John Fox won’t commit to a quarterback, or Champ Bailey

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New Broncos coach John Fox says he’s a long way off from choosing a starting quarterback for 2011, and he wants to get a first-hand look at Tim Tebow and Kyle Orton on the practice field before he makes any decisions about which one is leading his team.

“Just like any position, they’ll compete and we’ll go from there,” Fox said of his quarterbacks in an interview on the Dan Patrick Show. “It’s too early for me to say. . . . I’m going to evaluate guys on grass and we’ll have to see when we get those opportunities.”

Fox’s comments point to one of the disadvantages that new coaches will have if the league’s labor uncertainty leads to less offseason work for NFL teams: Coaches in their first seasons with a new team simply won’t know their players very well if they don’t have the usual schedule of organized team activities, minicamps and training camps.

Fox also wouldn’t commit to the team giving cornerback Champ Bailey, whose contract is up, a big new deal.

“It’s going to be tough. I have great respect for Champ. He’s a great player,” Fox said. “But we’re going to have to go through this process and this year’s process might be a little more unusual than some.”

And Fox wasn’t ready to announce that Jim Mora will be his defensive coordinator, although all indications are that he will.

“I don’t want to jinx anything,” Fox said of Mora. “I think we’re putting together a real good staff and that would be a part of it.”

11 responses to “John Fox won’t commit to a quarterback, or Champ Bailey

  1. Sounds to me like Fox knows its gonna be a rebuilding year, which means Tebow will definitely be the QB and Champ will be somewhere else.

    I could be wrong but that would make the most sense to me. I like Orton a lot but Tebow is special. He’s like a Bizarro world Mike Vick with character…

  2. If its a fair Qb competition no way will tebust e the starter. All the kid can do is run. He is horrible as a pocket qb who must be able to read defenses and you know, throw the ball.

  3. Much ado about nothing. Why even report this? If we wanted to hear what Fox had to say (i.e. see above “nothing”) then we would’ve listened to Dan Patrick. It’s not like Fox will be the one making the Champ decision anyway.

  4. Of Course he won’t commit to a QB, since players can’t be traded until the new league year, the Broncos might not be able to trade Orton until 2 weeks before the season. It also means that if they trade him for a pick, it will be a pick in the 2012 draft if the labor dispute isn’t resolved before the end of April. Those are 2 options that make a trade a lot less likely than if it were a normal offseason with Fox coming to town.

  5. Bravo on the QB non-committal.

    First best step in turning this team around. Even Tebow’s completions were gambles that fell short against top D-back talent, but succeeded against poor ones (basically the entire AFC West – and throwing away from Asomugha when playing against him) Tebow can’t read defenses and opts to run too soon.

    Destroy the experiment.

  6. Foxy likes his Vets at QB. Orton has a serious shot at starting QB with Fox at the helm. He just went through Clausen filled year. He’s not a fan of developing QB. He’d rather have the average vet handing the ball off playing field position offense. It’s going to be boring there in Denver. If the pieces or in the the right places, they will win but it won’t be pretty.

  7. Too bad about Champ, but I’m really glad to hear Fox isn’t jumping on this “who should we trade Orton to?” bandwagon. Whether or not Tebow earns the starting spot (and whoever gets it should have to earn it), they’re going to need Orton badly. If not because running QBs always miss games, then because the alternative is Tebow learning under the veteran tutelage of Brady Quinn.

  8. well as a philly fan i’d love it if he we could snag him for one or two years. he’s old, but he’s still better than most corner backs out there.. thats if we dont get nnamdi.. * fingers crossed *

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