Lovie Smith may need to win Sunday to get an extension

Bears coach Lovie Smith occupied one of the hottest seats in the league when the 2010 season began.  Now?  Not.

But he has one year left on his contract.  So the question is whether he’ll get an extension absent a victory over the Packers on Sunday in the NFC title game, the first postseason meeting between the franchises since 1941.

Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times joined PFT Live today to discuss that and other Bears-related subjects.

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For just the discussion about Lovie, look no farther.

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10 responses to “Lovie Smith may need to win Sunday to get an extension

  1. I dont see the rush to give coaches extensions. Last year childress and wade phillips got extensions in the middle of the season and this year they were both fired. Let him finish the season or wait til his contract runs out to give him an extension.

  2. Hmm…..Martz is waiting in the wings. What is he thinking? I bet he’s hoping for one of those 3 pic days for Cutler………

  3. I can’t wait to watch the epic battle of the NFC Norths finest coaches.Chef vs. Cartman. Bears win 17-14.

  4. I consider it idiotic to suggest that “hate” is an essential element for having a great rivalry. As a Packer fan who loathed the unhealthy type of hate that developed in the 80’s in the NFL’s longest-standing rivalry (much, if not most of it the fault of Forrest Gregg in my opinion), I sure hope the Bears keep Lovie Smith for years to come.

    Actually, Lovie Smith has done more to bring back a healthy-climate to this great rivalry than anyone else from either organization. He is a classy guy in that mold of Tony Dungy…He has sportsmanship, he doesn’t berate his opponents or their fans while still wanting to beat the heck out of them–that is, on the field, rather than in the press. He clearly appreciates and tries to respect all the tradition behind this rivalry, and it shows in what he says in the press. He is also is a great football coach who will undoubtedly give the Packers all they can handle this coming Sunday–pray not more than the Packers can handle, but that too is a possibility!!! Even if the Packers were to win this Sunday (in what certainly will be a game going down to the wire), the Bears organization would be utterly foolish to get rid of him in my opinion. (Not that they give a rip what a Packer fan might think.)

    Speaking of Tony Dungy guys, it’s been awhile since I commended the Vikings for anything (perhaps since the Bud Grant era), but I also commend them for hiring such a good man and great coach in Leslie Frazier (not to mention Frazier now hiring another good man and great coach in Mike Singletary.) I’m confident that just as Lovie Smith did alot to bring some respect, class, and sportsmanship back to the Bears-Packers rivalry, so can Frazier do the same for the Vikings-Packers, Vikings-Bears rivalries. It is sorely needed.

  5. it’s a union contract year so why would any coach get an extention!!! besides when the pack gives chicago a beat down what will MC c@ssholes do!!

  6. @dwhitehurst

    Coming from a Bears fan- I couldn’t have said it any better. A very classy comment from a site that has so little of it.

    Lovie is an excellent motivator for his players, with game-management being his only real deficiency.

    Hopefully Sunday will be an epic showdown between the longest standing rivalry in football!

  7. Mike, I think next year IS Lovie’s extension given the hot seat he was on to start the season — he coached his way to one more shot.

    And he earned it — he and the three other former head coaches on staff — but we won’t find out ’til next year’s playoffs whether he’ll be comin’ back again…

  8. As was mentioned there is too much invested in the current players to shake things up. Cutler cut his int total just about in half, let the guy get some continuity.

  9. Not bad dwhitehurst….My take as an ex athlete is you don’t have to hate the opponent but fun jaw jacking and buildup is essential. Take Cartman and the Cheesers down…

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