Cowboys would “think about” listening to offers for Dez Bryant

A member of the Cowboys front office told’s Calvin Watkins that the team “would think about” trading wide receiver Dez Bryant this offseason.

This is one of those stories that we can hear being denied by the team before it gets any room to grow.

Bryant appeared to be everything the Cowboys wanted and more when he was on the field as a rookie.  But former Cowboys receiver Patrick Crayton hinted that not everything was as simple behind the scenes.

They let [Bryant] get away with a lot of stuff. A lot of stuff,” Crayton said of Bryant per Matt Mosley of

“Hopefully whoever they bring in as receivers coach, and they say [Jason] Garrett is a disciplinarian, won’t let him get away with so much stuff.  He’ll get locked down and hopefully be the next Michael Irvin,” Crayton said.   (Nice shot at Garrett there from Crayton.)

It’s hard to imagine the Cowboys really thinking hard about trading Bryant.  Perhaps this little missive to the media is an indirect way to tell Bryant to show up to meetings on time and get in the playbook, which were reportedly issues for the young receiver.

It’s a dangerous approach.   Bryant may not handle hearing this news well, which is why we expect a quick denial.

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  1. btw, who cares what Crayton said. ask him why he cost us the 2008 playoff game against the Giants. he got away with that one for too long.

    good riddance to a garbage receiver

  2. This story is B.S. Why would they trade a player they drafted in the first round?? If he had been able to stay healthy for the full season, he would have been the front runner for ‘Rookie of the Year’. Dez Bryant is going NOWHERE!!!!

  3. Wow, did not see that coming. Despite this probably being 90% bullcrap, it’s knee jerks and shake ups like this that might be needed to shock this franchise back to consciousness.

    As a diehard Cowboy fan, I find it sickening though. I know for a fact that the Steelers and Patriots don’t need to do this kind of crap. Oh well, not like there’s going to be anymore football in 2011 after February anyway…

  4. I can’t imagine they would let this guy go. I don’t think the fan base would be too happy.

  5. Now this is a guy I would love to see in New England. He would be in a disciplined environment, and his raw talent is simply amazing.

  6. This all originated from a talk radio hypothetical put forward by a personnel guy they talk to regularly.

    Essentially, the question is “If you can get a haul comparable to what the Cowboys gave up for Roy Williams, would you consider trading Dez?”

    Yes. Any team would consider it.

    It’s just local sports radio getting fans worked up for ratings. Calvin Watkins just threw it out to some Cowboys suits and they didn’t shoot it down on the spot.

  7. What happened to all those character concerns being bogus? Regardless, the Cowboys are not going to trade him. He was very good on the field. Get somebody to help him understand his responsibilities. He could be great…then again, he could turn into a cancerous prima donna.

  8. This is a crap story and you know it Rosenthal. This speaks to your credibility. Any story that quotes Patrick Crayton is ridiculous. That guy is a moron. He’s just bitter that he got shunned from Dallas because of Dez. And who is this mysterious “front office” contact? The janitor?

  9. Classic Dallas Cowboys move. They hurry and deal away the one receiver on their roster that utilizes a multitude of receiving talents (not to mention the ability t0 go up and fight for the ball) while overpaid, limited ability players like Miles Austin – who makes a career of stringing big games versus marginal to below average defenses- then falls flat when played physical against upper echelon defensive talent. Bryant was ascending to true number 1 WR status, and Austin won’t ever show true #1 WR ability. This would be a mistake…

    You ask me, they should trade Austin somewhere that utilizes ins and hooks, all the zone squatting garbage he does, and build around the player that exhibits tendencies much like what made the Cowboys great in the nineties – challenging backfields deep and rendering man coverage unusable. Now, if they only had a plan to get a good quarterback…

  10. Based on everything written in this piece, doesn’t this sound exactly like the type of player Jerry Jones acquires, not gives away????

    Bryant’s skill level is off the charts. No way Dallas trades this guy.

  11. hey shadow, did you forget that miles was leading the NFL before Romo went down? If anything we should trade Roy for WHATEVER we can get for his excuse giving, pass dropping, progression delaying a$$.

    shaken – i like your style. I’ve not forgiven crayton for that drop AND pulling up on the seam route on 3rd down before Romo had to force that throw and got picked. GOOD RIDDANCE.

    leave it to crayton to offer up his opinion when no one asked. has their ever been a less talented loud mouth diva receiver? you’re lucky you were on our team for so long…

  12. The Cowboys should sign Randy Moss in the off season. That’s the kind of splash Jones likes to make.

    Well, that and charging poor, dumb Cowboy fans $30 bucks a game so they can STAND packed in like sardines and watch a game on a screen a thousand yards away.

  13. Wow, imagine how rare it is to see a story posted where Patrick Crayton is whining about things in Dallas. Someone might get the mistakened impression that he still has an axe to grind. Of course Crayton had nothing to do with the mini-revolt among the WRs a couple of seasons ago or the black/white rift on the offensive side of the ball. If only Crayton had gotten a chance to play in his hometown and make millions, then maybe he wouldn’t bitch so much.

    Just more talk from Patrick “Catfish” Crayton. You know what a catfish is, right? All mouth and no brain.

  14. Deion has veto power over all Jerry Jones personnel moves – this trade will never happen

  15. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

    What is it with OSU wr’s?

    Blackmon will be another head case.

  16. Expect Pacman Jones’ security detail to get called back from the unemployment line any day now.

  17. Roy Williams enormous base salaries make him untradeable, particularly given his spotty performance as a Cowboy.

    As for Dez Bryant, is he worth more in trade than Brandon Marshall? Probably not.

    How about Anquan Boldin? Maybe, given his relative youth.

    Anyway, with yet another draft approaching, one would think a team would want someone coming in fresh so they could indoctrinate them into their team’s system as opposed to a 1st Rd pick another team is already to jettison after one season–a red flag if there ever was one.

  18. Mariner 85:

    Freddy Mitchell comes to mind when you ask if there was ever a “less talented, loud mouth receiver.”

  19. Listening to Cowboy fans is always funny.

    Okay Cowgirls, let’s quit defending and start thinking a little bit.

    Dez Bryant had an awful reputation of character before going pro, and, was a proven liar.

    Now, Jerry Jones picks him in first round. He is going to overlook a ton of issues (if there are any at all) because if Dez Bryant becomes a huge mess, once again, Jerry Jones looks like a bimbo for drafting him after many stayed away from this guy.

    Further, if they do want to trade him, they will want to minimize any “problem” areas to maximize Bryant’s trade value. Of COURSE he is talented. So was TO, OCHO Whatever, etc.

    Do you actually think that Dez Bryant has been problem-free, that he is untradeable? Why do you believe that but you won’t believe there could be many problems? Do you think Crayton just picked out Bryant out of 53 players to pick on?

    The only way Jerry Jones saves any face is to get a high draft pick. That is the point. Otherwise, Jones gets whipped again by the competition, and we can’t have little Jerry look bad…….now can we.

  20. Keep Roy Williams and dump Dez Bryant?

    Couldn’t say I’d have seen this move coming.

    Dez not showing up to meetings on time? Well, how about applying a little discipline?

  21. Why was my Hart Lee Dykes comment removed? And when did PFT start to become as censored as an FBI report, anyway?

  22. if they would hear offers to trade dez then they must be looking at trying to land aj green or julio jones or even ryan mallett in the draft!

  23. Ummm… this guy was a punk in college, then you hand him a pile of money and expect him to become a model citizen??? I hope no one is surprised by this. tick… tick… tick… tick… kaboom.

  24. Should have let the Ravens draft him instead of trading up… They instead traded back and got that waste of talent named King Serge…damnit.

  25. This story is so ridiculous it should be on Fox News. Hey, there’s Elvis and Bigfoot in that flying saucer. Quick, call the Enquirer.

  26. If Dez is a handful then it’s Jerry Jones’ fault and no one else. Not for picking him but for letting him allegedly get away with all the stuff. These players will walk as far over the line as you allow them and unless you clamp down on them, they’re going to move further over that line until you have a situation like Big Ben: a player who won’t listen to ANYONE about ANYTHING.

    If the coach won’t discipline a player for repeated transgressions, the owner has to step up or else you end up with other players noticing that they can get away with just about anything and then you have anarchy. That doesn’t mean that the team needs to announce to the world every time that they discipline a player because I think that Phil Jackson is the best at keeping it in-house and not embarrassing the player UNLESS he continues to make an ass out of himself and then it becomes public knowledge (When Rodman first joined the Bulls, the press got on to Jackson late in the season about how he didn’t discipline Rodman and Jackson told them that he had but that it wasn’t any of their business so that’s why he and the organization didn’t announce any fines — unlike the Spurs, who kept poking the bear).

    Unless Jerry gets it into his head that he needs to give these guys a little tough love, he’s going to end up like it was before Parcells showed up.

    I do think that it’s stupid to believe that Dallas will get rid of them and this is more likely a way to make him aware that they’re not happy with him without him having a specific target to be mad at.

    I think it’s funny that we have a Steelers’ fan getting all uppity about this, especially when you consider how long they’ve stayed with their problem children and how much they’ve tolerated their bull crap.

  27. This is kind of funny since I’ve always seen Dallas as the team that pays huge contracts to guys that are considered “troubled.”

  28. Dallas is such a mess. I’m no Steeler fan, but I can’t imagine Jerry would be happy hosting the Rooneys in this year’s SB in his palace, if they beat the Jets. He’d have to stew as the Steelers are proclaimed the NFL’s best franchise and leave the Boys in the dust. One playoff win in 15 years – the worst stretch in Cowboy history!! My God, even the Cardinals and Raiders have won more post-seasons games in that time!!

  29. buschleaguebandit says:
    Jan 18, 2011 12:24 PM
    This story is B.S. Why would they trade a player they drafted in the first round?? If he had been able to stay healthy for the full season, he would have been the front runner for ‘Rookie of the Year’. Dez Bryant is going NOWHERE!!!!

    You’re right, of course. The Cowboys have made nothing but sound personnel decisions since JJ took over as GM.

    Trading Bryant would be a mistake, and since JJ has never, ever made one, surely this won’t happen.

    That’s why the Cowboys have won the last 15 Super Bowls.

  30. What a weak soft story.

    Rosenthal you should be embarrassed…actually I should be embarrassed still coming to this site expecting realistic factual posts.

    I wonder Greg; Do you have less respect for your work or you audience????

  31. The source of this so-called story is Calvin Watkins with ESPN Dallas. Watkins is the same writer who wrote that Jerry Jones should have over-ridden Jason Garrett’s decision to not extend Ray Sherman’s contract. Am I the only one who sees an agenda here?

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