No negotiations on a new Vick deal, yet

We’d been told during the season that, once the season ended for the Eagles, negotiations would commence regarding a new contract.

A full 10 days after the Eagles were bounced out of the tournament by the Packers, no progress has been made.

Nothing has happened as of this point,” Vick told 97.5 The Fanatic, via the Philadelphia Inquirer.

“Just with my train of thought and my way of thinking as a player, if I want to be here, I’m going to do whatever it takes to be here,” Vick said.  “I can say it over and over again, but then when I say it to my agent [Joel Segal] it’s a totally different story.  It’s a totally different story when I speak to him about it and his opinion about it.  So who knows what’s going to happen. I have to follow his lead in that regard and he’s the expert in that field.”

So what does Segal think about it?

“We don’t even talk about it,” Vick said. “I’ll mention it, he’ll say something about it. “But I think till the time comes we’re really buckle down.”

The Eagles are expected to use the franchise tag on Vick, in the event that they can’t work out a long-term deal before the late-February deadline for applying the device that would prevent him from becoming an unrestricted free agent.  Recent reports indicate that the league has asked teams not to use the tag until the league can study in further detail whether the franchise tag survives the current labor deal.

If the teams ultimately don’t use the franchise tag before the annual deadline, it’ll be pretty clear that a lockout is coming when the clock strikes 12 on March 4.

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  1. If the eagles were smart they would trade for a first round pick….. In the last 5 games he played defenses practically shut him down so get value where it’s high and kolb has shown great potential

  2. Vick’s creditors are on the fence waiting to get their dirty little paws on this money, what a fight it’s been.

  3. What negotiations are they going to have? Didn’t you just write a story last week saying that Banner and Reid said they were going to take a patient approach to the offseason or did I read that somewhere else? Either way, the Eagles are going to let this CBA mess sort itself out before they make any new deals that will only handcuff the team or the player in the post “new” CBA era. That just makes sense.

  4. Franchise…..See what happens next year. Some think he won’t be as effective as he was. Why sell the farm to sign him now? As for Fat Albert, just imagine if Wash can get him to play like he can.

  5. I said it before, and I’ll say it again.

    The Eagles have absolutely no incentive to negotiate a long term deal with Vick, and plenty of reasons not to.

    Yes, Vick was a great story this year. His play was outstanding, and he was a model citizen off the field.

    On the other hand, his effectiveness deteriorated as the season went on and teams got film on him, and who knows what kind of person he will be when his sentence ends and he is no longer under the watchful eye of the federal corrections system?

    The Eagles have no motivation whatsoever to do anything other than apply the franchise tag to Vick, and see how next year’s results compare to this year’s.

  6. I’m sure Vick’s creditors in bankruptcy court are as interested in these negotiations as Vick himself. Hopefully, his contract will get his creditors paid in full and not a penny more.

    He is still a sociopath dog killer who figured out how to act like he is remorseful. Not going too far out on a limb here but he will never play in a Superbowl, he just isn’t that good of a QB.

  7. Interesting how that one set of negotiations in Philly is a sign of what’s going on behind the scenes between owners and the union. Thanks for the update.

  8. “The Eagles are expected to use the franchise tag on Vick”

    I think that is pretty unlikely. I don’t know what the rules on a franchise tag are, but would you really want to pay Vick the franchise tag salary for only one year? As good as the Eagles were, it isn’t as if they were a win away from a Super Bowl. I think, best case scenario you trade Vick for something, his value will never be higher, and then go with Kolb. I know Vick played better than Kolb last year, but it just seems unlikely that Vick is going to lead the Eagles to a Super Bowl.

  9. Gotta agree with Jimmy1smith here:
    he is a mediocre QB that had a hot streak (happens to all players in any level of sport), but you could see he returned to his old playing style as the regular season progressed.
    All the MVP rumblings were just created by excited Philly fans who’d grown frustrated with watching McNabb throw so many “almosts”. & I honestly can’t blame them considering how vic played once returning (albeit temporarily).

    Gotta agree with the Anti Social Personality Disorder thing too. If you’ve read any of vic’s responses regarding his past deeds you can clearly see he lacks a sense of remorse that most people would find intrinsically obvious.
    The dude is a sick man.

  10. realitypolice you said he wasn’t going to get signed, then you said he’d never start – so based on your great predictions look for the Eagles to apply the franchise tag and then finalize a new contract before training camp. LOL

    rrobertson, the only sick ones are you foolish haters that harbor resentment that your whining is all for naught.

  11. Vick is on his 10th consecutive day of being high on weed. I’m suprised he’s even aware there’s been no negotiations.

  12. I can’t belive people are saying Vick was “shutdown for the last half of the season. I belives the Offensive line was exposed but Vick never got “shutdown”….

    Bears game: 29-44 333 2TD 1INT not shutdown.
    Texans: 22-33 302 2TD 1 INT rushing TD not shutdown
    Cowboys 16-26 270 2TD 2INT rushing TD not shutdown
    Giants 21-35 242 3TD 1INT 1 rushing TD not shutdown
    Vikings 25-43 263 1TD 1INT 1 rushing TD ot shutdown

    If the #’s tell you anything is that the playcalling was figures out yet the QB still played like a champ. Yes he did have 6 INT’s in those 5 games combined but again he was without a running game so defenses played a lot of coverage. Vick was a beast last season and with a line his play goes in even higher next year (if there is a next year).

    Go Eagles.

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