Hue Jackson, Al Davis talk return to excellence in Oakland


Hue Jackson said at his introductory press conference as the new Raiders head coach that he believes the team is ready to get back on top after eight straight seasons of missing the playoffs.

“There is no question that we’re going to win this division, and we’re going to get in the playoffs and challenge for the Super Bowl,” Jackson said. “That’s what I’m here for.”

Jackson, who served as the Raiders’ offensive coordinator last season, said Raiders fans can expect a big-play offense in 2011.

“We have some tremendous football players,” Jackson said. “The future is so bright on the offensive side of the ball.”

But while Jackson’s new job was the reason for the press conference, it was Raiders owner Al Davis who stole the show with a rambling introduction in which he endorsed Jason Campbell as the team’s franchise quarterback and said the personnel is there for the Raiders to be great.

“I’m proud as hell,” Davis said. “Today is a big day for the Raiders because we have an opportunity to bring to you someone who has made a tremendous impression on the organization and did a great deal for the organization this season.”

54 responses to “Hue Jackson, Al Davis talk return to excellence in Oakland

  1. At least the staff is as delusional as the fanbase now.

    The fade, offseason champions how many years running now?

    Get to work on your excuses early this year chumps.

  2. Al Davis just said that under Coach Cable that the offense ranked “33rd” in the league. I was wrong… Raider fans are right… he has still got it.

  3. richm2256 says:
    Jan 18, 2011 4:38 PM
    Oakland is a flat-out train wreck ….. good luck with that, Hue.

    explain how its a train wreck?
    I see the raiders as the most talented team in the NFL. A team who destroyed their whole divison and a team that would be in the superbowl if the NFL playoffs were not flawed..

  4. Al Davis calls Jason Campbell the franchise QB. we are talking about a QB that has been subpar in his career and has shown no evidence that he can become an elite QB.

  5. richm2256 says:
    Jan 18, 2011 4:38 PM
    Oakland is a flat-out train wreck ….. good luck with that, Hue.

    Train wreck after going 6-0 in the AFC West and 8-8 overall?

    PLEASE…Lots of things to beat up on the Raiders about, but dumping a jaw-breaking HC for a good offensive minded coach and a great 2010 draft class doesn’t quite qualify as a “train wreck” compared to the other 16 teams that had worse records this year in the NFL.

  6. huejackson says:
    Jan 18, 2011 4:47 PM
    richm2256 says:
    Jan 18, 2011 4:38 PM
    Oakland is a flat-out train wreck ….. good luck with that, Hue.

    explain how its a train wreck?
    I see the raiders as the most talented team in the NFL. A team who destroyed their whole divison and a team that would be in the superbowl if the NFL playoffs were not flawed..


    Thats funny, because I also saw them go 2-2 vs the NFC West and 0-4 vs. the AFC South

  7. Jason Campbell is not and never will be a “franchise” quarterback, any more than Kerry Collins, JaMarcus Russell, Aaron Brooks, Andrew Walter, Josh McCown or Daunte Culpepper were franchise QBs.

    As I said earlier, good luck, Hue. Maybe he can use this to find a job under less insane leadership.

  8. Didn’t realize Jackson was a stand up comedian.

    “There is no question that we’re going to win this division, and we’re going to get in the playoffs and challenge for the Super Bowl,” Jackson said. “That’s what I’m here for.”

    Now, thats funny!

    Slimmy Al, glad to hear Cambell is your “francise QB”, as I can’t stand you or your team, I’m very happy Gradkowski isn’t to your liking–as he is your best hope to win.

  9. A Train wreck…that went 8-8 and swept the division. Sure ok…Make all the jokes you want haters. Fact is this team has a lot of talent and is on the verge of winning the division. Biggest problems this year was run defense and the team not winning some games they should have. Cable is gone and so is Marshall…the two guys most responsible for those problems. Al isn’t content with 8-8 and baby steps. He wants to win now and Hue Jackson gives him a better chance to do that than the Cable guy.

  10. You know what’s crazy? Hue Jackson is the only Head Coach in the NFL whose promotion actually diminishes his short term job security.

    Al Davis has spent the last 24 hours concocting new ways to fine Jackson.

    They’re talking excellence? Super Bowl? Are you kidding me? I’ll wholeheartedly admit that the Raiders have talent, especially on the offensive side of the ball. But geez, they do have quite the long ways to go.

    And the only people that seem to be more delusional than Davis & staff are Raiders fans, who are somehow excited about this move. I’m not telling them to be miserable, but geez, this isn’t a crazy awesome move.

  11. Poor guy will be fired in 1-3 years because the Raiders haven’t won a super bowl. Davis is so out of touch with reality. Every single year he thinks he has “Built a championship team”, and, sadly…he hasn’t come close for years.

  12. Can’t understand why AL got rid of Tom just when this team was starting to show promise.The Oline was showing vast improvement,the Dline one of best in the league.Better play from the secondary and these guys could have been in the playoffs this year.Sad thing is Al thinks he knows football (and maybe he did 40 years ago when he was 90) but 2 me hes just a second rate Jerry Jones at this stage.

  13. The Raiders are a good DC, and a few more pieces away from a legitimate division champion and playoff contender. I don’t see how that is delusional or a train wreck.

    They need O line help, 1 or 2 CB’s, and more overall depth on Defense. There are a lot more teams with more holes than that. So really free agency and one more good draft. Don’t forget they aren’t in the strongest of divisions, and they have shown the ability to play with elite teams. Albeit on an inconsistent basis.

  14. Cue the “Al Davis fines / sues / terminates Hue Jackson with cause” headlines in 5…. 4….. 3….. 2…. 1……

  15. OK… lets get a few things straight:

    Cable did an OK job, but to keep Jackson he needed to give him the HC title.

    Is Jackson good? IDK…. go check what the Bengals and Ravens did when he was there.

    Davis doesn’t know football? Gee, last I checked, his 2010 draft was recognized as one of the top for the year.

    Yes the Oline improved because we just drafted a high-caliber LT

    Jason Campbell a trainwreck? Don’t think so… he had a HC who didn’t believe in him. This will be the 1st time in his career he has had the same offensive philosophy to continue his growth. Jackson has confidence inhim and it showed 2nd half of the season…. now if his WRs stay healthy watch out!

    Folks can hate all they want…. last I checked, we were in a Super Bowl more recently then many other teams. Mr. Davis made a few bad choices for HC since (Shell, Turner, Kiffin), but he has shown consistency lately. Cable maxed out and Jackson is the man to take them higher just as Madden, Flores, and Gruden had done in the past.

  16. All I can say is I’m signing up for Sunday Ticket again, and I might even set aside a few bills to cover a flight over to Oaktown for a home game. This is starting to look like a pretty good season… at a minimum, they should be in the playoffs.

  17. Oh… I forgot…. Al Davis a 2nd rate Jerry Jones?!?!?!?! Are you serious???????? Jerry followed Mr. Davis like a puppy when he first bought the Coyboys…. Jerry wishes he could be Al Davis… Check the state of the Cowboys and the Raiders right now and get back with me.

  18. Enough talk, pro or con of Hue Jackson and Jason Campbell. If there isn’t a lockout this coming season, we’ll find out who talks the talk and who walks the walk. I’m not a big fan of JC, I don’t think he is the “franchise” QB as Big Al states, but we’ll see. As for Hue Jackson I think he did a decent job as OC. I still would rather see Tom Cable in as coach for the main reason he has the players respect. He was a blue collar coach for a blue collar team. Perfect fit and unsure how Al could see it any different. Whatever went on between them maybe we will never find out. Let time be the judge of how good JC and HJ are and how they lead the Raiders. I’ve been a fan of the Raiders since the 70’s and can’t wait to have another winning season and division. Just get us to the playoffs is all I ask.

  19. i love you guys that have no clue how this team is run and you guys are all haters. Al Davis picked every single draft pick in 2010 and all our other drafts there were great drafts there were bad drafts. The old man is football smart.

  20. Long time ago in a faraway land there was a destination of hope and the euphoric feeling of worth.That was lost 7 years in the running.The Raiders of today,specifically the last year,went from hopelessness to hopeful.I believe in great things to happen at a relative but determined pace.

    At one time the Raiders were indeed a trainwreck.Now i believe they are back on the tracks with a chip on their shoulder.

    If that is indeed the case,beware the locomotive called the silver and black.

  21. Some people when they get beat down like Al Davis and the Raiders have been over the past few years start to settle for mediocrity as some kind of Badge of Honor.

    That is not Al Davis, when Mr. Davis was asked what he thought about Cables statement that “we are not losers anymore” with regards to the Raiders 500 Finish. Al Davis stated that if being 500 is not a loser he does not know what a loser is.

    Bad times or not that is what I want in an owner. And when Jackson was asked about the Raiders season he said you are either first or you are last and they have a lot of work to do to get to where he wants the Raiders to be. That is the type of Head Coach I want, not one that expected a Parade for going 8-8 with a Team that was by far the best in the West this year and should have won the Division.

  22. you can be a Raider fan and not be delusional, ya know. People are not questioning Jackson, although anyone could justifiably do so. it is your owner. he is clearly incompetent and even Raider fans must admit that. this isnt Al coming up with a great game plan, this is Al making another rash, senile decision. once again its not about HUE JACKSON, its about how AL Davis controls this dysfunctional and embarrassing franchise. what will Raider fans say if they miss the playoffs next year? the fact that you guys defend this man is absolutely insane. look at his hires since the late 90s. the only 1 who was worth a damn he got rid of to see his Raiders get beat in the SB by that very coach. he had Art Shell TWICE and the 2nd term was a “life contract” and none other than Gruden lasted over 2 years. so why should your team or owner deserve any respect?

    look at his drafts. sure some players he has hit on but he missed badly with Russell. many teams didnt even have Jamarcus as a 1st rounder, but of course Oakland had him as the best prospect in the draft. DHB over Crabtree…big head scratcher. then the trades. hes gotten slapped around by the Patriots twice, and Randy Moss had the worst seasons of his career in Oakland.

    Davis was a great owner in the past. but what has he done in the last 10 years? his management is bizarre as well as his business operations. ill ask once more, what has this man done to deserve any respect or the benefit of the doubt? why do the Raiders deserve respect? because lately the franchise is the biggest joke this league has ever seen.

  23. I’ve been a die hard Raiders fan since 1975. I LOVE the RAIDERS….But Al Davis is insane. And either Hue is just as insane, or just wants to get a NFL HC job. Jason Campbell is average on his best day, and JaMarcus like on his worst. Tom Cable stood up to Davis like no other coach has since the Grunden days. Davis did not like it one bit, and as soon as he could get rid of Cable without having to pay him, he did it. IF Davis was so interested in Hue, why let Hue interview with the 49ers ? Oh..thats right, to get around that silly Rooney rule, I guess there was a little wink wink going on. How come PFT isn’t looking into that.
    And was it hue’s horrible game plan Vs the 49ers, Steelers and titans ?? The offense improved because the O-line improved and they were able to run the ball. The passing game was a lot of DMAC and Miller taking Campbell’s short throws and turning them into long gains. Ford saved Campbell a couple times Vs the Chiefs in game 1.
    Hopefully they can resign some of their FA, and maybe Hue is better then I think he is, and maybe Campbell is better then I think he is. The “he’s been in a different offense every year” excuse can no longer be used.
    Davis cost us fans a Superbowl back in 2003 (SB 37) by selling/trading Gruden, and he just cost us fans again when he let Cable leave.
    Raiders will not be great until Davis is no longer involved with the team, which will NEVER happen because he will live for ever.

  24. Before everyone appoints Lord Hue the savior, just remember that he was the OC for the Arizona, San Fran, Miami, Pittsburgh, and Indy games. In all five games (all losses btw), he called the plays. Instead of playing to our strengths (power run game), Hue and by extension, Cable, decided to wing it. Had the O-game plan been better, the Raiders easily win three of those five and finish 11-5. Instead of laying the blame where it should rest (Jackson), Cable was made the scapegoat because things got personal between Davis and Cable. Further, was there any proof that Cable actually broke Randy Hanson’s jaw? Also, why is it that when a coach tells Davis to fock off-he is either traded for draft picks and cash or fired for cause? Wake me up in time for the next press conference two years from now, when we introduce the next great coach. Typical Al Davis and typical Raiders….


    Disgusted Raider fan of 35 years…

  25. And as for the great 2010 draft class…yes it was one of the best in years. And from what I have read and heard they inflated the numbers of the players they (Scouts/coaches) wanted, and deflated the numbers on “Al Davis ” type players. Al Davis did not pick many of the 2010 draft class. Al Davis choose Fabin Washington over Arron Rodgers…AL needs to go away.

  26. I forgot to mention-I watched the press conference. Hue Pegleg said everything right, including addressing Davis as “Coach Davis.” The brown-nosing probably earned Hue an extra year before his termination. It’s a shame that to be appointed HC in Oakland, that you do not have full control over the roster, the draft, FA, your assistants, or what defensive schemes you wish to employ on the field. Just ask John Marshall what happens when you blitz Philadelphia and generate like 8 sacks and win the game. When you don’t rush 4 linemen and play man-to-man, you get in trouble with Coach Davis for not running a 70’s style defense in 2010. Based on the band-aid that was on Davis’ head, maybe Cable decided to throw out his claim against Davis for the $120k and just split his cranium.

  27. I’ve heard this same old song and dance from Al so many times over the past 15 or so years, that it’s getting old. Every time a coach “returns the team to greatness” or even comes close, Al pulls the plug on them. I really think Al can’t stand it when his head coach starts to steal the credit away from him, as it seemed that way with Tom Cable and John Gruden.

    Despite what a lot of you Raider haters think about us, the vast majority of the Raider Nation are far from delusional. We’ve been in a “we’ll believe it when we sit it” mode since Art Shell got his walking papers in the early 90’s.

  28. explain how its a train wreck?
    I see the raiders as the most talented team in the NFL. A team who destroyed their whole divison and a team that would be in the superbowl if the NFL playoffs were not flawed..

    LMAO, go ahead, name your losses, I dare you.

    Fans like you have kept Al Davis alive. DA!

  29. Again, keep on hatin’! I love it!

    All these pro scouts/analysts/haters are giving me tons of useful and insightful information.

  30. I liked Hue Jackson when he was in Bmore. I guess when there are only 32 jobs available you take what is offered, but I think he would have been better off being an OC at a team with a young QB, build the guy and the offense and compete for a real job that way.

    The Raiders job is a dead end. Not because the fans are bad or there is no talent, but because the owner has Alzheimers and is out of control. I don’t know if I would want that job. But again, when there is only 32 of them it is a HC job in the NFL. And there is precedence for Raider HC’s going elsewhere – ask Shanny or Gruden. Hell even Lane Kiffen is a head coach albeit in college.

  31. Wonder why the Raiders watch playoff football instead of playing playoff football?

    Consider Al Davis’ comment during today’s press conference that Jason Campbell is going to be a star because he came out of Auburn with better numbers than Cam Newton.

    Besides the fact that nobody is sure Cam Newton will be a top NFL quarterback, here’s some other guys that had can’t miss college numbers.

    JaMarcus Russell
    Matt Leinart
    Brady Quinn
    Ryan Leaf
    Geoff George
    Tim Couch
    Cade McNown
    Akili Smith
    Gino Toretta

    There’s a little more to talent evaluation these days than simply reviewing college football stats.

  32. JUST WIN BABY!!!
    Whenever the Raiders are in the news…LOK AT ALL THE ATTENTION IT GETS!!!!
    I love it!!!!
    Playoffs next year!

  33. It’s funny how many “experts” pop up spouting off about how bad the Raiders are, and what dysfuntional leadership they have. Even the media is guilty of this quite often. Look is Al Davis still the same guy he was 40 years ago? No. He is a frail 80 year old man, who is stubborn and attached to a certain way of doing things. However, that same guy is easily the most football savy owner the league has ever seen, has 3 SB’s, and last I checked had his team in the SB just 8 years ago, which is a claim most teams can only dream of making. I wish Al would hire a true GM to help him run the team, but at the same time, I’d rather have Al in charge than the majority of the owners around the league. The guy has a lust for winning, and will try just about anything to achieve it. He’s trying to find a HC he can feel confident in and who will do things the Raider way. This is a man who had 2 HC’s over a 20 year span from 69-88. It’ s not a case where he has never kept a HC around for more than a couple of years. Art Shell had a 6 year run in the 90’s. He just hasn’t been able find the guy he’s looking for over a long term. The talent is not in question here. The Raiders have a very young, athletic and fast team. They just need a steady hand at the wheel and hopefully Hue Jackson is it.

  34. Hue JAckson is known to have undermined Cable. He is a back stabber. I hope the Raiders regress back to mediocrity…oh wait, they ARE mediocrity.

  35. Gotta Love the Haters….they have to come onto the raiders page to spew their crap, because their page is lonely.

    We all know the o-line can still improve but for the most part they are already there. Keep Veldeer and Gallery on the left, move henderson to RT , start Bruce Cambell at RG…Center is the only question mark, but I will say satele played a lot better the last few games. I still would not mind if we could get a guy like pouncey in the 2nd rd, or maybe wiz’s nephew in the 4th. Better yet maybe go after a free agent like Kalil if possible.

    Defense we are pretty solid, but could add maybe somebody like Haynesworth just to dominate alongside seymour and kelly

    as far as all the haters saying all the raiders free agents don’t want to come back, thats all crap they keep spewing


  36. Guys who are calling posters “raiders haters” need to wake up…people aren’t hating on you or your franchise…people don’t hate on unsuccessful teams…these posters are simply mocking you and enjoying the non-stop entertainment that is the Al Davis Show.

  37. If any of you guys remember it was cable who picked the players in last years draft. How come Jackson didn’t get blamed for not scor ing in the red zone

  38. The defensive line was
    good for the most part but the secondary was inconsistent and how can we win games if the doesn’t stop them from scoring. We could score a hundred points but if the defense lets them score 110 than what’s the point of an offense?

  39. If we showed up for every game like we did for division games we would be a damn good team. If the seahawks were still in the afc west we were 7-0 in the division lol

  40. If we showed up for every game like we did for division games we would be a damn good team. If the seahawks were still in the afc west we were 7-0 in the division lol

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