Pat Bowlen tells Broncos fans “we will exceed your expectations”

Broncos owner Pat Bowlen has operated mostly behind the scenes recently, allowing John Elway to make the key decisions and operate as the public face of the franchise. But Broncos season ticket holders are getting letters from Bowlen this week, with the owner promising fans that the team will improve.

With the Broncos coming off a 4-12 season that Bowlen called “the most trying for me in 27 years of ownership,” he’s telling the fans that things will change.

Among Bowlen’s promises are “that we will exceed your expectations going forward” and that the Broncos are ready to “restore the culture of winning, trust and integrity.”

Of course, it’s easy for Bowlen to make those promises in a letter written in January. It’s a lot harder for the team to actually follow through on those promises when led by a team executive in Elway who has no experience in player personnel.

But Elway is still a popular man in Denver, and Bowlen seems to think the fans will be reassured by the presence of the former Super Bowl-winning quarterback.

“We are committed to embracing those qualities and others that have made the Denver Broncos one of the most successful [franchises] in all of professional sports,” Bowlen said. “I pledge to you that we will exceed your expectations going forward and put the right people in place to lead this team, beginning with the addition of John Elway.”

21 responses to “Pat Bowlen tells Broncos fans “we will exceed your expectations”

  1. “The letter was one thing, but I was surprised to see it was Pat himself, delivering them door to door from an older model mini-van.”.

  2. Pretty low bar, isn’t it? Most fans probably expect their team to transform into the ’01-’08 Lions.

  3. Exceeding our expectations would mean that we will spend some money on LEGIT defensive free agents to fill the many holes. And draft defense!

  4. It’s going to be more of the same

    – The Chiefs are very young and are already a good team.
    – The Chargers will be back next year, even though I hate them, they will contend as long as Rivers is there.
    – The Raiders, well, they could win or lose 10 games next season, who knows. But they’re very talented.

    The Broncos meanwhile have no talent at all, Bowlen should be a little more quiet, they’re gonna have Lions like rebuilding years.

  5. we will exceed your expectations… we are committed:

    … to cashing your checks..
    keep buying tickets… did you like the beer and food prices at the stadiums… hows the official NFL jersey prices…

    yeah.. we know TROY is #1 in sales !

    Go Steelers

  6. “Of course, it’s easy for Bowlen to make those promises in a letter written in January. It’s a lot harder for the team to actually follow through on those promises when led by a team executive in Elway who has no experience in player personnel.” – MDS

    Please stop over characterizing Elway’s role as a personnel guy. There has not been one article, blog, or tweet that suggests Elway will be calling all the shots when it comes to assembling the roster. They just got rid of a guy who wanted that control.

    Elway has been quoted multiple times as saying that Brain Xanders, the GM, will take the lead on roster decisions while working with Fox and Elway.

    It’s as if you go out of your way to slam the Broncos and their offseason.

    Denver has restructured their front office, got rid of a maniacal cheating coach (and his band of frat cronies,) hired an experienced staff of coaches, are trying to make a number one pick work instead of setting money on fire, and have embraced new ways of engaging their fans base. All in a very short amount of time.

    Yeah, what a bunch of morons.

  7. It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s … Superfox. The worlds greatest coach. Able to turn below standard players at Carolina into Super Bowl contenders. Survives owners stripping him of quality talent and lives to tell the tale. The best thing since slice bread. Bronco fans worldwide are now saved!

    Broncos! Super Bowl or bust in 2011!

    Sarcasm for the Sarcasm Impaired.

  8. I’ll assume this means he has a new plan to circumvent the salary cap, and a fool proof method for greasing the players jerseys.

    All the while, a more professional manner of secretly taping other teams practices will be implemented to avoid detection.

    Same old donkeys, same old cheaters.

  9. If your expectations are low then you have no where to go but UP UP and AWAY….

    Mcdaniels undoing was firing or letting Mike Nolan go……

  10. So they are going to draft a QB or switch the offense to the spread option? So that tebust can run it. Since he cant read defenses or throw the ball, lets run the option. Teams will never figure out how to defend that.

  11. There in pretty shape but they are certainly not the Lions of the decade taking form. The Broncos and Bowlen have a history of winning. The Lions have…no history of success and terrible owners in the Fords.

  12. Turning this team around begins with drafting DEFENSE…and not whiffing on those picks. Take one good look at the 4 teams remaining in the postseason, and they all have solid defenses and a tradition of drafting well and developing players IN-HOUSE. Overpaying for 2nd run talent in the free agent market to “fill” the holes of Denver’s defense has been a consistent result of poor drafts in the past.

  13. We are coming back beeches!!!!! You guys that bash Elway are hilarious. His “horse teeth” went to more Superbowls than any QB in History, meaning he went to more than whatever s QB you liked. The guy was straight up CLUTCH. He was clutch, before they even invented the cluth in the Model-T.

  14. returning the integrity that allowed them to cheat the salary cap to win the only 2 Superbowls they ever won… yeah.. keep up that integrity Pat.

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