Colts dump running backs coach

After the Colts lost to the Jets in the wild-card round of the playoffs, Jason Whitlock of explained on PFT Live that quarterback Peyton Manning deserves better coaching than he’s getting.

The Colts apparently are trying to give him better coaching, but not necessarily what he needs.

The team announced that running backs coach Gene Huey will not return.  He has worked for the Colts in that role since 1992.

“I thank Gene Huey for the work he has done for the club for many seasons,” coach Jim Caldwell said.  “During his time, Gene played a key role with many players both on and off the field, and he was a part of coaching staffs that helped create a very special time in franchise history.  I thank him for his contributions and wish him continued success.”

It’s hard not to wonder whether Huey is merely taking the fall for the underachievement of the team’s offense in 2010.  Sure, the running game wasn’t good this year, but injuries had a lot to do with it.

Still, it shows that the Colts are willing to try to get better.  We’re just not sure that the Colts are going far enough.  If the team is one-and-done in the playoffs in 2011, we have a feeling that the changes will go a lot farther.

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  1. Not sure this move shows my beloved Colts “are willing to try to get better.” What it does show is that no one at a higher level wants to accept blame for the struggles of the offense during the regular season and particularly during the all-too-short playoff run.

  2. Whitlock is a moron. His whole premise is that Manning does too much and that Brady/Belechick is a better setup as it takes the pressure off the QB to think of everything.

    How’d that work out for the Patriots? Not so well really. If it hadn’t been for the inept kickoff coverage and some REALLY bad clock management by Caldwell, the Colts would have won.

    I say it’s time to just turn the team over to Manning entirely and get the coaches out of his way.

  3. Here’s my take on the whole Colts-Manning setup:
    Peyton Manning has too much on his plate and some of it needs to be taken off his shoulders. I’m sure that their assistant coaches work a lot on coming up with the gameplan for Sunday afternoon but when the game begins, everything is left in his hands(if the Colts’ offense shows an improvement during the game, the common phrase used: “Peyton has figured them out”). His decision making has proven to be great over the years and I believe it isn’t any different during the playoffs. In fact, if you look at the drop in most QBs’ performance between regular season and postseason, you will find out that a drop in performance is very common for all of them and so it is not just Peyton who suddenly goes bad & should be held responsible for their losses(in the same manner that it is not just Peyton who is solely responsible for their wins).
    When it comes to the playoffs, opposing coaches work more than a normal game because well it is the playoffs with a go big or go home scenario. So somebody needs to tell Peyton the control freak that he needs to let others also help him out during games (specially playoffs when your opposition prepares more than usual for you).

    Remember: It is not QBs who win a championship, it is a team which has 44 other guys on the game-day roster that wins it.

  4. Peyton Manning should just fire himself and he would have better coaching —- Or at least some coaching

  5. Let me get this straight, Polian busts on Donald Brown, Bust’s on Tony Ugoh, Bust’s on Pollack and every other lineman he’s ever drafted. He gives the runningback coach and tells him to make chicken salad out of chicken s#%$ and when the ground game stinks he says you’re fired. Take an honest look in the mirror Polian and keep your nose out of personnel, you’re not qualified. You’re a bean counter, just keep writing the awful contracts you have been and while you’re taking credit for all the good work that the others in the building do, it’s time to take some of the blame too.

  6. Well if everyone comes back healthy next year and the teams suffers the same fate as they did this year then a new coach is in order. We cannot afford to have this team struggle, as it has here recently, in the last years of Manning’s career.

  7. I would like this story a lot more if the headline had the word “head” inserted instead of “running backs”.

    — A Colts Fan

  8. I thought with him being an unproven and unknown position coach, the Colts would have announced him as the success to Jim Caldwell whenever he decides to retire…

  9. if i were peyton manning i would be getting pretty sick of the level that i was held accountable for the team’s success. it is partially the fact that this team has been so good for so long is catching up with them in the draft, but that does not hinder their ability to acquire top quality free agents every year. lets face it, pretty much any other QB on the Colts and they are not a .500 team year to year. every person that i say this too chastises me but if i were a team president, owner, or head coach i would be calling him twice an hour about his free agent status. yeah, odds are great that he will stay in indy for his career, but the state of that team is not good, manning only has one good contract left in him, im sure he wants continued cracks at another super bowl and the colts do not seem to be heading in that direction. remember when you were willing to pay the silver fox 20mill this year ziggy? how bout paying peyton 19mill for the next five?

  10. Here it is: Huey is the fall guy…. He IS NOT a POLIAN guy. He started in 1992, and he was not picked under Polian’s reign. Polian has slowly been picking away at pre Polian employees all over the complex.
    I am predicting the next RB coach is Brian Polian. If it isn’t, I will be suprised. Either way the next RB coach will be from Polian’s past not Caldwell’s.
    If you play Vegas, put all money on Brian.

  11. Manning is a terrific QB but he’s lucky to have won even 1 Super Bowl, given that every year the Colts story line is: no running game, small fast ineffective defense. Put Manning on the Vikings or Ravens, we’re talking dynasty.

  12. Running backs coach? This is like when a company’s overall sales have declined, they reach out and fire the secretary…

    No, you shouldn’t look beyond this firing. They simply just chose not to hire him back after his contract expired. Polian ALWAYS blames the guys he either don’t draft or hire…He’s that predictable.


    …..And I speak for the rest of the blue collar football fans who are scratching our heads in bewilderment on why you don’t hold your owner accountable for the same mistakes every year that he’s allowed. You guys want Caldwell to go, run him out of office…You guys want Polian to go, run him out of town. I’m sick and tired of hearing about it, the rest of the football world thinks you must allow it.

    Colts fans….As far as your “mock draft” boards are concerned that I see on these Colts and NFL blogs respectively…Bill’s not going out to pick a defensive tackle…He will pick the “best available player”….Like he always does. He picked a defensive player last year likely will not this year. Please quit speculating on what he’ll pick on the Oline or D line…It should be a question mark??? But those AREAS were already addressed and you as fans GOT to know better then that. This man doesn’t and will not sign players,that the FANS think that are needs. Hell, he does the opposite. I think you guys know better and are just hopeful he’ll change his mind. If an OT is the best available he’ll pick it, but if a WR is best available, mark my words he’ll pick it.

    Polian does not believe his past drafts are busts period… When he drafted Jerry Hughes last year in the first round, history means he WILL not draft a defensive end THIS year high, or a tackle. He thinks Hughes is going to be great, he thinks Antonio Johnson is great. He will not pick an offensive line player in the first round if he’s not “best available” Because he FIXED the line last year, he truely thinks he fixed the line by choosing never to address it later. When Bill FIRES the runningbacks coach, he figures THAT alone will solve the running game issues and that will SOLVE the problem. Polian is like a computer….He looks down the roster and if there are weaknesses in his staff or players, he will cann the guys he didn’t hire or draft first. The problem can never be him. Hues, was never hired by Polian therefore he’s the first to go in order.

    Polian does NOT draft immediate starters and WILL not change philosophy according to what them fans over at Stamplede Blue think or anyother blog. You guys know this, you want change fire him, fire Caldwell. They stuff this down your throats as if your stupid and you guys accept it. If this was Chicago, Greenbay, New York or even Sanfranciso….Fans don’t put up with this crap….What happened to Singletary? Too many dumb calls, timeouts, and so on. Indy is the only place in the NFL where its safe if Bill Polian chooses you, you can do dumb things as a coach, then someone else gets fired who’s ho hum thinking he’s been doing a great job all along.

    The Colts motto is “Stay the Friggin Course”. Everyone and their mother know the course by now. When you know the “course” and don’t change the “course”, no matter how good you are at going that “course”, there will be always be 2 or 3 teams out of 32 that can figure you out and beat you at THAT “course”….Because they will gameplan specifically your tendancies for that given day….Because its the same “course” all year…

    Bottom line is, we don’t care about this anymore. We are sick of seeing the Colts in the playoffs choke a game away because of the very samething and same way they choked a game away on last year, year before, year before that. Special teams, defense, running game, offensive line. Its like a rotation every year….Maybe its your God Damn front office and owner.

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