Matthew Stafford has shoulder surgery

Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford will spend the next four months recovering after surgery on his throwing shoulder today.

Tom Kowalski of reports that the Lions are optimistic that Stafford can be ready by the team’s minicamp in May, if NFL teams are having minicamps in May.

Dr. James Andrew performed the surgery, which included an AC joint repair and a shaving of the clavicle.

Since being selected with the first overall pick in the 2009 draft, Stafford has managed to play just 13 games, including only three games in 2010.

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  1. During the rare times he was healthy this season, he did look very good. But after two injury-plagued seasons, you have to have serious concerns about his durability. You’d hate to see his shoulder falling apart every year like Chad Pennington.

  2. Of course the big difference between Stafford and Pennington is that Matt Stafford came into the NFL with an absolute gun. Chad Pennington never could throw the ball hard enough to bruise a baby’s butt.

  3. Nationally most people don’t get a chance to watch the Lions but is very premature to consider him injury prone at this point of his career. One of his major strengths was durability when entering the draft having never suffered from a serious injury.

    When your 1st (stafford), 2nd (hill), and 3rd (stanton) string QB’s all miss time in the same season due to injury its a clear indication its not an “injury prone” issue to stafford. Hill suffered a broken forearm, and finger, and Stanton a similar injury to stafford with a separated shoulder.

    The OL actually played fairly well overall but they need to protect Stafford better to prevent these injuries. Not one injury was caused from a previous injury and all he’s been able to come back from 100%. Plus Andrew’s has a solid history of performing similar surgeries with great success (ie Brees, Bradford).

    If he can put together a full season, him, calvin and that offense are going to be scary and a force for years to come. GO LIONS!

  4. also, for those wondering “why wait to have surgery?”. It’s been a little more than 10 weeks since he suffered the injury. Dr. Andrews has always said surgery was an option but that it could heal without fine and that was the safest option. After the 10 weeks and seeing hwo the shoulder began to heal, Andrew’s latest assessment said the the should could still heal on its own but the BEST option now was to have the surgery to be ready for next season 100%.

    the surgery option didn’t become the BEST option until recently, and with any surgery there’s always risks so I understand them holding off.

  5. Doesn’t look like this guy can stand up to the pounding of the NFL. Too bad would have liked to have seen what he could do. Rodgers, Cutler, Stafford would have been a lot of fun to see in the division.

  6. Stafford reminds me of my first used car damn thing kept breaking down within the first year of having it, point I’m making here is Detroit Lions I’m sorry to say but you drafted a lemon he had 3 injuries in 2 season it’s not going to get better for Stafford he will get injured again, and now that he’s been injured every year he’s been in the NFL it will be on his mind that one hit could end his season, sorry Lions fan your just snake bitten

  7. I trust Dr. Andrews. He’s been the best thing to anyone he’s cut open. If he needed it earlier, I’m sure the Dr. would have insisted he get it as early as possible. Can’t wait to see is he can return healthy. The Lions need him to take the next step.

  8. I grew up in Detroit and watched the Lions misfortunes for 20 years. Stafford will be done before his time, just like Barry Sanders. There is a Karmic curse going on up there….or sumthin

  9. If the Lions are concerned with his durability, please send him to Miami…you can even have Henne in exchange as he is quite durable.

    I like the moxie and leadership this kid shows. The Lions’ line was better and if they can improve some more in that regard they will be a force. To me, Stafford has the “it” factor. He doesn’t give up and if he can last a full season he will be regarded as one of the best young QBs in the league.

  10. “”Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. James Andrews believes Matthew Stafford’s shoulder will recover fully from Friday’s AC joint repair procedure. “Matthew (Stafford) has one of the strongest arms in the (NFL),” Andrews said. “I am confident that he will be as strong as ever.””” – Lions RapidReports

    Of course what does he know eh? LOL…..I think I’ll go out on a limb and trust that THIS guy knows what he’s talkin’ about……

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