While running the Dolphins, Parcells recommended Rex Ryan to the Jets

Before the launch of today’s edition of PFT Live (it was one of our best yet, which isn’t saying much), we caught wind of an intriguing item from Ian O’Conner of ESPNNewYork.com.

Former Dolphins V.P. of football operations Bill Parcells tells O’Conner that Parcells recommended that the Jets hire Rex Ryan in 2009, after the Jets fired Eric Mangini.

“I had a fierce rivalry with Rex’s father when I was coaching the Giants,” Parcells said, “but I held Buddy [Ryan] in high regard.  What made Buddy a dangerous adversary was that he knew what he was looking for personnel-wise, and Rex is the same way.  That’s a pretty good head start for Rex because there are quite a few coaches in this league who don’t know what they’re looking for.”

Parcells said that Ryan was the second choice in Miami a year earlier, behind Tony Sparano.  “[W]hen I interviewed him it wasn’t so much Rex that struck me as [it was] guys like Rex,” Parcells said.  “Guys who grew up in football like Bill Belichick, guys whose fathers were coaches. . . .  Those guys are just different.  They get it.  They have a great understanding of things that a lot of people who haven’t been in football their whole lives don’t have, and Rex was one of those guys.”

As we observed during PFT Live, plenty of Dolphins fans may now be wishing that Ryan had been the Tuna’s the first choice in 2008.

Plenty of Dolphins fans also may be wondering why Parcells would have been saying anything to a division rival (other than a three-word phrase starting with “go” and ending with “yourself”) while running their favorite team.

39 responses to “While running the Dolphins, Parcells recommended Rex Ryan to the Jets

  1. Oh boy! Wait until those loser whiney Dan Marino never won anything Miami Dolphin fans hear about this.

    As the Dolphins sink deeper and deeper into the abyss. LOL

    Gloria Estefan says: FINS UP!

  2. Parcells you rat bastard!!! You not only drove the Dolphins into the ground, you left when things started looking bad and took $$$ while doing so.

    Now, I am well aware that reading my opinion of you has simply destroyed your day. I hope you have trouble sleeping tonight you jerk! And stay outy of Miami………..

  3. “What made Buddy a dangerous adversary was that he knew what he was looking for personnel-wise, and Rex is the same way.”

    So he advocates a division rival hire what he terms “a dangerous adversary?”

    Dumbass. Good riddance. If it wasn’t for Pennington falling in your lap, your regime would’ve just suffered its third, and no doubt last, losing season with the Dolphins.

  4. UPDATE: “started looking bad”

    Okay, I agree things started looking bad sometime after the 85 season. But you still suck!

  5. This happens all the time. Coaches have a tight fraternity and are always recommending each other, even to “rivals.” At the end of the day, they are all friends, and they all know it’s tough to get jobs. Coaches don’t have the same rivalry passions that fans do. They go from team to team, job to job. They are not fans. Parcells coached for the Giants, Patriots, Jets and Cowboys. Do you think he cared about rivalries? Nope. Just winning.

  6. It would be interesting to know if the Jets asked Parcells his opinion or Parcells searched them out to give it. Tampering could be an issue…..

  7. Wow, dodged a bullet there. I wouldn’t want him any where around my team. No class, no character. I don’t care if he wins the Super Bowl this year or not. He is a disgusting human being.

  8. Hey Miami, you want Drew Brees? Nahhh!
    Hey Miami, you want Rex Ryan? Nahhh!

    Well who do you want? Ginn Jr

  9. horaceivory says:
    Jan 19, 2011 1:12 PM
    1974, not much better. Hell, the Dolphins haven’t even been to a Conf. Title game since after the 1992 season and haven’t won a playoff game since after the 2000 season. Rex has won more playoff games with the Jets than all the Dolphin coaches post-Shula combined.

  10. drunkendegenerate says:
    Jan 19, 2011 1:25 PM
    Let’s start with a clean slate:




    Listen to the brash jets fan! You guys seem to need a reminder, the Jets have not won ANYTHING yet and my guess is it will stay that way for a long time to come.

  11. I liked Parcells’ old school style as a coach. Since he has been in management he has done more harm than good. For someone who says he holds loyalty in such high regard he sure takes actions that in no way can be confused with loyalty. Hopefully this constitutes some form of breach that Ross can use to stop paying this guy and pay a guy that has football knowledge and actually wants to see the team succeed.

  12. Wow its amazing to see some loser fan is still obssesed with Dan Marino in every post, the jets are in the AFC championship and still talking about dan the man….this moron must still be upset about the fake spike game – move on loser…enjoy the game this weekend…and be sure to jerkoff to marino on the pregame show…enjoy!

  13. .

    Rob Ryan’s dad is Buddy Ryan, so by default he is a son of a coach and therefore should be a good coach too

    however I think Rob doesn’t like FOOTball as much as Rex likes FOOTball.

  14. Bill Parcells should retire because he is no longer relevant. Parcells may know what he is looking for but what good is that if he’s out of touch with what works in the NFL today. Drafting Chad Henne and Pat White are proof positive that Big Bill is clueless. A former scout of the Washington Redskins told me three years ago after Parcells was hired as the VP of Operations for the Dolphins, “Parcells is clueless on recruiting talent”. He further told me that Bill gets big slow players and has no idea what works in the NFL today. Moreover he leaves an organization early…..and so it went with Parcells and the Miami Dolphins. The former scout was right. Review all the teams that were just as woeful as the Dolphins when Parcells was hired. Teams like Detroit, Tampa Bay, Kansas City, Atlanta and the New York Jets. They all are in better shape regarding talent than the Miami Dolphins today.

  15. Why is Parcells held in high regard? Belichick’s defenses won him 2 SB’s. Since then…..nothing. He’s taken over several teams who have nothing to show for it. He comes in and gets a bunch of his tired old players, then runs out the door after a couple of years. Yeah, he’s a master rebuilder. Well at least he’s got that 20 year old ring to look at.

  16. PFTiswhatitis says:
    Jan 19, 2011 2:07 PM
    drunkendegenerate says:
    Jan 19, 2011 1:25 PM
    Let’s start with a clean slate:




    Listen to the brash jets fan! You guys seem to need a reminder, the Jets have not won ANYTHING yet and my guess is it will stay that way for a long time to come.


    What? I thought I was being nice. I could have started with the Nick Saban debacle.

  17. @”bradshawlives says” – maybe u need to learn a few things: took the pats to the SB, took the jets from nowhere to a top team, took the cowboys and turned them around to a legit team but unfortunately didnt do too well with miami…if wayne didnt sell the team I think he would still be there. If Belicheck didnt have Brady do you really think they would be as good as there are sweetie!??!?!! – get real….

  18. Promickey…maybe that’s why Parcells’ own son in law wouldn’t leave the Pats to join him in Dallas and is now doing a pretty decent job in KC?
    I agree with Schnalls…coaching fraternity is tight which is why John Fox recommended Sean Payton to a division rival in 06. And why Belichick recommended Harbaugh to the Ravens in 08. And why all the things Mangini did to BB has to still rankle him. And why Tony Dungy himself though I am sure he has no love for BB commented that what McDaniels did to BB with that whole taping thing vis a vis bringing the Pats into it even commented that McDaniels betrayed the coaching fraternity.

  19. Hopefully the Dolphins will trade for their savior Brady Quinn. Just another season of losing and the league will hand you an easy schedule for 2012 and you can make a run at the playoffs, which will allow you to jack up the ticket prices again, just so you become basement dwellers for a few season until you get that easy schedule once again.

    Get rid of Steve Ross and his brain trust…

  20. DAMN , we could have had rex ryan . i believe hr and the wife would enjoy the swinger and fetish clubs in miami and ft. lauderdale area… it wouls have distracted him from coaching ..

  21. What does it say about Parcels that he chose Sparano over Ryan? This is the most relevant piece of info that I got out of this report. Parcels has made very questionable personnel moves in Miami and any owner that would hand the keys over to him at this point in his career is a fool. He has lost his touch and even if he were still capable of doing a decent job it seems he’s eyeballing the exit door from day one.

  22. Has anybody considered that what Parcell’s did is good for the game of football. It is good for the NFL. While we all would like to see our rivals flounder, good teams make for great games and stellar ratings.

  23. Another year. Another strong attempt. Another loss in the AFC Championship game. Go sign another 6-8 players next year and you may get over the hump. Maybe Manning will go to the Jets too. Ryan’s chin will be on fire on Sunday night. Cant wait.

  24. where i work i have no issue with good people getting jobs they are ready for.

    parcells saw ryan as being ready.

    i do have an issue with people who arent ready being handed promotions. of course, it happens.

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