Hines Ward becomes focal point of Jets’ pregame chatter

For most of the week, the New York Jets have avoided running their mouths regarding the Pittsburgh Steelers.

But they couldn’t make it to Sunday without giving at least one member of the team a tweak.

Appearing on SNY’s Loudmouths with Adam Schein and Chris Carlin, Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie was asked whether Steelers receiver Hines Ward is a dirty player.

“I know for a fact that he will hit you while you’re not looking,” Cromartie said.  “I don’t think he’s man enough to hit you while you’re looking at him.”

Cromartie’s comments echo something said Thursday by Jets defensive coordinator Mike Pettine regarding Ward.

“Our guys I think called him the toughest guy in the league when nobody’s looking,” Pettine said, per Ian Begley of ESPNNewYork.com.

Ward has a reputation for throwing crushing blindside blocks.  Before the Jets played the Steelers in December, the Jets showed the players a reel of Ward’s no-look hard knocks.

“I think our guys have played against them enough to know what he’s all about,” Pettine said.

It’s not nearly as strong as the stuff that came from the Jets before facing the Patriots, but it’s better than nothing.

And with more than 45 hours remaining until the game starts, there’s still plenty of time for the talk to heat up.

64 responses to “Hines Ward becomes focal point of Jets’ pregame chatter

  1. Revis is going to embarrass Ward. Cromartie matches up better against Wallace. Cromartie will get help over the top. Look for Miller underneath, or Sanders on a cross . There won’t be anything else.

    The Jets can outsmart the smartest QB in the league, they should have no problem matching wits with the dumbest.

    I’m a fan of neither team, just the facts.

  2. I hate him because he smiles so much while playing dirty, but I love him because he’s so exciting to watch.

  3. Go ahead and focus on Ward, this team has many other guys that can hit you while your looking…. offense and defense. We don’t play the word games like Rex and the Jets.

  4. Defensive players for years have blindside blocked quarterbacks after an interception. Hines Ward BLOCKS when they’re looking AND when they’re not. If you ain’t got your head on a swivel, Cromartie, well too bad.

    Defensive players aren’t the only ones allowed to hit people.

  5. I guess Jets expected Hines to let the other team make the tackle instead him blocking. Very interesting stuff. Or maybe they don’t expect him to block because he is a wide receiver.

    Pretty sad.

  6. Yeah, Hines is a dirty player that hits you when you are not looking, like the hits that WRs take all the time over the middle of the field.

    It’s ok to lay out a receiver when he goes across the middle to catch a ball but for those guys to come back and put a blind side hit on you is sooo uncool. I mean, they are just a bunch of divas after all and you are a tough bad a$$ defensive back. Can’t have your rep ruined by a hit from a diva.

  7. Hines Ward (future HOFer) has left a string of doubters on the field his entire career. He’s so over the hill the Jets are putting their number one CB on him.

    Steelers by 2 TD’s!

  8. Defenders crying about a physical receiver is truly sad. Get them fired up, that sounds like a smart tactic.

  9. With all the unnecessary scrutiny the Steelers have received this year because of their physical play, one would expect that if Hines Ward is such a dirty player he would be flagged in every game. But Hines Ward never gets fined. An incongruous argument.


  10. The Jets start their worthless chatter because they know that the Steelers are going to play them tough. Talk is cheap, show us what you are made of, don’t tell us!!

  11. Jets…is that all you got? Really? That’s it? Disappointing.

    You can feel the regret as your plane leaves Pittsburgh for NY and the loss you experienced on Sunday leaves a bitter, bitter taste in your feeble mouths.

  12. Nothing wrong with Ward’s blocking but he’s not going to be getting any free shots at Revis.

    Pitt might have the advantage at QB but the Jets will do a better job against the run, so that advantage is going to be throwing to a couple of rookie WRs and Miller.

  13. Ttommy – I’m not a fan of either team but your an idiot. Cromartie matches up against Wallace good? No he doesn’t he’s too speedy, 110 yards on him the first game. When you say fact make sure it is one and get a football IQ

  14. Remember how Bart Scott – in a Sports Illustrated article – went on and on and on about what a tough guy he was and about how hard he hit Roethlisberger one time and he heard the air rush out of Roethlisberger’s lungs and how Roethlisberger was so big but Scott hit him so hard and put him on the ground because he was such a baddass back in his days with the Ravens? It was just stupid sadistic stuff …. and remember this was just a shot at a DEFENSELESSS quarterback.

    And then Ward just cleaned Bart’s freakin’ clock and he whined like a little bitch. Ward lit him the eff up!

    I said right then and there that if I was Roethlisberger I would buy Ward’s kids some crazy nice expensive Christmas gifts.

  15. hey makeing the defense guess where its comeing from is his job. harder 2 cover a guy when u dont know whos comeing to hit u. just ask that backer from cincy.

  16. Perhaps the Jets didn’t watch ward punk Ed reed over and over again last week. Face to face mind you. Jets corners are weak. Great ability but no heart. They don’t want any piece of Hines

  17. As trash-talk goes, that’s pretty weak. And Hines? Yeah, I’m sure he’ll be crushed to hear the Jets think he’s delivered a few blindside blocks 😆

    @gforce90 …

    Honey, try the Maximum Strength Midol. It has a little extra something to help with irritability.

  18. Hines will be all smiles on Sunday evening like always. He’s heard it all at this point….even bounties and death threats by Bart Scott. Funny how these tough talking defenders always have a lot of threats…..but never seem to be able to deliver on them. Bart Scott still has terrifying memories of being on the receiving end of numerous beautiful shots by Hines. Funny how it’s okay for defenders to level offensive players when they’re not looking, but when an itty bitty receiver like Hines Ward lays out a defender it’s “dirty” or “cheap”.

    I love it. Hines is already in their heads. Ben and the Young Money Crew are going to light them up while they’re worrying about Hines Ward.

  19. I don’t care how many babies you make – if you don’t take care of them you are NOT a man. A MAN steps up to his responsibilities. How many of his kids even know who their father is?

  20. I don’t know about Revis’ speed, but if he can keep up with Wallace, that’s who he should cover. Revis covering Ward is a waste. I love Hines Ward. He is one of my favorite all time players. I think it is hilarious when defensive players complain about Ward being too mean to them. But Ward is not a better WR than Wallace. Revis should cover Wallace, Cromartie should cover Brown or Sanders (I’ve rarely seen them both play at the same time) and Smith should cover Ward.

    I’m guessing Miller could have a huge game.

  21. this is dum at its best.the best blocking reciever in all of football history…i hope he wrecks them sunday…he is fun to watch…worst thing if he was there team they would love him same goes for the fans of other teams

  22. “I know for a fact that he will hit you while you’re not looking,” Cromartie said.

    Ok Antonio…. So look at him all game long. Keep your eyes on him all game long. He will not hit you.

    I should be a coach in the NFL

  23. @gforce90 …

    Honey, try the Maximum Strength Midol. It has a little extra something to help with irritability.

    Is that the best you can come up with? Midol? Really? Moron…

  24. I’m sure all this talk is being generated by Bart Scott, who is still scared to death that Hines will level him again

    Don’t worry Bart. Hines has never actually killed anyone. Yet.

    (I was going to say that you’ve got to wonder if James Harrison is afraid of getting hit by any of the Jets wide receivers, but I was laughing too hard to write it)

  25. Ask Ed Reed if Hines only hits when nobody’s looking. He got nailed famously face-to-face, Ward hitting him like a man. Good to hear the Jets finally drop the phony lovey-dovey thing.

    I laugh when a little WR scares the big bad guys like this.

    Last game the Jets defensive backs got torched and had to grab jerseys from behind at least 4 times. If the refs call it loose again, they have a shot. If not, the Jets are probably toast.

  26. This might be good strategy for once by the Jets. If one player is liable to get a little too emotional and draw a 15 yarder from a week of trash talk it’s probably hines.

  27. At pappyjoe69
    So you are criticizing deb for not being clever in her “midol” comment by calling her a moron? Well played sir. The irony is not lost on me.

  28. @ampatsishypocrite

    Quit your whinin boy..Hines is a non factor. The man only shows up when hes against zone D. Hes old as what, and will get a couple 6yd catches when it doesnt matter. Id pick Wayne Chrebet up as a 3rd down reciever over your boy any day. Lil Ben we’re comin for you girl…Big games from LT JT n SE..they want it bad. take this terrible towel and wipe my ..

  29. wow…i can only imagine what it would be like if a bunch of wr’s would start questioning the toughness of some of these DB’s who make a career out of blind-side hits… as for cromartie..he certainly doesn’t have to worry about that anytime soon.

  30. Way to go Cromartie….jackass!! You just put a large bullseye on your chest…Callin out a guy who has knocked out ,and injured guys bigger and tougher ,than you could ever dream of being, is just plain stupid…no less,a guy who is a two time super bowl champ,super bowl MVP,and is approaching 1,000 catches…

    Trash talkin a prima donna quarterback is one thing….but pissin off a guy who will flat out knock you out cold is another….Smart advice would be to keep your head up,and your mouth shut….but then again never mind…would probably be better to learn the hard way!

  31. Roger Goodell must be so proud of this game. One QB arrested for rape (Sanchez) against another QB accused of multiple rapes (Roethlisberger). Two scumbags. Truth hurts.


    Here’s some more truth that will hurt: neither was convicted. Ben faced no charges and the charges against Sanchez were dropped.

    Last I heard, an arrest and accusations weren’t enough to actually prove a single thing.

    You must’ve admired the Salem witch trials.

  32. Hiney Wart is not the dude the jets should worry about what hes does behind your back. Pig Ben is the guy you gotta watch your unprotected backside with. Maybe after the Jets crush the stillers Sexy Rexy will invite benny over for a Threesome with his wifes feet?Go jets

  33. .

    funny how steelers fans suck up this smoke and mirror act hahahaha……

    keep your eyes on Hines Ward cuz the jets D wont be.

  34. @ttommytom

    Who’s the smartest QB that they outsmarted? They didn’t confuse Manning; his receivers just didn’t get open.

    They confused Brady, but he’s not close to the smartest in the league. All they had to do was take away his check downs, and the guy wilts.

  35. Hines Ward is the ultimate WR. He is far from dirty, he simply plays his ass off. If you are not paying attention to him on defense you ARE going to get your head taken off, ask Keith Rivers.

    He plays like this for a reason, it is designed to invoke fear into the defensive players like they try to on a WR going over the middle. Ward crack him once and next time they are looking before trying to make that tackle anywhere near Hines.

    Best overall WR ever to play the game. HOFer for sure, first or second try easily.

  36. One of the most fearless WR’s in the league. I’ve watched Ward make a hit whenever he can………….I think that’s legal in the NFL isn’t it? How is that dirty?

    They act like Hines Ward will only hit you when your not looking……………..hmmmm, real smart comment Jets. I’m not a fan of either team, but you gotta love the intensity Hines Ward plays with………………unless you like Flag Football.

    I thought this was a physical game. The last time I looked, Hines ward will take on a Defensive Tackle if he has to. Then again, most of the Jets players seem to run their mouths off. Last time I saw, it was a Jets coach tripping a guy playing on the field.

    Hines making hits during a game = cheap? I don’t think so.

  37. Hines plays between the whistles. So… for all these other players that want to be lazy and sloppy, watch out. You might get hit in the mouth.

    Call him dirty if you want. Around these parts, he’s a living legend. 60 minutes of doing everything possible to ensure your team wins. How could you not want a player like that on your team??

    I like them a little dirty anyway. Sunday is coming!

  38. and why oh why would you not be looking at the people assigned to block you on a football field???? particularly one whom you believe will hit you ONLY when you are not looking?

    how bout you go LOOK at your kids and explain to them:
    1. who you are
    2. why you dont come around
    3. that you’d like them to wear name tags so you can remember their names.
    4. why you make it your business to play football and NOT hit anyone, especially when they ARE looking at you (shonn greene). speaking of him, do you dive for cover when you see him walking toward you in the hallways?

  39. If the Jets don’t want hit they better not showup. Listening to Cromartie complain about being hit is really a good one he doesnt even like to tackle just watch him when a receiver make a catch or returns a punt. He run out of bounds rather than take a hit for more yardage. The remark about Ward hitting when defensive players not looking is a real joke. Play the game like its supposed to be played, if your not looking shame on you. Maybe Hines should play like a NY pansy. He could always tap Cromartie on the shoulder before flatting him

  40. This is a non story. I love watching the idiots on here make these threads something they are not. The jets are in for a rude awakening. The crowd at Heinz Field is literally going to deflate their ego’s. I can’t wait for this game. All season its been “no ben for 4 games, seasons over”, The defense is too old or they all cheat. Can’t you a$$holes just accept that good teams win, but great teams overcome. See you in Dallas.

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