Let the Haynesworth-Eagles speculation begin

When Washington tried to trade Albert Haynesworth last season, the only team that showed serious interest was his former squad in Tennesssee.  The thinking was that his old coaches Jeff Fisher and defensive line coach Jim Washburn knew how to handle him.

The Redskins stupidly held out for a better draft pick, and Haynesworth didn’t go anywhere.

Now that Washburn is in Philadelphia, speculation has already started that he could land with the Eagles.   Jason La Canfora of NFL Network reported on Total Access Thursday night Haynesworth would take less money to play for Washburn again.

Before that happens, Haynesworth has to be in position to take less money.  The Redskins seem intent on trying to get something for Haynesworth in a trade, which seems very unlikely considering his contract.

25 responses to “Let the Haynesworth-Eagles speculation begin

  1. Didn’t the Eagles try the bad boy thing with t.o.?
    How’d that work out? Ask sandra bullock how the bad boy thing worked for her?

    If you take on the bad boy, then expect bad boy behavior.

  2. I don’t understand why the problem is Haynesworth’s contract. The Redskins already accelerated payments on the guaranteed money owed to him at least or around $21 million. The contract for the remaining years is supposed to be the attractive part.

  3. Rumor has it that the Redskins tried to include Haynesworth in the trade that landed them McNabb. I’m not sure Philly wants Haynesworth.

  4. How about we not talk about this fat over the hill face stomper anymore. The only team who invests money in this guy is only showing their inability to learn from others mistakes.

    PS The eagles are slowly becoming the Bengals.

  5. He would take less money? Less than a 100 million dollar contract? Who’s retarded idea was it to add this line to the article? NO ONE will pay him more than 100 Million, and if he wanted to play in the NFL with another team, then he will absolutely take LESS money. Substantially less due to his immaturity and lack of consistent effort.

  6. Redskins will realize they can’t trade him and release him…Eagles will sign him to a 1 yr incentive deal. Eagles are smart when it comes to players like this (look at Vick). It’s low risk, high reward. Skins have no clue what they are doing even with Shanahan and Bruce Allen…it’s comical.

  7. @jmac1013
    The numbers 13-3 and XXXIX come to mind

    If it wasn’t for the 10+ wins a season, and the playoff appearances you would be right on track.

  8. “Didn’t the Eagles try the bad boy thing with t.o.? How’d that work out? ”

    Super Bowl.

    Most exciting team in franchise history.

    Awesome record.

  9. jmac1013 says:
    Jan 21, 2011 8:23 AM
    Didn’t the Eagles try the bad boy thing with t.o.?
    How’d that work out?

    2004 season- 77 catches, 1200 yards, 14 TD’s

    Super Bowl XXXIX
    9 catches, 122 yards

    Believe me, I’m no TO fan, but those numbers back up the argument I’ve always made about highly skilled, problem players.

    If you think you’re close to a SB, bring them in for a year, squeeze what you can out of them, and when the honeymoon ends and they revert to form, get rid of them.

    I don’t think AH’s cap figure is that bad for this year. So if the Eagles think they are that close and can keep Big Al happy for one year, it may be worth a shot.

  10. danimalk82 says: Jan 21, 2011 8:35 AM

    PS The eagles are slowly becoming the Bengals.

    One of the most stupid comments I’ve ever come across on PFT!

  11. I guess the Eagles were super impressed when Fat Albert was just laying on the ground and didn’t even try to get up and stop the Eagles from throwing a TD. Y’all should post that picture of Fat Albert prone on the ground and not trying to move when you post about him.

  12. @jmac1013 – Yea the Eagles did try it and Bad Boy TO helped take us to the Super Bowl….and technically was the MVP of the Super BowL considering his 9 cacthes for 122yds on a BROKEN ANKLE while Mcnabb was in the huddle out of breathe and unable to perform…….

  13. I know that albert doesnt have the best work ethic, but how can we really label him a cancer. minus the head stomp (hahahah) He didnt have any character issues in Tenn. It wasnt until he went to Washington where his character was questioned.
    Mind you he signed his deal to be a DT not a NT. This doesnt seem like a big deal ,,, but this guy is trying to make stats, not take up blocks for 3-4 LBs.
    & it is very apparent that Washington does not know how to run a franchise anymore. If we were going to go by what happened there as a judge of a player then we would say McNabb is a washed up overhyped cancer (i’ll agree).
    My only point is that we cannot judge a player by what happens in DC. Shannahan is nothing without Elway and Terrel Davis. he took a ‘hall of fame prospect’ QB and benched him for Rex Grossman. cmon.

    Albert would love to play in the NFC east just to stick it to Washington . It’s either Philly or NY.

  14. This turd is a disgrace to the NFL and does not deserve the privilege of playing another game in the league.

  15. @bcrehshaw

    “The Eagles are smart when it comes to players like this (look at Vick”

    Okay, let’s look at Vick. Didn’t Philly spend a substantial portion of last off-season trying desperately to give Vick away and yet couldn’t find any takers for his contract? They even paid the roster bonus to try and make him more attractive and still couldn’t get as much as a conditional draft pick.

    Smart or lucky regarding Vick?

  16. @bcrehshaw

    last off-season they were willing to trade any 1 of the 3 QBs they had, not just Vick.

  17. meow…meow… Oh Boy Alberto… Bring him in, he’s better than Bunkley and the Eagles whip players into men ! …meow !!!

  18. @jmac1013

    yeah but he had problems everywhere albert jus didnt get along with the redskins with tenn coach coming to the eagles as dl coach who made albert great in tenn wat u thinks gonna happen with philly. and the eagles handled many problems there the best at it

  19. The Eagles desperately need to get bigger on both sides of the ball: Their starting 11 on defense in the wild-card loss to the Packers averaged 6’0.2″ and 238 pounds – far and away the smallest starting defense in the NFL. They are also in dire need of a big back for short yardage – see David Akers’ missed 34-yard FG attempt following a failure to convert on 3rd-and-half-a-yard in that same game.

    Albert Haynesworth would go a long way toward solving the first problem, and signing FA RB Michael Bush would conclusively solve the second – and if they get both issues resolved, the road to Super Bowl XLVI from the NFC likely goes through Lincoln Financial Field.

  20. i wouldnt mind seeing haynesworth come in as a rotation player. andy loves those kinds of guys who cant play all 3 downs, but can definitely provide enough of an impact if coached right and put in the right situation. with andy reid rarely makes bad personnel moves, and jim washburn can really only make fat albert better. i say wait for washington to cut him and swoop in with like 3 million over 2 years.

    best case scenario, he reverts to his original mvp candidate form and the eagles look even smarter than they already do.
    worst case scenario, he stays the way he is, doesnt provide more than a bunch of pounds on the teams average weight, eagles cut him, and look like they tried it and it didnt work out.

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