Bill Musgrave is Vikings’ new offensive coordinator

The Cleveland Browns wanted him, but the Minnesota Vikings got him.

Bill Musgrave has accepted the position of offensive coordinator with the Vikings, Chris Mortensen of ESPN is reporting.

NFL Network reported this morning that other teams were moving on from Musgrave because they thought the Browns had him in the fold. But the Vikings went through with an interview with Musgrave today, and both the team and the coach apparently liked what happened at that interview.

Musgrave has been the Falcons’ quarterbacks coach for the last five years and has been credited for his work with Matt Ryan. A big question facing the Vikings now is whether they believe Musgrave can mold Joe Webb into an NFL starter, or whether they need to go shopping for a quarterback through the draft, a trade or free agency.

32 responses to “Bill Musgrave is Vikings’ new offensive coordinator

  1. Hopefully he can teach the next MN QB to keep throwing those picks across his body right into the hands of Tramon Williams too.

  2. Peterson will love this choice, but if Viking fans are waiting on Musgrave to “mold” Joe Webb, we’ll be moldy before the team has a winning season.

  3. For Minnesota’s (and Adrian Peterson’s) sake, the Viking better hope they can find someone that can play passably as QB for the next 1-2 years as they develop a young QB, otherwise AD may find himself suffering from JaMarcus Russell Syndrome (8 in the box, all day long).

    That young QB may be Webb, but I doubt it. I’ve seen him play, and it took NFL coordinators all of 5 quarters of tape to figure out how to stifle him.

  4. Ouch, I don’t like this hire. The guy quit on Carolina as their OC after 4 games. Throw in the fact that MN doesn’t have a franchise QB like what he had in Atlanta and this guy will fail! Did I say I don’t like this hire?

  5. Nice. I am blindly optimistic and won’t pretend to know much about this guy. Atlanta has been good and so has Matt Ryan.

    No, Joe Webb is not the guy. It doesn’t take a genius to read between the lines and see that Frazier would agree. Hopefully the Vikings hit the jackpot and draft a franchise QB.


  6. I also can’t claim to know much about Musgrave, but if they draft for a “franchise” QB, that means the O-line goes another year w/o a stud replacement for the T or G spot. You won’t get any more athletic than Webb — he’s gotten his feet wet ,barely, and should be given a shot at QB.
    Resigning Rice is the next priority.

  7. My family holds high posts in the CIA and Washington Mr. PFT censors. You squashed my last post, lets not let it happen again. I’ll give you a mulligan this time….

  8. Nothing against Webb, but the best case scenario would be trading for a vet like Kolb. If that’s not possible, Vikes should take a look at Ryan Mallett out of Arkansas. Big guy–6’6″ 250–with a cannon arm. Not an SEC spread type. Transferred from Michigan. Projected late first-round pick. Needs some work, but a guy like Musgrave could do a lot with him.

  9. beerndonuts,

    You’ve seen Webb play? So after you’ve seen him and his career thus far, as a rookie QB in the NFL, is not Rookie of the Year, and his name is Webb, not Manning or (gasp) Rogers or Flacco or Ryan, he’s “done”. And, after all, the DCs of some of the opposition ‘figured him out’, so he must suck, right?

    Here’s my take: I’ve seen him play, too. I say he kicked ass. I say he flourished in some situations, and he stumbled in others. I say he’s a bleepin’ ROOKIE that was given an opportunity to lead a foundering team, and he did a nice job with scattered mistakes. Recall Elway lining up under his GUARD in a rookie game. Recall Manning totally stinking it up in his rookie year. Recall that Brady was a very late draft pick, like Webb. Prince Brady had the good fortune of NOT playing much his rookie year and watching a very good QB ahead of him for a while. And a great offensive line. And a fantastic coaching staff. Huge support all around. Joe Webb had a team in chaos around him and was asked to make something happen.

    I say, keep him in the mix for the starting job next year, as he is at least familiar with the players. A new QB may be a stud or a retread, but ANY new QB will have to start fresh with his teammates.

    Musgrave will install a 4 inch thick playbook and start from scratch. Any new QB will have to learn it. I say Webb has an advantage. Of course Minny will find another big name or draft a ‘franchise’ QB. They absolutely must do that. Anything else is an outright admission that ‘we’re rebuilding, and we don’t care about winning now”, which will get Frazier fired and ticket sales fall off the map. But Webb is a financial bargain and has talent, too. Having Webb in the QB mix is a big asset.

    You’re an idiot if you just dismiss Joe Webb like that. Ask Jeff Fisher if he’d like Blount back. Ask anyone in Tampa if they’d give him up.

  10. Let the complete overhaul of the Vikings franchise begin…

    Really sucks to be Adrian Peterson right now. He could be putting up HOF-caliber numbers on most other teams, but instead he’s stuck in the middle of a circus. He deserves better.

  11. Vikes will concentrate on the run game and need to sign AP to a long term deal, and they also need QBs to see who steps up, but Webb deserves a chance. Bomar, from Giants, was given a 3-yr deal, so he’s in the mix, too

  12. The Browns let McDaniels slip away as well as Mularkey and Musgrave. Even Deboll is gone. What is Big Mike Holmgren waiting for? Certainly he’s not so enchanted as to think Shurmer will be HC as well as OC! But then you never know…I saw Big Mike stirring a big pot on the banks of Lake Erie.

  13. Beer Cheese Soup…Did you take a wrong turn on the freeway cheeser? You are in my hood now, watch your back! This is Vikings country..

  14. I like the idea of a Reverse Cowboy. Sorry, Tom Cable, it’s not what you’re thinking. Maybe “Revershel” would fit better. Dangle peterson and get some more OL help and some draft picks. If GB, Pitt, ChiTown and NYJ have proven anything it’s this. You can win in this league with average-good RB play but you can’t win in this league with average-bad QB play.

  15. Hi Pervy

    Didn’t leave altogether, but just couldn’t take the bile and vitreol a few months back. Just had had enough of the spitting (pardon the pun).

    I like the thumb ratings system. Easy to breeze through and axe Jimmy whenever possible.

  16. Deb,

    You say Kolb, whom would need little to no ‘work’, then you say Mallett, ,whom would “need work”. A rookie, top 15 draftee, for a zillion dollars. Trading for Kolb would require a 1st rounder in compensation so Philly could get a stud. Recall the Jared Allen trade, getting a proven stud in exchange for a crapshoot on a ‘blue-chip’ rookie. That’s why I say Minny has to do one or the other AND keep Webb.

    Any QB arriving in Mankato this summer will have to learn a new system, which takes ‘work’.

  17. Not sure about a guy who quits after 4 games. Helps the Eagles run off their O coordinator while taking over the play calling duties for a 3-13 team. Then with the Jaguars is constantly questioned for awful play calling.

    Who knows maybe he has hit his stride. Hope so please.

  18. Kyle Orton in Minny with what he has learned from McDaniels along with Musgraves experience would work just fine! I like the fact that Frazier interviews and hires based on the best person for the job instead of bringing every former coach and Philly player he knows. This is a good sign for Vikings fans

  19. @ dragynj – Finally, someone who makes sense.

    I have been blasted on blogs and forums for saying what you said. But, I have followed NFL football since 1969, and have been a loyal Vikings fan for that same period of years.

    I would actively try to trade Adrian Peterson (as much as I admire his abilities); I would try to acquire draft picks for 2011 and perhaps 2012, as well as a stud OT. My opinion is that there is little difference between having the best RB in the League and a less-heralded back who finishes somewhere in the top 10 in rushing. If that “lesser” back happens to be a good blocker and can pick up blitzes and catch the ball, you are set.

    Having a star QB is far more vital to winning big games (i.e. Super Bowls) than it ever was, due to the way the game is played today. I think the Vikings can not afford to have a 5-10 year plan to get to the big game. The fans have suffered enough with this franchise, always waiting for a great franchise QB to lead them to a title. I feel it is time for very aggressive action on all fronts. The coaching changes are probably positive for the team. You need to weed out the ineffective older players and find leaders to fill their spots. I think there is much to do to fix the Offensive Line – top priority. They need to get a young QB like Kevin Kolb and build around him. I hope there is at least some chance of acquiring Kolb, as I think he is quality. If not him, the team’s best move might be to try to get Orton. Either way, they MUST draft the best QB available, unless they can make two trades in the offseason.

    I try to remain hopeful, but do not think the team is in good shape right now. The O-Line is a mess, the Defensive backfield is injury-prone and thin in talent. I would be very comfortable with trading Peterson and starting Toby. It would be easy enough to draft a RB to pair with Gerhart. I think the team needs LBs too, and can ill afford to lose Greenway. Much work to be done, and coaches need to get the best out of the roster… a tough road ahead.

  20. @Robert Chandler…You tweaked my ears with that post. I guess you could look at the final 4 now, none has a AD stud rb.Foster, Drew, Johnson…top 5 but didn’t matter. We are a team in great need at those positions you mentioned. While I love AD to death, he would draw a pretty penny on the market. AD is a Cadillac for sure,but I don’t want to be the poor fool who lives in a shack and drives one. Takes a team to be a champ and if, and I mean IF, we could get great compensation for AD by some of the dreamers in the league, might make sense. Barry Sanders lived in a shack after all. How far did that get them?

  21. purplehayseuss says: I like the thumb ratings system. Easy to breeze through and axe Jimmy whenever possible.

    you cut me deep with that one. Like I give a rat’s ass about the collective opinions of a bunch of CryQueen fans. Hell, the higher the number, the better, it shows that I am at least shedding some reality on this parallel universe you guys live in. (sign Jar Head Allen, hey, we’re going to the Superbowl, sign the NFL leader in INT’s, hey we’re going to the Superbowl, buy Superbowl tickets illegally from Mike Tice, you are going to the Superbowl but not to see the Vikings)

  22. @purplehayseuss …

    Oh, I’m completely with you on Kolb … or Orton. If you could get one of those guys, that’s definitely the way to go. Only mentioned Mallett as an option if you can’t work out a trade. The problem with drafting Mallett is that he only had two years in college and those were at two different schools. He seems to have the tools, but even with a coach like Musgrave, don’t know if he could come out and get you to the conference championship in his rookie year the way Roethlisberger, Flacco, and even Sanchez did. With Kolb or Orton, you’d be immediately competitive.

    @Beer Cheese …

    Circus? It’s a competitive division, but this Vikes team is really only a couple of pieces from being right in the thick of it. A lot of things went wrong for them last year, but they’re pretty talented and have made some good coaching selections. If they can get Kolb or another good QB … look out 🙂

  23. Robert Chandler says …

    I try to remain hopeful, but do not think the team is in good shape right now. The O-Line is a mess, the Defensive backfield is injury-prone and thin in talent.

    Maybe this will help: I’m a diehard Steelers fan and that quote could have come from me at the end of 2009. We didn’t make the playoffs, our o-line was in shambles, Polamalu’s durability was questionable, and our DB talent was thin. We had the franchise QB but lost him for 25 percent of the season. And we’ve made it to the AFCCG.

    You guys are one season removed from the NFCCG. If you can get a QB, 2011 could put you right back there.

  24. purpwalk says:
    Jan 19, 2011 7:58 PM
    Vikes will concentrate on the run game and need to sign AP to a long term deal, and they also need QBs to see who steps up, but Webb deserves a chance. Bomar, from Giants, was given a 3-yr deal, so he’s in the mix, too


    Rhett Bomar was not given a 3-year deal, and the only mix he’s in is for the 3rd-string QB position.

  25. Jimmy, you’ve made my point once again.

    I see your name and click the down thumb.

    You have nothing to say that I have any interest in hearing, period. You have not said anything remotely original or entertaining for several years.

    Your delusion is complete, young Padewan. You actually believe that if Vikings fans read your pablum, they’ll “learn something”. And Vikings fans will be ‘improved’ in their understanding of what exactly? Most of us agreed with you that Chilly was a mediocre Head Football Coach. I personally screamed nonstop when Favre was first pursued, knowing that his background was in seasonal success and playoff failure, but the wagon ride was pretty good in 09. 2010, not so much. And there you were, every single f-ing day, with your identical Denny’s breakfast of tripe.

    Now, both Chilly and Favre are gone, and here you are, every single f-ing day. How are those Denny’s flapjacks today? Same as yesterday. How about the fake ‘butter’ on the ‘hash browns’? Same as yesterday. Coffee? Bottomless. Any hot waitresses today? You know them all by first name and eye shadow color. Stay away from the chickies with the blue and silver shadow, Jimmy. Nothing but trouble in them eyes. (Go ask your Dad to explain it to you)

    You could do every Vikings fan and many here that aren’t a massive favor and fall into a bottomless cup of Denny’s coffee.

    Those that agree with me will make the Up thumb number very large indeed. Any Down thumbs will indicate the number of times you’ve read this.

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