Carroll: Cable will help pick coordinator; expects Hasselbeck to be starter

Tom Cable will not be your average offensive line coach in Seattle.  He also will get the title of assistant head coach, and that comes with more responsibilities.

As’s Mike Sando points out, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said Wednesday that Cable will be involved in “every aspect” in the team’s wandering offensive coordinator search.  Cable will essentially direct the running game in Seattle, with the coordinator more focused on the passing game.  It seems that Cable will out-rank the coordinator.

After listening to Carroll, we got the distinct impression he had no definite plan of who he was going to hire at coordinator.   But he seemed fine with that because he had Cable in place.

The plan sounds a little more defined at quarterback.  He called re-signing Matt Hasselbeck a “top priority” and said that his first offseason meeting was with Hasselbeck and G.M. John Schneider to go over their future.

He says he expects Hasselbeck to be the team’s starting quarterback next year.

“I don’t think there’s any other way to look at it right now,” Carroll said.

23 responses to “Carroll: Cable will help pick coordinator; expects Hasselbeck to be starter

  1. Hasselbeck is so overrated. He is wildly mediocre I have no clue why re-signing him would be a “top priority”. Hes getting up there in age his, skills are diminished, hes just not the QB thats going to bring them any further than 7-9. If they hadn’t gotten into the playoffs on a technicality he would have been on the first thing smoking. The best comparison I have to hasslebeck is Marc Bulger… he had his window but his best years are far behind.

  2. It sounds to me as if Seattle is finally, after all these years, getting serious about the running game. I hope we can get some production done on the ground next year (I really hope there’s no lockout).

  3. Why not just hire Cable as offensive coordinator, and let him choose or act as his own line coach?

    Then he can direct the running game, using a RB, TE, and line, coach and hire a QB coach who will specialize as the passing game guru… kind of like that guy Bates they just run out of town.

    I guess that would make too much sense for Carroll, who thinks he’s ahead of the NFL curve. He’s not.

  4. He also will get the title of assistant head coach, and that comes with more responsibilities.

    My sources tell me that he is “assistant to the head coach” instead of “assistant head coach”.

  5. breeshasabush says: Jan 19, 2011 2:50 PM

    Hasselbeck is so overrated. He is wildly mediocre I have no clue why re-signing him would be a “top priority”. ….
    Hasselbeck just got better. Lynch & Forsett just got better. The WR’s and TE’s just got better. Cable will coach up the O-line and Seattle will be able to run and throw like a real NFL team! I think that this will turn out to be another great pick-up by Uncle Pete.

  6. – When Jackson arrived, Cable reluctantly allowed for a change in blocking schemes, going to more gap and power blocking as opposed to to the stretch-and-cut zone blocking system. Cable, before Jackson arrived, was adamant that he was an Alex Gibbs disciple, a “zone blocking purist,” as Davis called him.

    “I’m not a zone blocking purist, and we switched this year already,” Davis said. “We got it started into gap, we got it into power, and we got it into zone, and that’s what Hue believes. He did it at Baltimore, and that intrigued me.”

    – More of Davis’ take on Cable’s support in the locker room: “As much as you think Tom was supported in the locker room, he was to a point. He was with the people that he socialized (with), where Hue Jackson will be supported in the locker room just as much as Tom Cable if not more.”

  7. “I went back and checked it thoroughly. Cable has been in football 20 years, had been with a winning team three years out of 20,” Davis said. “I didn’t like his statement, and some of you took it and used it, but I didn’t like it. If that’s not being a loser in our world, I don’t know what it is, come in 500. That’s never been my goal.”

  8. That is a great idea. Let Cable run the offense. If you have any ?’s just see the Raiders off. ranking in 09, 31st! Once they took it away from cable the Raiders jump to 10th in the NFL in 2010

  9. To be fair to Cable and his OC pedigree, it’s difficult to be much better than awful with JaMarcus as your QB. No RB group, no matter how talented, can succeed with 8-9 in the box constantly.

  10. If Cable can make the Oakland Raiders an 8-8 team I think he should be up for some head coaching positions.

  11. HA ha, Seattle will learn quick that Cable is not an X’s and O’s guy. He is a great head cheerleader. Really, that’s it. Just coach the O line and get the players pumped. Tom, be happy you have a job in the NFL. Sounds to me the whole Assistant tothe head coach thing is for ego purposes only.

  12. Translation: We will be drafting Jake Locker, because Matt Hasselbeck is not a long term solution or even an intermediate one.

  13. buzzkillbill

    How did Hasselbeck “Just get better”? Hes been in the league a VERY long time and hes been a starter for Seattle for a very long time and had a few good seasons. Hes already given the best hes going to give. I just dont see how he “Got better” players his age just dont get better. Assuming that you’re a seahawks fan you’re letting one game cloud your judgement they beat a crippled Saints team that with all their injuries probably shouldnt have made the playoffs. You’re forgetting that they had a losing record, beck has hip problems, and if seattle plays in ANY other division in the league they get smoked. People would be calling for a different QB had they not made the playoffs (which they didnt deserve, especially didnt deserve to host a game). They’d be saying Hasselbeck is washed up and its time to move on. Playoffs make all the difference and like i said Seattle plays in any other division they dont make it. If Carrol wants to build a team he cant do it with and old QB with diminished skills. Im not dogging your team I just think there are better options for you at the QB position… and it aint Whitehurst.

  14. @ breeshasabush

    I really didn’t mean that Matt just grew 4 inches or got 7 years younger. I am referring to Seattles problems with throwing and running the ball stem from having one of the worst offensive lines in pro football. If Cable comes in and does what I think he will (improve the O’Line play) and brings Gallerey with him (read more improvement) that Matt #’s will get MUCH better and the running game will improve as well. Hasselbeck is a better QB than many give him credit for. That’s why he was a pro bowler 3 times and has led the NFC in passing. He hasn’t lately because he can’t seem to complete a pass lying on his back with 3 -300 pound defenders laying on top of him. That’s what I hope will change.

  15. Agreed that u need a front line to have good #’s as a QB but still my argument is when he DID have a good line his best only got a Super Bowl loss and lets not forget the “we want the ball and we’re gunna win” thats when hasselbeck was at his best. I dont think that anyone else outside the Seattle area really believes that Hasselbeck is going to bring a championship home. Im not saying he was a bad qb bc i think at one time he was pretty solid. All im saying is that he had the weapons, coaches, and supporting cast(see Shawn Alexander) and he still hasnt proved to be “what it takes” to actually bring home a trophy. I mean that is what ur talking about right? Winning a championship? You cant seriosuly tell me Hasselbeck is the guy thats gunna bring one home because if he was he would’ve dont it already.. he has less weapons, downgraded coaching staff, and 1 legit reciever (Mike Williams if he stays fit) and 1 promising receiver (Golden Tate if he gets passes thrown to him) Marhsawn Lynch is a dud, i dont care how many earthquakes occured hes not an every week RB and if u listen to him speak u realize hes probably got the same IQ as JaMarcus Russell… I dont see hasselbeck being the shining star that can overcome all of those obsticles 8-8 is being generous… again im not trying to dog ur team its just an opinion

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