Dennis Allen to interview for Eagles coordinator job

Another candidate has emerged for the Eagles defensive coordinator job.

Jay Glazer of FOX reports Saints defensive backs coach Dennis Allen will interview for the job.  Jim Mora is out of the mix, although a Philadelphia Inquirer report says Mora was “never a serious a candidate.”  (A Denver Post article said Mora had a job offer.  Hmmm.)

Dick Jauron appears to be the leading candidate in Philadelphia.   Jauron reportedly told Eagles coach Andy Reid that he wouldn’t make a final decision on his future until Reid was back from vacation.    Jauron also interviewed with the Browns.

UPDATE: Ravens linebackers coach Dean Pees will also interview with the Eagles, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.   Pees was New England’s defensive coordinator before heading to Baltimore.

12 responses to “Dennis Allen to interview for Eagles coordinator job

  1. Allen is Sean McDermutt 2.0. If we’re going with a young and up-coming coaching prospect why not look at Darren Perry, GB’s DB coach, or Mark Carrier, Jets’ Dline coach.

    Or better yet… Just Fire The Walrus already!

  2. Dennis Allen looks like another young kid, like McDermott. What happens when you replace one inexperienced young guy with another? Well you do the same thing, expecting a different result. Isn’t that the definition of madness? But, the Eagles are famous for doing just that. That’s why they finish out of the money each post-season when it counts. Just win in the regular season. Eff the playoffs, eff the fans. We got our money. Good thing we have the Phillies, which once upon a time, was also a skinflint organization.

  3. Dennis McDermutt… your kidding right? How about the head coach @ little sisters of the poor. He had a 2-8 record in a rebuilding year. Dean Pees is a good thought. He has exp.

  4. Dennis Allen is not McDermott. He has experience as a DB from his college days, and has shown he can be successful coaching up a secondary. Philly already brought in Washburn, so why would they bring in a DC with line experience? The new defensive coachs will need to be given specific roles and stick to them. Now about Desean’s extension…

  5. Saints d-back coach? Is he for real after Saints d-backs chased after wide open Seahawks all game long just 2 weeks ago in the playoff game?

  6. People remember, Big Red doesn’t like anything threatening to him, like a big name. He only brings in guys who don’t have big names, aren’t possibly threatening or are young guys with no record to threaten him.

    Jauron flamed out twice as a head coach so that’s not threatening (and they only hired him as a secondary coach). Coach Marty M, same thing, flamed out as a coach.

    You’ll never see this organization hire a subordinate coach like Josh McDaniels or Singletary, or for example a Dom Capers or Dick Lebeau if guys like that were available. Big Red doesn’t like that.

  7. P.S.

    Also remember Jim Mora jr’s dad coached here and won two championships in the USFL. That’s a lil too uncomphy for Andy (as dumb as it is). We’ll have none of that. No Mora’s here. That’s Andy and the Eagles.

  8. Pees and Allen are position coaches, nothing more to it.

    With Pees, at least you’d have experience. But Allen has not had experience calling plays and making adjustments in game.

    Allen and Pees are exactly what the Eagles don’t need.

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