Matt Hasselbeck would love to get a deal in February

The Seahawks say they want to keep Matt Hasselbeck, and the veteran quarterback says he wants to stay.

Seattle can show much they want to keep him by aggressively pushing to sign him in February before the labor mess hits.

“My hope is we could maybe do something before [March], but again, that’s not up to me,” Hasselbeck said via the Seattle Times Monday.

NFL teams can hide behind waiting for a labor agreement before making plans for 2011, but it’s ultimately a copout.  The Seahawks are proof.  They’ve already re-signed receivers Mike Williams and Ben Obomanu to long-term deals this month.

Hasselbeck’s contract is undoubtedly trickier, but not impossible.  If re-signing Hasselbeck was truly one of the team’s biggest priorities this offseason, they could push hard to get a deal done before a possible lockout.

We suspect it’s more likely Hasselbeck will have to wait much longer to find out his fate for next season.

16 responses to “Matt Hasselbeck would love to get a deal in February

  1. He’s been a good qb for a long time. But he is old & can’t stay healthy. One of his recurring injuries is his back, & your back is kind of important.

    Seahawks need to avoid being sentimental & not re-sign him.

  2. Not such a sure thing now after that fluke performance against NO a couple weeks ago. Any rational person knows that he can no longer consistently perform like that. And if he can’t, then he’s useless as a starting QB. He was a very good QB for years though, nobody can take that away.

  3. And I would love to wake up tomorrow morning with a Bentley in my driveway.

    Both things are equally likely to happen.

    Why do the Seahawks need to show how much they want to keep him? I don’t see the line for Matt Hasselback exactly winding around the block.

    They would be smart to just let the labor thing play out. MH ain’t going anywhere that quickly.

  4. Hasslebeck is injury prone, this is common knowledge. But he’s an amazing QB when he gets some time in the pocket. He hasn’t had any time in the pocket since prior to going to the superbowl. For years I’ve watched the pocket collapse around Matt and it’s amazing he hasn’t broken more bones with all the big guys getting penetration. The point is the offensive line is where the improvement needs to happen, and it needs to happen in a big way. Without that improvement we need a young quarterback, but even that won’t matter unless he can get time to make decisions without being rushed. When Whitehurst got that time he won against the Rams and took the Seahawks to the playoffs. We NEED and more stout O-line. And Okung’s ankles aren’t cutting it.

  5. …white-collar conservative flashing down the street. Pointing his plastic finger at me. Hoping soon my kind will drop off and die. But, I’m gonna let my freak-flag fly…

  6. Many Hawks fans would rather root for him on another team. He might get to be a starter on a rebuilding team, but that only got the Hawks an 8-9 record. Whitehurst could have eventually got them there, plus gotten a year of experience for 2011.

  7. Aaron Rodgers back up Matt Flynn is ready to be a starting QB I think. He would be a good fit in Seattle, but not sure what The packers would want back in a trade…….

  8. It’s too bad he is constantly injured/inconsistent as he showed against new Orleans he can still sling it, however new Orleans was playing a backup safety in Roman harper

  9. This won’t get done until July if you ask me. The team’s tone (which so far is the word of that idiot Carroll) is that they’d LIKE him back. Just not as a full time starter (if a QB falls to them in Round one for sure), and surely not for the money HE HIMSELF thinks he’s worth.

    mvp43, you sure you want another Packers backup? I think Flynn is a free agent (not sure if RFA or UFA), but I’d like to see him go and draft a new guy. He’s not what he looked like against NE, that’s for sure. That was a result of McCarthy dialing back and simplifying the offense, which Belichick prepared for the spread deep system and not the methodical dribbling upfield the Packers played – not to mention the fact that the Pats defense is Charmin Soft. I think that since John Schneider learned and worked under Thompson in Green Bay, he also wants to build mainly from the draft and pepper with FA’s here and there. I didn’t like it, but it got GB to this point.

  10. Jason Whitlock told me that now that the Hawks have Superstar Nate Davis on their roster, they can drop all their other QBs 🙂

  11. Thanks for the great years and the Super Bowl, Matt. Now it’s time for you and us to move on. Why delay the inevitable?

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