Bill Cowher picks Jets, Hines Ward wants to prove him wrong

Former Steelers coach Bill Cowher doesn’t think his old team is going back to the Super Bowl.

Cowher said on WFAN that he thinks the Jets are going to win the AFC Championship Game on Sunday in Pittsburgh, where Cowher was the head coach for 15 years.

“The way the Jets are playing, I’m telling you this is going to be a game, I think it will be a classic game, and I like the Jets,” Cowher said. “They match up well. I think it’s going to be a tough ball game, but they certainly have all the ingredients to go to the Super Bowl.”

Steelers receiver Hines Ward said he looks forward to showing his old coach that he’s wrong.

“He can pick whoever he wants,” Ward said. “Coach Cowher’s not our coach anymore. Guess we have to prove him wrong, too.”

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  1. I remember Cowher ringing the bell at his adopted “hometown” Carolina Hurricanes games vs the Penguins, right before the Pens swept them and went on to win the Stanley Cup.

  2. i’m not going to predict a winner, but i’m pretty sure we’ll all be treated to great game….there’s a lot in common between the two teams this year, and Sunday should be an old school slugfest.

    Good luck to Steelers fans, I expect both teams will bring their A games and the AFC will send a worthy franchise to the SB

    Go Jets!

  3. Cowher is trying reverse psychology. Polamalu will be a non factor in this game. Half the games this season he was invisible. The other half he was hurt. He didn’t practice this week. The Steelers are going to need all the help they can get.

  4. cowher isant a steeler homer. who said he has to pic them. im sure its gonna be a tough game for both teams,

  5. Gee — I wonder if Cowher’s just saying that to to get his team (I mean old old team, wink wink) to go out and prove him wrong —- Gee, I wonder if he’s coaching from a distance —– I really do wonder — NOT !!!!!! —– Give me a break, I mean if our government had even 1/3 this kind of transparency it would be a miracle —- What a joke!

  6. I have a feeling the game will be more one sided because the Steelers owe the Jets something.


  7. Cowher the coward?
    Cmon Bill, give Coach T some props!

    The Black and Gold will take the Green Rotund One down.

    Hines will cause Cromartie and Reeeeeevis to melt down. Mark my words… he’ll get a personal foul out of one of them.

  8. You gotta trust his opinion on this one. Cowher knows so much in regards to winning AFC Championship games.

    Thanks for pretty much putting the nail in the Jets’ coffin, Cowher-d.

  9. blakebuchanan87 says: Jan 21, 2011 7:57 PM

    Someone doesn’t want the new guy to get more rings a handful of years than he got in over a decade.


    Because God forbid anyone think the Steelers could lose to a team they’ve already lost to.

  10. Tony Kornheiser, love him or hate him, said it perfectly on his radio show today-

    Cowher is desperately hoping to avoid being remembered by history as the coach that filled the gap between Chuck Knoll and Mike Tomlin.

  11. So … is the Chin picking the Jets because he thinks the Jets will win?

    Or now that Hines is peeved, will he say it was a psychological experiment aimed at helping the Steelers?

    Then if people question his ethics, will he say he really thought the Jets would win … but Hines startled him into spinning a different tale?

    Don’t miss Tom Jackson: Part Deux

  12. The New York Jets are New York HYPE, and come Sunday, we will see that that’s all they are! The media is so quick to “Crown” them, just like they “Crowned” the Patriots all year. It just goes to show that these supposed experts have no clue what they’re talking about whatsoever. They pick the teams that will sell more newspapers, or draw a bigger audience on television. The Steelers are going to beat the Jets on Sunday, despite what all of these media personalities think.

  13. What is GREAT about these Championship games is all 4 teams are good and anyone can win. This is the way it should be. Gonna be a couple of great ones.

    Go Pack!!!!!!

  14. deanvernonwormer = Cowher is trying reverse psychology. Polamalu will be a non factor in this game. Half the games this season he was invisible. The other half he was hurt. He didn’t practice this week. The Steelers are going to need all the help they can get.

    Are you sure you’ve been watching #43? Half the games he was invisible = eight; the other half when he was injured he had seven interceptions and countless tackles / interruptions / forced fumbles, etc., etc; all I have to say is I pray he is healthier than ever and as visible as he can be in the AFC Championship!

  15. Bill is carrying a grudge. He lost a fortune betting against the Steelers back in 2005. Lives in fear of the Vegas mobsters to this day.

  16. WOW!!! I would never question a team that I helped build. This might’ve motivated the steelers more than what the jets could ever say. What’s worse than having the other team disrespect you is having one of your own disrespect you.

  17. Bill got confused and forgot that he’s not still the Coach. Good job with that 1-4 record in home Championship games.

  18. Who cares if Cowher thinks the Jets will upset the Steelers? I don’t. He gave his opinion, take it for what it’s worth.

    God forbid an ex-coach to pick vs his old team.

  19. A safe position. If the Steelers win, its because those are still largely his guys and he’s the one who brought them over the hump. If they lose, it is because he’s not there.

  20. The Steelers used to be a class team in the 70s but then their fan base got old and they were replaced by a bunch of nose picking idiots.

    Most of these pukes were not even born when the real Steelers were winning titles.

  21. Great he picked the jets to win. Now that means they will probably lose. Just like you said they had no chance against the pats right cowher. Just shut the he’ll up with your predictions. Don’t jump on the jets bandwagon now when you’ve talked a ton of crap the last few weeks.

  22. Cower is the guy who said after the Bears were 9-3 that they would collapse and not make the playoffs.

  23. @deanvernonwormer:
    missed half the games with injury?
    you must be counting by twos, or maybe you just cant count. how bout you run through a short list of games he missed due to injury? u know, for all of us homers out there that may doubt your claim…

    and disappeared in half the games?tied for second in picks, strip sack to end the ravens game IN BALTIMORE, huge pick on a crucial drive against the falcons late in the game, i could go on, ….

    he’s a safety buddy, not exactly the people you want making too many tackles. it pretty much means that 9 other people have failed to do so..consistently

  24. Could it be after watching the JETS beat the Colts and patsies, Cowher just believes the JETS are peaking at the right time??? Afterall, Sanchez does play better in the postseason, he has more weapons than last year, the offense is posting more points, defense has just shut down the two best QBs in the league, and Rexy is coming up with plans that kick butt. The Steelers are a great team, play well at home and don’t allow alot of rushing yards. But the JETS already beat them at their home and had 106 rushing yards. In the ends, analysts like him matter little. Let the game begin and may the best team will win. Jets 28 Steelers 24

  25. How DARE he have an opinion and not have blind devotion to his former team!!!! Hang him by the cajones steeler fans!!

  26. Cowher knows this will help motivate the team – does he really believe the Jets will win, maybe. Through his tenure and into Mike Tomlin’s the one thing that resinates when the Steelers win is the underdog mentality. Thanks Coach Cowher!

  27. last week before the jets/pats game cower said that the “jets dont have a snowballs chance in hell” and “the only way the jets can win if 10 of the pats starters get caught in a blizzard” and now he suddenly thinks the jets can compete for the superbowl?

    cower is a clown and so is virtually every analyst out there. stay off the jets bandwagon, you hater.

  28. I think Cowher knows his team well, afterall, the team is still mostly Cowher’s holdovers. Wake me up when Mike Tomlin wins with a team that is full of all of his handpicked talent.

  29. Maybe he’s trying to pull a Tom Jackson and try to use reverse psychology to hype up the Steelers!

    If you haven’t read the story, Bart Scott called him out after the Jets beat the Pats. TJ picked the Pats to win big. TJ then backpedaled saying he was using reverse psychology and actually thought the Jets would win. Wow…..

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