Marvin Lewis vows offensive changes; takes another shot at Ochocinco

Bengals coach Marvin Lewis  wouldn’t elaborate on wide receiver Chad Ochocinco’s future in Cincinnati on Thursday, but he took exception to Ocho’s recent tweets wondering about joining the Patriots.

“Nobody was talking about him,” Lewis said via   “He [couldn’t] stand that.  You want them to talk about you, win football games.”

(Yes, Lewis’ words were likely tongue in check.  Yes, his words are true.)

Geoff Hobson of the writes that “everyone expects” a divorce with Ochocinco.  We’ll take his word for it.  We’ll also take Lewis’ word that he doesn’t want to completely change his offensive system with a possible lockout on the way.

“They’re clamoring for heads and I understand that,” Lewis said, via Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer.  “Right now at this point I’m not ready to give them heads.”

It appears offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski will be back, with “minimal” staff changes likely on the way.   Lewis said that he wants 2009 first round pick Andre Smith to play right tackle, not guard.  Lewis also wants an identity on offense.

“What upsets me is I can’t tell who we are,” Lewis said.   “My disappointment is I can’t tell you what we are. The key to offense is to be offensive and stay offensive. What we are is a big statement. It has to be all encompassing.”

We have a feeling Ochocinco will find Lewis’ comments offensive.  Again.

38 responses to “Marvin Lewis vows offensive changes; takes another shot at Ochocinco

  1. Bengals aren’t one of the most pathetic excuses for a Professional Sports organization for nothing..

    4-12 , No problem, No real changes. Same stupid OC still in place, might as well get ready for another losing season ..

  2. If the Bengals bring back Bratkowski, their ticket sales will absolutely plummet. This is the angriest I’ve seen fans of this team since as long as I can remember. And of course Mike Brown couldn’t care less! WORST OWNER IN ALL OF SPORTS, HANDS DOWN.

  3. “What upsets me is I can’t tell who we are,” Lewis said. “My disappointment is I can’t tell you what we are.”


    Let me tell you what you are – it’s actually very simple: you’re losers.

  4. “What upsets me is I can’t tell you who we are…”

    How long has Lewis been the head coach? After all these years, he can’t tell the fans what his team is?

    “The key to offense is to be offensive and stay offensive. What we are is a big statement”

    Is it just me, or does it seem like he doesn’t even know what he is talking about – that he is just saying random football words, hoping to sound intelligent.

    What a joke of a coach. Bengals fans need better.

  5. LOL was just about to say the same thing regarding the offense being offensive.

    So the plan is to make big changes by not changing anything at all. That makes tons of sense.

    I get that the CBA situation makes it difficult to actually implement something new until the situation is clear, but seriously I have no choice but to write off 2011 if Brat is there calling the plays again.


  6. Why is it exactly that his head wasn’t one that should be given to the public? Does he need more time to get “his guys” in there? Why is he still considered a good coach?

  7. The Bengls may have been the #1 team in the entire galaxy of professional sports who needed a new coach. Fail. And here’s what you get.

  8. Chad Johnson/Terrell Owens in = offense stinks

    Chad Johnson/Terrell Ownes out = offense decent

    You do the math. Ain’t no way Belichick wants Chad Johnson, Terrell Owens, etc. after exorcising Moss.
    Moss is twice what they are and Belichick had enough.

    Do the math.

  9. I appreciate Lewis has done everything in his power to make this team competitive, not excluding signing every felon from the street. He’s a well-respected coach (coordinator).

    But there comes a time when ownership has to admit this squad has been going in circles pretty much the duration of his tenure. And by circles I mean down the toilet.

  10. The Patriots do not want Chad, so his tweets hardly matter. The Pats need a real speed guy or someone taller (6’3″ or more) to mix in with the Smurfs.

  11. “You want them to talk about you, win football games.”

    Maybe if he had a head coach that was worth a piss, he would have a better shot at winning games. A head coach that would get rid of the worst OC in the NFL, Bob Bratkowski.

  12. After reading the entire article, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a coach make himself look so bad in my life. He barely stopped short of just flat out saying “I’m just a terrible effin coach.”

  13. why do you continually remove my posts….because of 1 four letter word that rhymes w/truck and had an * in it….come on, your worse than Mike Brown

  14. Trade him for a draft pick. He’s still valuable so possibly a 3rd rounder, especially if he’s willing to restructure his contract. He’s double teamed every game, almost every play. Rex Ryan was quoted earlier in the year saying he’s the only receiver that demands double coverage every play.

  15. Does anyone remember a Wide out named Chad Johnson? He was pretty damn good. Then along comes this idiot named Ochocinco that is less than an average receiver…. Maybe he needs to change his name again. Possibly BiggoZero??

  16. So the Bengals are still promising some token changes, even though the season has been over for quite some time and no changes have occurred.

    Meanwhile, the most obviously change, get a new OC, hasn’t been made. Why? Apparently the owner is more concerned with employing his buddies than he is with winning. This doesn’t even seem like a team anymore. It seems more like Mike Brown’s moneymaking scam. I’m sure the other owners appreciate supporting Mike Brown with the revenue sharing while he does nothing to improve the team.

    It sucks being a Bengals fan, and I will be on strike if Bratkowski (the OC) doesn’t go.

  17. Just exactly when are you going to be ready to give the head of the buffoon who runs that atrocious offense? What’s it gonna take Marv!?!?!?

    And I agree with the above poster. Lewis infuriates me with mumbo jumbo ‘coach speak’ all the time… it’s like his lips move and his brain is 2 steps behind, or in front, I can’t figure out which.

    God you frustrate me Bengals!!! Fire Brat NOW!!!

  18. Moss is twice what they are and Belichick had enough


    say what you will about his off-field pursuits but between the lines, Johnson doesn’t quit. Moss does.

  19. funny how things change so fast. 6 months ago there were so many cincy fans on here talking about how they would be the best team in football, they are going to sweep the division again, they are going to the SB lol I love watching them call for everyones head ! perfect ending to a perfect season for cincy….. but then again should’nt you cincy fans be use to loosing seasons ???? I mean really was this season such a shocker ? I guess it was supposed to be since you had “Batman & Robin ” playing for you LOL

    All i can say about your team is AWESOME lol

  20. No sellouts in 2011! You heard it here 1st! 50% of the fan base wants to wait to see what changes have made…If that is the way they plan to communicate it then we will show you how the fans plan to respond.

    Andrew Luck, Nice try but we’re drafting you next year with the 1st pick! LOL

  21. When Jackson was hired, Ochocinco said on his Twitter account: “Congratulations 2 Hue Jackson for becoming the Oakland Raiders new head coach. Best receiver coach I ever had.”

    Earlier this month, there were these tweets:

    “I would not care where Hue Jackson got a job. I would go play for him, run through a wall, jump in front of a bus, etc. u get the point.”

    “Man that was the greatest coach I ever had. Hue Jackson would choke me out, cuss me out, just to make sure I was precise on everything.

    “It would be refreshing to be with Hue Jackson again. I know I wouldn’t have to worry about being thrown under a bus again.”

    The “under the bus” reference has to do with his strained relationship with current Bengals coach Marvin Lewis

  22. Marv loves to unwind at the end of a long hard season by playing Whack A Chad on his home computer.

  23. Brown: “We want you to stay, but you have to keep Bratkowski.”

    Lewis: “Ok. Can I call him out in the press?”

    Brown: “As long as you do it indirectly.”

    Lewis: “Ok, what about Ocho.”

    Brown: “I like him. He makes me laugh. He stays.”

    Lewis: “Ok. I’ll do my best.”

    Brown: “Good luck!”

  24. “Nobody was talking about him,” Lewis said via “He [couldn’t] stand that. You want them to talk about you, win football games.”

    Funny, I was thinking the same thing about Marvin Lewis when I read the headline!

  25. “(Yes, Lewis’ words were likely tongue in check. Yes, his words are true.)”

    Yeh, well Lewis should follow his own advice and win some games. He has a terrible record(below 500 with more arrests than anyone) and it’s a joke he got a new contract(extension). Same old Bungles.

  26. “The key to offense is to be offensive and stay offensive”

    I can’t believe Lewis said this. This has to rank up there with the “they are who we thought they were” line. The key to offense is to be offensive? Are you freaking kidding me????

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