PFT Live: Ravens DC Pagano slams Raiders

In the opening segment of PFT Live, Mike Florio looks at new Ravens defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano’s humorous jabs at the Raiders organization and wonders if more press conferences will be in his future. Florio also touches on the conference championship matchups and the Eagles’ search for a new defensive coordinator.

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13 responses to “PFT Live: Ravens DC Pagano slams Raiders

  1. Nice job removing my comment…Shows how PFT really isn’t striving for better content.

    If saying that bans me…WONDERFUL…Not worth the electrons to post.

  2. How can you praise a guy for as you put it slamming a former EMPLOYER? And think Al Davis is wrong for exposing the truth about a former EMPLOYEE? When he’s questioned repeated about the situation with Tom Cable from the media and lawsuits have been brought against the man’s organization? Everything Al said about Cable was true. He would not have had to say anything at all about Cable if Cable hadn’t done the things. Al didn’t lie to his boss, Al never beat women either, and Al didn’t break another employee of his oranization’s jaw. Al did what any boss would do. He found someone to better represent his organization. Al Davis is a Legend to the game. Show some respect.

  3. How can you say Chuck Pagano is a good candidate to be a head coach in this league when he just said those things about a former employer of his? Please explain…

  4. who cares what he said, or what you think. everybdy knows it is crystal clear you are a hater
    The funniest thing is that Hue makes more then him….so what does that say about what he makes.

  5. raiderredleg…my last 4 have not been posted. But, people can come on here and disrespect Al Davis with jokes about the way he looks and whatever else and there’s nothing wrong with that I guess. All I’m trying to do is defend Al Davis because I’m sick of reading all these shameful and disrespectful posts about a good man. Who just happens to have a few years left to live at the most.

  6. @tombradyfumbled

    Al was a legend, now he is senile. The raiders are and always will be a laughing stock so long as he is in charge. Get over it. He wasn’t the first to slam the DA RADIAS and he wont be the last.

    Just win, Maybe…..

  7. The average salary of an NFL assistant coach in 2005 when Chuck Pagano was with the Oakland Raiders was $280,000! This guy has a lot of nerve to say anything about being paid with nickels! I live in the real world Mr. Pagano… I will never be able to say that I work for such a proud organization as the Oakland Raiders as a coach in the greatest sport in the world. I hope you take a long look in the mirror and realize that the opportunity you have had in life is an opportunity many of us out in the real world could only dream of. I work every single day in my profession just so that I can pay my bills on time and sometimes go to bed hungry with no extra money for food. And you have the nerve to joke about being paid nickels. I don’t find anything about that funny Mr. Pagano

  8. @hendeeze

    Al Davis IS a legend and will always be a legend who played a great role in making the NFL the way it is today.

    tombradyfumbles is stating facts and trying to defend him…You are spewing HATE…Hope that make you feel like a BIG MAN.

  9. who cares what this guy says…he is the one stuck on the east coast in the hell hole baltimore

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