Defensive coordinator Chuck Cecil will not be brought back by Titans


Almost three weeks since the end of the regular season, coaches are still being let go.

Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean reports Titans defensive coordinator Chuck Cecil has been informed he will not be brought back by the team.  It comes as a bit of a surprise because of the timing and the overall improvement the Titans defense made in 2010.

The Titans gave up a lot of yards, but were 15th in points allowed and above average in yards-per-play allowed against the pass and run.  Tennessee’s problem: Their defense was on the field for 222 more plays than their inept offense.

Cecil was the team’s coordinator in 2009, when the Titans defense suffered a serious decline after Jim Schwartz left for the Lions.  Cecil will be more remembered for his emotional outbursts on the sideline and his one-fingered salute to officials rather than his gameplans.

Defensive line coach Jim Washburn left Tennessee for Philadelphia this week and it was believed Washburn’s relationship with Cecil was a factor in that move.

18 responses to “Defensive coordinator Chuck Cecil will not be brought back by Titans

  1. Loved Cecil back in the day when crushed opponents for the Pack….. Still remember him picking the scab on his nose to make it bleed….. Missed a lot of tackles because of his style of play though…..

    He actually wanted to say with Green Bay and asked Ron Wolf to “come close” to Phoenix’s offer, but the Pack couldn’t do it because he was a liability in coverage……

    Btw, does anybody know where to find 1989-93 Packer games?

  2. Cleveland should interview him for the job of DC. Mean, vicious, and attacking like a junkyard dog. That’s how he played; that’s how he coached. Give him 2 or 3 good defensive players and he’ll make the whole defense work.

  3. Guy was dirty as hell when he played, and he had that defense playing even dirtier. I offer my own one finger salute to him. No place in the NFL for dirty players and/or coaches who encourage it.

  4. Doesn’t Philly love this type of guy? He would have looked great if Tenn. had a offen. Remember Buddy Ryan? Looks like Philly has some decesions to make. I still think the Green Bay guy is a home run. Maybe we could call him Mr. T

  5. The third down defense was horrible in 2010, at least the last half/two thirds of the season. Had a lot to do with the number of extra plays the Titans defense had.

    Always been a fan of Cecil, including his years coaching the Titans’ secondary. Wanted to see him succeed as DC but the defense has been very frustrating to watch the last two years, especially in how often they gave up first downs on third-and-a-mile plays.

    Still, the growing exodus of coaches and no new hires yet makes you wonder what kind of new blood Fisher is going to be able to bring in when he’s looking like a lame duck head coach.

  6. Tennessee’s problem: Their defense was on the field for 222 more plays than their inept offense.

    Tennessee’s real problem: third down.

    The defense was as bad at getting off the field as the offense was at staying on it.

  7. People blame the offense for not sustaining drives and tiring out the defense.

    People blame defenses for not getting the ball back, either by turnover or stopping the other team on 3rd down.

    When is it the offesne’s responsibility to convert 3rd downs and sustain drives?

    When is it the defense’s responsibility to get itself off the field with a turnover or a 3rd down stop?

    Why is one side of the ball ineptness blamed on the other side?

  8. Really? You’re surprised? This just shows how out of touch the writers for this website are. Titans fans have been calling for this guy’s head ever since the team started 0-6 last year.

  9. The team maintains it has nothing to do with Chuck’s manner of interracting with young children in the crowd.

  10. Denver should hire him. Bring in Fat Albert and draft Fairley. Resign Champ. No longer the Orange Mush.

  11. Chucky won’t be anyone’s DC after his “performance” in TN…he will more likely find work as a secondary coach at best

  12. Guess my comment was deleted. The earthquake you are feeling right now is due to Titans fans doing backflips of joy at hearing this news. And if it’s true that it took Washburn leaving the Titans to motivate Fisher into doing this move, then that is just another prime example of why Fisher is nowhere near a great head coach.

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