Maroney’s publicist insists arrest will be “easily explained”

Former Patriots first round pick Laurence Maroney had his most disappointing season of an increasingly disappointing career in 2010.

If that didn’t hurt his free agent stock this offseason enough, Maroney was arrested on weapons charges Monday night.

Maroney wasn’t charged and says he has a concealed weapons license.  But he was allegedly high while possessing a firearm, which is illegal.

“It’s definitely a sad thing when I’ve worked so hard all my life to get to where I’m at and something like this happens,” Maroney said on The Fast Lane on ESPN101 in St. Louis.   “It’s one of these things me and my publicist will work hard to take care of right now.”

That publicist, Jane Higgins, characterized the arrest as a “mistake” and that it will be “easily explained in time.”

“I never thought I’d be in this position,” Maroney said.

Maroney is very unlikely to return to Denver and this news won’t help him find employment next year, no matter how it’s explained.