Let the “Bulger to Arizona” speculation begin

The Arizona Cardinals’ complete inability to find a competent replacement for Kurt Warner led to them going from first to worst in the NFC West, and so the search for a new quarterback will be the biggest issue facing the team in 2011.

And that new quarterback may be an old quarterback, Marc Bulger.

Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic runs down the list of candidates for the Cardinals, and Somers says Bulger is the favorite.

Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt was interested in acquiring Bulger last offseason, before Bulger signed with the Ravens — where he didn’t play a down in 2010. It’s been a long time since Bulger has been a good quarterback, but he wouldn’t have to be very good to represent an improvement for Arizona. Going after him this offseason could make sense.

Somers writes that if Bulger isn’t the starter, the most likely moves would be the Cardinals doing a deal with the Broncos for Kyle Orton or the Eagles for Kevin Kolb. John Skelton, the rookie who started the last four games of 2010, is a possibility, as is the Cardinals taking a quarterback in the first round of the NFL draft. But Somers says bringing in Donovan McNabb is an extreme long shot.

21 responses to “Let the “Bulger to Arizona” speculation begin

  1. Orton, Kolb or Bulger would be a huge improvement–however the rookie Skelton didn’t look too bad, but it was the end of the season.

  2. Former Ram Kurt Warner worked, so why not go back to the same well? They could even draft a new Matt Leinart in the first round to back Bulger up!

  3. I really don’t think Bulger would be a good idea. He hasn’t had a QB rating higher than 71 since 2006 and there’s absolutely no evidence he’ll ever be the QB he once was over 5 years ago. They need to either pull a deal for Orton or McNabb.

  4. scoopandslam says:
    Jan 21, 2011 1:34 PM
    Former Ram Kurt Warner worked, so why not go back to the same well? They could even draft a new Matt Leinart in the first round to back Bulger up!
    Coming from the Rams is the only thing they have in common.

    Here is a partial list of all the available QB’s I would take before Bulger. And I am only kidding about some of them:

    Donovan McNabb
    Matt Hassleback
    Kevin Kolb
    Troy Smith
    Jeff Garcia
    Daunte Culpepper
    Joe Theisman
    Shaun Hill
    Chad Pennington
    Tavaris Jackson
    Brady Quinn
    Trent Edwards
    Luke McCown
    Babe Laufenberg
    Tyler Thigpen
    Kellen Clemens
    Dennis Dixon
    Dennis Franz
    Billy Volek
    Rex Grossman
    Randall Cunningham
    Richie Cunningham

  5. smellsmalicious says:
    Jan 21, 2011 1:43 PM
    kevin kolb and desean jackson for larry fitz-make it happen


    You may get a Fitz for Jackson straight up trade, but that is about it. Must be the desert sun causing your hallucinations 🙂

  6. The uproar over Bulger may be very much over-exaggerated. The Cardinal coaches wanted him last year because they were not impressed by what they saw from Leinart and Anderson in mini-camps, and Bulger was about the only experienced QB left on the market after the Rams finally released him.

    This year I expect a different story. Right now Kent Somers feels the impression that Bulger is the guy they want is still there—but—I think Whiz has (and should have) other plans in mind.

    Plus, word has it that Bulger wants to go to a team with a first-rate defense and running game. Until the Cardinals fix the defense and develop more of a commitment to the running game, those two areas are not something to bank on.

    Bulger may have gotten this advice from his teammate in Baltimore—Anquan Boldin—who still bears a grudge about the way he was treated by Whiz and Rod Graves.

    That’s fine, because the two QBs Whiz has had success with (Big Ben and Kurt Warner) had three things in common: possessive better than average toughness, never wanting to quit on a play (for good or for bad) and being Type A take charge guys.

    This is why Leinart never stood a chance with Whiz…nor would Bulger.

  7. Bulger is like the Nixon for President campaign slogan in 80, 84, 88 and 92

    He’s tanned, he’s rested, he’s ready to throw!!!

    Actually I like Fitz for Kolb with the Eagles throwing in a pair of draft picks.

  8. I hear that Alex Smith is looking for a new place to stink, er – I mean “play”.

  9. I was surprised that Green Bay backup Matt Flynn wasn’t mentioned. I believe he’s better than many of the options listed here.

  10. Bulger is a damned good QB. His problems have been related to a swiss cheese O-line that got him killed on a regular basis. I’m surprised he’s not in a wheel chair after having to withstand the abuse he’s had to take.

    When he’s been given reasonable protection he’s been very very good.

  11. Fitzgerald is twice the player Desean Jackson is, don’t let AZ’s QBs fool you. Unlike Jackson, Fitz can catch anywhere on the field, not just deep balls. Not to mention, he actually steps up in the playoffs.

  12. @backindasaddle

    That is horse manure. Yes, Bulger was a top 10 QB when he had Martz calling the plays, a healthy Orlando Pace blocking his blind side, Marshall Faulk and Steven Jackson in the backfield, and Torry Holt, Isaac Bruce, and Kevin Curtis to throw to. Who wouldn’t be?

    As soon as things started to go south in the Lou, Bulger went down with the ship. His pocket presence, awareness and decision making ranked among the worst in the NFL. His mechanics were shot to hell. And by the end, he was rolling his eyes at his HC during games and quitting on plays. You want him, you can have him.

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