Mangini says he’s “looking at a lot of different opportunities”

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During his Thursday visit to PFT Live, one day after his 40th birthday, former Browns and Jets coach Eric Mangini talked among other things about his future in coaching.

He said he’s “looking at a lot of different opportunities” for 2011, and he said that he’s not limiting himself to being a defensive coordinator again.

Mangini served as a defensive backs coach in New England before being promoted to defensive coordinator.

He hasn’t publicly been linked to an open positions, and he didn’t specify any of the opportunities he currently is weighing.  He’ll be paid the balance of his contract with the Browns, less any football salary he earns elsewhere.

If you missed it live, Thursday’s show can be seen in its entirety on an on-demand basis.

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28 responses to “Mangini says he’s “looking at a lot of different opportunities”

  1. As a Pats fan i hated this guy for the way he left the team and took a bunch of Belichicks coaches with him, not to mention the spy gate thing. But in all honesty I don’t think he’s a bad coach. He can draft really well (look at the Jets) and he’s a really smart guy. I just think he didn’t last in Cleveland because he wasn’t a Holmgren guy. Any thoughts from Cleveland fans about him?

  2. Mike,

    Nice interview with Eric Mangini. As a Browns fan, I wish him well. He did some good things in Cleveland and I think, unlike his predecessors, he helped moved the team in a positive direction. His undoing was, IMHO, having to mentor a totally inexperienced Offensive Coordinator. I think he would have done much better had he had a Jim Zorn or a Josh McDaniels type as OC. But, at any rate, he’s a good guy and very smart guy and knows defensive football inside and out. Best of luck to him and his family in their new surroundings.

  3. Fixed for accuracy…

    “Mangini served as a defensive backs coach in New England before being promoted to defensive coordinator to replace Romeo Crennel, who had a stellar tenure which included top notch defenses which were a significant part of the Patriots winning 3 Super Bowl’s in 4 years.

    After Mangini took over as D coordinater, the Patriots defense immediately went in the toilet, plummeting from the 2nd ranked defense in terms of points allowed (9th in yards allowed) in 2004 to 17th in points allowed and 26th in yards allowed in Mangini’s one disastrous year in 2005.

    Fortunately, Mangini’s delusions of grandeur led him to taking the Jets job, and the Patriots immeditely reestablished themselves as a defensive force, reestablishing a 2nd ranked defensive in 2006 after Mangini left, attempting to pilfer players and staff along with him to New York.”

  4. As a Jets fan I’m probably in the minority in this one but I think Mangini is definitely a good coach, although I think he was in way over his head with New York and the Favre saga) and particularly with Cleveland in the GM role first then being a fill-in for a Holmgren guy. He’ll be a solid D-Coordinator wherever he goes and I bet he gets another head coaching gig eventually. As knucklebucket said earlier the guy can definitely draft and I think scheme wise he is among the best. He may be best off as a coordinator though, at least for the time being. Best of luck to him though, definitely a classy guy.

  5. This Browns fan has mostly positive regard for Mangini:

    Pros: (1) He did a lot of essential heavy lifting for the organization by getting rid of high-priced underperformers and divas like Kellen Winslow and Braylon Edwards as well as establishing an attitude of accountability and work ethic that was sorely lacking in Club Crennel. (2) The 2010 version of Browns TNG was competitive in 15 of its 16 games and had some impressive wins and began to develop some sort of identity behind Peyton Hillis and a power running game. (3) Defensively in 2010, the team played pretty well at times, save for the lack of a consistent pass rush w/o sellout blitzes, despite what appears to be totally insufficient talent, save for rookie CB Joe Haden.

    Cons: (1) 2009 Mangini the de facto GM really hurt 2010 Mangini the coach with an absolutely pathetic 2009 draft class that included three second round picks, one of which did not even make the team, (late 2nd round DE/LB/? David Veikune, picked one spot ahead of Lesean McCoy), one of which performed like a 6th rounder (high 2nd round WR Brian Robiskie) and one of which performed like a 3rd rounder (mid 2nd round WR Mohammed Massaquoi). (2) Brian Daboll and the offense that wasn’t afraid to take chances when double digit underdogs (saints, patriots) but played way too safe and close to the vest against similarly situated opponents (buffalo, cincy). Got to have more than Peyton Hillis. (3) Consistent inconsistency.

    Bottom line – Mangini looked a helluva lot better when just coaching. The 2009 season and draft was an unmitigated disaster and he has to take the blame for some of that (basically picking a GM and running him out of town in the span of 6 months).

    With a decent OC (i.e., not brian daboll) and GM (like tom heckert), he could be a very effective, no-nonsense, defensive-minded head coach. It’s too bad that the debacle of 2009 poisoned the Browns well so badly that his best efforts in 2010 weren’t quite enough. With a little more talent (shortfall still largely attributable to getting nothing but alex mack out of the #5 overall pick and 3 2nd rounders in 2009), the 2010 Browns would have been a little more consistent, won a couple more games, and bought him another year.

  6. @knucklebucket

    As a “new age” Browns fan I was both fine with firing Mangini and fine with keeping him. I think obviously you have to look at the reasoning for him to be let go other than a “Holmgren guy” in the most literal sense.

    Mangini was with all respects to him, a leftover. Mike Holmgren was brought into Cleveland to turn the team around and that process slows when the coaching staff has one way of doing things and the President of Football Operations has another. Holmgren being able to hire coaches that have similar philosophies will help the organization as a whole.

    I am actually a little against him hiring every coach that has ties to his coaching tree, which leaves the situation of hiring “his guys” open to speculation.

    The most exciting time in Browns football in the last 12 years has been the off-season and the hope that comes with it. After talking to my friend, who at the age of 14 was washing dishes 20 hours a week so that every paycheck could go to his dad for a share of Cleveland Browns tickets, I was struck with a cold reality when he told me that now at 26 years old, the Browns franchise is back to where they started … again.

    Sorry for going on and on … but as a Browns fan … when does it get better? When can we stop rebuilding something that IMHO has never been built since ’99.

  7. Mangina is considering several offers, including my offer that he shovel my driveway, change my cat litter and drive my wife to her book club every Thursday night.

  8. knucklebucket –

    Mangini is a terrible drafter. The ONLY draft he ever picked was for Browns in ’09. 6 of his 9 picks were total busts and the other 3 are marginal starters. He was fired because he is clueless about the importance of offense and the value of scoring.

  9. High on his list of opportunities would be filing for unemployment and checking Craigslist for new ways to put his talents to use…

  10. took a Herm Edwards 4-12 team to 10-6 the first year and to the playoffs !

    Oh.. HIS first round draft choice after that was … Darrelle Revis… Now a ProBowl !

    He got screwed at the Jets, got screwed with the Browns with Holmgren… stuck with a Jake Delhomme, made to look bad so Holmgren could bring in his own… his own former DC ‘s NEPHEW.. who otherwise would never have a shot at being HC… LOOK at Shurm record as Rams OC … lol
    to make my point more about Holmgren.. HE now is bringing in the FORMER DC of Arizona who got let go… what was his Defense record (29th) … Holmgren’s a joke… Cleveland lost a chance at a good HC… so be it.

    AND I”M a Steeler fan since 1970 ! went to college in Western Pa.. and BOOM ! Western PA.. home of Joe … Nameth and Montana !

    So… GO Steelers… Jets won’t sneak a win in this time… Our Best TE is back.. (last Jet game the other one dropped the winning TD pass !)

    oh yeah.. Here we go Steelers

  11. Hey I like Mangini and would like to see him get some opportunities but don’t you have to really be a defensive coordinator (2/3 0f the year in New England before Belichick took over again) before you can be one again —- I mean prove it for a few years first Man!

  12. knucklebucket – Yes. I agree with you. You brought up some good points. He didn’t get a fair share here because of Holmgren. He really had no chance. Holmgren wanted to run things his way and wanted a coach who was basically a yes man that agreed with him.

    Personally I think he had the team going in the right direction. He did need to change some of his offensive philosophies and play to win rather than play not to lose, but if Holmgren was worth his weight in gold, he could have worked with him on that.

    2 good coaches with different philosophies would have been a positive as they could have bounced ideas off each other.

    I know your feelings towards him though. Here in Cleveland we feel that way about Bellichek. He came in and wiped out a good offense and he is not well thought of here for that but is obviously thought of as a good coach.

  13. Personally was not a fan of Mangini for the first year. But I now wish they didn’t fire him, and think he definitely had us going in the right direction. Just needed to get players and get rid of Daboll. Now we start in another rebuilding year. I know Holmgrens past success, but turning us into a winner is no easy task. So far holmgren brought in delhomme which was a mistake and the draft which turned out ok, ie haden, but didn’t like the hardesty pick which was injury prone and might not even play next year. Now bring in a rookie head coach, and no one wants to take the OC job? Im not drinking that kool aid yet.

  14. “took a Herm Edwards 4-12 team to 10-6 the first year and to the playoffs ”
    Yeah, a Herm Edwards 4-12 team that started with Chad Pennington (in his brief prime) as starting QB and ended week 3 vs. Jax when both Pennington and backup QB Jay Fiedler were lost for the season within a matter of minutes.

    As a Steeler fan you probably already know that this is the same Herm Edwards Jets team that was a missed Field Goal from beating, you guessed it, Pittsburgh in Heinz Field in the Divisional Round to play, you guessed it, the Patriots in the AFC Championship the season before.

    Very misleading stat there, Mangini took over a solid team.

  15. they were who we thought they were…

    a herm edwards 4-12 team… turned into a 10-6 the next year… injuries or no injuries…

    will you give him credit for Darrelle Revis #11 pick?

    you can’t have it both ways

    Go Steelers

  16. Mangini did not draft anyone for Jets- he was neither GM or player personnel director. In CLE, Holmgren let him do things his way with no intereference. Mangini simply isn’t 21st century HC material.

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