Goodell: “There’s not enough communication”

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell spoke Tuesday from the NFL meetings in Atlanta, stressing the need for more meaningful discussions with the NFLPA.

“There’s not enough communication,” Goodell said.  “We need to get to productive negotiations.”

The last serious face-to-face negotiations were held before Thanksgiving.  Goodell stressed the need for holding meetings more regularly.

“There’s a very clear understanding if there’s a work stoppage of any kind, it hurts everybody.   It hurts the clubs, it hurts players, it’ll hurt the game, and most importantly it’ll hurt our fans,”  Goodell said.

It’s hoped that this latest round of talks between the owners will inspire more face-to-face negotiations with the NFLPA shortly.

14 responses to “Goodell: “There’s not enough communication”

  1. “and most importantly it’ll hurt our fans,”

    I think the fans are the least important. It should read: ‘and most importantly, it’ll hurt our monetary intake ‘

  2. The owners and Goodell are such lying weasles. The current agreement has been working just fine for everybody as the game is now bigger than EVER! It’s insulting for them to pretend that they give a crap about us fans… it’s strictly about their own greed!!

  3. In an effort to break down the communication barrier, negotiating teams from both sides will retreat to an isolated wilderness area in northern Michigan. Where they will build huge fires, bang on drums, chant, dance naked, and shoot each other with paintball guns.

  4. Goodell is Commissioner, why the hell doesn’t he start ACTING like it and get these two sides together and get this SETTLED????

  5. Why should the owners “open their books”. It should be none of the players damn business what profit they make. They “work” for the team and the owner. Unions screw everything up when it comes to compensation. In this economy, players make too much money. This pushes ticket prices and everything else higher for the fan. The players should be happy to be making in one year what most of us will not earn in 10 or 20 years. The players and Demadouche Smith, Mawae and the other babies need to stop crying.

  6. Why should a private corporation have to “open their books”?

    Does anyone that spends 1/4 of their workday reading this site work for a private company? Do you ever demand that they open their books for you, in order to determine whether or not they’re paying you fairly?

  7. richm2256 says: Jan 18, 2011 4:37 PM

    Goodell is Commissioner, why the hell doesn’t he start ACTING like it and get these two sides together and get this SETTLED????

    The commissioner is elected/appointed by the owners. He’s an executive of the NFL, which is not an impartial position. It is in his interest to look after the owners’ interests.

  8. Worst Commish in History. I would like to punch him in the F’ing face.
    Or just send him to London to stay and live with his beloved limey bastards. And he can join the soccer league and stop trying to send an NFL team over there. he is a piece of sub-human shyte.

  9. Let’s just cut to the chase…..Owner’s will issue an ultimatum to the players after Week 3 is cancelled saying that if no agreement is reached by Oct. 7th, the entire season will be cancelled. Players, agents, and the players’ wives will then force the two sides to get a deal done. Wake me up on Oct. 23rd when we kickoff an 11 game season.

  10. The union’s position concerning opening the books is fundamentaly flawed. They are trying to base their compensation on the percentage of profits that the entire industry (including the owners) make. Why? What does that have to do with what they are paid? Their compensation should be based on their value…not the owner’s value. No other group of workers thinks that way. The players already “earn” a majority of the profits yet assume none of the financial risk involved. The risk of injury argument is moot since the players willingly accept those risks prior to taking the field and are already being paid for that. The same “risk” is there for HS players and college players, and even UFL players and none of those groups get paid for that risk. (except the elite athletes that hire their dad or sports agents on the sly)

  11. @cowboy88
    To a certain degree you are right. It’s the owners who say that they’re not making money, so if they aren’t prove.

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