Eagles hire Jim Washburn as defensive line coach

The Philadelphia Eagles don’t have a defensive coordinator yet, but they do have a defensive line coach: Jim Washburn.

The Eagles announced today that they have hired Washburn, who previously held the same position with the Titans. Jeff Fisher had said he was hoping to keep Washburn in Tennessee, which suggests that Washburn got a better offer from the Eagles than the Titans were willing to make.

Washburn had a great relationship with Albert Haynesworth in Tennessee, and the speculation has already begun that the Eagles might be interested in Haynesworth if the Redskins cut him loose.

Washburn had been on Fisher’s staff since 1999. He had previously served as a college and NFL Europe assistant coach.

20 responses to “Eagles hire Jim Washburn as defensive line coach

  1. Good move by the Eagles. Mike Trgovac from the Greenbay Packers should be next on our list. Hopefully the Packers lose this weekend so we can sign their defensive line coach by Monday or Tuesday. He started his career in Philly in the 90s and our defensive line lead the league in sacks. I’d def prefer Mike Trgovac over the other canidates.


    And although Haynesworth doesnt deserve to be in the NFL anymore.. Our defense was too horrible in 2010 to not consider him. Especially with Washburn on our team now.

  2. the last thing we need is haynesworth and his “play when i want to play” attitude. hes shown that he cant be trusted and doesnt deserve to play for another team. but getting washburn was a great addition for reid since he has shown the ability to develop quality lineman at TEN. we need someone who can maximize the talents of patterson, cole, bunkley, dixon, parker and graham.

  3. The skins are gonna release Haynesworth, so the Eagle can scoop him for free and allow Haynesworth to “show up” twice a year against the skins and destroy them?

    Riiiiiggghhhhttttt. Let’s go back to talking about Dallas trading Dez.

  4. This is a great Move by the Eagles. They needed a real Dline coach 2 years when Tommy Brasher retired. They have invested 3 1st round draft picks ( Patterson, Bunkley, Graham ) and 2 2nd round picks ( Abimiri, Laws) since 2005 and all 5 have been out played by a 5th round pick in Trent Cole and Anthony Dixon a undrafted free agent that was cut by the Redskins last preseason. Im not gonna hop on the Albert Haynesworth band wagon but there are gonna be some solid prospects in this years draft that Philly could look at and get these young guys coached up by a great Defensive line coach. Philly fans should look forward to this, Jason Babin had 2.5 sacks with Philly last season and had a team high 12.5 with the Titans this season. Now if only they could steal Dick LeBeau from the Steelers…

  5. Great hire… Though it does worry me that Andy is putting the cart before the horse, and by hiring position coaches before a coordinator seems to tell fans that the next DC in Philly will be Reid’s puppet… THAT’S not good. I am NOT on the Dick Jauron bandwagon. I was in week three this year, when he should have replaced McDermutt, but now its just a lateral move. We need new blood in this defense. Jauron is the opposite of that. Washburn IS a great DLine coach though and Im very happy we locked him up. Now let’s just Fire The Walrus!

  6. I didn’t hear this a lot before Jason Garrett got signed prior to Wade Phillips, but is it a new trend for teams to hire coordinators/position coaches before hiring coaches?

  7. I’ve read that Jauron would play the same style defense as Jim Johnson did not the same type that stooge McDermott did so I think Jauron with all his years experience would be a great hire.Now Washburn was a great hire so I have no reason to believe Andy won’t hire the right defensive coordinator.

  8. To end the Haynesworth speculation, he was offered as part of the McNabb deal and the Eagles said no.

  9. congrats Iggles on getting a great position coach…every guy who ever played for Wash would jump in front of a train for him if he asked them to…and he’s one of those rare guys who doesn’t want to be a DCoord or HC; just the best oldschool cussing D-line coach there is…

    and you better believe Fat Albert would love to go to Philly and play for him again to rub it in Shanahan’s face…Washburn is a big part of the reason Fat Albert cashed those crazy checks from the ‘skins…if anybody can get him to work/play hard, its Wash…

  10. Wow. An assistant got hired before his Boss. If this was Dallas we’d be talking drama right now

  11. Question Bird Fans ….. What if Juron signs with the Brownies and Trgovac doesn’t come over from Green Bay ? Perhaps it is already a done deal?

  12. JOHNNYOCLOCK, Philly refused the Haynesworth trade with McNabb because Philly would have had to pay Alberts contract which is way too much. If Haynesworth is released then he would no longer have his contract baggage.

  13. OK, as much as I LOVE this move, it should be a clue to whatever candidates the Eagles are currently interviewing that the DC on that team will not have that much power.

    Unless they already decided to go with Dick Juaron (their current DBs coach), and he was involved in picking Washburn.

  14. hiring a position coach before the coordinator might be a problem in most situations, but not this one…Wash is a life-long position coach, not one of these guys who would try to undermine his bosses to move up the ladder himself (see: J.Garrett, Dallas)…

    I would think having an elite position coach like Washburn already aboard would actually make the DC postion at Philly more desirable for most candidates…

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