For the NFLPA, January 18 is “#LETUSPLAY” day

As the league’s owners gather in Atlanta for a special meeting that may have an item or two on the agenda regarding the ongoing labor controversy, the players are taking their case to Twitter and Facebook.

On Monday, the NFLPA sent the following e-mail to all agents and contract advisors, from union president Kevin Mawae.

“NFL players across the league are participating in a #LETUSPLAY day, which will be an online blitz of the Block the Lockout message #LETUSPLAY across social media outlets,” the e-mail explains.  “Fans will be able to join with the Players in a sign of solidarity to help prevent the Lockout.”
No mention is made, of course, of the union’s ability to block the lockout by decertifying.
The e-mail asks the agents to advise their players and contacts to sign a petition at, to change their Facebook status to the effort, and to tweet the fact that it’s “#LETUSPLAY Day.”
Though some owners may, as Peter King pointed out Monday on PFT Live, be intent on shutting down the league for a full season in order to get the kind of deal NFL wants, the P.R. push against a work stoppage could make it more viable for the league to not impose a lockout, but to declare impasse in early March and impose the terms of the league’s last, best offer as the new rules.
The players’ options in that event would be to work under the new rules or to strike.  And it will be hard for them to strike after they’ve gone to such lengths to get the NFL to “LETUSPLAY”.

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  1. Do the players really believe the fans are going to side with either group? They’re millionaires arguing with billionaires over who deserves more money, when our economy sucks right now. They are going to lose money and get the fans angry with them, using social networking sites to spread this message of “Let us play” is a stupid idea that only makes them look more juvenile

  2. If they want to play, tell De Smith to get his stupid self-serving nearly brain dead butt to the negatiating table and to not get up until a deal is in place. Then they can play for years. Stupid people doing stupid things(both the owners and the NFLPA)

  3. And just what makes the NFLPA really think that we, the fans, trust or even believe what they are trying to accomplish here ?? They are just as greedy and manipulative as the billionaire owners…I don’t want to hear it…all I want is for these idiots (players association and owners) to get together and resolve this before there are any season ramifications…otherwise guys, I’ll spend my entertainment dollar or two that I have on NASCAR or NBA or baseball…

    It’s your choice guys…take it or leave it…

  4. “the players are taking their case to Twitter and Facebook.”

    Taking their case to who? The fans? So when the season is cancelled, we can blame the owners. As a fan, I don’t care about either side. I just want some damn football next August. How about #GETITDONE day.

  5. After the Super Bowl the fans will put the Football season in the closet. This will be incredibly hard for the Players and the Union to understand — the world does not revolve around them. The vast majority of fans realize this is a game and all of them (and the Owners) are making too much money. We, the Fans, have made these selfish jerks into Legends in their own minds.
    An NFL football game is temporary entertainment. It is three hours to get away from the usual problems. After the games, fans get back to those problems.
    Why move the Pro Bowl to before the Super Bowl? Because the fans do not care about Football after the Season ends.
    The Sports Writers will, of course, keep pushing their stories about the problems because it is their job. But really, the Fans will stick the whole Circus away until the next season.

  6. The more I follow this, the more I think that the Owners are going to follow the latter strategy, no lockout, just declare an ‘impasse’, impose their LBO and let the players decide if they want to strike or not.

    I think the Union is going to follow the decertification route regardless of what the Owners do.

  7. If both sides would spend this much effort on negotiations rather than trying to portray the other side as the bad guy, there would be a deal.

    I dont really agree with either side. If the owners honestly think that a stoppage is the only way to get what they want, then I will no longer question some of the stupid decisions owners make. If the player honestly believe that they deserve more money for playing a game, then maybe some of them need an every day job for a year.

    I personally believe that it will take years for the NFL to recover from a lockout. Why cant they just look at what happened in other sports? They cant use their 80’s strike as reference because the NFL wasn’t as easily accessible and not nearly as popular as it is today.

  8. The fact that the Players are willing to give up their rights to collective bargaining shows that they want to avoid a work stoppage more than they care about whether they ultimately get everything they want financially.

    Whereas the Owners are more than willing to have a work stoppage; shouldn’t bother them, after all, they’ve cooked up a plan to survive the Season financially without football.

    And I don’t mean to slam good Owners like the Krafts and Maras who understand it’s a priviledge to own an NFL team, and should be based on love of the Sport first, and as a money-making venture second.

    But Jerry Jones’ attitude is a cancer on this League. His failure to comprehend the need for revenue-sharing with smaller-market teams is a threat to everyone. You can’t take the killer-competitiveness of football players and transfer it to competition between team owners for financial survival. The NFL went through an era where teams would go in and out of business often, and it was not good for the sport.

  9. Preventing a lockout is one thing – and that’s fine – but reaching an agreement in a TIMELY fashion is what it’s all about. Without a new CBA there are too many items in limbo – free agency, salary cap etc.

    What is needed is a “lock-in” – and the sooner the better. Two or three days after the Super Bowl would be my hope. A “lock-in” is when the principles from both sides pick a hotel, in whatever city they choose, and are not allowed to leave that hotel until a new CBA has been successfully negotiated. This is what Kevin Mawae and some of the reasonable owners should be pushing for. Although there are hardline owners and NFLPA members who would be against this – it still could be achieved if they are in the minority – which I believe they are. Let’s get this “lock-in” started.

  10. Don’t expect any Patriots players to participate.

    Belichick doesn’t like any of that Yearbook and Myface stuff.

  11. “If the player honestly believe that they deserve more money for playing a game, then maybe some of them need an every day job for a year. ”

    No, the Players aren’t asking for anything except to simply keep playing. That’s what this story is about. Amazing some people think the Players are asking for more money.

    Both sides agreed to the existing CBA in ’06 and it would’ve lasted until 2013. But the Owners got together and decided they didn’t like what they had agreed to, and broke the agreement.

    THAT’S why we’re going through this. Fans: stop misunderstanding the situation and blaming the Players. They want what you want: to play football games. The Owners? Not so much.

  12. erikw65 – I get that this latest issue is because of the owners, but the extreme paychecks are behind the notion to back out of their contracts. I’m not talking about every player wanting more money, they want it to be distributed better. Rookies making 50 mil guaranteed when proven veterans are only getting 10 mil guaranteed.

    Do I think it’s wrong for the owners to back out of this agreement early? Yes, just like I think it’s wrong for Chris Johnson to threaten to hold out halfway through his rookie contract because he had a good season. So while the owners are at fault, the players aren’t completely innocent in this.

  13. shackdelrio says: Jan 18, 2011 8:42 AM

    “the players are taking their case to Twitter and Facebook.”

    Taking their case to who? The fans? So when the season is cancelled, we can blame the owners. As a fan, I don’t care about either side. I just want some damn football next August. How about #GETITDONE day.

    Well said.

  14. This is sort of random, but does anyone else think it’s weird to put #LETUSPLAY on the 18th. When one of the major sticking points is that they don’t want to be in an 18 game season? Not saying its a major thing, just shouldnt someone have noticed this…and said “Hey lets just do this tomorrow?”

    Last time i checked football was a business, a few tweets and status updates aren’t going to do the slightest thing.

  15. As a fan I’m going to blame everyone involved if there’s a lockout, players and owners. No one holds a gun to your head and forces you to make millions being an entertainer. At the same time, your team is only successful because guys go out and play hard, putting themselves on the line, so them wanting a decent share of the profit is understandable.

    Without players, your team makes no money. Without owners, it’s just a bunch of really athletic guys playing in a YMCA league.

  16. PatM, your post makes no sense.

    “Latest issue”? What was the previous issue?

    “Extreme contracts”? The CBA contained a Salary Cap, and the money involved in contracts with individual players is relatively small compared to the Billions generated every year by the NFL.

    The Owners just “want it to be distributed better”? No, that’s not all they want. They also want to change the overall percentage of revenue distributed to each side.

    I probably wouldn’t (and didn’t) use the phrase “completely innocent” when referring to NFL Players.

    But YOU have utterly Failed to support your claim that the Players are *guilty* of anything (other than receiving “extreme contracts”, lol)!

  17. Postfixer- So you’re going to assign blame equally in an attempt to be fair? Way to oversimplify.

    There are tons of Billionaires, whereas the Players have monopoly on talent. Would you tune in to watch scabs play?

    You say, “Without owners, it’s just a bunch of really athletic guys…” But since Owners are always pressing for tax breaks and taxpayer contributions to build their stadiums, and that is the one basic thing other than players needed to play the games, I think one could make the case that we need these Players more than we need these Owners.

    In theory, we the People could revoke the NFL’s tax-exempt, non-profit status, and hire the Players ourselves. The Packers are community-owned, after all. The Owners are just a bunch of rich guys who move money around. They serve a function, but they aren’t as necessary as the Players.

    I have a lot more respect for the athletes who train exhaustively and develop themselves in order to risk their health and safety for our entertainment.

  18. Could you have found a picture of Mawae that didn’t include Ricky Watters and Ki-Jana Carter? Maybe they think “#LETUSPLAY” day has a different meaning?

  19. If you want to ruin the league then have a lock out or a strike. Remember baseball before the race to 61? It was suffering, dying a slow death. There are still fans out there that will not watch MLB because of their strike. Don’t be foolish, don’t be greedy. Both sides need to realize what a great business they are in. I don’t feel sorry for athletes making this kind of money(I don’t hold it against them either), and I don’t feel sorry for owners for sure. Especially since we in KC just gave 1/4 billion dollars to the Hunt family to renovate Arrowhead Stadium so that they could charge us and our local businesses even more money for suites and seats.

    Get it done before the draft or get lost.

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