Goodell wants to define what crosses the line in trash talking

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said Tuesday that he wants to set guidelines for what’s acceptable behavior for trash talking in the buildup to a game.

Goodell said he appreciated different teams having different approaches, but wanted to stress that every team display “respect for the game.”   The league office warned teams last week to cut down on their trash talking.

We’re guessing that Antonio Cromartie and Terrell Suggs may have caught Goodell’s attention in particular.

“There is also a line you don’t want to cross,” Goodell said.   “I think we have to define that and don’t cross it.  And that’s what we want to work on in the offseason.”

First rule:  Don’t wear t-shirts with a middle finger on it?

83 responses to “Goodell wants to define what crosses the line in trash talking

  1. first the guy wants to change the way football should be played into a flag football he wants to take the fun leading up to a big game away from the players,,whats next no long hair?no pads?if anythign by the time his contract is up in 2015 this sport will be ruined

  2. Why don’t you get the players/owners situation resolved before worrying about stupid non-issues like this? (AKA things real fans don’t care about i.e. games in England)

  3. Ok fair enough to mention Suggs and Cromartie. But what about Welker? He mentioned feet what 15-20 times? you’ve gotta throw him in there too. Maybe Welker should’ve paid less attention to Sexy Rexy’s foot fetish and focused more on his game plan. and before anyone says the same about Suggs even though the Ravens lost, Suggs had a great game.

  4. To demonstrate his points, Raj will travel around the league with an obnoxious puppet named Terrell the Insult Dog, who always crosses the line in terms of trash talk.

  5. When is Goodell going to stop trying to make the NFL into the Boy Scouts? The league is wildly successful as it is. If it ain’t broke, DON’T try to fix it!

  6. I think all of the trash talking hypes up the game and gives good ratings. I bet the guys that are trash talking to each other, go fishing in the off season together. Goodell just needs to shut up, and stop trying to police everything.

  7. Hey Roger,

    I think I speak for fans everywhere when I say that we would prefer that you set all of these peripheral issues aside, and settle the CBA!

    We can worry about decorum and trash talking later.

    Just assure us that from the minute you start your day until the minute you finish it, you will do nothing but work to ensure that we will have football in September.

    Everyone is a little disconcerted with the amount of time you spend on trivial issues, so make it right. SETTLE THE CBA!

  8. I know a lot of people criticize Goodell for cracking down on certain aspects of the game. I give him a lot of credit for taking care of football as a business, even if it bothers some of us.

    With Monday Night Football’s TV audience being 50% women, and now, more than ever families are involved, it sucks to have that kind of talk going publicly.

    You can still go out there and make hard hits and jab at other players without the type of language I heard this weekend.

    While it doesn’t offend me personally, I understand from a business perspective why you don’t want to expose to that fans.


  9. the only thing wrong that was said was bart scotts pledge to murder wes welker. he should be suspended. cromartie and suggs was no big deal.

  10. Ridiculous! Look at how much attention the Jets and Patriots game got, look at how much the media talked about “Hard Knocks” this year as opposed to the years Kansas City and Dallas were featured in it. While I agree that you shouldn’t wear a T-Shirt with the middle finger, i really dont see harm in “trash talking” I dont see a thing wrong with what Rex said, with what Welker said, or what any of the players SAID! Kids dont watch press conferences so wuts wrong with trash talk? it builds up a game to where the public will tune in to watch the event. Dear Adolph Goddell, “Trash talk” equals ratings and attendance, attendance equals revenue, revenue equals job security, job security is good for you jackass! If I wanted to watch boring football I’d go to Canada. Brings me to my next point… get rid of the coin toss lets see some XFL type of start to the game but instead of it being fast guys running to the 50 and battling for the ball lets make it the guys who weigh the most from each team or make it the kickers…. who wouldnt wanna see Janikowski go up against vinateri. Kickers gotta earn their money some how! And that is what really grinds my gears, tom.

  11. @hobartbaker

    hahaha that would be hilarious.


    i find it weird when I agree with a steelers fan lol

  12. Does anyone else picture Goodell having a tea party in the afternoon with a few 5 year old girls?

    Roger, please remember to extend your pinkey finger, and no slurping your tea.

  13. It’s amazing to think that I actually liked Goodell when he first came into power… Now he’s single-handedly killing the NFL with the work-stoppage and widespread rule changes.

  14. Goodell can’t define for the coaches,players or fans what is a legal or illegal hit, how the hell is he going to define what is good or bad trash talking? I just want someone to explain to me why is it when the Patriots are involved.. a rule change or definition has to be implemented? Tuck rule, can’t hit the quarterback, now you can’t trash talk!!

    How about Goodell worry about defining to the officiating crews the definition of each penalty so they all can be consistent and do a better job!!! What a noble idea that would be.

  15. I’m loving Goodell. I don’t care what anyone says, you need a standard in society unless things will get out of control. He’s not saying people shouldn’t trash talk at all

  16. Not really surprising. Goodell realized that the trash talking led to record ratings this week, insinuating that fans actually thought it added to the rivalry, and no he wants to do away with it. This guy is worse than obama.

  17. Did I miss something??? Did someone get their feelings hurt so bad its prompted this move???

    Can someone wake me when this game turns back into football?

  18. I think any time Roger Goodell talks it should be considered trash talking —- Due to every time he opens his mouth all you hear is a bunch of trash — Unless of course he burps or something, then he makes some sense — At least to the beer drinkers that is

  19. I know PFT needs to report something to keep people coming back but for the next 3 months the only thing I want to hear Roger speak about is Labor settlement. Some topics:

    1. How to cross the line and show the union the net revenue reduction that owners are facing
    2. How to rein in the big money blowhards like JJ etc. so that they don’t ruin the league for cities like buffalo etc.
    3. How to stop treating Grown Men Like high schoolers.
    4. We have a New Labor Contract.

  20. Can Goodell find a way to involve himself in absolutely everything? Just stay out of it. Pats-Jets had huge ratings. Part of that has to be because the players and coaches spoke their minds freely leading up to the game. But Roger would rather a league where the players go back to being silent, give nothing but PC answers to each question. If teams want to take the Jets approach, let them. Goodell does not have to control everything. He was probably just upset his name hadn’t made it into a headline in two whole days.

  21. kotcha23 says “I say as long as there aren’t fights breaking out before the game because of it then it should be allowed…”

    Well, I think it should depend on the size of the fight, who’s fighting, and how long the fight lasts.

  22. delrmi05 says: Jan 18, 2011 4:51 PM

    “…With Monday Night Football’s TV audience being 50% women, and now, more than ever families are involved, it sucks to have that kind of talk going publicly… ”

    Women and families came to football. Football didn’t come to them. There is no reason to retool something to fit a classification, when it doesn’t need fixing in the first place.

  23. Yeah, Cromartie and Suggs attracted attention. I would be willing to wager that Goodell isn’t too thrilled with Wes Welker going into the personal life of the rival Head Coach either.

  24. This guy is so self involved and will do anything to garner attention from the media. There has never been a Commish before that acts the way he does. He is by far the wrong man for the job. He does not need to be seen or heard from except at the first game of the year, and at the Superbowl.
    He has taken the violence out of the game.
    He has done everything to take away the fun
    He has constantly put himself in the limelight
    He is over reactionary to everything
    & he wants to put a freaking NFL in London.

    What a joke.

  25. OK, first of all the add at the top of the page was for a spa, and showed a woman’s foot with a toe ring on. Too little too late.

    I like the competitive trash talking, and the Pats workmanlike double talk. Welker should have stopped at 2 or 3 references though, after awhile it was just obnoxious more than witty.

    One of the things I like(d?) best about football is the effort translates to success, and players are usually decent old fashioned Americans in poise.
    TO and 85 never impressed me and the Jets constant haranguing of teams is just too MTV Reality TV pukefest. I let regular television go and would let go of football if that’s what it becomes. I see enough of that crap in daily life for it to be entertaining. I think we should bring back some form of dueling sometimes. (don’t accuse me of being violent until you understand what I just said, and honor as a concept).

    However I find Goodell to be a PC mealymouthed phoney control freak. Drop the glove Rog.

  26. Hey Goodell, enough. These are men who are getting paid to play a game. Games are supposed to be fun. Let them have a little. Unless they’re holding up a game, fighting, or intentionally trying to injure each other, there’s no real point to clamping down on trash talking.

  27. Goodell’s efforts to regulate player celebrations have been a disaster. Most fans don’t have a problem with their players expressing genuine joy over a score by jumping up and down, hugging each other, or taking off their helmets. But many of us are offended by the “me me me” showboating of individual players with props who are just trying to get their faces on SportsCenter. So what does he do? Penalizes the natural team celebrations and lets the egomaniacal clowns carry on.

    Now what? Can Goodell stop at penalizing threats and bounties? Or would Joe Namath have been taken to the woodshed for a guarantee he was goaded into making by reporters?

    Doesn’t he have anything better to do? (Hint: labor negotiations)

  28. seems like the popularity of the NFL is at an all time high, Goodel is the first commish that I can remember in the last 60 years to be so involved with the media. he seems to like the limelight just as much as sexy rexy. no publicity is bad publicity (Paris Hilton), seems like he might be making bad decisions, but he keeps people talking about football.

  29. My guess is that he’s focused on Bart Scott’s comments that were a “thinly” veiled reference to permanently take Welker out of the NFL. I’m all for trash talk and think it adds alot to the whole game experience, but threats do cross the line. “Gonna take so & so down” is great, but “Days in a uniform are numbered”? Some people get restraining orders slapped on them for less. 🙂

    That said, Goodell needs to spend more time working with the union to get more important things settled!

  30. Nobody has less respect for the game than Roger Goodell. Even as an employer there’s only so far he can go in curbing a person’s right to free speech. Down with Fuhrer Goodell.

  31. This reeks of the BS political debate over “violent rhetoric” after the Tucson shootings. Goodell has a point…a small one, but a point nonetheless. Professionalism is all but dead in the NFL. Fans expect boorish behavior and many idolize it. Good natured trash talking is fine, but many players cross over the line. I think it is OK as long as it is not about injuring another player or vulgar/obscene to a reasonable person. The Welker/Mangold stuff was fine; the Cromartie comments and the Sharper/Shiancoe garbage was not. This is NFL football, not a WWE style self-promotion campaign.

  32. scottnrsv says:
    Goodell is just mad the the JETS beat his beloved Pats. His next rule will be you can’t even give Brady mean looks during a game.

    How do you survive in this world with such a stupid attitude?

  33. WHAT a buffoon. Is he serious? That won’t stand up to court scrutiny and you KNOW someone is gonna challenge it. What a waste of time and how ignorant.

    And as an aside, while I think Goodall sucks, those that say he has removed violence from the game or turned it into flag football obviously don’t watch the game. Almost to a man, ex players, even the recently retired, but for a VERY few, laud the banning of helmet to helmet hits. To argue this game isn’t highly violent is like trying to argue the sun doesn’t shine.

  34. Tom brady gets hurt and the nfl basically makes it illegal to be too physical with him. Now, because cromartie was too physical with his trash talk the nfl is going to step in? Hilarious.

  35. “There is also a line you don’t want to cross,” Goodell said.   “I think we have to define that and don’t cross it.  And that’s what we want to work on in the offseason.”
    If Goodell really cares about the fans first and foremost, he’ll place ALL of his energy on getting a deal done. Spending any time on this in the offseason without first rectifying the labor deal, is giving the fans a spoon after we’ve repeatedly asked for a knife.

  36. i think my user name says it all-except he needs to get a life somewhere other than with the nfl.he’s by far done more to ruin the game than anyone else i can think of

  37. I think the Jets trash talk from Hard Knocks all the way through last week (“f–k Brady/”Welker’s days in a uniform are numbered”) is complete garbage. I hate the Jets, I hate their approach and I find it impossible to respect them on any level other than that they are a talented bunch. But really, give me a break, this is just more thought police/big brother type authoritarianism which is destroying (wussifying) America trickling on down to the NFL.

    Unfortunately, Fuhrer Goodell won’t be finished until he squeezes every last drop of tradition and enjoyment out of the league, and as long as ratings records keep getting broken, there is really no incentive for him to stop his radical agenda.

    But, it’s also important to remember that Goodell is elected by and is beholden to the 32 NFL owners, who have already shown their contempt for us fans by such means as PSLs and exorbitant ticket prices and who are intent on ensuring a labor stoppage.

    Bottom line? The owners are the enemy and the ones killing the NFL that we love.

  38. Trash-talking and hard-hitting won’t be too much of a problem when there are no games played. Thanks, Roger.

  39. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said Tuesday that he wants to set guidelines for what’s acceptable behavior for trash talking in the buildup to a game………………No problem….as soon as the Jets lose next week, all the trash talking will stop.

  40. I hate the Jets and their trash talk, but its fun and adds to the game. It makes the game much more exciting, while also helping to foster rivalries. I do think stuff like Scott’s remark about Welker’s days in a uniform being numbered crosses the line though

  41. scottnrsv says: Jan 18, 2011 5:23 PM

    Goodell is just mad the the JETS beat his beloved Pats. His next rule will be you can’t even give Brady mean looks during a game.


    Goodell is from New York and was a Jets intern. You don’t know what your talking about

  42. This imbecile Goodell wants to legislate every single aspect of the game. It’s like he has some sort of compulsive disorder. He doesn’t seem to realize that this little crusade of his is gradually ruining the sport. Please, owners, fire this man.

  43. While the thought of only 3 more football games for possibly a whole calendar year at least rears it’s head, Doofus Goodell wahts to cram an 18 game schedule down our throat and reign in trash talking. That’s a man with his priorities in order. Hey, dipsh!t. How about you put half as much energy into dragging the owners and the union to the negotiation table before you worry about this stupid crap?

    There will be NO trash talk or hard hits next year. Know why? Because all the players will be at home on Sundays.

    As a Patriots fan, the trash talk doesn’t bother me. The thought of the Patriots not being able to try and get revenge next year because the players are locked out…THAT bothers me. This goes way beyond “I hate this team, I hate that team” crap. None of us are going to have teams to love or hate if these jerkoffs don’t get talking to each other.

  44. i loved bart scott’s comments. he loves rex and will fight to the death for him. i loved the fact that he took welker’s subtle jabs so personally. he isnt a dirty player and didnt end up doing anything, so big flipping deal? they were just words.

  45. FinFan68 says:

    This reeks of the BS political debate over “violent rhetoric” after the Tucson shootings.

    You’re giving Goodell way, way too much credit for “big picture” thinking. He’s freaking about Bart Scott saying Welker’s days in a uniform are numbered … or he’s terrified Middle America will find out the reason behind Welker’s tongue-in-cheek foot references.

  46. So… Fuhrer Goodell has done his best to stop hard hits and wants to eliminate trash talk in the league, yet still has done exactly squat towards ensuring there will be a season next year?

    Awesome job there, Commish! Would someone please fire this retarded assclown already?

  47. George Carlin would be smiling.

    “Yeah, there are 400,000 words in the English language, and there are seven of them that you can’t say on television the football field. What a ratio that is. 399,993 to seven.”

  48. scottnrsv says: Jan 18, 2011 5:23 PM

    Goodell is just mad the the JETS beat his beloved Pats. His next rule will be you can’t even give Brady mean looks during a game.

    I hope your not serious. This all comes down to pleasing the sponsors and staying family friendly. Cromartie probably went a little to far with his comments. He could have made his point without using those words and been fine. You have to admit its not really professional to wear a shirt like Suggs did. It does make the league look bad to your average fan. Now neither bothered me but I can see the leagues point . I just think there is already to many rules.

  49. Headlines from the future:

    Jets Quietly Board Team Bus After Tie, Wave Politely To Fans

    WOo hoo, be careful what you wish for PFT.

  50. jetsarestacked says: Jan 18, 2011 6:00 PM

    Tom brady gets hurt and the nfl basically makes it illegal to be too physical with him. Now, because cromartie was too physical with his trash talk the nfl is going to step in? Hilarious.

    This really bothers me the league put that rule to protect all quarterbacks not just brady. Now if it was your quarterback that had gotten hurt you wouldn’t be complaining about this rule but the truth is there is only a few quarterback in the league that matter to the nfl as much as Brady does. They would have done this rule if Manning or Brees went down the same way there trying to protect there assets. Now I hate the rule to but if you followed Brady you would no he doesn’t care for it either. Brady has never complained about being hit. Brady complains when he gets hit in away that breaks the rules. He didn’t ask for the rule but why wouldn’t any Quarterback want it to be in forced just like any receiver with cry for a pass interference.

  51. Wait, I thought there already was a line? Didn’t Channing Crowder get fined for crossing the line verbally inciting another man to swing at him a couple of years ago?

  52. Goodell lets the dog murdering head of an illegal gambling ring back into the league with no punishment. He reduces the QB rapist’s suspension because he hasn’t been accoused of a sex crime in 30 days. But he draws the line at trash talking !? WTF? I understand he is trying to keep the NFL from getting the thug league reputation the NBA had, but to do that he should try and keep the thugs out of the league, and not stifle the competetive banter we heard this week from the Jets, and Welker.

  53. Goodell, really to land on Rex fancy feet lover Ryan trash talking ALL the DAMN time. He far worse then any other players has been. it is about time to land on Rex big mouth trash talk. The only way to keep trah talking Rex from talking is use duct tape 100 rolls would do it.

  54. john0756

    ” Now if it was your quarterback that had gotten hurt you wouldn’t be complaining about this rule”

    Vinny Testeverde took a shot to the achilles and was lost for the year in 1999. Chad Pennington broke his wrist from a big hit. he also tore his rotator cuff from another. The NFL didnt do jack and I certainly didnt complain. injuries happen in the NFL.

    i dont have a problem protecting the qb, but there is such a thing as being overboard. the brady/manning treatment is nonsense and straight up unfair.

    in the afc championship last year a colts dback laid out sanchez ON A RUNNING PLAY and the refs didnt blink. if that happened to manning, then their would be an ejection. it’s becoming a joke. dont even get me started on the pats/ravens game last year.

  55. Good grief Goodall go away already would ya. I am about sick of all of this. Its just getting carried too far. When I grew up nothing was marketed as “extreme” Then came Gen x , Mountain Dew and everything was labeled “extreme” when in actuality more often than not it was candy ass when compared to old school. Now I guess this is Goodalls version of NFL Extreme Football. What a croc. What a sorry sad ass day it is.

  56. john0756 says:
    “I hope your not serious. ”

    of course I’m not serious. but I don’t think what cro said was that bad… he said it to a reporter in the locker room. not on national TV. Kids that don’t need to hear that kind of language shouldn’t be reading the NY Post anyway.

  57. That T-Shirt is kind of classy. And by classy, I mean unclassy. But it’s also kind of hilarious. I wouldn’t wear a middle finger shirt that said “Hey Chicago” on it, but I’d point one out to my friends and laugh if I saw one.

  58. Goodell seems to be on a mission to involve himself in every aspect of the game and to issue edicts that are exactly the opposite of what every fan (save those few goody goody Tim Tebow backers) would want. Back off Goodell.

  59. No, Delrmio 5! Football is a sport, it’s about enjoyment and fun first! Not business. Keep the bureaucracy out!

    Of course I’m sure you’re a lame bureaucrat yourself.

  60. i think we need more!!! remember the old days, old SB raider upshaw, steelers mean joe green, bears singletary super bowl shuffle!! more trash talk more hype, don meredith said if you can back it up it ain’t bragging!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. This guy is a joke. Trash talking is great for the game. The Jets/Pats game was the highest rated divisional playoff game ever!! Why?? Because of the hatred these teams have for eachother and the talking. Goodell needs a reality check. What happened to freedom of speach?

  62. I think that the Arena League had it right. There were times that the players did go a little far but as long as they don’t try to make a spectacle like Ocho and TO or the Fun Bunch, as well as throat slashing or the choke sign, I don’t have a problem with a little celebration or a little trash talk. I’ve heard some people say “Act like you’ve been there before” but most of them have never been there — EVER — and a guy will never know if that wasn’t the first AND the last time that he’ll ever get to do it. It may be a job but these guys are playing a game and they should be allowed to have a little fun and their critics need to lighten up. I wouldn’t say that they should go all XFL with their celebrations but geez, how about a little common sense.

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