Giants not happy with Antrel Rolle’s latest anti-Coughlin comments

It didn’t take long for Giants safety Kenny Phillips to regret the comments he made with teammate Antrel Rolle when comparing his coach Tom Coughlin to Jets coach Rex Ryan.

“I was not trying to throw the Giants organization under the bus,” Phillips told the New York Daily News. “I was not trying to compare Coach Coughlin to Rex Ryan. The Giants have been great to me. That was just taken the wrong way.”

Rolle’s words towards Coughlin were a lot more pointed.

“I understand what [Coughlin] is trying to do. But he has to understand it’s 2011,” Rolle said.   “Things have changed.”

Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News reports that a number of Giants players were upset withe Rolle’s words, including captain Justin Tuck.

“I haven’t talked to him yet, but it is on my agenda to call Antrel,” Tuck said.  “When I do, I will make a statement.”

17 responses to “Giants not happy with Antrel Rolle’s latest anti-Coughlin comments

  1. Die hard Giants fan here. Rolle, shut up already. You had but 1 interception this season and gave up numerous long pass plays toward the end of the season. Booooooo (oh sorry, forgot you dont like booing)

    Phillips – tackle Celek and we’re in the playoffs, so you can shut up too.

  2. i hate the giants, but those guys are idiots…Coughlin is a great coach, and beat one of the best teams of all time to get it…what a bunch of disrespectful what-have-you-done-for-me-lately typical new york whiners

  3. Ugh, typical Giants offseason BS. Generally they’re quiet during the season, they put their heads down and play hard all season. But every offseason, it’s someone making stupid comments and drawing headlines. This year it’s Rolle/Phillips, last 2 years it was Osi/Jacobs, before that it was Tiki/Strahan.

    These guys need to shut up and deal with it. Whining to the public won’t get anything solved, and will only cause more headaches. And this is coming from a fan of all of these guys.

  4. Maybe if these boys were happier they wouldn’t have sucked so bad at critical points at the end of the season. Phillips whiffed on a tackle in the Philly game that opened the floodgates on the epic collapse. And Rolle gave up a long TD in the GB game with a mental error and a long TD in the 4Q of the last game of the season in DC that let the Skins back in the game. Just ridiculous….

  5. PFT couldnt find one picture of Tuck from this year?? Lol #95 Jerome McDougle was on the Giants for like 4 games in 2008.

  6. Rolle just keep pissing off the Giants organization so they cut you than come back home to the team your should have went to..the Miami Dolphins.

  7. It may be 2011, but Coughlin seemed to know what he was doing in 2009. I don’t think that much has changed since then, except that Antrelle Rolle was overpaid…

  8. I’m an Eagles fan and I hate the Giants with a passion and I can’t stand Coughlin’s constant sour puss face but what qualifies Antrel Rolle to tlk about how things should be done? Last time I checked, Coughlin has won a Super Bowl. Dude needs to be quiet and play like he’s worth all the money he got instead of act like a coach has to be another one to be successful Just a dummy.

  9. I am a Giants season ticket holder. Rolle has run his mouth all year long as if he’d been with the Giants for many years and had built up some huge amount of goodwill with the fans, media and organization. The last thing I want to hear is that guy – who didn’t get it done on the field when it mattered – criticize Coughlin. How about shutting up and making a tackle. And while you’re at it, stop getting burned for 50+ yard TDs.

  10. Barf. This is beyond annoying. I’m sick and tired of this. I get that Rolle likes to speak his mind, and you need guys like that from time to time, but read the transcript. He wasn’t taken out of context. He ripped Coughlin to shreds and insinuated – explicitly – that he wished he played for Rex Ryan and that the Giants just won’t succeed with a field general rather than a big buddy as head coach.

    He made it CLEAR that Ryan’s players play hard for him because they would do anything for him – and that the same doesn’t apply to Coughlin – in which case he’s not playing up to his own potential.

    Sickening. And I thought Kenny Phillips knew better as a career Giant. That’s what I’m most disappointed about.

  11. When Antrell was here in Arizona, he was originally drafted as our #1 pick as a CORNERBACK. He was never very good at it, and finally, to get some value out of him, the Cards put him in at safety. Giants, you paid a lot of money for a guy who is an automatic touchdown when he gets his hands on the ball. The problem is: HE NEVER GETS THE BALL as a result of good pass coverage. Don’t expect him to be a great cover guy. He tackles well and catches balls that fly toward open space, but never if the ball is near the intended receiver.

  12. Damn. I just bought my Giants-loving son-in-law an autographed Antrel Rolle football and now Rolle probably won’t even be on the team when my SIL’s birthday rolls around.

  13. Difference between NYG fans and NYJ fans right here. The majority of the NYG fans on here hate that their players run their mouths and not so for most of the Jets fans here. And the NYG fans have a recent SB to celebrate.

    My team has suffered embarrassing playoff losses to both these teams recently (Pats) so I have no reason to care one way or the other. Just my observation.

  14. It’s another Christmas miracle, now Giant players want to play for the Jets. What odds would you have gotten on that 6 months ago!!!

    I hate the Giants and I remain hopeful that the Jets can win the SB this year which will partially close the mouths of Giant fans. And every year that Eli remains their QB is another year that they won’t win another title and makes 2007 appear to be a fluke as most real NFL fans truly believe to be true.

  15. @RexCanCoach
    You can call the SB win a fluke if you want. If that makes you feel better about it, we’re happy for you. But regardless of what you call it, it happened. Giants went in with a great game plan in one of the biggest games in NFL history, and ended the Patriots chance at history.

    14 teams that year had a chance to beat the Patriots, including the Jets (twice). Nobody did but the Giants. That one will be remembered FOREVER.

  16. I am an Eagles fan so don’t like the Giants but even correcting for my own bias, there’s obviously something about Coughlin that players don’t like.
    Respect, maybe, but they kind of hate him and every time they lose 2 games in a row people start wondering if he’s going to lose his team.

  17. “I haven’t talked to him yet, but it is on my agenda to call Antrel,” Tuck said. “When I do, I will make a statement.”

    What is Tuck waiting for? He’s not working this week.

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