Tom Cable lands in Seattle

Just one hour after Raiders owner Al Davis did his best to make sure no one would ever hire Tom Cable again, the Seahawks announced they’ve hired Cable as assistant head coach/offensive line coach.

Down the coast in Oakland, Cable’s old co-worker Hue Jackson was simultaneously slamming Cable and giving him a reference.

“What Tom [Cable] is, he’s an exceptional line coach,” Jackson said.   (Ouch.)

It is a nice move for Seattle and ensures the team will get the zone blocking scheme Pete Carroll envisioned a year ago.   Cable’s mentor Alex Gibbs initially installed his system in Seattle, then left before the regular season started.

Todd Wash was also announced as Seattle’s new defensive line coach.

55 responses to “Tom Cable lands in Seattle

  1. I thought the Raiders were going places with Cable this last season. WTF is wrong with Al Davis and that organization?

  2. Just gose to show the respect that Al Davis gets from the other owners. looks like his personal opinion of anybody just dose not carry any weight with owners who appreciate real talent.

  3. After they cut Cable in Oakland the old shipwreck drifted up the west coast before finally running aground near Mercer Island.

  4. conseannery says:
    Jan 18, 2011 7:45 PM
    Thanks Raiders for making us ‘Phins fans feel like we have a normal owner by comparison.
    Naw, they got a little more work to do before they surpass our coaching/Parcells fiasco this year.

  5. Good O-line coach….and just think, next year when Seattle goes 8-8 he can proclaim that they are not losers no more….lol

  6. Glad he landed on his feet. Cable’s an excellent O-line coach; Seattle will see immediate improvement.

    Carroll seems to have a penchant for picking up old Cal Bears.

  7. Expect Marshawn Lynch and Justin Forsett’s yardage to spike in 2011. Everyone wants to bag on Cable in Oakland. Cable did an excellent job in his first full year as coach w/o Jamarcus Russell. Ask McFadden what influence Cable had on his career. I’m glad Cable landed on his feet. Hopefully, he will get a chance to stick it to Undead Al-both in court, and on the field before the Crypt Keeper croaks.

  8. I’m a huge Seahawks fan and I think Cable can do the unimaginable and turn our offensive line from a piece of swiss cheese to a serious force to be reckoned with. I like the addition of Tom Cable. But I’m surprised he managed to get the “assistant head coach” title. Oh well, as long as he’s not the head coach I’m okay with it.

  9. Man, imagine how many women and assistant coaches Tom Cable can beat up when he’s all hopped up on some seriously good Seattle coffee!

  10. Randy Hanson thought moving to Seattle would be an escape from his days in Oakland, but is now calling Mayflower.

  11. “What Tom [Cable] is, he’s an exceptional line coach,” Jackson said.

    I don’t know this guy and I already don’t like him.

    Why would ANY new HC feel the need to disparage the man who’s job he just took, his old boss, at that?

    Tacky, tacky, tacky…….

    Sorry Raider fans, but I hope this team goes 1-15 next year and comes in SECOND in the draft. And this is from a Pat’s fan who’s team is GETTING that pick!

  12. Great move by the Hawks. Maybe Aso and Gallery will follow soon…It looks like Cable pounded Davis’ face before he left…

  13. Could almost see this move coming a mile away. Cable is a local boy (Snohomish County), is a zone blocking believer (unlike Hue Jackson, which is where any, if any “friction” may have existed), and he did a bang-up job maximizing the mediocre O-line talent that Al Davis annually pawned off on him.

    The next non-surprise should could when the next CBA takes effect. If Robert Gallery is allowed to become a free agent under the new CBA rules, then it’s a pretty safe bet that he becomes the ‘Hawks future LG. When Unger returns next season, this line will have at least three solid pieces here. A healthy Okung, Unger and Gallery isn’t a bad start at all. If Pete wants to keep Locklear, then I’m sure they can swing that deal. The big zero is center. Spencer gets blown into the backfield like he’s been hit by a Yugo or something. Cable does know his O-line and will maximize whatever Seattle gives him. Once you’ve proven that you can work your magic in Oakland, your kung fu is good anywhere else in the league.

    As a Raiders fan, I begrudgingly admit this was a great move for Pete Carroll and Co. If Gallery ends up in Seattle, Raiderkarma strikes yet again.

  14. This is an excellent move. Another former raider HC (Callahan) is currently in charge of the best OL in football a few years running now on the jets.

    This is an EXCELLENT move for Seattle.

  15. Eww! A Raider.

    Cable’s a good guy…but did it have to be someone from Raider nation!

    But I admit, our O-line is already better with this hire and he’ll definitely put fire in their asses.

    Now our O-line will actually give a damn if Matt gets sacked (Spencer and Locklear)!

    But Lock will be long gone by then anyway….

  16. When he was with oakland all you guys talked about him like he was the worlds biggest piece of crap. Now seattle has made a great move and he’s an oline wiz. Typical raider hatin’. With that being said good luck tom you are a good coach, wish u were still ours.

  17. lets face the facts…some guys are better asst. coaches/ coordinators then they are head coaches….Tom Cable is a great O-line coach but sucked as a head coach especially in 09 when he tried to be a three headed monster by being a head coach, o-line coach, and play caller.

  18. LOL….Seahawks fans should be scared and better run and hide….better lock up your wives because Cable may bitch slap them…..

    Funny thing is that our line sucked when Cable coached the Oline. Then he took over the offensive play calling last year and our Offense was 31st in scoring….Guess what happens when you hire a good coach? Your Offense goes from 31st in scoring to 6th.

    Guess what Hue Jackson did this year? He uninstalled Cables Zone Blocking and brought the Blocking Schem from the Ravens to the Raiders….
    So good luck with Cable, he is not even a good OLINE Coach.

  19. Hey dafixisin, hope you’re not teasing man…
    Would love to see Gallery lined up next to Okung!
    Hawks haven’t had a running game since ’05, this would fix a lot of what is wrong with that offense.

  20. richm2256 says: Jan 18, 2011 8:50 PM

    “What Tom [Cable] is, he’s an exceptional line coach,” Jackson said.

    I don’t know this guy and I already don’t like him.

    Why would ANY new HC feel the need to disparage the man who’s job he just took, his old boss, at that?

    Tacky, tacky, tacky…….

    Sorry Raider fans, but I hope this team goes 1-15 next year and comes in SECOND in the draft. And this is from a Pat’s fan who’s team is GETTING that pick!


    Actually Pats “fan”, you guys get the 17th pick of this years draft from us (not the top 5 pick you fools thought you’d get). Thanks for Seymour by the way…totally worth the 17th pick.

  21. Ironic!

    Seems like all our coaches are leaving except the one who needs to go the MOST…..Gus Bradley!

    Or at least adopt a whole new defensive approach.

    How about we hire a DC who actually isn’t shy about MAKING our CBs PRESS COVER receivers, instead of always playing 7-10 yds off!

    You could see how our receivers were stifled getting off the line in the Bears game when they pressed us…hmmm, probably bc we’re not used to fighting off the press at practice.

    If Bradley is a proponent of the “Tampa 2” defense then how about ACTUALLY scheming up to the aggressive philosophy of the Tampa 2 that Tampa Bay ACTUALLY utilized during their SB run with Gruden!

    I just don’t get it!

  22. gotta love the raiders fans who were happy going 17-27 under cable….fact is he is a better o-line coach then head coach…smart move by seahwaks if they prefer a zbs, which I am not….i prefer to go with some beef…so by by carlise

  23. Hue Jackson comments are taking out of context….listen to the press confrence if you want the truth…..

  24. “What Tom [Cable] is, he’s an exceptional line coach,” Jackson said. (Ouch.)

    I don’t know if Cable is an exceptional line coach of not, but he doesn’t have any trouble getting work as a line coach, so he’s either good at it, or he just calls somebody and says, “Hire me or get used to eating through a straw.” Davis is the guy that retained Cable after the jaw-breaker-wife-beater stories came out, and only fired him because he didn’t beat Jacksonville and Miami and San Francisco. And maybe Arizona. He didn’t get fired this year because he couldn’t control his temper last year. Al is just being a douche.

  25. The Raiders actually looked like a team 1 or 2 seasons away from serious playoff contention. Tom Cable was a good guy for that team, he really shaped it up. Al Davis is and always will be an idiot.

  26. Ok so Cable coached what was the worst Offensive line I had ever seen in 2009. They could not even stay on there feet for more than a second. Hue Jackson was the one who figured out how to use McFadden, Ford, Campbell, and Murphy while keeping Heyward-Bey on the field. Offense will put fans in the seats, but defense (or referees) win championships. See: Pittsburgh

  27. It’s true. A lot of Raider fans are Al’s Sheeps. They’re drinking up all of Al’s words today. What an embarrassment! Al is only interested in personal vendettas and I feel bad that Jackson’s family had the front row seat to the entire thing today.

    Tom Cable inherited a lousy mess in Al v. Kitten. He inherited what will prob be the worst draft pick ever in JaWalrus Russell. He made them compete in Dec every year and stopped the label of “laughingstock” of the NFL. How many probowlers have Al drafted in the past 7 years?

    I wish TC all the best. Seattle is lucky to have him.

  28. Yeah, Tom Cable is a great o-line coach. He asked for Kwame Harris, started Mario Henderson at LT, put the now starting LT for the Raiders in at center for no good reason, asked to get Langston Walker back and put him at RT when Khalif Barnes and Henderson would’ve been a better fit, and for some reason decided he never needed an upgrade over Cooper Carlisle. Pure genius.

    If your team is running a zone scheme then he is an above average coach but if your team is a power blocking unit then he’s dreadful and cannot coach up anybody. Basically, since he’s going to Seattle, he should be able to do some good things with Okung since he’s more finesse and a fit for zone blocking compared to brute strength and mauling.

  29. Aigraiders…is a fraud.

    Al answered the question that were ask. He did set out to blast Cable.

    1-did AL break Hansson jaw that caused hours and hours of leagal fees?
    2-Did Al assault a women like Cable?
    3-Did Al bring his girlfriend on away games like Cable did?
    not only that but Cable had the 6th highest scoring offense in the legue and could figure out to beat teams with losing records. Cable was hugging Jacksonville players after they just eliminated us from the playoffs. Cable is nothing more than a Wife beater, he brought nothing to the team. He couldnt even handle the offensive line this year. Jackson brought in his own blocking scheme and got away from Tom Cables bull crap zone blocking…….bye Cable dont let the door hit you in your big arse…..

    AL did nothing wrong today…he just answered question that were ask by the press…it’s not his fault some cant handle the truth.

  30. Good for Cable…He took over after the Kiffin mess and righted the ship.

    However, in the end he wasn’t an “Al Davis Guy” and wasn’t able to win with what is arguable a very talented roster now (especially after the 2010 draft).

    Once again he is very similar to Joe Bugel (Great OL Coach, but marginal HC).

    Now it is time to see what Hue Jackson can do.


    @richm2256…Thanks for proving to Raider Nation that you truly don’t know what you are talking about.

  31. encinitasRaiders is a typical Al Davis sheep!

    It’s never good to air dirty laundry from the family out in the public. All Al did was embarrass himself today. I shake my head in embarrassment for the Raider Nation. Tell me if there is one organization in the world that do stupid and classless things like this?

    If Al hated Cable’s flaws so much, why didnt he fire him last year? Why didnt Al fire Kiffin in the offseason? He waited for personal vendettas at the expense of the team and fans. He could careless about winning. He only takes credit for last year’s draft but how about the previous 6 years? You’re just another sheep. I was once a sheep but no more!

  32. BTW Jrange,

    Kwame Harris is a classic Al Davis former first rounder pickup. He’s gonna pick up Alex Smith pretty darn soon too.

    Al Davis proclaimed Henderson was going to be great during the Kitten presser.

    But why worry about the facts right?

  33. Cable is a good motivator but I don’t think he’s cut out to be a head coach in this league , at least not yet .. The Raiders O line wasn’t that good with Cable as their coach ,he is suppose to be a O line guru , he played favorites instead of who’s the best linemen , though they did get better the last few weeks of the season .. I do like Tom Cable but I give most of the credit to Hue Jackson for our Offensive production this past season as they doubled their points from last year .. The players played hard for Tom Cable real hard , I just didn’t like how he played around with the QB’S to much pulling Campbell putting Gradkowski in and out through the season before finally Campbell got the job because Grad got hurt .. Campbell should have been the starter the whole season and we would have made the playoffs .. I wish you the best Tom Cable good luck , but if you play the Raiders you will get smoked , lol ..

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