Craig Johnson hire could open the door for Vince Young to Vikings


Vince Young said Wednesday that he intends to be a starting quarterback in 2011.  In Minnesota, he’d instantly be installed at the top of the depth chart.

Paving the way for VY to MN could be the possible hiring of Titans running backs coach Craig Johnson by the Vikings.

Darren McFarland of reports that Johnson could be joining the Vikings.  McFarland says that Johnson has a close relationship with Vikings coach Leslie Frazier.  Also, Johnson was the quarterbacks coach in Tennessee through 2009.  Last year, he was moved to running backs coach after Kennedy Pola bailed for USC in the days before training camp.

Though the Titans may want to try to trade Young, the fact that he’s owed $4.25 million on the fifth day of the 2011 league year (which may or may not begin on March 4) coupled with a high base salary in 2011 means that he’ll most likely be cut.  Because he has five years of NFL service, he’d be an unrestricted free agent, and thus free to sign with any other team in the league.

57 responses to “Craig Johnson hire could open the door for Vince Young to Vikings

  1. Nooooooooo!!!!!! One head case gone, another comes in?!?!?!?!?!?! We dont need that kind of drama again, it just left town.

  2. MAKES sense. Can we get an edit button on these comments? I saw the typo just after I hit the submit button. For shame, self. For shame.

  3. You forgot to mention that any team that wants him, can just wait for him to be cut. Although D.Snyder is still an owner in the league.

    Since he doesn’t have a 3rd round pick, perhaps he can trade his 2nd round pick for him.

  4. I hope that Vince Young gets a fresh start somewhere else and goes to prove his critcs worng. I mean he is not a bad quarterback in any sense of the imagination, he has a winning record. he has the tools neccesary to be an elite NFL quarterback now just needs the love and support of another city and fanbase. Minnesota would a great spot for him because let’s face it folks, I saw the ESPN interview with Marcellus Wiley and VY and that man in many so many words laughed of the notion of being a backup, second-string fiddle anywhere. So with that being said if VY would just stop with maturity issues and just stop worrying period about his spot and just do his job he can be one of the best players. If you want to see what the man can do in crunch time, circa Cardinals vs Titans, 2009, Vince Young’s comeback, this is just an example of the high intensity, high-drama the man can bring. One more example, Texans vs Titans, circa 2006, his rookie season and the incredible run he made to win that game in overtime.

  5. I’d rather see Tjack start for the Vikings than this clown that’s how much I’d hate this move. He’s as sharp as a bowling ball.

  6. As a Packer fan, I’d love to see VY end up in purple. He will have his flashes of brilliance interspersed with bouts of self destructive behavior that would make Dimitrious Underwood proud. He should be fun to watch.

  7. Definately an upgrade from T-jack. Still would be the 3rd best QB in the division behind Rodgers and Cutler.

  8. this would make sense if Johnson had any desire to work with VY again…we don’t know this to be the case for sure

  9. I’d take my chances drafting Cam Newton-you don’t take someone in that’s had a big time upheaval with the head coach., disrupting the entire team, organization and city!

  10. Don’t the Vikings already have one failed starter on the roster in Tavares Jackson?

    Do they really need two?

    All off-season efforts should be on getting Joe Webb ready for opening day.

  11. Not a bad signing if you can get him as an UFA. Sign him to incentive laden deal, with little money up front and see what happens in Training Camp. He is not the solution but if the Wilf’s are unable to land a solid starter veteran and choose to the the draft to find their long term solution then I believe that VY is a serviceable option.

  12. No matter who the QB has been, the Vikings beat the Packers at least half the time, and win at least as many division titles. So I don’t know why Packers fans come on here and say they’re so much better. Last year the Vikings crushed them twice. This year, the only reason the Packers won the first game, in GB, was bad officiating. The refs admitted to 2 blown TD calls, both going against the Vikings. And it still came down to the last play of the game. So Packer fans should have a little more perspective and stop acting like such idiots.

  13. theoriginalcaptainmarvel says: Jan 20, 2011 9:20 AM

    So Packer fans should have a little more perspective and stop acting like such idiots.

    We all know this has no chance of ever happening.

  14. Why is it always assumed just because players and coaches have a history of working together in the past that they will work together again when there’s a situation where both people are looking for a job? I realize this does happen, but not EVERY TIME.

    I guarantee you Les Frasier has a specific QB type in mind to get in at MN, and he’ll be shooting for that. Problem is, we don’t know what that is yet 😛

  15. @ theoriginalcaptainmarvel ….Packer fans will never stop being idiots. It is in their genetic makeup. It is hard for us for we are so civil and logical in our thinking. After all, when you are the most loyal fans and come from the most storied franchise of the North like us, they will haste us!

  16. That dog don’t hunt boy! Let’s get this straight Vince Young is a loser, period…

    His wunderlick test was seven, get it 7,7,7 he does not have the mental capacity to make quick decisions, read defenses, rationalize play calling etc. Get over the fu love affair with him furthermore he is a nut case, a manic depressive with paranoid tendency…

    enough said on the PC talk hoping some sympathetic team will give him another chance..

    Remember Ryan Leaf!

  17. When I see Vince play and act I really see a mirror image of Peyton Manning,,,,,,,,,psssssssssst.

    really can’t see Zygi going for this style head case. At least Webb seems to get what stage he is on. Vince is a child, a baby and he can’t run a football team.

  18. Hey – gigantor52-

    As a VIKINGS fan, I couldn’t agree with you more. (Except for the “fun to watch” part.

    I’m Soooooooooooooooooo tired of the Not-so accurate, not so bright, but big, running QB experiements by the Vikings. (Daunte Culpepper, Tarvaris Jackson).

    VY is a total head case.

    That being said, I believe Leslie Frazier is too smart to overlook the character issues that VY demonstrated in Tenn, and I don’t think he would be interested.

    I suspect they will draft a QB, bring in a veteran, and possibly start Joe Webb. And if Webb is not ready to cut it, play the veteran.

  19. I pray the Vikings pick up Vince Young, trading for him makes no sense but remember; this is the Vikings so anything is possible.

    Anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of pro football (thereby eliminating most of the Viking fans) knows that you need an above average QB to win. Vince Young is a head case, immature, prone to fights in strip clubs, mentally unbalance with no semblance of leadership skills, in other words, a great fit for a last place team with one real WR and an aging O-line. Just signing the guy will set the franchise back by two years, maybe three or four depending on Frazier’s patience (or desperation, the two can be confused with one another).

    Maybe the Vikings are like your alcoholic neighbor, they have to hit rock bottom before they start that climb up from the bottom. Signing Vince Young will merely prove that they haven’t hit bottom yet.

  20. truefan2 I was quoting Vince… wunderlick that’s how he tried to explain him poor test..

    pun intended

    Also, everyone else get off the band wagon for webb the 6th round WR pick, don’t forget we picked up Rhett Bomar, who is starter caliber, 6’4″ strong arm intellegent and has won with the Sooners and Sam Houston State, there is also the draft and Ryan Mallet the next Dan Marino who I would personally draft, his quick release (quickest in college) accuracy and arm strenght is a perfect fit for the Vikings..

  21. I watched the interview and thought that Vince needs a speech coach (subject-verb agreement consistently off) and a P.R. person in the worst way, but being consistently referred to as a bust, can’t read defenses (because Flacco, and Ryan, and Sanchez, and even BRADY this weekend can???), and with the NFL’s 2nd or 3rd worst receivers, and with NO SUPPORT FROM THE HC, he still won at a rate of more than twice that when he didn’t play. He was the only variable. One out of 20 posters have pointed to that. And his QB rating this year was over 95! incredible IMPROVEMENT. Rarely addressed.

    Were he of a fairer complexion, he would be called a gamer who just knows how to win, and is coming of age. Teams would be scrambling to sign him. Instead, he takes a back seat (with a career 30-17 record on a mediocre – at best – team) to a guy like Kevin Kolb who has a career 2-4 record (and his team WINS with McNabb and Vick but not him). It’s crazy. and it is as simple as the color of their skin. With support, Vince is Roethlisberger minus the raping of drunk college girls and 30 year old professional career women. The only difference is one coach calls his QB to a hire standard while supporting him and the other coach just calls his QB out to shift blame from himself.

  22. Leslie Frazier can’t be that dumb. While Webb is T-Jack lite with inexperience, Young is T-jack heavy with the added bonus of being a headcase.

  23. Marcly1

    That is the most stupid uninformed bias unsubstantiated commentary/article I have read in years, first no one ever brought in skin color, second Vince young is no Big Ben, (Ben won right away pout of college and has how many rings?)

    He is not a Tom Brady or a Manning why because overall while they may have had a bad weekend last week they have been in the playoffs consistently with high QB ratings and yes get over it they are smarter than Vince WonderliC 7

    OK deal with that reality, If you want to quote skin color Than Warren Moon was a winner and a champ and even Michael Vick with his dog issue is heads and shoulders above nut case young

  24. As a Lions fan I say please, please, please let the Vikings sign Vince Young….LOL

    If you guys take VY or even McNabb and pass on the 3 potential juggernaut QB’s in this years draft, you’ve officially become the new “Millen” franchise.

  25. norseman69

    So we are going to play naive and pretend that “can’t read a defense”, “mobile QB”, “only has one read”, etc aren’t code for black qb? It’s almost as if the posters are copying their Jamarcus Russell posts and putting them up for Vince Young. (I am a diehard Raider fan by the way and trust me, Jamarcus doesn’t care enough about football to be successful) Please don’t. How do the Titans win with him at QB and loose without him if he is so stupid, lazy, not a good leader and an all around head case? That makes no sense. Please explain?

    Vince Young is not Tom Brady or Peyton Manning. Very few are. That’s a stupid comparison. Roth may have been a reach, but the point I was making is that despite his substantial troubles (to include nearly killing himself on a motorcycle) he has been supported by his coach and ownership. Ben won right away??? Uhhh, so did Vince. Ben’s first SB he had a rating in the 20′s and the team won DESPITE him, so don’t bring that in here. He has improved because of the unwavering support he has received. THAT was my point.

    By the way, Warren Moon never even won a playoff game, so what type of winner or champ was he exactly? Michael Vick is head and shoulders above all QB’s currently except probably Rogers and Brady so again, you’re saying Young not being as good as the best two = he sucks? Really.

  26. simplesimon1 –
    Sorry my friend, but the Vikings could not POSSIBLY replicate the horror/failure that was the Millen regime even if the Metrodome collapses, the Vikings Team plane crashes, and all the Wilfs pass on.

    They’d probably STILL win more games than the Lions did in the Millen era.

  27. marcly1:

    “It’s almost as if the posters are copying their Jamarcus Russell posts and putting them up for Vince Young.”

    I know I am. You know why? Because the comparisons are easily made. Both have the talent to succeed but no brains to make it happen. In the NFL it’s not about talent, it’s about maturity and intelligence. Neither have this quality.

    “…you’re saying Young not being as good as the best two = he sucks? Really.”

    Yes, because he puts himself in this category by saying he’s an “elite QB in this league”. It would be the same if any other QB was stupid enough to come out and tell everybody they were elite, even if it’s true, as in the case of Manning or Brady. At that point, every mistake or problem will always be made fun of. It’s, once again, a testament to his immaturity and stupidity.

    Fact is, to this point, VY has shown very little of the talent or maturity that will make him anything more than a subpar QB for his career. If he really wants to shut people up, he should really learn the game, work hard, be a team player (stop whining and calling out coaches) and stop blaming others for his short comings. Then, and only then, will people change their minds about him.

    Stop using the race card. I treat him no different than any other “anointed” QB. Remember Matt Leinart? Funny him and VY played against each other and both had the exact same attitude.

  28. truefan2:

    Normally I’d say you’re right that the Vikings couldn’t possibly have a Millenesque like failure but you’re on the right path. Remember, you’re about to lose at least 5 starters on defense, most likely, and many of your weapons on offense also have their contracts up. Better hope VY isn’t coming to town or the “Millen” years are just around the corner. Remember…. The Lions actually did better than you this year so don’t be too confident. You guys will be making out the bottom of the NFC North for a number of years if VY comes to town.

  29. VY would probably help the Vikings win a few extra games as thier starter, but they would still only be a .500 team then.

    The Titans best season while VY was there was when they chose to start Kerry Collins

  30. marcly1 says:Michael Vick is head and shoulders above all QB’s currently except probably Rogers and Brady
    Thanks for that funny take mate! Do you really believe that??

  31. simplesimon1


    If Vince Young is so Bad, WHY AND HOW DOES HE WIN? Jamarcus Russell didn’t win. You comparing russell and Young (easily in your words) IS playing the race card. So much for content of their character… or yours. Maturity and intelligence…? big ben, jay cutler, sanchez, eli (30 tunovers), Henne, delhomme, etc… any of those guys lacking in maturity and or intelligence? the only thing they have in common is the color of their skin. One was a pure pocket passer and one is mobile. One wins one looses. One is a recreational drug user one is not. Their games are nothing a like. Matt Leinart DID NOT WIN. That comparison is bogus too. Vince Young wins games. His team looses when he is hurt or benched. those are facts. The NFL is not so easy that you can be lazy, stupid, a head case and still win games.

    And are you saying that there are only 2 elite qb’s in the NFL? umm, ok.

    If you care about wins, he is elite. if you care about fantasy football, he’s improving and getting there too.

    It’s about wins, right? Or is about something else?

  32. pervyharvin,

    marcly1 says:Michael Vick is head and shoulders above all QB’s currently except probably Rogers and Brady
    Thanks for that funny take mate! Do you really believe that??

    Who is better then? Keep in mind you are judging the QB. Not his teams defense, or special teams, or coaching staff. who is better?

  33. if vy comes to minnesota i hope the team moves to l.a. i have had enough with denny green and childress…please lets hope leslie has more sense than both the previously mentioned numb skulls…i think he’s done a good job so far with coaching hires.

  34. Marcly1

    can’t read defenses is not code for a black QB, you seem a bit preoccupied with skin again, anyway see Warrens achievement below a 5 time winner of the Grey Cup 9 pro bowls etc.

    I can provide a list of 20 white QBs who fit the same description as nut case Young..

    anyway wee Moons accomplishments below..


    * 9× Pro Bowl selection (1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1997)
    * 3× All-Pro selection (1988, 1989, 1990)
    * 5× Grey Cup champion
    * 2001 Enshrined on Eskimos’ Wall of Fame
    * 1990 NEA NFL MVP
    * 1990 NFL Offensive Player of the Year
    * 1990 UPI AFL-AFC Player of the Year
    * 1989 Man of the Year
    * 1997 Pro Bowl MVP
    * 1982 Grey Cup MVP
    * 1980 Grey Cup MVP
    * 1983 CFL Most Outstanding Player
    * 1983 Jeff Nicklin Memorial Trophy
    * 1978 Rose Bowl MVP
    * 1977 Pac 8 Player of the Year
    * Oilers/Titans Career Passing Yards Leader with 32,685
    * Tennessee Titans#1 Retired
    * Hall of Fame (inducted in 2006)

  35. @ marcly1…..Sure Vick had a good regular season. Hasn’t proved jack in the playoffs. Looks flustered under blitzes. I can honestly tell you who I would take besides the 2 you mentioned on the Vikings before Vick: Rivers,Brees,Ryan,Flacco,Freeman,Sanchez,Cutler and Ben.

  36. norseman69,

    ok, give the list of 20 white QBs with a 64% career winning percentage that fit the bill.

    I’ll wait.

    Still waiting.I won’t comment on your CFL stats (really?…really?) to back up your point. Should I pull NCAA stats to back up mine?

  37. pervyharvin,

    In case you have forgotten, Vick took a really, really bad Falcon team to the NFC championship (quick, name 3 other players on that team!), and you just said you’d take Rivers (two 13-3 seasons and 0 playoff wins), Ryan (2 playoff appearances and 0 playoff wins- got stomped at home 2 weeks ago and looked lost and threw the worst pass in the playoffs so far), Flacco and Sanchez (I’m sure they’re teams win because of their expertise), Cutler (1 playoff win) and Freeman (has started for 1 and a half years and has NEVER BEEN TO THE PLAYOFFS. Brees and Big Ben, definitely are superior to Vick, but c’mon on the rest either you’re lying or you should stop posting on football. you are seriously reaching, my freind.

  38. @ marcly1…..Not lying. Many factors are in play for why I would want them before Vick. Age,pocket presence, mechanics. I know ball and know what I like . Vick is fragile. After this last season its all down hill for Vick. Remember I said it!

  39. Marcly1 dude here is your quote

    “So we are going to play naive and pretend that “can’t read a defense”, “mobile QB”, “only has one read”, etc aren’t code for black qb?”

    you are not correct that actually is code for marcly1…

  40. norseman69,

    ok, give the list of 20 white QBs with a 64% career winning percentage that fit the bill.

    I’ll wait. I’m still waiting. I guess you couldn’t produce a list of winning head case white QB’s. A list of 20 is what you said.

    Smoove ignore your own statement after realizing it was not possible to produce your “list”… just give up and go back to posting on sites where everyone agrees with your media fed, unfounded, unsupported, and unresearched points. this is the big boy room

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