Vikings offer Huey running backs coach job

Fired after 19 years with the Colts, running backs coach Gene Huey didn’t have to wait long for another offer.

Leslie Frazier of the Vikings offered Huey a job coaching the running backs in Minnesota, according to Phil Richards of the Indianapolis Star.  Huey coached up Marshall Faulk, Edgerrin James, Joseph Addai and many others in Indianapolis.

Huey thanked owner Jim Irsay for keeping him through three head coaching changes.   He’s not sure whether he wants to uproot his family after being in one place for so long.

Minnesota is looking for a new tutor for Adrian Peterson because Eric Bieniemy left the team for his alma mater Colorado University.

9 responses to “Vikings offer Huey running backs coach job

  1. Well, I can only assume after having Peyton Manning that he knows how to teach his RBs to catch as pass block.

    Once I saw he got fired I figured that Frazier would be calling his name.

  2. deeppurple23- Then your not seeing things correctly. With the exception of 96′ when Faulk was injured a bunch, he had 5 years of avging over 1500 APY and 10 TDS and made 3 probowls.

  3. Ah, the ignorance of youth.

    In Indy, Marshall Faulk was a:

    3 Time 2nd Team All-Pro Selection
    3 Time Pro Bowl Selection
    1 Time Pro Bowl MVP
    Offensive Rookie of the Year

    And all we got for him was a 2nd (Mike Peterson) and a 4th (Brad Scioli). *sigh*

  4. @deeppurple

    Umm, Faulk, Edge and Addai were all Pro Bowl backs, Rhodes rushed for over 1k with Huey as coach. James Mungro was a succesful situational back. Addai led the league in rushing his rookie season and helped win a super bowl, Edge led the NFL in rushing in both of his first two seasons. Idk Faulks stats but I dont think I need much as Indycolt gave those.

  5. He helped groom some really good backs in their first years, then the Colts decided they wouldn’t run the ball as long as Peyton was around and the Oline couldn’t run block at all when they tried as the years went on.

    Hopefully he joins.

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