have.

I apologize to Rodgers for painting him with an unjustifiably broad brush based on a very brief slice of his life.  It was wrong to jump to conclusions about whether he treats fans properly, and whether he understands the connection between the fans who support him and the money he makes.  Though some have argued that true character is revealed in those fleeting moments, the whole truth about a man falls somewhere between his best days and his worst days.  For Rodgers, there’s no reason to believe that the truth isn’t a lot closer to the best than the worst.

I apologize to Packers fans for distracting you from the afterglow of a game that has ushered in a new golden age of Green Bay football.  With a stirring win over the top-seeded Falcons and a historic postseason contest against the Bears on the horizon, you shouldn’t have had to worry about an opinion that I delivered too quickly, too strongly, and too stubbornly.  I allowed emotions based on my own experiences to overcome reason, and I hope in the future to be able to take a step back before sharing the full thrust of my initial reaction on these pages, especially when the reaction is fueled by emotion based on my own experiences.

I also apologize to Jan Cavanaugh.  As Armando Salguero explained it earlier today during my weekly visit with WFTL in South Florida, I tried to rescue a damsel in distress before determining whether she wanted to be rescued.  (Actually, that’s sort of how I met my wife.)  I should have realized that this would bring attention she doesn’t want or need, and I would have if I hadn’t shared the full thrust of my initial reaction without thinking it through or looking into the good things Rodgers has done.

No one with PFT or NBC has asked me to apologize, and no one has forced me to apologize.  (We continue to have full editorial control over the content of the site, and NBC has honored that commitment since day one of our partnership.)  I’ve had two nights to sleep on it and plenty of other time to think about it.  Once my anger at being wrongfully accused of running a payola scheme subsided and my Italian nature to never give in wore off, I realized that I felt bad.  And I realized that I’d only feel better if I apologized.

Hopefully, we’ve all learned something from this experience.  I know I have.  And rather than listing, as I ordinarily would, all the other lessons that I think everyone else involved in this situation should learn, I’ll shut up and move on and let folks come to their own conclusions about what they may do differently when confronted with similar circumstances in the future.

248 responses to “An apology to Aaron Rodgers, Packers fans, and Jan Cavanaugh

  1. Takes a big man (with a team of good lawyers!) to say these words, Mike.

    File this right next to “Bradshaw, Terry: deceased”

  2. I think it would hilarious if he would have said, “Yeah, I saw her. I just didn’t feel like it.”

  3. I’m a Buffalo Bills fan. I’m a fan of this website. This Aaron Rodgers story was an example of something that was really blown out of proportion and made me agitated reading it. It didn’t stop me from visiting this site. I’m glad to see this article. Perhaps some perspective is needed before posting stories like this. We need to remember we’re all human beings and this is football, a sport, being obsessively reported on and scrutinized.

  4. i have been with you since the start…..i normally don’t post anything, but i wanted to tell you that it was well done….most people don’t take the time to apologize unless they are forced by their company or public outcry……..keep up the good work.

  5. Excellent job, Mike. Of course, this is kind of like putting the toothpaste back in the tube, but still, good job.

  6. Mikey, Mikey, Mikey! Whatsa matta fo you? Never apoligisia, never explainia!

    The guy is a jerk. He was a jerk before this incident, he was a jerk during the incident, and he’ll be a jerk long after the incident. “Rudejerk”, I call him.

    You should shine your pointed shoes on guys like him, not apologise. Mama mia!

  7. and when u next ride to the rescue on that white horse, make sure u are facing the horse’s head, flawrieaux.

  8. I’ve appreciated your site I think pretty much since you initially started it.

    If I have one constructive comment to make it would be to dig a little deeper before blasting someone.

    Not every perceived slight by an athlete rises to Vick/Rothlesburger/Ray Lewis territory.

  9. “Hopefully, we’ve all learned something from this experience”

    Now back to the Jay Cutler bashing right?

  10. Though firmly in the better late than never category, an earnest apology is not something one comes across in the public realm too often these days, so I’ll applaud that.

  11. Gotta give u props for your humility….a great quality not often found in the world of journalism or sports. Thanx for the example that hopefully many will emulate…..As a Raider fan for more than 30 years, hope u got luv in 2011 for the Silver & Black!

  12. Good for you for admitting what you specifically did wrong instead of a backhanded apology to a fan base that makes up a large part of your readership.

  13. Well done, sir. Glad you could put this one to bed. Never believed that stuff about you being a payola schemer, not for a second. But that stuff I hear about Terry Bradshaw being six feet under, has to be good. But in all seriousness, well done.

  14. Well, Mike, what I’ve learned is these days your first reaction seems to be to lash out at what you see as odiously wrong, and propose a solution. Whether one is needed or not.

    It’s big of you to apologize, and it’s your site, say what you want. I’ve been here since 2005 and I’ll keep coming back.

    Still the best place for NFL chatter, damn your oily hide.

  15. Good post Mike. As one of the ones that blasted you (althought mine didn’t make the editing room approval) I applaud you for taking another look at the situation.

  16. Good on ya Mike. It’s also got to be said that if sports stars or celebrities signed for everyone who wanted their autographs their arms would fall off.

  17. Thank you Mike. You have gained much admiration in my book. It takes a very big man to admit a mistake.

    Speaks highly of yourself and also your original intent. Kudos.

  18. Glad to (finally) see this. I could almost see making the original post, out of raw emotion and no other information on the “suspect”, but the follow-up post the next day was what really irritated me. The author had a full 24 hours to think think about it, read some comments and gather some evidence about how good of a guy he is. Instead, the 5% of the commentors who were just trying to get under his skin succeeded, and he took his original post one step further. That was pretty bad.

    Glad this post was made. I don’t want Forlio to stop expressing his opinions, as I usually agree and almost always respect them, but please take a step back and do some research before you absolutely tear a guy apart next time.

  19. Apologizing was the right thing to do. yay for happy endings!

    “What do I do to make you love me
    What have I got to do to be heard
    What do I do when lightning strikes me
    What have I got to do
    What have I got to do
    When sorry seems to be the hardest word”

  20. None of us are perfect and we are all wrong at times. Keep up the great work Mike! This site is my favorite place to visit in between taking care of patients like Jan.

  21. You’re a good man to own up to an error you felt you made, Mike. Your occasional emotionally-charged look into NFL-related stories are pretty awesome though!!

  22. Thank you for this Mike. It was long overdue, and I’m sure it wasn’t easy for you.

    As a Packer fan, your apology is accepted.

  23. I hope you remember what it was you did wrong. You judged prematurely. You couldn’t wait.
    There once was a guy who should have gotten a parade for saving lives at the Atlanta Olympics. Instead he was named the bomber. His life was dissected on TV endlessly. Former co-workers told how he acted strangely. None of it was true. He never got the parade. He didn’t get a thank you for saving lives or even an apology. Sometimes we can’t wait for a verdict.
    It was too easy to pass up blasting Rogers. And it probably felt good to get all that venom out. it probably felt even better to be able to apologize.

  24. The Chicago Bears would also like to take the time to apologize to Rodgers, The Packers and the fans for destroying there dreams of going to the Super Bowl. GO BEARS.

  25. There need to be more people to have the ability to step back and hold themselves accountable like Mike. Not an easy thing to do on any platform.

  26. Nobody is right all the time, considering Aaron Rodgers at his worst is blowing by fans on the way to catch a plane says a lot of good about Rodgers.
    How many players would this actually be a story for?
    Kudos to Aaron for being one if the few class acts in the league.

    You are an editor of a site that offers a lot of opinions, most people don’t agree with any of them, especially you constantly picking against the Bears. But that’s your right. You published a story on video evidence, it was a fair assumption at the time based on what was shown. Even the golden boys need a reminder now and then to keep them grounded.

  27. That’s amazing. It’s things like this that make me believe that to be successful and be in the spotlight so to speak you don’t have to abandon the values it takes to be a good person. I have witnessed things over my years that inspire me to be a better person. I have to admit that this is one of them… You have a talent in writing things that keep us coming back, and you have probably realized more and more that you have a opinion in professional football that matters. I’m glad I still have a one stop shop for football rumors and Seinfeld jokes created by a guy with class…

  28. I applaud you for admitting it but what I have a problem with the media is that you guys jump the gun wit out even knowing the story people seem to try to destroy Rodgers name all to often when he is a pretty stand up guy.

  29. To all you bear fans your pretty confident until Cutler throws a couple of picks and you loose this game

  30. Well I’ll be Damn —– Good job — And now do you think you could apologize to Mike Tannenbaum for the years of abuse

  31. Oops i guess i jumped to conclusions myself .. way to go Mike. I still like A Rodg though fantasy’s No 1 QB

  32. Sadly, your “blogger” rants are an annoying distraction from your, et. al., more interesting work (e.g. the looming lockout). Although I undetstand People magazine articles drive a lot of your traffic, every Terry Bradshaw story only provides ammunition to your critics. PFT has become a power. Your job is to wield it responsibly.

  33. I submit, for thought, that you became too caught up in our “must-have-breaking-news-now-DAMNIT” culture.

    Too often, good journalism and journalistic research is washed with instant video, instant rumors, instant data.

  34. takes a big man to admit he was wrong.

    hopefully this is an experience used by all journalists in the future to make sure to get all facts and both sides before running with a story.

    as an editor who writes columns for millions of viewers, it may seem small to check out every little fact but you could be altering someone’s life by not checking the facts.

  35. Glad to see you came around. I hope you are sincere about having learned from this.

    Everyone makes mistakes, not everyone owns up to them.

    Aaron has done plenty to remove himself from he who shall not be named’s shadow. I hate to see AR lumped together with his behavior over an overblown incident such as this. Glad you seem to agree now.

  36. Touche Michael, introspective and well said. This self-reckoning has and probably will continue to pay you future dividends more than you now realize. Bravo.

  37. A Chicago family of pro football supporters head out one Saturday to do their Christmas shopping. While in the sports store, the son picks up a Green Bay Packers #12 jersey and says to his older sister, “I’ve decided to become a Packer fan and I would like this for Christmas.” His big sister is outraged by this and promptly whacks him on the head and says, “Go talk with mom.”

    Off goes the little lad with the Green Bay Packer jersey in hand and finds his mother. “Mom?”

    “Yes, son?”

    “I’ve decided I’m going to be a Packer fan, and I would like this Aaron Rodger’s jersey for Christmas.” The mother is outraged, promptly whacks him on the head and says, “Go see your father.”

    Off he goes with the Green Bay Packer #12 jersey in hand and finds his fa ther. “Dad?”

    “Yes, son?”

    “I’ve decided I’m going to be a Packer fan, and I would like this Rodger’s jersey for Christmas”. The father is so outraged he, too, whacks his son on the head and says, “No son of mine is ever going to be seen in that!”

    About half hour later they’re all back in the car heading towards home. The father turns to the son and says, “Son, I hope you’ve learned something today.”

    The son says, “Yes, Dad, I have.”
    “Good, son. What is it?”

    The son replies, “I’ve only been a Packer fan for an hour and I already hate you Illinois bastards.”

  38. This is ridiculous, he did something wrong and he should be called out for it. You said in a previous post that you would not believe him if he would say he did not see her. You even mentioned that it does not matter about the other things he did off the field because it is easy to fake that. You caught some heat, stand by it.

  39. PFT has become a power. Your job is to wield it responsibly.


    In other words, you’re like Spider-Man, Mike.

  40. Weak. The video clearly shows he saw her, averted his eyes and walked right by. It was intentional.

    I can’t believe that you gave a rambling apology to Rodgers and Packers fans just because Rodgers was doing damage control.

    Apologizing to Cavenaugh for unwanted exposure (if in fact it was unwanted) is understandable. The rest is not.

  41. Mike, I apologized hours ago and some are still hating on me, so … good luck with that 😉

    But seriously … you’ve been offering commentary, not reporting, and it’s a process you’ve handled appropriately–by responding as more information has emerged.

    My original reaction was benign; I got carried away after a few attacked cancer survivors and others, like maximus929 on this thread, slammed other athletes as though one thing excuses another. It’s a shame people can’t grasp that allegations aren’t always truths and that other fans are just as invested in their teams. But bad behavior isn’t a license for us to behave in kind.

    I truly hope the best of the Packer faithful enjoy their return to the conference championship and wish them a good game on Sunday.

  42. I have enjoy your website over the years and I too appreciate you apologizing. That show your tru character.

    Also, now that your site has become more than a rumor site and is a place where fans receive and other news sites pick up news, you should become more of a journalist. Journalists actually try to obtain all the facts before they report a story. This has and will hurt a reputation of people who did not deserve it. In the long run people will not remember the apology and that you gotit wrong, they will believe the falsehood.

    We should all strive to be and get better.

  43. Mike…I found PFT this season and have enjoyed most of the posts. You are brash at times, but that’s art of the territory and overall PFT has become one of my first stops for NFL info. I’m also a Packer fan and have a number of other sources of information for all things Green Bay. So when your original Aaron Rodgers story appeared I checked elsewhere and quickly found more reliable information. I decided to abandon your site as I was so disgusted with your poor take on this situation. Thankfully, as reported in many of the Packer blogs I read, you have undone the damage with your apology and clarification of the true character of Aaron Rodgers. Count me back in as a reader of PFT from now on.

  44. Your reaction was morally sound, but not sound in a journalistic sense.

    You’ll do your digging next time, and Rodgers will be more aware next time.


  45. Thanks for the apology.

    I can certainly understand the initial reaction from you and many others when seeing that video because, frankly, it didn’t reflect favorably on Rodgers. The issue many had was using a 2 second clip with little context to define a person, rather than looking at a whole liftime of work, which as Doyle mentioned in his article has included a lot of charitable work and recognition of the fans, even at times when “nobody is looking.”

    There was a lot more to this story than what was initially reported by you and others. I certainly appreciate the effort to paint a more comprehensive picture of this incident and Rodgers as a person.

  46. Nice of you to apologize, but I saw the video and he most definitely looked right at her as he walked by, so I don’t get why he’s now saying he didn’t see her. And if he’s met her before as he claims, why not a simple hello to her as he walks by? There was nothing from him, nothing at all, ear buds don’t mean you can’t smile and mouth “hi”.

  47. Apology accepted, but what are all the CryQueen fans who bashed Rodgers unmercifully going to do now? Much like their preseason Superbowl predictions, they have been proven wrong once again. More like 50 years of being wrong in that regard but who’s keeping count at this point.

  48. The part that’s easy to forget is just how heavily pro sports stars like Rodgers get pursued by autograph seeking “fans”. I use quotations because a lot of them are either pro collectors themselves, or are working for collectors who then turn around and sell the stuff on eBay. The players start to recognize the same people every day, and as such don’t feel obligated to stop EVERY time to sign. Of course, they aren’t all collectors, but it’s easy to see why players start feeling cynical, and do the iPod and shades thing. The commercialization of the collecting game has somewhat ruined autograph seeking and fan interaction.

  49. Okay, fine.

    But can we still agree that:

    Rex Ryan is fat
    BB is a cheat
    Al Davis is senile
    Big Ben is a rapist
    Ray Lewis is a murderer
    Manning is a choker
    Deb is annoying

  50. Truth is, I’ve seen this happen a few times with this site, as in, report stuff that should have had more research put into it and you have offered shrugs for apologies. Something along the lines of, “Well, it’s what we were told, not our fault.” or “Everyone gets something wrong every now and then. Hey! Here’s a Seinfeld reference to distract you from the inaccuracies!”

    This time, you came forward and took 100% responsibility. Kudos. It’s not easy to do.

    Question is, will you put more effort and research into further reports/opinions/rebuttals as so this won’t happen again?

  51. Thank you for this Mike. I’m sure it wasn’t easy for you. It takes a big man to admit publicly that he was wrong.

    As a Packer fan, your apology is accepted.

  52. Great story Mikey, was a nice jolt amongst common stories. Oh yah, all the ass kissing in this room is making me puke.

  53. next time you blast somebody in the media…consider how much time you actually spend helping cancer patients.

    and pbrady89, you’re dumb….he didnt’ see her.

  54. Thanks for taking a step back and looking at the big picture. For those few that can’t do it and insist you shouldn’t, life is too short to take such a narrow, negative view. One cannot fake good deeds off the field, or in life, insincerity will catch up with all of us eventually. Thank you.

  55. Thank you for your apology. A good journalist apologizes if proven to be incorrect or if he/she realizes a mistake has been made. I believe you are credible again. PFT is back on my toolbar menu, and I’ll continue to read it daily.

  56. Thanks for the follow-up, Mike. When you printed your story, I was floored! Those of us in Green Bay are aware of the “behind-the-scene”, selfless way Aaron contributes to the community, and the state of WI. He is truly a first-class individual, on and off the field. So much so, in fact, that I’m sure he blew off your tirade!

    Now, let’s go kick some Bear butt!

  57. pbrady89 says:
    Jan 18, 2011 9:33 PM
    This is ridiculous, he did something wrong and he should be called out for it. You said in a previous post that you would not believe him if he would say he did not see her. You even mentioned that it does not matter about the other things he did off the field because it is easy to fake that. You caught some heat, stand by it.


    Even apologies can’t repair what this can do to someones reputation. There are many people like this TARD that won’t read the story Gregg Doyle wrote and you linked.

  58. I have to admit, I was disappointed with you Mike, but you redeemed yourself (In my eyes) with this apology. I guess we all jump to conclusions from time to time. Way to be a man, and say you were wrong. It’s hard to do sometimes, but at least your trying. That’s more than I can say for many people.

  59. Well done, Mike. Rodgers doesn’t seem to be the kind of man who’d do what you suggested.

    We all make mistakes, and it’s good that you’d admit yours.

  60. just do a little research before you start accusing people mike. it was disrespectful to bash rodgers without knowing his lifestyle. hopefully you learn from this and dont throw another good person under the bus

  61. Amends are always more appreciated than apologies.
    Too bad your the only one man enough to stand up when a load of posters piled on with all their flaming asasanation of Rodgers character.
    Not one of them has posted an apology. Low lifes. What are you waiting for? You were wrong. Stand up and admit it.

  62. oh yeah. green bay embraced Favre. they covered up all of his actions off the field for 16 years. you think he started sexting and harrassing women just when he was a Jet and a Viking?

    one day, all those stories will be revealed to the public. Green Bay will finally get it’s much deserved end of backlash for the way it glorifies and protects its athletes. all cities protect their athletes, but Green Bay made Favre their second coming of Jesus when they damn well knew he was a pile of crap. That’s BS.

  63. In my life I apply what I call “The 24 hour rule.”

    In other-words wait 24 hours before responding to an action, for every action creates a reaction action and most times the reaction is not thought out.

    That said. You Sir do not really have that option in your world of information at the speed of light.

    I am a fan of this kid. I think he is all class, and feel he has overcome a great deal of hate just because of who he was drafted to and who was under center at that time.

    This was well written and I feel a very sincere apology.

    Good on you.

  64. Thank you, PFT.

    So, our car deal is back on? Insider’s deal? High-five..

    This will always be remembered as the time that yoau and that other guy took it way below the slash…and made it back to the dealership.

  65. I have enjoyed this site for a long time and was pretty bummed after reading your two posts on Rodgers and this incident because what you had written was so very off-base and so far off from what had actually gone on.

    I think your apology is great and shows you as a stand up guy. Good for you. I will enjoy PFT even more in the future.

  66. I like the apology – it’s not easy to admit when you’ve made a mistake. You also did it convincingly and eloquently. You could have dolled out a two paragraph apology/dismissal, but you didn’t.

    The only complaint I have left is why in the WORLD were all my posts censored?! I didn’t use profanity and I simply linked stories contrary to your opinion that supported what you’re supporting now. Your blog allows you to write what you want. Let me add to that without fear of Big Brother.

  67. When I read the inital post on this I thought you were way out of line. Today Dan Patrick referred to it as “character assasination”. Rodgers is one of the good guys and to try to paint him in another way just doesn’t match the facts.

    Good for you for stepping up and updating your remarks with an apology. At the end of the day we are all fans and with that comes emotion. Sometimes it gets the best of all of us. Credibility restored, move on people.

  68. As usual, as I suspected as soon as I read the story, you jumped the gun without considering the facts or context. That may have worked for all the years you were just an internet hack, but you’re a big name now — unprofessional journalism won’t cut it anymore.

    In other news, one of my sources tells me Terry Bradshaw is dead.

  69. Soneone may need to take a couple hours, and hash out the whole story instead of jumping the gun. I don’t want to remind anyone who this site is powered by, but I feel it needs to be said.

    Think first…report later.

    Go Pack, GO!!

  70. Never assume, because it makes an ass of u and me.

    As a Packer fan that was really upset about the way all of this had went down. It was extremely harsh and over the top, but I will forgive you for it. Apology accepted.

  71. Uncle Leo …

    I gag on the word “uncle” because it reminds me of some child molester. You are one of the people who had no problems shredding me over the summer when I was defending my team, so I have no problem with a bottom dweller like you finding me annoying. My apology of hours ago was directed at decent people, not you.

  72. To channel Harry Dunne “just when I think you couldn’t do anything more stupid, you go AND TOTALLY REDEEM YOURSELF”

    Mike, much respect for owning it.

  73. Good for you, Mike. It seems like you put quite a bit of thought into this apology, and it comes across as being very sincere.

    I’m not a Packers fan, but I was rather disturbed by the angle you took against Rodgers.

    Apology accepted.

  74. Wow ? Way to man to “man up” ! I hope that if some day I’m faced with having to take as big of a swallow of humble pie that you just did, I’m able to do it as well as you Mike. Great writing, keep it up!

  75. Mike, I’ve been an obsessive reader of PFT since the early days. Your skewering of Aaron’s reputation, based only a few seconds of video and a whole lot of assumptions, was truly the first time that I’ve ever questioned whether or not I would continue to be a loyal reader of this site. After all, this is an NFL blog, not TMZ last I checked.

    Your apology has restored some of my faith in you, but it’s Aaron himself that you need to apologize to face-to-face like a man. You’ve done un-repairable harm to the reputation of one of the league’s genuinely good guys, and that’s no small thing. You have a lot of power and influence here with this blog, please remember that and think twice before each and every article.

    It’s never easy to admit being wrong and I applaud you for that. The best any of us can do is own our mistakes, ask for forgiveness, and hope that we receive it.

  76. You hit a home run with this site. Hard work and Brilliant. As a site creator, awesome.

    As a writer, you can come up with some really funny stuff. Sometimes you even stumble on to decent football insights, insert blind squirrel reference. More often, especially lately, you are completely off base, like a loudmouth at a bar yelling at the TV whose only football experience is second guessing his kid’s youth football coach and who happens to know Rodney Harrison. Mostly you come across as a self-righteous tool and a total jackass.

    More of the former, less of the latter…Thanks!

  77. Thank you Mike. This and Doyel’s article make me feel as though there might be some integrity seeping it’s way back into popular journalism.

  78. This is a courageous response, Mike. I don’t there’s anyone who hasn’t jumped to wrong conclusion or two in their lives. You’ve set a good example and I for appreciate it. In fact, I got an account just so I could leave this message. Thank you.

  79. Some people think an apology is a way of laying down and admitting defeat.

    I think it’s a sign of a strong person. Someone who is willing to admit they were wrong and apologize. I really appreciate the apology and have a new found respect for you.

    Thanks so much… (:

  80. Dear Mike,

    You have no idea how irritated I was by your extensive and over the top assumption of a guy that actually does a lot more than he needs to for the community and fans alike. As long and extensive as your initial article was, it’s hard to believe that a professional journalist responsible for a site like this, would not have the professionalism to take a step back if not while writing the article, but at least before it was posted. I hope you read every single one of these comments/posts and are humbled by this experience. If you really did apologize out of your own guilt and not because you were afraid to lose “clicks” from the numerous Packers fans in revolt, I accept your apology.

    Dedicated reader

  81. “Just when I thought you couldn’t possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this… and totally redeem yourself!”

    All kidding aside, I can’t imagine how hard it was to write that third article but I know that it was sincerely appreciated by more than just Packer fans. Thank you.

  82. Hey Mike. I thought about not returning to PFT after the last two posts of yours on Rodgers. I struggled particularly with the second “last word” post of yours, where you seemed to dismiss some relevant information, that might have painted the situation in a new light. If the preponderance of evidence (over time, or from a particularly heinous act) indicated Rodgers deserved the jerk label, I would have hated it as a Packer fan (and then probably begrudgingly agreed) but would have respected you for your objectivity. Your downfall here in my eyes was not that you would bash Rodgers, but that you seemed to lose your objectivity in light of new facts. Which made me question what was tainting your view–or worse–lead me to assume you had ulterior motives.

    After witnessing Favre’s muddied last few years of his career, I realize only the rare few truly special athletes can be heralded on and off the field for their performance (obviously Favre is not one of them). Who knows if Rodgers will be able to uphold a genuine image over his career. Even the best have egos the size of Texas that make a genuine public persona difficult. But it is partially why they excel on the field and why we watch them battle it out each Sunday. It is also why I came back to PFT last night and again today. Because everyone, ultimately likes a good fight. Anyway…appreciate your post here. And whatever it was that touched you personally about this cancer survivor and her situation…I just want to say…I’m sorry.

  83. Thank you Mike for not letting the last article be your final word regarding the topic. As I also posted things (most of them deleted, some deservingly) that were past the lines. I just felt the previous article was unjust but I do understand the human/emotional factor seeing a cancer patient. Thank you again for the apology.

  84. I think is was Graham Parker who wrote
    “Some people are in charge of pens who shouldn’t be in charge of brooms. They have the nerve to rip off a man’s life in a paragraph or two.”

    Kudo’s for doing what you should do? Those of us who follow the lads from GB already knew about the bowling party before the light of truth from the nationals “illuminated” the gesture. Here in little ol fly-over country we don’t put too much stock in the pontification from the coast(s). We go to the game watch the line play and know who made the reach block and who pulled and who got to the second level-don’t really have too much use for the loud blow-hard with half the story at best.

    I will head back to my 7th grade classroom tomorrow and continue to teach that integrity and due diligence do indeed matter and that with power and freedom come responsibility.

  85. I was not angry at the first post but when you carried on the second I was. Now that you have apologized for your actions to the two who most deserve it [forget us fans] I no longer have any bad feelings towards you for either article. EVERYONE makes mistakes and I myself has jumped to conclusions far too often too quickly. I expect people to make mistakes, I only respect those who own up to them. You owned up to your mistake and that is anyone can ask of you or anyone who made a mistake. Glad to see you come full circle and see your own faults.

  86. Whohoo! There is a God!!!


    On behalf of Jan, Aaron Rodgers, and all of us Packer fans (and fans of good people/players in general, even ones on the Vikings team!) thankyou for your earnest, heartfelt, soul-searched apology. You have earned back my full respect.

    You are forgiven. Absolved. It’s buried for good.

    Go in peace!!!

    Now….let’s get back to some football!!! What a weekend this will be!!! Don’t always agree with Pervy, but he’s right, can’t wait for the Chef vs. Cartman showdown at Soldier Field!!! lol

  87. As someone who has also said things I later regretted (I’m sure that’s a very elite club to be a member of…) I commend you for this. I think your initial reaction was understandable in its humanity, and while perhaps your Italian blood kept you on the defensive longer than my Irish “remorse the next day” blood would have (see previous Final Word) that doesn’t diminish the fact that you took the time to do this, and did it in a way the comes across as very genuine.

    Thank you. And to whatever degree you owed me an apology (which wasn’t very much, I’m sure) it is accepted.

    Now please get back to doing what you usually do…there’s a post season going on!!!

  88. VikesPrincess (Lisa) says:
    Jan 18, 2011 9:40 PM
    Weak. The video clearly shows he saw her, averted his eyes and walked right by. It was intentional.

    I can’t believe that you gave a rambling apology to Rodgers and Packers fans just because Rodgers was doing damage control.

    Apologizing to Cavenaugh for unwanted exposure (if in fact it was unwanted) is understandable. The rest is not.


    Thanks for posting that Lisa. Just confirms that you are a total idiot and everything you always say on her is total BS. Thanks again and enjoy your offseason.

  89. Way to go, Mike. I certainly never saw this apology coming. It was the right thing to do.

    I still can’t get over your timing, though. IMO, that is what really put this over the top. Nonetheless, nice job on the apology.

    I don’t know what payola scheme is referenced, however. Can someone kindly explain or post a link? Thx.

  90. Thank you Mike.

    I generally enjoy your site, but I was extremely disappointed with your first two posts about this. You did a lot of damage to Aaron Rodgers’ rep that’s not going to be easily undone, and I really do hope you learn from this experience. As I was repeatedly taught in journalism school, it’s about accuracy AND fairness.

  91. Well done… I went from telling fellow sports fans to check out your site to telling everyone I knew what a dlck you were to backing you and your site once again….. AROD is a class dude. There are many things he has done here in GB that have not been mentioned anywhere.
    Look no further than how he handled the Favre situation to know the type of charactor he has. PT.

  92. dude, seriously? you are now an apologist for him intentionally ignoring his adoring fans? What did they threaten you with? There is no excuse for his actions and anything he may do as far as being on a board of directors should be expected of someone in his position. So what? This guy rights a column and blasts you and instead of sticking by your take on things you immediately buy into the guys story? Grow some balls would ya? I mean, we all saw the tape. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…it’s a duck. Rodgers isn’t evil for what he did. He is human. His actions are deplorable and you backing down from your convictions is spineless not commendable like these cheesehead fans will have you believe.

  93. Wow. If I’ve ever seen a more genuine apology from a media personality, I don’t remember it. This is why I keep coming back to the site: You offer the bridge between the objectivity and carefully reasoned analysis that we expect from the media (and sometimes get) and the reality of how real people live and think day to day. You bring me facts and content about the sport I love that I just wouldn’t have time to hunt down from the million places you find it.

    Sometimes, you jump the gun and report things before confirming it fully, and it backfires with obvious contradictions a few days later. Other times, your analysis jumps the gun and you let your emotions or biases overcome your judgment. Still other times, you contribute to the mass hysteria we fans can fall victim to and pander to the worst in us.

    Still, you are always honest about it. When you do it, you generally caveat it up front, and always highlight the room for error in a great tongue in cheek style. When you make mistakes, you admit it and find a way to recover from it without losing your composure. When you do something to totally blow it like this, you apologize eloquently and make amends.

    You have found the style of this new media we call blogging. You have bridged the gap between our need for instant access to everything and the infallibility that carefully reasoned “old world media” was supposed to have brought us. The result is the most useful sports blog available and some of the smartest and most entertaining reading available to a football fan. Thanks for keeping it real and blazing this path. May all future bloggers seek to achieve the level of honesty, integrity, intelligence, wit and courage that you have achieved here!

  94. If you work like this, when your product is your reputation as much as anything else, sooner are later you are faced with this.

    You make a mistake that you think wrecks it all. An error that you truly believe has a shot to sink everything you’ve accomplished.

    The only choice is to face up to it and take the bullet, and hope that the work you’ve done up until that point carries you through. To trust that people value what you’ve built, trust who you are, and will accept your effort to make it right.

    That happened here. And, in the era we live in now when people just want to tear everyone down…that’s pretty cool.

  95. That’s why we love ya, Mikey.

    You’re not afraid to admit you were wrong, you still have an ounce of humility despite hitting the big time, and, most of all, you have a heart.

    Bravo and…thanks.

  96. As a long time reader who was extremely turned off to this site after those 2 Rodgers posts, and looking for another source for my football news, I am very glad to see this apology. I’m happy to be able to continue to call this site my first stop for all things NFL

  97. Thank you, I know that must have been hard. As long time fan of your site and the Packers, I appreciate your sincerity. Now, let’s get back to the football!

  98. Cancer is an ugly duckling, and its normal to get worked up over small things when personal experience is involved.

    ‘Preciatecha for the apology. Its accepted.

  99. Aren’t most of the stories on this site “blown out of proportion?” How about an apology for always ripping on Cutler and the Bears? He got blasted for going to a clinic with his girlfriend and presents, just because he didn’t look someone in the eye. It’s rediculous the double standard some players get.

  100. Way to go Mike. I was very disapointed with your first two aticles on this, but it takes a real man to apologize. Just dig a little deeper next time before jumping to conclusions.

  101. Being an avid reader of this site I was kind of swayed when I first heard this story and was ready to label Rodgers another egotistical, all about me athlete. I have since done my own research and found my own judgement to be too harsh. I applaud the apology mike but feel you brought light to an issue that warranted attention. Too often lost amongst star athletes is the obligation to their fans. THEY are the ones that really pay for your salary. Whether unfortunately ill, or just a rabid die hard, sometimes it wouldn’t hurt to sign that one extra autograph.

  102. The first thing I said (be it to myself) was there ya go Mike. With the persona that goes along with being any kind of figure in the media, especially something as mainstream as your site and the NFL, it makes it that much harder to step back and do something like you did here. For all that you’ve accomplished you should be proud of this post here. We all got reminded of another lesson that goes over looked, taking accountability. But OK enough of the sentimental BS—-GO BILLS

  103. Apology accepted. Embargo OFF! Packer Nation, resume normal dealing with NBC.

    Signed, Master Blaster

  104. Sure Mike, get that behind you so you can get back to bashing Jay Cutler and the Bears. Or just giving Chicago little attention or notice. Your anti-Bears bias is obvious and has been noted. I almost think you prematurely posted that piece just so you could later post a public apology (read: stroke) to the Packers and give the back of your hand (again) to Chicago.

  105. Um, the apology (as I mentioned above) is greatly appreciated, but do you think someone at MSNBC could take the link to the first article down from the NFL front page?

    I realize you aren’t the one who manages that, but it seems sort of like click-mongering to have that article featured there while your heartfelt apology is buried on the PFT page…

  106. Admitting the mistake is much more indicative of anyones character than making mistakes…plus it is completely understandable for ones first reaction to be defensive in a circumstance like this. I think the whole story from the get go seemed out of place on PFT since you have continually written posts criticizing other media outlets for similar self righteous pieces. The apology is about as good as you will ever see from someone in your position.

    Thanks Mike

  107. Thanks for stepping up. Unfortunately these days, what you’ve done is the exception rather than the rule. May others learn by it.

    One other note—the extent that you went to apologize shows it’s overall sincerity. Instead of the typical scripted apology that we see when someone is forced to dig themselves out of the mess that they’re in, yours was unusually heartfelt. We all make mistakes—it’s how we deal with them that shows the world who we really are. If it’s good enough for Rodgers, it’s good enough for me.

  108. @ClayMath52

    You said, “Thanks for posting that Lisa. Just confirms that you are a total idiot and everything you always say on her is total BS. Thanks again and enjoy your offseason.”
    Out of curiosity, is there even ONE Packer fan who knows how to have an actual discussion or debate? Or are all of you just rude, angry people who don’t have enough brain cells to actually THINK, but do have enough to come up with lame insults for every situation?

    PS – Nice grammar! That always helps your cause.

  109. Wow! Thank you for the honesty. It’s totally refreshing to hear someone own up to a mistake. I admire your journalistic integrity! PFT is my first visit every morning. Keep up the good work!

  110. Yeah, apology. I call BS.
    Even though I never use profanity my comments are blocked if you disagree.
    What happened to the good old days when you called people out for being the same as you are now?
    I guess the pay is too good.
    You went soft, welcome to kissing corporate America’s ass.
    You are not the same as you were 6-7 years ago.
    Almost my last visit here, and I gave you a lot of word of mouth in the beginning.
    Very disappointed in the present and unsure of the future…

  111. It should never have been published on the site! So where’s the apology for the other crap you’ve printed and then allowed absolutely sub-human responses to by posted?

    How does anyone with even a shred of ethics allow Ed Reed’s brother’s demise allowed to be treated as a joke?

  112. Mike I would like to thank you for the apology. I have never posted on any of blogs on this sit, in fact I had to just make a profile in order to write this. I am glad you referencedGregg post on CBS. As asomeone who has had a sister pass away from cancer and has worked closely with the MACC FUND. Over the last twenty years or so I can tell you that of all the events either my parents or myself have attended for the I cannot remember a time my dad has been moved by a professional athlete like he was by Aaron. If you read that CBS column it mentions a ball that he signed to “Cheri the Angel” and I just want everyone to know true that story is and my father was moved to tears when Aaron signed that ball for him. Aaron wasn’t asked to sign it that way, he just did it. It seems to me like he is a pretty good guy from everything I have ever read or been told about him, so next just check into the story a little more before you go off.


  113. I lost my mom to cancer. I saw that, on the news here in Green Bay, and was pretty pissed too. Going right from a radiation session to wish the team off at the airport….unbelievable devotion.

    But I also learned a lesson here. Jan’s okay, Aaron’s okay, you, Mike are okay. This article meant a lot to all who read it. Thanks.

  114. its not like you ever claimed to be anything but a rumor-mongering internet hack, so i dont really see what the big deal is…as long as Rodgers isnt affected and beats whichever scumbags (and refs too if its the steelers) the AFC sends to the big game, no worries…

  115. I like Aaron even though I am a Vikings fan… but I still dont by that he didnt see her. I think he just didnt want to sign…. either way it really doesnt matter if she didnt mind!
    I think the next time the Packers play the Vikes I am going to stand right in front of him and see what happens!!! LOL

  116. I think 99.9% of the people who share info like you do fail to make a post like this. Thank you for being man enough to do so. Respect for you and this site has increased from its already high levels.

    Thank you!

  117. Apologizing means nothing in the end, you wanted a headline and you got it at the expense of another persons dignity. You should be ashamed.

  118. You made an edgy mistake, tried to justify it, then manned up and admitted your error.

    Don’t go to that well too many time. People will think you’re just trying to get web hits for advertising revenue.

  119. Aaron Rodgers has been great to my grandaughters. He is a most humble and friendly player.

    You have a lot to learn about where your money comes from Mike.

    You also need to learn some manners.

    Aaron Rdogers is a better man than you will ever be.

  120. Wait, so you’re saying AR doesn’t hate people with cancer? Man, that’s a relief. For a second there I was worried I chose poorly in basking in the reflected glow of my League role models.

  121. Isn’t there some way we can blame Jeff Triplette’s crew for this???!!!

    As a reader from the beginning,it’s nice to know that this site delivers the goods, suffers an occasional mistep, but acknowledges when it does & moves on…KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

  122. This apology would be really impressive if it had come after the initial entry. Mike would look like a really reasonable, stand-up guy. But coming after first the erroneous badmouthing of Rodgers, AND THEN THE DOUBLING DOWN, well, the apology still impressive in its way, but rather than looking reasonable, Mike looks like the A-Number-One Fool of the New Millennium. So while I still give him props for the apology because it’s still a big thing to do, Mike should know that he flubbed an opportunity to look like that rare classy member of the sports-celebrity journalist-hanger-on class, and instead looks like a complete jackass. He should know that.

  123. Aaron rodgers deserves an apology. Jan deserves an apology. However, packers fans don’t deserve an apology. If they have a probably, oh well. Get it over.

  124. i wonder if the apology would have taken place if the woman didnt come out and say it wasnt a big deal???

  125. glad thats cleared up…now on to more important things like jets and pats talk!!!!!! baby!

  126. I was one that ripped into you for two posts, but you have restored my faith in this site and have earned my respect. Nice work

  127. He obviously saw her. The terminal was empty. There was a chick covered head to toe in bright pink hollering at him for an autograph and he walked within 10 inches of her.

    I only look down on Rodgers in this situation for lying about blowing her off. Personally I don’t think an athlete should have to sign for everyone every time. I had no problem with him blowing her off. Just annoying he’d lie about it just to pander to his fans that will believe anything.

    Just because she’s a cancer survivor doesn’t mean she should have some kind of special always get signatures power. She’s still a person like anyone else.

  128. Now that your apology has been posted I guess it’s time for a follow-up post where you blame everyone else for your posting of the story.

    You can title it “THE ROOT OF THE RODGERS BASHING”

    And here’s how it will probably go…

    “Several readers have sworn to never visit the site again in the wake of their belief that we made up the whole “Aaron Rodgers hates fans, especially women with cancer” rumor for the sole purpose of generating some extra traffic.

    But, thanks to W-BAY TV in Green Bay, we can prove conclusively that this one wasn’t a figment of a hyperactive imagination….”

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

    But congrats, it only took 4 posts for you to admit you were completely wrong. And you still sneak in a “We’ve all learned something from this.”

  129. I am ashamed of you, Mike. So much for sticking to your guns, eh?

    So you’re saying that if you were walking out of a plane terminal and right past someone you had met and known before, and she happens to be dressed completely (from head to toe) in a conspicuous color, and there aren’t a ton of people around, and that person is literally right in front of you and you walk right past, you wouldn’t recognize her?

    So much for credit not being given only when people are watching, eh? I would say I’m disappointed but shouldn’t be surprised, really. Enjoy that NBC paycheck.

  130. Rodgers and many other pro athletes and celebs do many, many charitable deeds that never get publicized. The tabloids and this site like to focus on the negative. At least you owned up to a mistake and that, refreshingly, is something most in the media are not wont to do.

  131. 10 paragraphs of apology to two people. How much apology did you offer when you heaped scorn on the city of New Orleans and the entire gulf coast with your terrible Katrina jokes – all because you love the Vikings and hate the Saints? Shame on you, Mike.

  132. LMAO at you Packer fans who think you deserve an apology from Mike and are accepting it. I need to toughen you up Mikey.If your out of state family got stranded driving in WI do you know what would happen? Ever see Wrong Turn? Hills Have Eyes? Everything taste better with cheese Mikey….

  133. I chalked to up to pre game hype…..

    how many times has he signed something for this woman in the past?

    how many more times is he expected to sign something for her?

    Rodgers does alot of good for Wi… does Donald Driver…. thats when you went all Joe Buck like when Moss fake mooned the fans, I didnt pay it much mind.

  134. You need to get Rodgers to help make a parody video with the same feel as the ESPN commericials with Panther Steve Smith:

    Scene opens with Mike, draped in Packer gear, in the airport with a camera man stalking Rodgers paparazzi style. Mike is on crutches with a huge cast on his leg.

    We see Rodgers approaching from the distance, gleefully handing out fat stacks of cash to some fans as he is walking through the airport. (Think Jim Carey in Dumb & Dumber… “there you go… there you go”).

    As Rodgers approaches, Mike asks Rodgers to sign his cast. Camera man is filming their interaction.

    Rodgers pauses, looks at the camera, face goes to stone, looks Mike up and down, puts in his ear buds, and kicks one of the crutches out sending Mike to the floor. Mike sitting on ground, jaw open, hands in the air as Rodgers walks away with his hands in his pockets.

    Fade out with Clay Mathews coming in behind Mike and saying “I’ll sign it”.

  135. Kudos. It takes balls to write a retractment and apologize…..something I’m sure the countless classless postwriters ripping AR on this issue from a couple of neighboring states won’t bother with.


  136. Kudos for manning up on the apology, but why was this needed: “Hopefully, we’ve all learned something from this experience.”

    It appears there was only one person wrong in this – why spread the blame?

  137. One day you journalists will learn to keep a journal, that is report, on the situation, and not editorialize. That’s what the editorial page is for. I realize that this is a blog, but rather than worry about being the first with the story, how about being the first with the RIGHT story. Just try it for a while.

  138. Good job Mike.

    It’s not your mistakes that define you. Everyone makes mistakes. It’s how you respond to those mistakes that define you.

    You responded well with this post.

  139. The fact that so many original posters agreed with the author of the original personal attack on Rogers says a lot about the low intelligence of many of posters who visit PFT. It is no wonder that they are fools on so many other topics.

  140. Hopefully you’ll lose the annoying habit of jumping to conclusions, then putting it in print, resulting in the feeling you have now.

  141. I knew your little rant was a load of BS! Its so obvious that Rodgers had earphones on and was clearly mentally distracted. On behalf of Packer fans everywhere, thanks for that apology Mike! Much appreciated!

  142. Mike,

    Thanks for the apology. As a sign of our appreciation, the Acme Packing Company would like to invite you to a Bear meat buffet being served in Chicago. The buffet starts at 3 p.m. EST and will last 3-4 hours.


    Curly Lambeau

  143. What happened Mike? NBC put their foot down? toe the line, you’re REAL media now.. who can I bash and it’s socially accepted? Big Ben? who’s on the “Do not touch list” Get with the program or end up like Imus..

  144. Finally! I have grown completely exhausted with your constant morality policing of the NFL. You deserve the backlash on this one and you deserve to have to apologize. At least you saw the light on this one. Stick to rumor mongering and making up stories, its what you do best.

  145. @michaeldrew says: Jan 19, 2011 7:39 AM

    This apology would be really impressive if it had come after the initial entry. Mike would look like a really reasonable, stand-up guy. But coming after first the erroneous badmouthing of Rodgers, AND THEN THE DOUBLING DOWN, well, the apology still impressive in its way, but rather than looking reasonable, Mike looks like the A-Number-One Fool of the New Millennium. So while I still give him props for the apology because it’s still a big thing to do, Mike should know that he flubbed an opportunity to look like that rare classy member of the sports-celebrity journalist-hanger-on class, and instead looks like a complete jackass. He should know that.

    You took the words right out of my mouth! Beautiful!

  146. Kudos to you, Mike, for owning up to your error. I hereby take back the Keith Olberman comparisons.

  147. It takes a lot for me to look up to a player or writer. I do look up to Aaron Rodgers and the many good things he does.

    Your words hurt me and it will take a long time before I will trust what you write.

    Thank you for at least seeing the other side of the story. I don’t really think you beleive Aaron Rodgers or anyother Packer is a good person.

    I really like this site but stopped reading it after your story. I understand how hard life is for Viking fans and the anger you feel.

  148. It’s not just one incident. What about the arrogance and lack of class Rogers showed when he did that ‘championship belt’ gesture to the Atlanta crowd? He’s acted like a jerk on radio interviews too. And SI quoted him as saying “I don’t feel I need to sell myself to the fans … They need to get on board now or keep their mouths shut.” And the outfit he was wearing in his SI feature was not one a humble guys wears by any means. And with all the other rumors, yeah, the guy’s a major league jerk.

  149. Deb says:

    Uncle Leo …

    I gag on the word “uncle” because it reminds me of some child molester. You are one of the people who had no problems shredding me over the summer when I was defending my team, so I have no problem with a bottom dweller like you finding me annoying. My apology of hours ago was directed at decent people, not you.

    9 20

    Looks like the decent people are outnumbered LOL

  150. Theoriginalcaptainmarvel is my favorite poster on this entire site. Every time I need a shining example of how uninformed, football-retarded and utterly pathetic the Viking fanbase is, I just refer people to this guy’s posts.

  151. so, the gist of the story is that you felt bad over what you had written and wanted your readers to know what a good person you are?

    you screwed up, big deal. its not like it will be the last time, and it sure as hell wasn’t the first time (points at self)

    an apology is fine and dandy at making you feel better about yourself, but rodgers wants publicity, so let him deal with the good and bad that comes with it. packer fans are classless hicks anyway, so its no suprise to hear what you have from them anyway.

  152. If Packers fans hadn’t previously embraced him like they’d embraced Brett Favre, their reaction to the criticism of Rodgers from me and others shows that they now have.

    Yes and no. We embraced Favre because he was, in his prime, because he was the gunslinger that led the Packers to the Superbowl and put the team once again on the map after years of mediocrity. Most fans, especially those who lived in Green Bay turned a blind eye to his improprieties, elitism (he’s snubbed requests for autograph quite often) and his will he/won’t retirement histrionics because of his performance on the field.

    While Aaron Rodgers has finally shrugged that media-contrived Favre monkey off his back once and for all with his post-season performance and leadership on the field, fans like myself embrace him differently. It isn’t just about the football. Unlike the faux persona Favre tried to exude to the public, Rodgers’ good guy persona appears to be the real deal. And I think that is one of the reasons there was such a vociferous response to your original posting.

  153. Also, enough with crap about Rodgers being a “good guy”. While I applaud the charity work these guys do, most players do the same things Rodgers does, and it’s typically for PR.

    I love how morons get so upset for someone calling Rodgers out for being a D-bag, but these are the same people who are so quick to label him a “good guy”, as if they know him from Adam. Rodgers could be a good guy, but he could also be a complete POS. For all the crap-talking about Favre on here, that guy does a ton of charity work as well, and it’s well-documented. So, let’s stop using that as a justification for labeling someone a “good guy”. It’s not difficult to fool the media and the public into believing you’re something that you’re not, and athletes have mastered that.

  154. “What about the arrogance and lack of class Rogers showed when he did that ‘championship belt’ gesture to the Atlanta crowd”

    Um, first of all, by the time he did the title belt celebration, the Atlanta fans were long gone. Second, he’s been doing the celebration all season. Third, it was in response to John Abraham mockingly doing it towards the Packers. Fourth, who gives a f–k?

    So celebrating a touchdown makes one classless? Does he need to run down the field and carry his receivers off on his shoulders so announcers gush about how he’s “just a kid out there” only he’ll need to do the celebration with every team he’s on because it’s become part of his manufactured image and not something that happened organically?

  155. There are two types of charity work. The stuff with the press releases that are just as much about generating positive publicity for the athlete. Many athletes engage in it. Softball games, MACC fund events, celebrity golf outtings. Great way to generate money for worthy non-profits and to culivate positive images. Yes, there are genuine acts, but there also a lot of contrived photo ops (ie, the loathesome Paris Hiltons of the world photographed doing some rare public service event.)

    And then there are the acts of kindness that a PR company never hears about. Ask the Boys and Girls Club of Green Bay why 100 underpriveleged kids had a great Christmas in 2009. The media didn’t even catch wind of it for a year. Or how about parents who came home after one of the big snowstorms to find the neighbor–who happens to be Green Bay’s starting–QB playing cards with their kids after he helped them shovel out their driveway. Neither the Packers nor Rodgers made a press release with these things. The cameras weren’t rolling to propagate an image.

    sometimes the biggest acts of kindess, in my opinion, are those that aren’t done for attention. Those moments are genuine.

    So, haters, keep on saying he’s a douche. Whatever. But I hope you judge yourself with the same myopic gauge to seperate the decent human beings from the turd sandwiches.

  156. havanableu,

    Speak for yourself, not the fans. Favre in his first few years in GB did not even come close to the “elitism” that Rodgers has shown (i.e. telling fans to STFU, crying to the press when a 5-year old flipped him off, and the well documented blowing off of autograph seekers and cancer patients). I love Rodgers, but I can’t stand by as people attempt to put him on some type of pedestal above Favre. Favre’s charities have done more for Wisconsin than probably any other professional athlete has ever done for the state and continues to do so today even though he hasn’t been on the team for 3 years. Now that is class.

  157. Mike:

    I have come to be a HUGE fan of yours and have great respect for judgment and unique analysis of all things NFL Football. To that end, I commend you for apologizing to all parties affected by your Aaron Rodgers comments but PLEASE “take a step back” and truly seize this “learning moment” about YOU as a Journalist. Peter King would have NEVER jumped so quick to write something potentially so damaging about an Athlete who unlike most has given the public NO REASON to suspect he is anything but what he appears to be. It is my understanding that you are also an attorney, as am I, and you should know better that things are usually NOT WHAT THEY APPEAR and that there are ALWAYS THREE (3) sides to every story.

    I’ve watched and listened to you in a variety of media forums and it is my belief that YOU and Roger Goodell are Two (2) Primary Reasons as to why NFL Football is so damn entertaining and interesting. You seem to represent the “Regular Guy” who feels that, if given the chance, he (or she) could be an NFL Personnel Executive as a result of their passion and interest in NFL Football. With that in mind, PLEASE don’t take this experience personally and simply embrace your mistake in judgment and MOVE ON toward becoming the most intuitive and interesting NFL Analyst the Game has ever seen.

  158. Smearing a good guy and then apologizing is hardly admirable. It’s pathetic that we live in a society in which doing the only right thing after-the-fact is considered so praiseworthy.

  159. @ professionalhospitalpatient…If I was Mikey I would put the boot to your ass for your condescending, grade school lecture. Notice the upside down thumbs Mr. hand? I’m not alone on this opinion.

  160. When I heard on the Dan Patrick show about your apology, I had to return to and after reading your apology, I appreciate you taking responsibility and being genuine in your apology. I never subscribe to anything, but today, you’ve made me a fan. Thank you.

  161. I hate the bears, but I hope Urlacher/Peppers/Harris do their own “championship belt” thing of their own on your girl, Erin.

    Really Erin, it is the gayest thing ever…..

  162. aceace28 says: Jan 19, 2011 10:10 PM
    Really Erin, it is the gayest thing ever….


  163. funny how pervy gets to spit out all kinds of crap at people (mostly packer fans), but when i try to post a mild comment about how much of a joke everyone thinks he is it doesn’t get posted. he gets more thumbs down than anyone on here.

  164. To whomever commented or thought that my Comment re: the Mike Lombardi and Aaron Rogers situation was a Condescending Lecture – well – I guess I wrote it the wrong way or it was taken the wrong way. The Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down is of no concern to me as this is not about me. Regardless, I just do not want to see Mike’s credibility ever called into question because selfishly I really enjoy his NFL insights and do not want to see him silenced or monitored in any way, shape or form.

    Being quick on the trigger in today’s era of Web and Video Journalism is fought with dangerous opportunities of innocently affecting people’s careers – even their own. I don’t want to see that happen to Mike as I think his intentions were Genuine and he appears to be a Stand-Up Guy.

  165. The ironic thing is you raked Rick Reilly over the coals last week for bashing Jay Cutler with a limited basis for doing so, but then you turned right around and did the same thing to Aaron Rodgers.

  166. scra22,

    No, it was the Reilly piece that was the truly un-founded hack-job hit piece, that said more about Reilly’s arrogance and insecurities than it said anything about Cutler or his (real or media-invented).

    And were it not for that recent defense of Cutler by Flo (still hard to even believe I read that!), I’d have a much harder time accepting that the above apology was even legit…were it not for that defense of Cutler, I’d right now be calling this offering an arrogant, superficial indulgence into self-importance (and essentially phony) pandering to one vocal fanbase and all the GB-adoring apologist fanboys that make up the collective sports mainstream-mediots.

    But I think it’s sincere, at least.

    That said, between the apology and all the responses that have followed (“I hereby accept your apology on behalf of ALL Packer fans! Da-da-daah!”) there’s still enough pompous self-importance puked out on this posting to make even your average LARPER a bit queasy.

  167. ccous says: Jan 20, 2011 9:26 AM

    funny how pervy gets to spit out all kinds of crap at people (mostly packer fans), but when i try to post a mild comment about how much of a joke everyone thinks he is it doesn’t get posted. he gets more thumbs down than anyone on here.
    Everyone thinks I am? When did YOU become everyone tool? I only get thumbs down from haters(Pack fans). I also get more thumbs up then most. Don’t hate because you are a little,irrelevant, jealous mommy’s boy….

  168. What i see here is a failure to communicate. Some people will always jump to conclusion as long as their conclusion is first reported. The media really makes their own self look like retards at times and thats why i keep coming back to this site. making an
    apology doesn’t do anything to what has already been done.

  169. did you write this after he went on green bay tv.
    everyone new it then. i’m sure mathews told him!
    cause he signed it. where is the good guy cutler story! won’t be on sunday i’ll gaurantee you that! lmao

  170. Problem is, Rodgers clearly moved out of the way in that video, so the defense he didn’t see her is BS. There’s a difference in giving time that is pre-planned by the PR department and giving time spontaneously during the day.

    That’s great that he does charity stuff, but if he was in a hurry a basic acknowledgment, a hello, or a pointing to your watch motion would’ve been sufficient.

    I’ll jsut say for anyone else in Green Bay, you would know that Aaron’s history with “the fans” in general has been a little odd and tumulteous at times. I think he’s more into being a great QB, than for being the face of the team. Take that a criticism if you like, but it’s a pretty accurate statement and isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

  171. Rodgers owes an apology too… for not showing up in the 2nd half. His QB rating was a horrible 55.41 for the Bears game.

  172. RE: The “Airport Incident”. Rodgers is a self-absorbed jerk. The problem with his response was that he lied. All he had to say was, “I should have stopped and signed the cap. I apologize to her.” That’s all… 10 seconds to say hi and sign the cap and he’s out. But instead he says he didn’t see her… lol! I don’t care if he’s signed 1,000 autographs for her the week before – just do it, moron. Give Clay Matthews credit for being a class act and giving her an autograph and a minute of his time.

  173. rugdog100 says:
    Jan 24, 2011 10:04 AM
    Rodgers owes an apology too… for not showing up in the 2nd half. His QB rating was a horrible 55.41 for the Bears game.
    Feel free to suit up and go out there and show him how it’s done against a tough Bears D-Fence.

    A-Rod got us into the Super Bowl.
    I write for each and every Packers fan by mentioning: No apology needed.

  174. OK so you went after A-Rod.
    Fair is fair so now it’s time to go after Big Ben Rapistbooger.
    What he is accused of doing is nowhere near on the same page as what you accused A-Rod of doing.

  175. I guess it’s certainly easier to act first, think later, when you can just issue an apology if you happen to be wrong, isn’t it? And then to get applauded for your apology, well that’s just icing on the cake.

    Of course, who the hell wants to hear moral aggrandizing in the first place?

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