New Vikings quarterbacks coach makes his interest in Vince Young clear

Vince Young remains under contract with the Titans, even though the Titans have made it clear that they won’t be keeping him under contract for the 2011 season.  His former position coach in Tennessee, now the quarterbacks coach in Minnesota, has made it clear that he’d like to export the Twin Titans to the Twin Cities.

“I know that question is going to be coming,” Craig Johnson told Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean.  “So my answer is going to be this:  I do have a relationship with Vince, a long relationship with him.  But the head coach and ownership and the offensive coordinator of the Minnesota Vikings — they’re the ones that are going to make the decision.  The assistant coaches coach.”

It may have been better for Johnson’s answer to be this:  No comment.  Nothing good comes from making interest in a player under contract with another team known.  Even if the league rarely nails a franchise for tampering, a decision by the Titans to file a tampering case (or to pull the passive-aggressive maneuver they did to get the league to investigate the Redskins for tampering with Albert Haynesworth without actually alleging tampering) would possibly scare the Vikings away from signing Young, once he becomes a free agent.

“I am sure they’ll do due diligence on Vince, and every quarterback that is going to be available on the market is going to be discussed,” Johnson said.  “I know it is going to be discussed, and I’ll put my two cents worth on him because obviously I have more of a relationship with him that most.  And then whatever decision is going to be made will be made.  Obviously I have a good working relationship with Vince, and he produced pretty well under me.”

It’s clear that Johnson believes in Young, even if Johnson’s former boss, Jeff Fisher, doesn’t.

“I think [Vince’s] future is still to be written,” Johnson said.  “What I would officially say about him, and what needs to happen about him, is in the big picture he needs to be known and thought of more for what’s happened on the field than what’s happened off the field.  I think that is true of him and any quarterback.”
What has happened on the field has at times been great.  At other times, Young has responded poorly to adversity.
Of course, there’s also an argument to be made that Fisher has responded poorly to Young’s poor responses to adversity.  Either way, there’s a good chance that the next time Young faces adversity he’ll be wearing a purple jersey bearing a number other than 10, given that the Vikings retired it in honor of Fran Tarkenton.
Hopefully Young won’t respond poorly to that specific piece of adversity.

54 responses to “New Vikings quarterbacks coach makes his interest in Vince Young clear

  1. What is it with this team and it’s inability to grasp the league’s anti-tampering rules when it comes to QBs?

  2. Mike, you cannot say there’s ‘a good chance’ that VY will play in Minnesota. You can only say that Johnson supports VY’s career because Johnson has knows VY for a long time. Johnson said repeatedly in an actual interview, that you quote here, that the decision on bringing VY into Minny is above Johnson’s head.

    You are reading between someone else’s lines that VY is a leading candidate or that VY has a better chance than Orton or another veteran QB at wearing purple in Minny in ’11.

    You’re really good at stirring the pot, Mike. Please don’t smoke it.

  3. Mikey says:Either way, there’s a good chance that the next time Young faces adversity he’ll be wearing a purple jersey
    I didn’t know the Lakers were interested in him Mikey. Nobody in MN is. I’d take Kyle Orton any day before that head case.

  4. Im no Vince Young fan, but the man has 2 Pro-Bowls under his belt and he wins games. I think Fisher had it out for him, but who knows, I admit I dont pay a whole lot of attention to Young and the Titans. Obviously there are 2 sides to every story, but it just seemed like Fisher wasnt willing, or didnt know how to help mentor VY. Either way, Vince will definitely have another shot with a new team next season.

  5. I think signing Young would be a great move for the vikes. I can’t think of a better way for them to kick off the next 50 years of no Super Bowls…

  6. If Lord Farve retires he could wear number 4. This prima donna can fill in for the old one.

  7. If they sign Vince Young, I am done w/ this team. All the other QB’s in our division have the QB position locked up except us. and I am so sick of mediocre QBs who play not to lose for this team. When is this team gonna have an elite franchise QB??? They better find one sooner or later. Lions are getting better and better and just before you know it we will be the laughing stock of this division.

  8. Where in any of those quotes does he make his ineterest clear??? He confirms the obvious, that he has a long relationship with Vince Young. Other than that he says that the head coach and offensive coordinator will make a decision on that and then mentioned that he will give his input. He doesn’t even say whether his long relationship with Vince is good or bad or anything that could be remotely construed as making his interest clear.

  9. VY can be great if hes focused and has more than a 9-5 attitude towards his job. IF he was focused, he wouldn’t be booed or booted off the team that drafted him.
    How is a coach suppose to react when your franchise QB is wanting to retire after his rookie yr, attempting suicide after being booed, or any other knucklehead moves he’s done?
    Elite QBs don’t do this nonsense.
    Patience gets stretched w his antics.
    I would love 2 see him turn the corner on this foolishness and apologize like Vick to those who supported him like Fisher, etc. Hopefully he wont text it in.

  10. And I thought football coaches didn’t come any dumber than Col Klink! I realize that the Viking fans aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer but do you need to be dumb just to get a coaching job with the Vikings. Apparently so.

    There is nothing I would like better than to see Vince Young in a Viking uniform. The only unknown would be how many games would they have to lose before they figured out that Vince Young is a more expensive version that T Jack Off or even Joe Webb.

    The future of the NFL is with the teams that get a franchise QB and stick with them as they learn the game. The Vikings habit of going with the QB flavor on any particular year has not been successful and this is nothing but a two year diversion down the wrong path. But they wouldn’t be the Vikings if they knew what they were doing.

  11. Leslie Frazier comes off like a man determined to get the Vikings back on track. Determined to prove that he belongs in the head coaching ranks after being overlooked many times. He witnessed the Favre and Moss spectacle last season. I’d bet the house he wouldn’t put his coaching career in jeopardy with Young and his history of being an idiot.We are sick of the jimmy1smith types up here.

  12. Lions are getting better and better and just before you know it we will be the laughing stock of this division.


    I find that ironic, because I thought you guys were the laughing stock of the division right around midseason with all that drama on and off the field going on. I thought you guys knew that.

  13. If you’re honestly stupid enough to believe the Minnesota Vikings are going to waste anymore time with losers especially at the qauterback position………… know absolutely nothing about football. Vince Young, it makes good fodder for people who like ostentatious b.s. but seriously-you’ve got a better chance of seeing God!…………………………………………………….money says Cam Newton or Kyle Orton, new or veteran, let’s see how much I really know or don’t know!

  14. The Vikings need to pass on this immediately. The last thing they need is another uncertainty at QB. This franchise deserves/needs a solid QB quick. They have a lot of the other pieces in place. Look how much of an impact having a good QB can have (Sam Bradford).

  15. If they would indeed go after another teams sloppy seconds at QB the phrase FIRE FRAZIER will start early next season!

  16. The obvious flaw in VY is maturity. He didn’t get along with Fischer, but at the very least it’s worth introducing him to Frazier and Musgrave. There is nothing wrong with a few interviews and a couple workouts to see if its a good match. (after he has been released) Having a strong-willed leader in Singletary can’t hurt either. The Vikings have to address the QB position, and if VY is a better choice than whoever is available at #12 in the draft, then they should go with him

  17. Headline – New Vikings quarterbacks coach makes his interest in Vince Young clear

    I thought he was hired to be the New RB coach and that he USED to be VYs QB coach in Texas and in Tennessee. Just sayin’

    Also.. Im not a Young fan at all but… he does win games, pro and college games. He is a immature head case and needs to be spanked and maybe have a psych evaluation..Def has talent and Id prefer a focused Young over TJax or Webb next year.

    QB is just one of MANY needs the Vikes will have in 2011.. So far the staff looks good but they have only about half the total starters under contract in 2011..

  18. P.S. Wasn’t there an article or story out with Vince Young proclaiming he’s an elite qauterback? Vince Young is an elite combination cry baby/head case/joke. As a huge college football fan I told anyone who would listen that he shouldn’t be taken high in the draft. I had no idea he was an emotional/psychological timebomb at all at the time. Anyone who takes Vince Young deserves what they get.

  19. Head case, yeah. But he’s also more talented than Orton, and head cases can be molded if handled properly. Kenny Stabler had a lot of issues, too, and so have other HoF QBs. Did Mack Brown have trouble with Young at Texas when he won them a championship? Yes, Orton or Kolb would be more stable choices, but if you can’t get them, Young could prove to be a godsend with the right coaching.

    Having said that … all Johnson said was that he has a relationship with Young and believes in his talent. But he made clear that the decision will be made by people above his pay grade so it’s really overreaching to say this means he’s likely to be the Vikes QB.

  20. He never said he wanted him. He just said they have a good relationship. Basically he’s saying he doesn’t want to bad mouth the guy in case they bring him in b/c its not his decision.

  21. WE DON’T NEED ANYMORE DRAMA IN MN!! Get some stability please! The packers and bears will fall in a 3 week span and I will laugh my head off! or the pack could win it all. Rodgers is hot but lets see how well they do outside. But the bears are outside too so the edge goes to the pack. oh no!

  22. The headline is a flat out lie. And this post is a joke. Where does he say he is interested? He says he has a relationship with him, something that was blatantly obvious beforehand.

    Keep making up crap to garner pageviews. It seems to be working. After all, your one-sided libelous rant against Aaaron Rodgers (I’m a Vikings fan, by the way) got you over 600 comments and counting, and probably umpteen more pageviews.

    What a joke this site is.

  23. pervyharvin says:
    Jan 20, 2011 7:37 PM
    @supersuckers3 ….All good things come to an end chip. Just like Favre, it is time for you to hang it up. Please hand in your Playgirl and keyboard before you leave the facility…

    I have been right all year (like I always am) You have been wrong all year. I said Minnesota would collapse. Not only did their team collapse but their stadium did. I said Green Bay would win it all this year or next. I scare myself with how accurate I am. You embarrass yourself with how inaccurate you are and little you know. That said this game scares me because I do not have a good feeling abou it right now. And if I wasnt right all the time i would be less worried. i dont need to turn in anything. I have never heard of Playgirl. Weird that you know what that is. I am so NFL savy it is scary. Real scary.

  24. @marsasharc
    He has the ability. Before being pulled this season, he had a 98+ Qb rating and 10:3 TD to Int ratio in a run-heavy offense. Had he been a grown-up and handled the situation better, he’d still have starting QB job. Instead he acted like a piss-baby and whined his way out of the lineup. His injury is comparable to Favre’s the last few weeks. No one wanted him to play so they called it an injury issue

  25. Fisher didn’t want VY as his QB when he was drafted…he wanted that all world QB from USC. No way that Young stood a chance to succeed under that POS of a coach. It’s a fact that Vince Young never had Jeff Fisher’s support…even when he reeled off 6 wins in row after Fisher allowed his team to go 0-6 with a washed up Kerry Collins starting. Jeff Fisher has the media in his corner and they will never write about all of the negative sh*t Fisher has done to Vince Young.

  26. I always get a chuckle when athletes are compared due to race. Young, Jackson and Webb are all similar? Maybe 2 of 3 but not all 3. Like how people compare jordy Nelson to welker. Sad that people don’t even recognize the racism they spew.

  27. As a Vikings fan, I think it should certainly be seriously considered by the talking heads in Minny. The guy has proven he can win games. He’ll never be Peyton Manning or anything, but neither will 99.9% of the QBs to ever play, so you can’t expect that from him. He’s more than some young kid who “looks promising” but has yet to show it; he actually has shown it.

    I would just jump on it and say go for it, but there are some options out there this year that may be better, and they need to all be considered. The draft a QB + sign Hasselbeck option has been discussed and would certainly be of great benefit to the rookie drafted. But with Musgrave in town now, seeing what he did with Schaub and Ryan, we could possibly just draft a top QB and throw him right out there – and I think a guy like Jake Locker could bloom in that situation.

    Personally though, I always believe that a proven guy is always better than a huge-potential type guy. So as I’ve been advocating to fellow fans all this season, I think the best option for the Vikes is swinging a trade for Kevin Kolb. The guy can go out and throw 300+ yards and 3-4 TDs on any given Sunday. Putting up those kind of numbers in the NFL doesn’t just happen (see: Tarvaris Jackson). Kolb is a smart guy with a great arm who’s only going to get even better once he lands a for-sure starting gig somewhere. He didn’t have a chance this year to work through tough games and come back out the following week and recover, because he had Vick right on his tail waiting to become the starter if he had even one bad game (and it happened to be injury that sidelined Kolb). I think if you bring Kolb in to Minny with the weapons they have, and let him start 16 games, regardless of whether he sucks it up every now and then, that is how he will make the transition from potential starter to good starter. And that is how the Vikings will transition from NFL laughing stock back into Super Bowl contenders, as they were a Favre INT away from only one season ago. It probably wouldn’t happen in Kolb’s first season in Minny, but they’d certainly be a playoff team, and on the right track.

  28. 30 -17 as a starter. A winning record against all division foes.

    No brainer. Any team that wants to win now – needs to go out and pick up this guy pronto.

    Pay no attention to the “drama” with Fischer; Fischer never wanted Young in the first place.

    This guy is the real deal.

  29. What qb coach wouldn’t want someone to come to the team with experience: ability to run and pass, then throw in, ‘Oh I know this guy and worked with him before, its kind of a no brainer.

    However, after the Favre fiasco, I don’t think management can allow that to happen or the fans will go nuts the first time this guy go awol.

    It would be another marriage of him doing well early and then it blowing up in there faces soon after.

  30. @ supersuckers3….Thanks chud! That was the best laugh i had all week. You should be scared,you are losing 17-14. Dude, put down the Playgirl.

  31. I am glad to see the Vikings have learned from their mistakes and have decided to develop high character players through the draft… oh wait.

    Kidding aside tho, getting a veteran to play while they groom a 2011 draft pick is a good idea, that said Vince wants to start and will not play nice while grooming the future. Get a Mark Bulger or someone who is in their 30s. Maybe a McNabb, as a 2 year bridge then draft Newton(tho he has character issues too right?).

    If they get an exciting QB they might be able to get into the Fitzgerald sweepstakes next off season.

  32. After reading those comments, I’m not seeing the “tampering”. I see a former coach answering a question. Nice try though, Mike.

  33. His ability is limited. Not very accurate with a not so quick release. His “good” numbers were inflated due to the offense. He isn’t terrible but he isn’t good. Decent is about right. Not the brightest qb and isn’t as physically gifted as many think.

  34. I’ve watched every Titans game for over ten years. I can understand why people in Minnesota wouldn’t want him, because the media has been unkind to Vince. A lot of that is his own fault. He has mentally wilted on the field, in the locker room, and off the field numerous times. At the same time, the media has been 100% in the corner of Jeff Fisher for a long time. Fisher wasn’t perfect, either. In the past two years, Fisher only won one game with a quarterback not named Vince Young under center, yet he begrudgingly had a weird love-affair with Kerry Collins and took every opportunity he could to switch quarterbacks.

    I’ve watched Tavaris Jackson and Vince, and there’s no question which one is better at winning (hint- it’s the latter). However, Vince is not a leader and will never get your team to the promised land. Vince is way better than Jackson, but he’ll never win a Super Bowl.

  35. pervyharvin says:
    Jan 21, 2011 5:02 PM
    My pet rabbit got a 9 on the Wonderlic…just saying.

    Maybe she could give you some pointers.

  36. I could see VY in the silver & black of Oaktown. How about VY with the Bungles? Can you see it? T.O., 85 & VY! T.O. & 85 yelling at VY and blaming him for their dropped passes. We all know how well VY would handle that.

  37. So let me understand… he’s shooting off his mouth, not playing his cards correctly and putting the franchise in jeopardy of tampering charges. No wonder this guy and Vince Young get along so well… they’re both morons.

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