One Bear, 12 Packers on final injury report

The final injury report has been released for the NFC title game.  If health of the players involved means anything, the Bears will win easily.

(Of course, I’m only saying that to give the Packers extra motivation.)

Bears safety Chris Harris (hip) is questionable.  He practiced on a limited basis on Friday after missing Wednesday and Thursday.

The Packers have a dozen names on the final list.  Linebacker Frank Zombo (knee) is out, and center/guard Jason Spitz (calf) is questionable.

The other 10 are probable:  linebacker Diryal Briggs (ankle), tackle Chad Clifton (knees), linebacker A.J. Hawk (knee), defensive end Cullen Jenkins (calf), running back John Kuhn (shoulder), cornerback Pat Lee (hip), linebacker Clay Matthews (shin), defensive end Ryan Pickett (ankle), linebacker Eric Walden (shoulder), and cornerback Charles Woodson (toe).


8 responses to “One Bear, 12 Packers on final injury report

  1. Don’t they have to list guys as “Probable” or lower if they take off any part of practice? I wouldn’t read into this, just resting guys who are dinged a little. I would be more worried if they were listed as “Did not practice”, I think most were “limited” which I read as taking it a little easy.

  2. Thank god for the bye week the Packers will have next weekend to get everyone healthy before they play on Feb. 6th.

  3. I’m not worried. Ted Thompson will sign some free agents off the street who will play “lights out” and be named to the Pro Bowl be affiliation.

  4. I heard Ted Thompson banned Coach Cartman from hitting Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria until after the game for fear of a glutton induced coma. Any further word on this?

  5. Looks as if McCarthy is taking page from Belichick and trying to expound game prep for the opposing team. Now they need to memorize scouting reports for 13 players on offense and a whopping 19 defensively. It’s not insurmountable, but the idea may be that for all the starters mentioned, that opens up a backup whose scouting report they also need to be aware of. It sets off an alarm to me that they’re trying to get Martz to question his offensive agenda for the game, with so many key defensive players on this list. Also interesting that Pepper’s chief defender is listed here as well (Clifton). Hmmm…

    Adding an influx of more information may render the tightening of game plan prep a much more difficult task in the two days leading to a very large game. There’s a lot more to injury reports in big games than people think…

  6. The packers are not making excuses for losing by players being on IR. The only reason we bring it up is we want to make sure other teams and their fans know that our backups are better than their starters.

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